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The Busted Car written by Jimmy


The Busted Car


By Jimmy




Devin is apprehensive. He is covered in a fair amount of mud as he knocks on his older brother’s door, biting his bottom lower lip between his teeth.


“Seth…you there?” Devin’s voice is hesitant and he shuffles his feet nervously.


It’s late. Almost 1:30 am.


Standing outside the bedroom door, Devin tries to get his story straight. He’s also a little tipsy. He had a few before he left the party and headed back to the house.


 "That's it ?!"


“Huh?” Devin asks blinking a few times.


“Did you see already? I was gonna warm up to telling you.” Devin gulps trying not to look at his older brother in the eyes.



Seth in anger yells “What the fuck happened to you, you idiot!?” After a moments pause he adds “You look like a piece of shit.”


“Look don’t get mad at me…I swear….it’s not my fault!” Devin splutters. Some of his words run together, and he puts a hand through his hair trying to clear his thoughts.


Seth opened the door wider to get a full look at his brother. Seth is just wearing an underwear, it’s the middle of the night after all. "… What the fuck happened…?” Seth takes Dev’s hand off his hair in a hard way… staring at him.


Devin squints his eyes, giving his brother a shove back. “Bro…let me explain!” Devin spits out, but his eyes are hard and he can’t quite pull it together to look apologetic anymore.


“Just come outside. The car is there.”


Seth who seems like he got interrupted from having something… pushes passed Dev by the shoulder and goes outside the house. When Seth sees his car completely damaged fucked up he yells “What the fuck did you do!?”


“Like I was telling you. Not my fault. I’ll fix it.” Devin tries to make a reassuring smile but grimaces at the beat up used to be brand new car. “It may take a while, though. I am kinda between jobs at the moment.”


Seth bites on his lips tight. You will fix it?! Then he pushes Devin very hard, watching his twenty-three year old brother land hard on his butt. “You're the one who needs that fixing.”


Shaking his head Seth tells Devin, not bothering to turn around. “Follow me and put the keys inside… You can't do shit by yourself. I will fix it.”

Seth leaves him and goes inside the house.


Devin hangs his head in shame. His crystal blue eyes trailing after his brother. It takes him a moment to compose himself. When Devin stands up, he tries to brush off even more mud. It’s caked on the back of his pants and when he gets in the house he takes off his shoes, pants, and shirt. The underwear is the only clean part of him. He shuts to door grimacing at the sound. “I’m coming, Seth.” Devin tells himself quietly shuffling up the stairs after folding his things and putting them in the corner of the hall. He steps into his brother’s room. Ready to face the music.


Devin just notices that Seth was scratching his bulge and his dick is clearly very hard compromising the logistics of his boxer briefs, the elasticity is barely containing his brother’s elongated beast. On the television a porn movie is playing, he catches naked flesh and then turns his face away in surprise. Seth turns around and sees Devin watching him. “What the fuck?! I told you to put the fuckin keys there and go somewhere else. Not popping up half naked on my face. Fuck off, dude.”


“Ohh…I thought…” Devin blushes staring at the sizable bulge in his brother’s underwear. He can see the full outline and it’s big. “I guess I’ll just go and…leave you too it.” Devin snickers, and spots the porn being played. “I’ve seen that one…”


“I said go!” Seth shouts at Devin and pushes him hard again in the chest.


“Stop pushing me!” Devin yells, and angrily shoves Seth back all fired up and gets right in his brothers face. “You gotta be nice to me or I might not fix it at all!” Devin is heaving, his chest burning as he breathes hard fists balled up by his sides. He is shaking with anger.


Seth looked down at him…and laughs. “Fuck the car” he says. “So, you want to destroy my car and invades my privacy and ask me to be nice?! Okay I'm not, and I won't.” Seth gets even closer to Devin and touches his skinny, slim body. “What would you do little rat?!” Seth roars back. He is both taller and muscular than his little brother. At 37, his dark hair is half-way down his back, and his shoulders and chest are bulging with muscle. Dark hairs cover most of his chest and stomach and the younger kid in front of him by Seth’s estimate might not even have the short hairs yet, even though he is far past puberty and into his twenties. Taller, more muscular and meaner Seth’s is tall and muscular as fuck. He plans on putting his little brother in line.


