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The Payne Identity

 Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: the twins (click for pictures)

Michael Payne opened the door to his apartment. What a day. The 22 year old sighed as he limped across the hallway. He took off his dark red coat and placed his ridiculous looking hat on the sideboard. Michael ran his hand through his short blond hair and sighed again.

Michael had taken a job as a city guide, working for a company that specialized in novelty tours. His role was a circus ringmaster and he was responsible for the “Dark Corners” tour, showing his group the red light district and the bohemian quarters, a couple of murder scenes and the suicide bridge. He enjoyed his job. He loved to be around people, and he loved telling gruesome and bizarre anecdotes that sent shivers down his listeners’ spine. Before he had found this job he had worked in the circus and as a stripper – this was essentially the same, he just didn’t have to get naked and show off his body.

Taking off his shoes was an ordeal. He could barely walk, let alone bend over. He groaned and decided to keep his shoes on for the moment. Every muscle in his body hurt. Most of all his balls.

“Bobby?” he shouted.

“I’m here!” the answer came from the kitchen.

Michael and Bobby had just moved in together. They had met at a public swimming pool some time ago, and they immediately liked each other. Michael had been in love from the second he saw him, and due to some unusual circumstances they had gotten very intimate right away. But it had taken some time until Michael had agreed to move in with Bobby.

Michael limped into the kitchen and walked up to his lover.

Bobby was sitting at the kitchen table, a bowl of salad in front of him. He looked at his watch and shot his boyfriend a disapproving look. 9 pm.

Michael grimaced. “Sorry.”

Bobby smiled and stood to give his boyfriend a hug and kiss on the lips. He was two years younger than Michael, with curly black hair, warm, dark eyes and long, pitch black eyelashes.

“No problem, sweetie”, Bobby said as he broke the hug. “What do you say, we’ll eat dinner and then you’ll whip up a batch of your special sauce for dessert…” He winked at Michael and grabbed his crotch, squeezing lightly.

Michael yelped in pain and backed away.

“Oh no, not again”, Bobby sighed.

Michael grimaced and tentatively rubbed his aching nuts. “My balls are off-limits tonight I’m afraid…”

Bobby rolled his eyes and sat down at the table.

Michael groaned and took his place opposite him.

“You have to do something about it!” Bobby said sternly.

Michael sighed. “I know.”

“Who was it this time?” Bobby asked.

Michael shrugged. “What do you think?” He looked at his boyfriend. “A group of frat guys. The tour seems to be popular with college guys. They saw his show yesterday. I tried to convince them that I’m not him – but they didn’t believe me.” He sighed. “By the time we were at the Pussy Palace they had slapped, punched and kicked my nuts so hard that I could barely talk.”

“You should talk to him”, Bobby said. “This is ridiculous! I haven’t been able to properly bust your balls for weeks!”

Michael blushed. “I know.”

Bobby licked his lips. “And you know how much I love squishing the juice out of your plums…”

“I know.” Michael smiled weakly. “I just don’t know---“

“You have to ask him to change his act!” Bobby said sternly.

Michael sighed. “Okay, I’ll call him.”


William Payne’s work day started when his twin brother’s ended. It was 9 pm and the club was slowly filling with patrons. The stage was set and Will entered the wardrobe, getting ready for his performance. He shared his dressing room with a two acrobats: Ethan and Brent, two 18 year old all-American hotties who had developed into the top act within weeks, and Will had been reduced to the supporting role.

“Hey guys”, Will said and placed his duffle bag on his seat.

The two hotties didn’t look up, sitting leisurely in their seats and concentrating on playing some game on their iPhones. Their act was called “The Texas Spunk Brothers” even though Ethan and Brent were neither related nor were they from Texas. They didn’t even bother to put on a Southern accent when they were onstage. But who cared about realism when you had two smoking hot and slightly exotic guys showing off their undeniably limber and muscular bodies? Their act consisted of a rather unspectacular strip tease number set to hillbilly music, and the most interesting thing about it was the spectacular ending:  After stripping off their skimpy red-white-and-blue  briefs they used to bend over and suck there own cocks before spurting their jizz into a cup from a three feet distance every night.

