Thursday, November 15, 2012

Never bet your balls

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Note (07/17/2014): In the original version I got the names of Logan's friends mixed up. The blond one is Speedy, the bespectacled boy with black hair is Seth. I have corrected it.

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

Logan Kruger was lying in the sun, dozing and thinking about the big game that was about to begin in a couple of hours. The 18 years old high school senior was the captain of Bartlet High’s baseball team and today was an important game: Bartlet High and Vinnick High were going neck to neck, and only one of them was going to win the championship…

Logan’s left hand was resting on his bare chest, his right hand was stretched out on the lawn. He was wearing grey sweat pants that did very little to conceal the considerable bulge in his crotch.

Suddenly, there was a shadow on Logan’s face. The handsome guy squinted against the sun.

“Why is it that it’s always me who suffers when you decide to play some stupid little game?” a female voice said.

Logan didn’t open his eyes.

“Logan, darling”, the girl said. “Are you sleeping?”

Logan smiled, his eyes closed. “Ashley, it’s nothing.”

“Oh”, Ashley said and sat down next to her boyfriend. “It’s nothing, huh?” She was one year younger than her boyfriend. They had been together for a really long time, almost three months, and they were a natural fit: The most popular boy at school and the leader of the cheerleading squad. A beautiful couple, both of them blond and blue-eyed. They were like king and queen, with Bartlet High their kingdom.

Ashley put her index finger on Logan’s lips and ran it down his body, gently caressing his neck and his chest, his abs and his navel. “It’s nothing, huh?” she whispered, slowly working her way into Logan’s pants.

Logan grinned.

“Well, darling”, Ashley cooed, expertly manipulating Logan’s big cock inside his sweat pants. It responded like any teenage cock would, growing hard immediately. “I want you tonight.” She giggled. “And I don’t want anything to come between us.”

Logan sighed and closed his eyes again. “Don’t worry, babe.”

Ashley ran the tip of her finger up and down Logan’s dick, making Logan moan in pleasure. “But that stupid bet---“

Logan opened his eyes and smiled at her. “Don’t worry, babe”, he repeated. “We’re gonna win.”

Yesterday, he had met the captain of the Vinnick High baseball team in the mall. His name was Jackson, a big, muscular stud with dark hair and dark eyes. Logan didn’t like him.  Before long, they had thrown insults at each other, and one thing led to another. The end result was a stupid, childish bet between the two captains: The losing team's captain would have to let the winning team have a go at his nuts. Neither Jackson nor Logan had thought about consulting their respective girlfriends, even though – now that Logan thought about it – the two girls were indeed the ones who suffered most. Well, maybe not most. But anyway, Logan understood why Ashley was worried. He wasn’t. Not at all. Sure, there was a slight chance that he would get his testicles trashed tonight. But, come on, Jackson’s team was good – but Logan’s team was better. The thought of pounding the living hell out oft that stud’s babymakers put a smile on Logan‘s face.

Ashley felt a bit of moisture on the tip of her finger. „Hold your horses, darling“, she giggled and playfully circled the slippery head of Logan’s cock inside his pants. „Save it for tonight…“

„You’re driving me wild“, Logan whispered and kissed her.

Ashley laughed.

„You know I love your juice, right?“ she said softly.

Logan chuckled. „Naughty girl!“

Ashley giggled and pulled her hand out of Logan’s pants. Her fingertip was wet with precum. She winked at Logan and brought it to his mouth, running her finger around it and covering his lips with his precious, salty fluid, making them glisten. Then she lowered her head and planted a sloppy kiss on his mouth, licking up every drop and giving Logan a chance to know what he tasted like.

„Naughty girl“, Logan repeated hoarsely when they broke the kiss.

Ashley giggled again. „I want more of that tonight“, she whispered.

Logan licked his lips. „Oh yeah, there’s a lot more where that came from… My balls are boiling… You’ll be drowning in my jizz!“ It was true, Logan was a big shooter, and he was proud of that. On top of that, both the young couple hadn’t had the opportunity to be together for a couple of days and he hadn’t shot his load for almost a week. He was really, really looking forward to tonight…

Ashley blushed. „Logan!“

“What?!” Logan laughed. “You are allowed to talk dirty and I’m not?” He ran his hand through her hair. “You’re so cute when you are embarrassed…”

Ashley looked at her fingernails.