Devin shouts back just as furious “You told me to meet you here, dumbass! And I said I was sorry!” Now that Devin said it out loud he is not so certain that he did apologize. “But if you want me to do something about it” Devin sucks his fingers in his mouth and shoved them deep into his taller older brother ear. Feeling good about his choice of attacks, Devin looks up grinning while a look of complete disgust crosses his brother’s face as he gives him an old fashioned wet willy, just like when they were kids. “I can be childish like you too!” Devin turns around to leave but not before he sticks his tongue out and raises two double middle fingers, and waves them at Seth.


“You little bitch…” Seth rushes at Devin and holds his arms, as the waving hands are now trapes at his sides and gives Devin a big bear hug. The tight embrace takes the air out of his brothers lungs so that he can't escape. Now grabbed, Seth leans into the move squeezing Devin harder and harder.

“See?! I will crush your bones if you don't apologize like a man.”


“You dick! You had to attack when my back was turned!” Devin angrily punctuates his point by slamming his heel on Seth’s foot making him loosen his grip. Devin spins around and grabs both of his older brother’s big brown hairy nipples and gives them a wicked twist between his thumbs and forefingers feeling the buds twist in his fingers as he applies the dreaded double purple nurples. “You deserve these!” Devin tells him, a wicked grin crossing his face as he tweaks his brother’s nipples again and digs in with his fingernails. Devin does not hold the position for long but takes off running after wards, yelling over his shoulder “Can’t catch me if you can fucker!” As he slips through the door, and down the stairs, sliding along the banister like old times. He heads directly to the pool. It’s lit still and he dives in swimming to the middle. He may be smaller than his older brother but he is the faster swimmer by far.


“Aghhh…!” Seth is hurting as his nipples got twisted so badly. He is touching them gently… but his anger forces his feet to move as he takes off running after him. Then he runs after his little brother. Seth was never a great runner but his thighs burn not helping him to catch the sneaky brat. His brother on the other hand is a runner and is twice as fast as him. Seth jumps into the pool too and attempts to catch Devin, swimming awkwardly, the cold water waking him up.


“Come back here, you little bitch!!


Devin is smiling now and he dives under the water after taking a deep breath and swims up to his brother and grabbing his brother’s undies in both hands and yanks it down, stripping his brother and swimming away with his prize. When he comes up he holds his prize overhead telling Seth slightly breathless “Come and get it.”


“It looks like you dick is waving at me,” laughs Devin pointing.


Devin is smiling now and he dives under the water after taking a deep breath.


Seth was trying to cover his dick in embarrassment. But he collects himself together. Then after a moment of watching Devin swim underwater with his stolen goods he squats down low, almost so that the water is in his eyes before he does a huge leap, diving out of the water like a whale. Seth lands with a splash, sending pool water everywhere as he reaches under the water for Devin. Seth’s fingers grab him by the head and starts to punch and slap him… blows raining down, somewhat muffled by the water.


“Get down and put it back…bitch. I will see you out of this pool!”


Devin didn’t anticipate him being that quick. In a headlock choking on water Devin splutters trying to get freed and when he has breath enough to curse Seth he does “Ass…hole!” Devin manages to choke out as he gulps. He has to close his eyes, as Seth hits him about the face and neck but Seth backs him up against the wall and he feels trapped unable to get out until he rams his elbow into his brothers ribs sinking it deep within his brothers abdomen in his efforts to pull away.


Seth feels the pain in his ribs…a soft spot. So he takes a step back and tries to punch Devin in the face, but the slippery boy dives down at the last moment so Seth's fist hit the wall instead.


“You fuckin idiot,” Seth gripes grabbing his wounded knuckles.


Devin grins at his brother’s folly and dives under the water thinking to himself ‘If he wants his underwear back so much…he can have them.’ Slipping to the bottom Devin puts his brothers feet in with both ankles and comes up, yanking the back of his brothers draws right up his lower back in a classic wedgie. Devin meanly grits his teeth and yanks further until he is dragging his older brother across the pool, his upper body screaming as he flosses his brother’s asshole, the material stuck so far up that he starts to hear a little stretch and thinks that they might actually break. This must be a very worn pair. “How’s it hanging, bro!” Devin snarls as he yanks the back of his brothers shorts up even higher.