“Ah, the soon-to-be-eunuch”, Brent sneered with his California accent. He had short brown hair, sideburns and deep brown eyes.

“What do you think, will he pop one tonight?” Ethan chimed in without looking up. His blond, sun-bleached hair was medium length, and with his bronze tan and muscular arms and legs he looked like he had spent a considerable amount of his time out on a surf board in the ocean.

“If you ask me”, Brent shrugged. “He’s lost his nuts ages ago. Now he has a pair of rubber balls inside that sac of his…”

Will ignored them. He was used to that kind of verbal abuse. Initially, he had been looking forward to working with the new duo. After all, he wasn’t used to working alone. But he had noticed pretty quickly that Brent and Ethan were only interested in themselves and their own career. Will was pretty sure that the two studs had scheduled a private performance for the club manager to get top billing and reduce Will to supporting act…

Will undressed and looked at his naked body in the mirror. Not long ago, he had shared top billing with his brother as “The Payne Twins” but since Michael had moved in with his boyfriend, Will was on his own. On his own for the first time ever. One half of “The Payne Twins” had become “The Force of Will”. Ironically it had been Michael who had come up with the new title when they split up.

The handsome blond looked at his body, and he liked what he saw. Muscles in all the right places, tight buns, a more than impressive cock and a nice, big sack of spuds to match.

He reached into his duffle bag and produced a tiny piece of clothing. A pair of blue Andrew Christian Color Vibe briefs was the only thing he’d be wearing on stage – at least for a couple of minutes. Will slipped into them and sprayed his hairless chest with glitter.

He looked hot.

Suddenly, his mobile phone rang.

Will looked at the display. Mikey. Will raised his eyebrows. He hadn’t talked to his brother for weeks. He didn’t have to think twice.

“Hey, Mikey!” he said, smiling. “How are you!”

“Don’t call me Mikey”, Michael said. “I’m fine, thanks.”

“Great!” Will said. “Listen, I’m gonna get my balls bashed in a couple of minutes.” He laughed. “That sounds weird, right?”

“Well”, Michael said. “That’s what you do for a living…”

Will laughed again. “You’re right about that.”

There was a pause.

“So what’s up?” Will asked.

Michael hesitated. “I need to talk to you.”

Will’s face paled. “Is something wrong with Mom and Dad?”

“Nonono”, Michael said quickly. “No, not at all. It’s---“ He sighed. “It’s about my balls.”

Will laughed. “Your balls? I thought Bobby took care of them. But if you need a hand---”

“Oh, stop it!” Michael said.

“I’m just kidding, Mikey”, Will chuckled. “So what is it about your balls?”

“Maybe I can come over tonight and we can talk?” Michael suggested.

“Sure”, Will replied. “Why don’t you come to the club in half an hour? I’ll be done with my first act, and ‘The Texas Spunk Brothers’ won’t be on until midnight. My second act is right after them. We’ll have plenty of time.”

“Okay”, Michael said. “I’ll be there.”

“See you later”, Will said. He stared at the phone. Funny.


“So what did he say?” Bobby asked when Michael put the phone down.

“I’m gonna meet him tonight”, Michael answered.

Bobby nodded. “You want me to come with you?”

“Nah”, Michael said. “I’m gonna ask him to stop his show. It’s gonna be hard.”

Bobby smiled. “Even more reason for me to come with you…”

“No”, Michael said firmly. “I’m gonna do it on my own.”

“Alright”, Bobby shrugged. “I’ll be waiting for you.” He kissed Michael on the lips and hugged him.

“Careful”, Michael croaked. “My nuts, remember?”

Bobby rolled his eyes. “Good luck.”


“The Force of Will” was a crowd-pleaser. Granted, the concept wasn’t too original: Who doesn’t love seeing a handsome stud put his balls on the line for the sake of naughty entertainment?