“What do you say”, Logan said. “Come to the locker room after the game. You can watch us teach Jackson a lesson he won’t forget…”

Ashley grimaced. “I don’t know.”

“It will be fun. Maybe I’ll let you get in a punch or two”, Logan grinned.

Ashley looked at him.

“Just imagine”, Logan whispered in her ear. “You and me trashing that jerk’s manhood, and afterwards I’m gonna fuck you in the locker room…” He playfully sucked her earlobe into his mouth.

Ashley shrieked. “Logan!” She pushed him away, laughing. “Okay, we’ll see. Maybe I’ll come.”

“Oh, you will cum, babe”, Logan grinned. “I’ll make sure you’ll cum…”

“Oh, Logan, stop it!” Ashley laughed and got up. She straightened her blouse and smiled at him. “You make sure you don’t lose the game!”

Logan grinned and leaned back, closing his eyes and letting the sun warm his face. “Don’t worry, babe…”

They kissed and Ashley left her boyfriend relax some more. After all, he had to concentrate on the game…

A few hours later, the two teams were on the field.

The Bartlet High team was wearing green jerseys and grey pants, their rivals from Vinnick High had blue jerseys and white pants.

Before the game started, Jackson walked over to greet Logan.

“I hope you went to the sperm bank today”, Jackson grinned. “Because you won’t have any kids when we’re done with you…”

“Yeah, right”, Logan growled while his teammates booed and threw their paper cups at Jackson.

Jackson laughed and grabbed his bulging crotch. “You know what? I’ll give you my number. I’ll be happy to plant my seed in your girlfriend if you didn’t plan ahead…”

“Your seed?” Logan looked at him and smiled. “I don’t think your seed will be worth much after we have pitted your cherries…”

Logan’s teammates cheered with approval, as Jackson smirked and walked back to stand with his team.

“Alright”, Logan said, clapping his hands. The rest of the team surrounded him. “You know the drill. We’re fighting for the championship. And we are fighting for my balls.” He smiled and grabbed his crotch. Maybe it was the heat, may be was starting to get nervous – his balls were itching like crazy…

His friends chuckled.

“Don’t worry about your nuts, man”, a lanky blond boy with spiky hair smiled and put his arm around Logan’s shoulder. “We know how much you like them…”

“Yeah, I do, Speedy”, Logan said and the rest of the boys laughed.

“We won’t let you down”, a black-haired boy with glasses and a three-day stubble grinned.  He winked at Logan and tapped Logan’s nuts hard with the back of his hand, eliciting more laughter from the rest of the guys.

Logan coughed and doubled over. “Thanks, Seth”, he groaned.

A few minutes later, the game began. At first, it looked like Vinnick High had the edge over Logan’s team, but then the Bartlet boys scored a couple of important points, and the game became a nail-biter. It all came down to the final pitch. Seth stood at the home plate, a determined expression on his face. Logan nodded at him. Between them, Jackson stood, the bat in his hand. He smirked at Logan. “Your balls are dead, Kruger.”

Logan ignored him and concentrated on his pitch. He threw the ball, and Jackson hit it with all his might. The Vinnick High crowd cheered as Jackson started running.

At the other end of the field, Speedy scrambled to get the ball as Jackson passed the first base.

“Come on!” Logan shouted.

Jackson passed the second base.

“I got it!” Speedy shouted and threw the ball to Seth.

Jackson passed the third base.

The crowd grew frantic, cheering and shouting and screaming.

Seth had his eye on the ball. In the corner of his eye he saw Jackson approaching. A slight grin appeared on his face. “Say goodbye to your balls”, he mumbled.

The ball and Jackson reached Seth almost at the same time.

Seth straightened to catch the ball.

Jackson straightened, too. As he slid into home base, he lifted his right leg.

Seth blinked. Split seconds before ball made contact with Seth's glove, Jackson’s cleats made contact with Seth’s crotch.  It was a full-speed collision. Seth’s eyes widened as the pain started to spread from his loins. Jackson reached the home base by sliding between Seth’s legs. He had a satisfied grin on his face as he got up and looked at his opponent. Seth tried desperately to grab the baseball but the pain was too great a distraction. Seth let out a miserable groan as his body folded and he sank to the ground. The ball slipped out of his hand and landed a few feet away from him.

“Yes!” Jackson shouted. “Yes!”