Seth's ass was hanging out and his crack is burning from the intensity as Devin wedgies him badly. Touching his butt quickly Seth gasps in pain swearing at Devin “Fucker!”


But then he successfully catches Devin, when he stumbles along the bottom of the pool and grabs him by the hair. A wicked head butt follows, with a horrid crack. Seth repeats the move twice more so that Devin looks worse for wear and he partially loses consciousness. Knowing that he has him now, Seth drags Devin out of the water. He is no longer fighting.


Seth starts to look at his tighty whities underwear which became a shattered of pair of material, he is surprised that they barely hang on. Then Seth takes his backhand and starts to slap Devin hard across the face, trying to wake him up.


Devin comes to and splutters, blinking water out of his eyes and grabs his head moaning. He’s laying still on the pool deck, stars flashing in his vision as the dark sky hovers above him. He’s put up a great fight but Seth is just too damn big for him. “My head,” Devin groans, both hands kneading his temples. His underwear is halfway down his hips and lip of his pubis is visible along with the obvious bulge. His underwear is white and it leaves very little to the imagination. Shaking his head he tries to clear and center his thoughts as Devin moans shifting his legs, the bulge swaying a bit between his legs.



Seth looked at his brother then he grabs him by the head to forcing him to stand up. Then he drags him back to the house. Pushing him to his room. The door locks behind him with a satisfying click as he enters the room.


“Now you can't get anywhere,” Seth smiles rather evilly as he moves in to head butt Devin again but changes his mind, after flips him over on the mattress face down, yanking his brothers underwear down until he can see the white cheeks.


Grabbing his leather belt, he starts to whoop his ass.


“Oh fuck!” cusses Devin says flipping around on his back and grabbing his brothers arms. His ass is stinging and his feet are wet, slipping on the floor as he tries to push his brother off of him but he does not have a good angle. Devin’s underwear are lower on his hips and almost the top of his dick is visible. He has to get out of here. That’s when Devin spits, it lands on Seth’s face and he grins as it drips down his older brother’s cheek. “Take that, bitch!”


Seth wiped that spit off his face and he gets if possible even angrier. Disgust wafts off of him as

Seth in a blind rage anger grabs Devin and puts himself on him and starts to punch him brutally on the face.


“You spit on my face?! Seth yells as his veins pop. Seth’s muscles strain and as he hits Devin his cock rises, from pummeling his little brother.


“Try to apologize in a sneaky way…you cunt.”


Devin’s head is ringing and the next punch slams him flat on his back and he lets out a grunt and backs up into Seth’s pillows his legs spread out as he scrambles back. He can’t think straight but he kicks out with his two feet in a wild move grabbing his brother’s neck as he tries to lock them into place. Devin grips the mattress hard, and he squeezes his bare ankles but they are still wet and slip and slide and Devin can’t quite manage the grab but he does not stop or give up as his body works with him to grab Seth and choke him out. “You’re always such a dick!”


Seth is much stronger. He stands strong then he kicked his brother’s legs so he crumbled down as his feet are wet feet find no purchase. Then Seth grabs something close by and he attempts to hit Dev with it.


Prone on his back again, Devin is breathing hard his legs slightly spread out as Seth hovers above and he grits his teeth telling Seth “You don’t fight fair!” Devin starts to stand up, and as he does he realizes on top of Seth’s bed he is taller for once making Seth’s head at crotch level so he runs across the top of the bed and grabs Seth’s head with a wild idea and takes his brothers head and shoves it into his crotch telling him “Smell that!” as he presses his nose right up next to his dick and balls smiling as he rubs his junk on his brothers face until he pulls him back hands on hips, Superman style and says “Like that? Like smelling my weenie?” Devin laughs and looks rather smug down at his brother. He feels indestructible standing so much taller for once in his life.



Seth got disgusted by that smell. He steps back after pushing him and when Devin tried to do it again, Seth holds him up on his shoulders and dropped him hard on the bed in a Powerbomb. Coming to stand on the bed, Seth towers over his little brother his shadow casting over and covering him.