Will loved being the center of attention, and he loved the interaction with the audience. Tonight, he chose a newlywed couple to join him on the stage and crunch his nuts.

The bride was a buxom brunette in her early twenties, wearing a skimpy black dress that threatened to expose her voluptuous breasts more than once during the show. The groom was a cute hipster with horn-rimmed glasses, a designer stubble, and a peculiar knack for busting Will’s balls. More than once, he made Will double over with a well-placed kick to his exposed danglers or a particularly nasty squeeze that had the audience cringe in sympathy.

But the bride was definitely not a less talented ballbuster. She managed to draw cheers and applause from the audience more than once when she sent her high heels flying between Will’s thighs, crunching his delicate plums with the pointy tip of her shoe.

For the grand finale, Will got into a headstand and spread his legs as far as possible, with the bride and the groom standing opposite each other with Will’s genitals between them like sitting ducks.

The young couple struck Will’s nuts in perfect synchronicity, the bride’s fist smashing the left one, and the groom’s fist crunching the right one. A thickening thud and a pitiful wail later, the first part of Will’s act was over.

The crowd demanded an encore, and – just like every night – Will took the male part of his volunteers to task: Despite the groom’s pleas for mercy and his very convincing point that their plans for the night would have to be changed if they went through with it, the bride pulled down his pants and underwear and allowed Will to land a startingly effective squeeze-punch-kick-combo on her husband’s newlywed babymakers that brought the house down and the groom to his knees, screaming in agony.

A few minutes later, Will had put on a bathing robe, signed a couple of autographs for the happy couple and a few more patrons, and met Michael at a small table in the back of the club.

The interval act was an European DJ that played some music to pass the time before “The Texas Spunk Brothers” were going to take the stage later.

“Hey Mikey”, Will said smiling.

Michael decided to give his brother a pass for calling him his dreaded nickname. After all, he had a pretty big thing to ask of him…

The two brothers hugged and they both groaned as they sat down.

“Man, my nuts are killing me”, Will said, grimacing.

“It was a great show!” Michael said.

“Thank you”, Will grinned. “Yeah, those two lovebirds really did a number on my nuts…”

Michael smiled. “Yeah. But I’m pretty sure you put the guy out of commission for a couple of days, too…”

Will grinned. “That was nice, wasn’t it?”

Michael nodded.

There was a moment of silence.

“So how are you?” Will asked.

Michael grimaced. “Well, I’m okay, I guess. It’s just---“ He took a deep breath. “You know, my nuts are pretty roughed up, too…”

Will raised his eyebrows. “You are back onstage?” He looked at his brother. “I can’t believe you would do---“

“Nonono”, Michael said quickly. “I’d never do it on my own without you! We were great together, a perfect team!”

Will stared at him. “But then why---“

Michael bit his lower lip. “You have to stop your show, Will.” There. He said it. And he knew right away that his brother would never ever agree. After all, this was his life. But he tried to convince him anyway. “Your show has become so popular that I get recognized on the streets”, Michael said. “They think I’m you. And they keep busting my balls. Today I had a group of six frat guys going after my nuts.” He shook his head. “I’m sorry. But this doesn’t work.”

Will was stunned. He hadn’t known that his brother was suffering from his success, and he was feeling pity for him. But on the other hand, he enjoyed what he was doing.

The two brothers went back and forth, exchanging arguments. After a couple of minutes Will said slowly, “This is what I think. You stopped working with me because you wanted to save your balls for Bobby, right? But that doesn’t seem to be working out. Instead of me dropping my show altogether – why don’t you join me on stage again? After all, your balls are in trouble no matter what. Why not make the best of it?”

Now it was Michael’s turn to stare at his brother. He hadn’t thought about it this way. “But---“

“Think about it”, Will interrupted him. “The Payne Twins back in business. We’re gonna be huge! We might even get top billing again and take ‘The Texas Spunk Brothers’ spot! We were great together, a perfect team – you said so yourself!”