Logan and the rest of his team ran towards their fallen team mate and kneeled next to Seth who was rolling back and forth, his gloved hand cupping his crotch. He was screaming in agony as his testicles sent wave after wave of razor-sharp pain through his body.

“You okay?” Logan asked.

“I’m sorry about your balls”, Seth whimpered, cradling his own nuts in his hand.

“That was unfair!” Speedy growled. “That was totally unfair!”

Logan bit his lower lip. He looked up and saw Jackson’s team lifting him up in celebration and carrying him across the field.

In the audience, Logan spotted his girlfriend. Ashley had a worried expression on her face. Logan tried to smile at her, but his smile turned out to look like a sad grimace.

Turning back to Seth, Logan patted his shoulder. “Let me have a look”, he said softly and opened Seth’s pants. The rest of the team positioned themselves so that nobody could see Seth in this embarrassing situation. There was a simultaneous intake of breath as the boys saw the damage.

Seth’s eyes widened and he tried to lift himself up and see what his team mates were seeing. “What? Oh my god, what is it?”

His manhood – a proud cock even in its limp state, and a matching pair of cleanly shaven balls – was bright red, and it looked like his testicles were starting to swell.

“No blood”, Logan said as he examined Seths junk, carefully lifting Seth’s dick before scooping up his nuts.

Seth’s eyes clenched shut as Logan’s cold fingers touched his sensitive organs.

“But there will be bruises, I guess”, Logan said. He looked at Seth as he added a bit of pressure on his left testicle. “Does this hurt?”

Seth screamed in pain.

Logan grimaced. “Okay. And this?” He gave Seth’s right nut a gentle squeeze.

“Fuck!” Seth groaned.

Logan let go of Seth’s balls and nodded. “I guess that’s a good sign. There’s feeling in your balls. Maybe you want to go see a doctor but I guess you’ll be back to normal in a couple of days.” He smiled as he spotted a little silver ring at the bottom of Seth’s sac. “By the way, new piercing? Looks nice…”

Seth blushed and quickly pulled his pants back up as the rest of the team cheered and wolf-whistled.

Logan stood and looked at the rest of his team. “Thanks guys, I know you did your best. I guess you can’t win against cheaters…”

Speedy shook his head. “Fucking bastards! And now they get to do what they want to your junk!”

Logan grimaced. “A bet’s a bet, right?”

“Oh man”, Speedy sighed. “I’ve heard them talking about what they are going to do to you. They are bringing their baseball bats!”

Logan grimaced.

“They are going to bust your balls, buddy”, Speedy continued. “Your testicles will never be the same. These guys are going to turn your junk into mincemeat.”

Logan looked at his friend. “Speedy---“

“First they are going to crunch your nuts with their bare hands”, Speedy made an appropriate gesture with his hand that made his team mates shudder. “Then they’ll separate one testicle from the other and bash it with the bat.” He slammed his right fist into his left hand. “Squish. Just like that.”

The guys groaned in sympathy.

Logan cleared his throat. “Speedy---“

“At least that’s what I’d do if I got my hands on Jackson’s nuts”, Speedy said. “Logan, I guess you can kiss your sex life goodbye…”

Logan stared at him. “Speedy---“

Speedy chuckled. “I know it’s not funny, but imagine all that sperm that’s gonna get wasted when---“ His voice turned into a soprano wheeze when Logan grabbed his buddy’s junk and squeezed hard, causing Speedy to double over.

“Stop it, Speedy”, Logan said softly, increasing the pressure on Speedy’s nuts, making him cough. “We already have two nuts down---“ He nodded at Seth. “And there will be two more down by midnight.” He grimaced in anticipation of his own balls’ predicament. “We don’t want to lose the whole teams’ fertility in one day, do we?” He let go of Speedy’s manhood, letting him sink to his knees, cupping his crotch.

“Sorry”, Speedy whispered hoarsely. “I guess I got carried away…”

A hand touched Logan’s shoulder and he turned around to see his girlfriend.

“Logan”, she said.

Logan sighed and hugged Ashley. “I’m sorry, babe”, he whispered into her ear.

“I told you not to make that bet”, she said in a toneless voice.

Logan bit his lower lip. “Who knows, maybe I’ll get off lightly…”

Ashley scoffed. “No way. They are going to ruin you and milk every last drop out of you!”