“You think your funny right?! But your dirtiness will never be overshadowed my strength!” Then Seth put his put his foot on dev chest and started to flex his muscles.


“Uuugh!” Devin grunts both hands grabbing Seth’s ankle. He’s so strong. And he struggles to lift his foot telling him “Your foot is so ugly!” His feet are kicking and his knee brushes against Seth’s other one and he gets and idea and kicks his leg right up but he’s just too short and his foot brushes against bottom of Seth’s underwear on his thigh unable to nail to him in the groin. “Dang…too far away!” Devin groans, and tries the other. Just as unsuccessful. “Lower yourself down so I can kick your balls in!” Devin demands in complete frustration. (YT)


“Hahaha…” Seth laughs at Devin.


“You made me smell you dirty groin…now it’s my turn. Seth grabs Dev and put him on his knees then he grabs the back of his head forcing his brother to him. “Smell it bitch.”


Seth rubs Dev's face on his dick and balls and started to flex his muscles. He trails a rain of kisses across his biceps 💪🏼.  Bouncing his chest and flexing his legs.


“Touch it bitch…feel my power!”


Devin humiliated by his own move opens his jaws and bites down grabbing his brother’s balls in his jaws and clamping them down between his teeth. He wants to ridicule him, that his balls are bigger but he can’t. His mouth is full. Squishing and squashing Seth’s big testicles between his molars Devin tries not to choke on the smell, but his eyes water but he does not give up as he meanly chews on his brother’s big sack.


Seth in shock and blinding pain and lay on Dev’s shoulder trying to heal his balls after that bite.


“You little… bitch!”


Devin is still chewing, his mouth full and as Seth tries to push him off Devin bites down harder licking his jaws and feeling Seth’s nuts flatten out as he imprints him with his teeth marks. Spluttering Devin tries to mouth off, but find he still can’t. Mount is too full. Working his teeth up and down he chomps away at Seth’s nuggets working them down and trying to beat the fight out of his brother by biting his ball bag.


Seth finds himself trapped so he decides to kick his brother’s dick so hard in retribution. Seth’s foot arcs up, landing perfectly between his brothers widely spread legs since he is still on his knees. The crunch of his foot in Devin’s crotch brings a hard earned CRUNCH! Leaving his fot in between, Seth powers up and down Devin’s sack and dick smacking it against his lower undercarriage.


Devin’s eyes go wide on the first thunk, he thought it was a mistake but his brother kept going until he spit of Seth’s nuts and grabbed his own his eyes rolling back into his head. Moaning Devin keens on Seth’s bed his nuts throbbing. He’s never taken hits like this before, his stomach cramps and the pain keeps intensifying between his fingers. It’s a sharp white throbbing pain in his most sensitive area. His whole groin feels like it’s on fire and he bites his lip. His mouth is finally empty but no words can come out but low moans as he squeezes his eyes shut.


Seth collects himself, then he stands, grabbing his balls in pain, then he runs towards his brother and gets him closer to the edge of the mattress and grabs his full scrotum in one hand, squishing his nuts and squeezing it so hard that Devin thinks he might puke.


“Now smell my muscles I'm telling you…smell my chest. Touch it! Now!”



“Oooooooo not…my balls…again?!” Devin pants, his nuts lost in Seth’s fist. Devin’s eyes cross and he gags on the pain rebuilding in his scrotum as he coughs blinking at his brother his bright blue eyes staring dully at his older brother. “You…uh…uhhhh…uhhhhh god…my nuts….you got….my balls!” Devin grabs his brother’s hands, but Seth’s muscles are so much stronger than his own and he is on his knees just clutching his brother’s arms as they squeeze his testicles harder mashing them in his fists.


“Let…me go…”



“No… but…” Seth turns to a sound in the night. A wail of some animal close to the house distracts him just for a moment before he turns back, using his fingers to get deep into Devin’s scrotum to make him surrender.