“Maybe you are right”, Michael said slowly. “If my nuts get crunched anyway why not make some money with them, right? And I can keep my job as a city guide, too…”

“Of course you can”, Will said. “Mikey, that’s great! The Payne Twins together again! Wow, I can’t believe it!” He laughed and clapped his hands. “We’ll make a ton of money!”

“I’ll have to talk with Bobby about that”, Michael said hesitantly. “I’m not sure he’ll be happy with---“

“Sure!” Will said. “But what do we do with ‘The Texas Spunk Brothers’?”

Michael raised his eyebrows. “What do you mean?”

“Well, they have been bugging me since they arrived. Maybe there’s a way we can teach them a lesson and at the same time claim our spot in the show again…” Will looked at his watch. Fifteen minutes until Brent and Ethan were going to start their spunky schtick.


Five minutes later, Michael and Will walked into the dressing room where Brent and Ethan were preparing for their performance. They were naked except for their bulging briefs.

“Hey, look at that”, Brent smirked. “It’s The Lame Brothers…”

His partner laughed.

“Guys”, Will sighed. “I have bad news. Doreen and Lorna can’t make it.”

Before every performance, Brent and Ethan spent a bit of quality time with two waitresses from the club who sucked their dicks to get them in the mood for their act.

Brent looked at Ethan. “Close the door”, he said.

Ethan did as he was told.

“Get on your knees, boys”, Brent barked.

“What?!” Will exclaimed.

“Get on your knees ad suck our cocks!” Ethan chimed in.

The two studs freed their limp cocks from their briefs and wiggled them at the twins.

“No way!” Will said. “I’m not gay!”

“I don’t care if you are gay or not!” Brent said and grabbed Will’s head, pushing him to the ground. “I’m sure you are an expert cock sucker, slut!”

Ethan stared at Michael. “I said get on your knees!”

“But he has a boyfriend!” Will croaked before his mouth was stuffed with Brent’s big, soft cock.

“Even better”, Ethan grinned. “Hey, Brent, I got the expert dick slut here…”

Michael didn’t say a word. He got down on his knees and started sucking Ethan’s dick.

“Fuck, this one has a lot to learn”, Brent said, pulling his cock from Will’s mouth. “Try sucking on my balls, slut! You are supposed to be a nut expert, right?”

Will gagged as the Brent’s big, cum-filled testicles invaded his mouth.

“Yeah, that’s it!” Ethan moaned as his dick hardened rapidly due to Michael’s skillful blow-job.

Brent pulled his nuts from Will’s mouth and shoved Ethan away. “Let me have a go at that one!”

Ethan grumbled but complied and stuffed his hard cock into Will’s mouth, putting his gag reflex to a test as the tip of his head slid into Will’s throat.

Will gagged and retched, but Ethan was merciless, skullfucking Will like a cheap whore.

Soon, the acrobats were fucking the twins’ heads at a steady pace and the room was filled with the moans and groans of four hot studs.

After a while, Brent and Ethan looked at each other and pulled out.

“Great job, sluts”, Brent sneered. “You can go now.”

“Not so fast”, Will whispered. He nodded at his brother, and simultaneously they grabbed their counterparts’ ballsacs, each of them grabbing a good handful of juicy meatballs, and squeezing hard.

The sudden pain in their balls made Brent and Ethan yelp.

“Fuck!” Ethan screamed. “Stop it!” He tried to pull Will away from him by his hair.

“Hold still!” Will growled. “Or I’ll rip off your nuts!” He tugged down hard, making Ethan scream from the top of his lungs.

“You bastard!” Michael hissed and threw a mean uppercut into Brent’s tender testicles.

Brent yodeled in pain and doubled over.

“Careful”, Will shouted. “No bruising!”

Michael shrugged and started stroking Brent’s throbbing erection.

Will went to town on Ethan’s cock, feverishly beating his meat while maintaining a vice-like grip on his testicles.

The moans and groans that filled the room changed in tone as Brent’s and Ethan’s cocks were viciously milked.

Both Will and Michael made sure to keep their victims in constant pain by kneading their nut cords between their fingers and occasionally yanking down hard on their respective ballsacs.