Logan nodded. “I guess you are right… I’m sorry…”

“You know”, Ashley said slowly. “I really don’t want those guys to get all that pent-up juice from you.” She smiled at him and lowered her voice. “Maybe we can find a way so that all that delicious sauce is not wasted on these brutes?”

Logan grinned. “What are you thinking, babe?”

She winked at him. “Just follow me to the locker rooms…”

Logan cleared his throat and adjusted his crotch. “That sounds great, babe…” He took his girlfriend’s hand and turned to his buddies. “See you tomorrow, guys.”

His team mates nodded. “Good luck, Logan.” – “Maybe it won’t be too bad…” – “I’ll think of your nuts when I fuck my girl tonight!” – “Have fun!” – See ya!”

The young couple walked into the deserted locker room, and Ashley didn’t lose any time. She undressed her boyfriend until he was standing in front of her in his birthday suit, his cock standing at full attention and leaking precum.

“Oh”, she giggled. “You can’t wait, huh?”

“Wait”, Logan said. “The guys are going to be here any minute. I don’t think it’s a good idea to do it here…”

“Oh, I bet they are busy celebrating their victory and thinking of ways to ruin your junk”, Ashley winked at him and got down on her knees. She stroked his cock a couple of times, admiring its length and girth. “Imagine the looks on their faces when they come in and find your juice all over the floor…”

Logan hesitated. “I don’t know…”

Ashley licked her lips and took Logan’s cock in her mouth, making Logan forget everything else and moan in pleasure.

“Oh yeah”, he whispered. “That’s it.”

She put her hands on his ass and started deep-throating her boyfriend like a cheap whore.

“Fuck!” Logan exclaimed. “Yeah, babe!” It was the best blow-job he had ever gotten. Her warm mouth on his cock, the tip of his dick tickling her tonsils, her hands massaging his ass cheeks – this was paradise.

Unfortunately for the two love birds, this paradisiac state didn’t last long. Suddenly, the door burst open and Jackson walked into the room, accompanied by his teammates.

Only a select bunch of the Vinnick High Baseball Team was allowed to join Jackson in the destruction of Logan’s manhood. He had chosen four guys who had played extraordinarily well this season: Troy, a blond giant with blue eyes and fuzzy chin beard; Riley, a wiry redhead with green eyes and a menacing look on his face; Scooter, a cheerful heart-throb with a head of curly blond hair; and Paco, a muscular Latino with pitch black hair and a golden ear-ring. All of them were wearing their baseball uniforms, their bats in their hands. Behind them was Jackson’s girlfriend Sarah, a pretty blonde wearing a strapless top and tight jeans.

“Look what we have here!” Jackson said, laughing as he saw Logan standing in the middle of the room, stark naked, his body glistening with sweat, getting what looked like an expert blowjob from his girlfriend.

The rest of the group joined in the laughter.

“Quick!” Logan hissed. “I’m close!”

Ashley’s head movement grew frantic as she tried desperately to extract Logan’s load from his doomed nuts.

“Oh no!” Jackson intervened, grabbing Ashley’s shoulder and pulling her away from her boyfriend.

Logan’s cock snapped out of Ashley’s mouth, glistening with her spit and his precum, slapping wetly against his abs.

Logan groaned in frustration. He had been so close. Damn.

“Look at that”, Jackson said, grabbing Logan’s cock and stroking it a couple of times. “He’s ready to burst!”

Logan was panting heavily.

“Better stop now before he spurts all over the place”, Jackson grinned and slapped Logan’s cock hard, sending little drops of spit flying everywhere and making Logan double over in pain.

“Why don’t you girls take a seat?” Jackson said.

“Fuck you!” Ashley spat, wiping Logan’s precum from her mouth.

“Oh, come on”, Sarah said and grabbed Ashley’s arm. She guided her over to one of the benches and sat down next to her. “We’re gonna sit here and let the boys have their fun.”

Ashley stared at her. “But---“

“You know”, Sarah said, smiling. “It’s just a bet. If Jackson’s team had lost we’d be sitting here watching him get punished by your guys…”

Ashley sighed. “But I---“

Sarah nodded. “You wanted that jizz for yourself.” She shrugged. “Bad luck.”

Ashley bit her lower lip.

In the meantime, Jackson and his boys had tied Logan to one of the lockers. He was standing spread eagle, his arms tied above his head, his legs spread apart, his wet cock pointing at the ceiling, his cum-filled nuts hanging low and vulnerable in their smooth sac. He looked at his girlfriend. Fuck, why was he in this position? He should have made that bet.

Jackson was standing in front of him, grinning. “Oh, Logan, this is fucked up.” He shook his head and chuckled. “Okay boys, let’s get to work.”

The guys laughed.

Jackson started walking back and forth in front of Logan. “Okay. Who’s up for a little batting practice, huh?”

The guys laughed and cheered.

“Of course we don’t really need it, right?” Jackson turned to Logan. “We wiped the floor with your team. If there’s anyone who needs some practice it’s you and your buddies…” He grinned and ran his baseball bat up between Logan’s legs until it lifted the two big, juicy orbs inside his hairless scrotum.

Logan winced.

“But since we you have such an inviting set of training equipment at our disposal we might as well get some shots in, right?” Jackson took a step back and lined up his baseball bat. He took his time, concentrating on his target.

Logan grimaced in anticipation.

Jackson turned to his girlfriend. “Sarah, honey, could you take some pictures? I want to save this for posterity…”

His buddies laughed and Sarah got her phone out of her handbag. “Sure, darling”, she said cheerfully.

With an elegant swing, Jackson hit his mark. The bat crashed into Logan’s ballsack with a sickening thud, hitting both of Logan’s precious jewels dead on and ramming them into his body, eliciting cheers and laughter from his buddies and an ear-piercing scream of agony from Logan.

“Home run!” Jackson shouted, causing his buddies to laugh even louder.

Logan was writhing in pain as his girlfriend covered her eyes.

“Did you get that, honey?” Jackson shouted.

“Yup”, Sarah smiled. “Perfect shot.”

“I’ll bet”, Jackson chuckled and lined up his baseball bat again. “Take another one just in case…”

This time, Jackson’s aim was slightly off. Logan’s balls were swinging from left to right as he was writhing in pain, and Jackson’s bat missed Logan’s left testicle. But it got the right one dead-on.

Jackson’s teammates cringed in sympathy as they watched the poor, fat gonad flatten like a pancake as Logan let out a blood-curdling scream that sounded like a strangled cat.

“That’s gotta hurt”, Scooter chuckled. “Come on, let me have a go.”

“Everyone is gonna take a turn”, Jackson grinned and stepped back. “We’re gonna drive his nuts into orbit!”

Scooter chuckled and stood in front of Logan. He ran his hand through his curly blond hair and grinned. “Open wide, buddy.”

He brought his bat crashing into Logan’s junk, busting his balls with an expert hit. Logan screamed in agony, his body convulsing as the pain washed through his body.

“Next!” Jackson shouted, and Paco took his turn.

The cute Latino lined up his bat and hit Logan’s nuts with all the force he could muster. It was another perfect hit. Logan’s nuts were crunched flat between the bat and his body, and he screamed from the top of his lungs.

“Well done”, Jackson laughed.

“Wow, look at that cock”, Paco grinned, nudging Logan’s hard dick with his bat. “It’s still hard as a rock!”

“Because we are treating him so well”, Scooter mused, eliciting another round of laughter from his teammates.

Paco withdrew his bat and took a closer look at it. He squinched up his face. “Eww. I got his cocksauce on my bat!”

His buddies laughed.

“That’s not funny!” Paco protested. “How am I gonna play with it now?”

“Make him lick it up!” Jackson suggested.

“That’s gross!” Paco grimaced.

“Yeah! Make him clean it!” Scooter chimed up.

A disgusted expression on his face, Paco lifted his bat to Logan’s face.

Logan clenched his mouth shut and turned his head away.

“He won’t open his mouth!” Paco said, sounding disappointed.

“Here, let me help you”, Troy offered, stepping up to the plate. He brought his bat back and sent it crashing into Logan’s crotch, connecting perfectly with both of Logan’s spunk-filled plums and making Logan open his mouth in an agonized scream.

Paco took the opportunity and rubbed his bat on Logan’s lips, smearing them with his own precum.

The rest of the boys watched the scene, laughing their asses off.

“That’s teamwork, huh, Paco?” Troy grinned.

“Now it’s my turn”, Riley said, pushing Troy away.

Troy rolled his eyes and stepped to the side.

Riley used a different technique: Instead of hitting Logan’s nuts like a baseball, he brought his bat up between his legs, making Logan let out a completely new sound, a wretched, high-pitched wail that grew louder and louder until it culminated into a siren-like howl that would have made Anna Netrebko proud.