It didn’t take long.

Brent was the first to give. A huge load of cum plastered Michael’s face. Michael made sure to milk every last drop out of Brent’s nuts, squeezing his balls and digging his fingers into the tender flesh until his cock started deflating rapidly.

A split-second later, Ethan let out an agonized moan as Will’s efforts yielded fruit. A giant spurt of cum caught Will in the left eye and he reflexively twisted Ethan’s nutsac as the powerful load hit his face. Ethan gurgled in pain as his cock continued shooting jerk after jerk of hot, fresh spunk onto Will’s face, coating his eyes, nose and lips, and running down his neck.

Finally, Will and Michael let go, allowing Brent and Ethan to sink to the ground, moaning in pain and covering their spent dicks and aching testicles.

Will grinned. “Wasn’t that load supposed to go into the cup at the end of your act?”

“You damn fuck!” Brent croaked, writhing on the ground in pain.

There was a knock on the door. “Spunk Brothers are up in one minute”, a female voice shouted.

“They’ll be right there”, Will shouted back. He turned to the beaten acrobats, whose bodies were covered in sweat. “But I’m not sure if they’ll be at the top of their game”, he added in a low voice, grinning.

Will turned to his brother. “Come on, Mikey, let’s enjoy the show…” He grabbed a couple of tissues and wiped the Texas Spunk off his face, prompting his brother to follow his lead.

Before they left the room, Will turned to the two miserable acrobats who were slowly regaining their composure, panting heavily and grimacing in pain and humiliation. “Oh, if I were you I wouldn’t tell anybody about our little encounter”, he said, smiling sweetly. “You tried to rape me and my brother. You got what you deserved…”


The twins sat in the back of the club as “The Texas Spunk Brothers” entered the stage a couple of minutes later. The crowd had been waiting for them, and they were off to a bad start. Not surprisingly, they bombed. It was a lousy show. They couldn’t even get an erection, and when an angry patron threw a bottle at the stage that hit Brent right in his sweet spot, the show was over. Ethan dragged his screaming partner off the stage as the audience booed and jeered.

Will looked at his brother and grinned. “Tomorrow I’ll talk to the manager. I’m pretty sure he’ll be glad to hear that The Payne Twins are back in the game…”


On his way home, Michael tried to come up with a plan to tell Bobby about his new career plans. He wasn’t quite sure how he’d react…

He found him in bed, reading a book.

Michael took off his clothes and slipped under the covers next to him.

“How did it go?” Bobby asked, putting the book away.

Michael smiled at him. “I’ll tell you all about it in the morning. But first”, he reached for his lover’s hardening erection. “Let’s celebrate!” He kissed Bobby on the mouth and whispered, “First, your balls are in for a treat.” He squeezed Bobby’s big testicles, making his lover moan. “Then I’m gonna suck you off. And if you are a good boy”, he produced a condom and wiggled it in front of Bobby’s face, “I’m gonna let you do what you like best…”

“Oooh”, Bobby cooed. “I like celebrating with you, sweetie!”

Michael smiled. He pushed away the blanket, exposing Bobby’s naked body. “First things first”, he whispered, kissed his boyfriend and ran his finger down Bobby’s chest until he reached his ballsac. He grabbed Bobby’s nuts in his left hand and balled his right hand into a fist.

“Be gentle, sweetie!” Bobby giggled.

“Oh no, I won’t”, Michael grinned.


I hope you liked this story. Feel free to leave your comment and tell me what you liked or didn't like or what adventures you want the twins to experience in the future... :-))

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bbmal said...

Oh yeah, definitely one of the best Twin stories ever! It always warms my heart when two brothers can put aside their differences, roll up their sleeves, and bust a pair of balls until they spill their spunk... lol, just call me old fashioned, I guess ;-)

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ABSOLUTELY HOT!! Can't wait to read more!

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Thank you, guys! I'm glad you like the story! Now that the twins are back together I'm sure we'll see more of them soon... :-))

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