Ashley was watching the scene, a horrified expression on her face, while Sarah was patting her shoulders, smiling gently.

Riley grinned, a proud expression on his face. “That’s how you make a loser cry!”

The rest of the boys chuckled.

Riley threw his bat away and took a couple of steps back from Logan. “Watch this”, he said, grinning, as he took a running start and smashing his cleat-clad foot into Logan’s balls at full speed.

Logan’s eyes widened and he shrieked in agony as his poor, sore nuts were rammed into his body.

Jackson and his teammates laughed and cheered, and Riley high-fived his buddies.

Riley grinned. He pointed at Logan’s cock that was rock-hard and leaking precum like a broken water-tap. “I bet I can kick the cum right out of his plums!”

Jackson laughed. “What?!”

“No way”, Troy said, shaking his head.

“That’s gross”, Paco mumbled.

“You’re kidding, right?” Scooter said, looking more than a bit intrigued. “That’s impossible, right?”

Riley scoffed. “Five kicks and he’ll spurt like a fountain!”

“No way”, Troy repeated.

“Just by kicking his nuts?” Scooter said, a skeptical expression on his face.

“Look at his cock”, Riley said, slapping the head of Logan’s dick hard and making Logan moan in pain. “He’s ripe. Five kicks and he’ll cum.”

Scooter watched Logan’s sloppy dick. It was glistening with seat and precum. Logan’s nuts were swollen and red.

“A hundred dollars”, Riley said.

“What?” Jackson grinned. “Have you won the lottery?”

Riley grinned. “If I can’t make him shoot his load with five kicks, I’ll pay you a hundred dollars.”

Scooter  scratched his head. “I don’t know.”

“And if you win?” Troy asked.

Riley shrugged. “You’ll pay me. One hundred dollars each.”

Jackson laughed. “Who taught you maths, buddy? If you win you get 400 bucks and if you lose you pay each of us 25 bucks?”

Riley stared at him.

Jackson grinned. “What about this: If you can make him cum we’ll pay you one hundred dollars each. That’s four hundred cash.”

Riley nodded.

“And if you can’t make him cum with your oh-so-perfect kicks we’ll get together next week and each of us gets a chance to bust your balls.” Jackson winked at Riley. “What do you say?”

The boys looked at the redhead.

Riley thought for a moment. He looked at Logan’s cock. That cock was ripe, he knew it. Five kicks maximum and the room would be flooded with teen jizz. Maybe just four. “Deal”, he said.

Troy shook his head. “No way.”

Scooter and Paco laughed.

“Go ahead”, Jackson said, smiling. “Show us.”

Riley stood in front of Logan who was panting heavily. His abs were contracting as the pain from his testicles radiated through his body.

“Okay”, Riley said slowly, taking a couple of steps back. With a running start, he kicked Logan’s precious baby-makers.

Ashley covered her eyes in her hands.

“One!” the guys shouted as Logan let out an agonized scream.

Logan’s cock twitched as his balls swung back and forth between his legs.

The second kick was as devastating as the first. Riley’s foot sailed between Logan’s thighs, ramming the poor stud’s tender globes into his body.

“Two!” the guys shouted.

“No way”, Troy mumbled.

Riley glanced at Logan’s face who was whimpering in pain. He turned his attention to Logan’s spunk-tanks again and drove his foot into the two vulnerable globes as hard as he could.

“Three!” his teammates shouted.

Logan was screaming from the top of his lungs, writhing against his restraints, his cock obscenely hard, and his balls obscenely swollen.

One more time Riley’s cleats hit their target. Logan’s nuts were smashed into his pelvis and he let out a gurgling moan. His cock was jerking and pulsing.

“Four!” the guys shouted.

Riley grinned. This was it. One more kick and that dick would fire its salty load all over the place. He’d have to get out of the way quickly or his clothes would be soaked in Logan’s sperm.

The redhead concentrated hard. He brought his leg back and sent his foot flying in between Logan’s thighs. It was a perfect hit. Both of Logan’s sore nuggets were crunched flat against his pelvis and his dick twitched violently.

Riley could feel the two tender testicles squish on the tip of his toes. He quickly ducked and sprang to the side to avoid getting covered in jizz.

“Five!” the guys shouted.

Logan screamed from the top of his lungs.

Riley looked at his friends, smirking, waiting for the sound of cum splattering onto the floor.

But he waited in vain.

Logan’s face was a mask of pain, his body glistening with sweat, his balls throbbing and swollen, his cock hard as a rock with precum running out its tip – but he didn’t shoot his load.

Slowly, the guys started to realize that Riley had lost his bet, and they started laughing and cheering.

Riley stared at them. Then his eyes wandered to Logan’s crotch.

Logan’s cock was twitching, coated in a glistening layer of sticky sweat and precum. The handsome boy was groaning and moaning, his teeth clenched, sweat running down his nose.

“Fuck!” Riley screamed.

His teammates laughed.

“Looks like you lost”, Jackson grinned. “And we have a date next week, guys…”

Scooter, Troy and Paco cheered, with Scooter patting Riley’s back.

Riley was angry. “Fuck you”, he spat and ran out of the room.

“Ooooh, someone’s got his knickers in a twist”, Scooter laughed.

Jackson chuckled. “When we’re done with him his knickers won’t be the only thing that’s gonna be twisted…”

“Yeah! It’s gonna take him hours to get his testies untwisted”, Scooter chimed in.

His teammates laughed.

“Hey”, Logan spoke up, his voice raspy and strained. “Could someone untie me, please?”

Jackson turned to his buddies and smiled. “Should we untie him?”

The guys shrugged.

“He has been a good sport”, Paco said. “So I guess---“

“Wait a sec”, Sarah said.

Jackson turned to his girlfriend. “What is it, honey?”

“You can’t let him get off like that”, Sarah grinned. “There’s still buckets of cum inside him.”

Ashley looked at the girl next to her with a horrified expression on her face.

“What do you suggest, honey?” Jackson asked.

Sarah stood and walked up to Logan. She had a wicked smile on her face. “I’m gonna milk him dry”, she said, kissing Jackson on the lips.

Jackson chuckled. “Oh no!” He looked at Ashley. “I’m sorry, girl, I bet you were looking forward to getting a mouthful of his cum tonight.” He winked at her. “Sorry.”

Ashley stared at him. “No!”

Jackson turned to his girlfriend. “Go ahead, honey.”

“No!” Ashley repeated.

Logan watched Sarah, his eyes wide open, as she kneeled down in front of him and started stroking his dick with both of her hands.

“Her grandpa was a farmer”, Jackson grinned, standing next to Logan and putting his hand on his shoulder. “She knows a thing or two about milking.”

Logan’s eyes twitched and he moaned in pleasure as Sarah expertly massaged his rock-hard cock.

Ashley watched in terror.

“Would you lend me a hand, darling?” Sarah asked her boyfriend.

Jackson smiled at her.

“I’ve found that a little pressure on the udder makes the teats give up the milk faster”, Sarah grinned.

“Sure”, Jackson said and grabbed Logan’s nuts in a strong grip.

Logan winced and his face contorted in pain as Jackson increased the pressure. The pain in his balls that had just begun to subside was brought back immediately as Jackson worked his tender testicles.

“Ooh, here is comes”, Sarah chuckled.

“No!” Ashley said, her voice flat and low.

An additional tug from Jackson and a couple of strokes from Sarah did the trick.

Logan let out a guttural moan as his cock erupted.

Sarah pointed his cock down at the floor, and Logan’s precious jizz splattered onto the tiles, running towards the drain and disappearing into the sewers.

It was as if someone had turned on the water. Spurt after spurt of hot, creamy cum came running out of Logan’s cock as the young handsome teenager moaned and groaned in pain and pleasure.

Jackson and Sarah grinned at each other as they pressed every last drop out of Logan’s poor, spent organs.

Finally, the flood subsided.

Sarah scooped up the last drop of spunk from the tip of Logan’s cock and looked at the glistening fluid on her fingertip. “That’s the taste of victory”, she whispered. She stood and brought her finger up to Jackson’s mouth.

Jackson chuckled and sucked his girlfriend’s finger into his mouth. “Mmm”, he moaned, his eyes locked with hers. He pulled her finger out of his mouth and kissed her passionately.

“You two get a room!” Scooter laughed as his team mates cheered.

Sarah giggled as they broke the kiss. She grabbed her boyfriend’s hand and turned to Ashley. “No hard feelings, right?” she said cheerfully. “Maybe we can go shopping some time?”

Ashley stared at her.

Jackson chuckled and patted Logan’s shoulder. “No hard feelings”, he said. Then he looked down at Logan’s spent cock and his reddened, sore nuts. He grimaced in mock-sympathy. “No, definitely no hard feelings for a while.”

The group left the room, leaving Ashley and Logan on their own.

“Babe”, Logan croaked.

Ashley stood and walked up to her boyfriend. She started untying him and he sank into her arms.

She ran her fingers through his hair. “Promise me you’ll never ever take a bet like that again!”


I hope you liked this story. Feel free to leave your comment and tell me what you liked or didn't like or what adventures you want Logan to experience in the future... :-))

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Erik said...

Damn, who knew a baseball bat in the nuts would be so hot :) The story kept me hard all night... Today I'm back for the reread!

Alex said...

Thank you, Erik! Your comment made my day!

FistBump said...

HOT!! Absolutely loved it!! It's so great seeing Logan again! Can't wait to see more of him. Can't wait to see more of everyone! Loved it! Keep up the amazing work please!

Alex said...

Thank you, FistBump! It feels great to revisit the original characters - and it feels even greater to know that you enjoy these stories! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

More Logan stories! Fictional as he may be, I think I might have just fallen in love with him. LOL!

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! Ahh, love! I completely agree with you: Logan is easy to fall in love with... Is there anything particular you'd like to read about Logan? Do you prefer to see him on the receiving end or do you like him to deal out the pain? I'm sure there will be lots of Logan stories in the future - and if you have a suggestion for me it might be sooner rather than later... :-))

Anonymous said...

I don't mind in whatever end Logan may be. What I really, really, really want is a story with him in just pure man-to-man "action", if you know what I mean. :))

Alex said...

Thanks! I'll see what I can do... :-))

Carter said...

One of my favorites. I don't know much about sports but I love the uniforms. And I love how often people get hit in the balls while playing.
I personally enjoy seeing a good baseball to the cup as much as a direct hit to the nuts.
But on to the story itself.

So many things here are awesome. Speedy sounds hot and I loved when he got his boys bruised. And I loved the bet. I really liked Logan's realization that his spuds were screwed.

That and the fact he lost the championship to a guy he hated. Nothing accentuates a good ballbust like a metaphorical low blow. I wonder if he ever saw Jackson again.
Also loved how he got interrupted while with his girlfriend, just another way he got screwed over.

Also loved the variety, brutal ball busting is hot but sometimes a light tap is great as well. And got to love the squeezing.

Then the second bet made things better. Even if we don't get to see it, just knowing the guy is gonna get busted is hot. Not to mention the fact that it added a lot of tension to the kicks.

I do feel bad for Ashley. Sarah and Jackson should have at least offered a threesome to make up for it.

Anyway it was a great story.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I'm glad you like the story!

I noticed that I got two of Logan's friends' names confused in the original version: Seth is the dark-haired boy and Speedy is the one with the spiky blond hair. I corrected the story. Sorry for the mix-up... There are so many characters that sometimes ut's hard for me to keep track of who us who... :-))

Carter said...

Yeah I mix characters up when writing too.
Funny story, I actually read this a long time ago and loved it so much. But I forgot the name of the dude getting his olos smashed and couldn't remember where I read it. I totally didn't realize it was one of yours.
I remember this story made me wish I was a jock, it fantasize about being in a situation like this, playing a high stakes game with the fate of my cojones on the line.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! Yeah, this story is a bit different from what I usually write. I think it's one of the best I ever wrote, and I'm very happy that you enjoyed it so much!

Carter said...

Hey I've been wondering. Did Seth play without a cup or did Jackson just hit him really hard.

Alex said...

Thanks for your question, Carter. I guess he was playing without a cup - which was probably a very stupid decision. But Jackson hit him very, very hard, and if he had worn a cup it most likely would have broken and made matters even worse... So in the end Seth was probably lucky he didn't wear one - or he would have his nuts spiked with plastic splinters... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I would like to see Riley's balls get busted

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I had completely forgotten about Riley! I‘ll think about it. :-))

Anonymous said...

I'd also love to see riley get busted!

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! :-))

Anonymous said...

Of all the amazing work you've done, this continues to somehow be your best story. It's a surprisingly in-depth plot, so easy to visualize, so oddly believable, and just very hot of course. Thanks for everything, Alex.

Alex said...

Thank you so much for your kind words! They mean a lot to me! :-))