Devin sees his brother turn his head toward him and Devin finally can’t handle the pain as his face drops to his brother’s chest. Seth keeps on squishing and squashing his balls in his brother’s hands and he can’t help it…Seth’s dick starts to harden between his brothers fists each one pumping his fingers in and out of his balls. The closeness to his cock makes his hard meat starts to grow. “Oh no…” Devin looks down amazed that his hardening cock is coming to life and his cheeks warm and he looks down amazed that he could even get hard in this position with Seth groping and manhandling his balls like that. A shudder runs through him, and he grabs his brother’s shoulders giving them a hard shake. “You gotta…my nuts…crushing…my…ooooooo no!” Devin squeals on particularly hard squeeze of his nuts and he hits his lip to stop from screaming.


“Please bro…my nuts…oh god!” Devin hates that he just plead but his balls, they hurt so damn much and his cock he’s starting to really chub up and he does not want his brother to feel it to know…that he’s hard. Devin shudders and groan comes out of him, mixed with a moan of desire. He’s hard as a rock now and his appendage is throbbing in his wet tight underwear.


Seth got some sympathy for his finally and lets him go, before reaching out a hand to help him up. “I didn’t get you that bad…hahah. Are you okay?!”


As soon as Seth took his hands away Devin falls back to the bed, rolling into the fetal position moaning “My nuts,” his mouth is slightly ajar and his eyes are closed, brow wrinkled. He feels his brother trying to pull him up, but his limp and in Seth’s grip groaning. “You…got me…so good…fuck…I’ll never…cum again!” Devin complains one hand cupping his sore scrotum, the other grabbing his cock. He’s still so hard. He was getting closer to…to…an orgasm. He has to get control.


“Take my hand or I will leave you like that!” Seth shouts at him.


“Fuck you, bro…you messed up my nuts!” Devin’s pouty pink lips are grimacing as another wave of nausea flows through him and he groans again, feeling the full ache settling deep within his ball bag. Devin tries to roll onto his back but, his stomach seizes and he moans again this time longer and louder than before. “You busted my big balls…” Devin flops back on Seth’s bed and lays still. He might be here for a while.


Seth feels sorry for Devin so he gets closer to him and he is about to say nice words to him but he surprised that he gets too close, too fast and kisses him on the lips.


Seth is surprised and distracted by his accident, and he holds his mouth astonished at what he just did.


Devin is surprised too, he didn’t think…he’s just so damn horny. Devin presses against Seth, tasting the salt on his tongue as he presses his face back to his brothers and moans into his mouth and just as he is pulling Seth towards him he lifts one foot and slams it into Seth’s bulge flattening it against his thigh and gives a little twist as his foot knocks Seth back and away from him. This gives Devin a moment to roll onto his back to try and collect himself. His nuts are throbbing, and legs are weak. But he’s hard as steel and if he can recuperate he might still beat his brother.


Seth in a shock. “Why?” he croaks. Seth cups his balls looking and feeling betrayed by his younger brother.


“You grabbed my balls!” Devin says, his voice high pitch and squeaky after getting his nuts worked over. Laying still he tries to recover. He still has to get out of the bedroom and away from his older brother, which might beat him up.


Seth got back and tried to explain “You know why I did that...” So Seth gets closer once more and cupping his own balls. “Now, tell me why.” Forcing Devin to look at him, while his own muscles shake from the excursion of battling him.


“Eye for an eye, bro.” Devin spits out. “You had it coming…you squeezed my balls!” In emphasis, Devin rolls onto his back and lowers his wet underwear telling Seth “Look at my nuts! They are red…and kinda swollen.” It’s only when he lowers his underwear and his hardened man meat slaps his lower belly that he realizes that he is also showing off his erection. The leaking in his wet underwear masked most of it, but some pre-cum lands just below his navel and drips towards his pelvis. Devin is shy again and gulps. “I…” but he is for once, lost for words.


Seth again felt that he was wrong doing that to his little weak brother… so he reaches to him and tries to apologize but when Seth’s hand reaches out and grasps Devin’s arm he tries to shake him off as he pulls up his underwear but it’s wet and sticks to his thighs and is not easy to roll up. “You just…deserved that kick,” Devin tells him as he eyes his brother’s kindness with suspicion.


Devin bites his lip saying “So…you accept my apology? Now? Or…is this cause you feel bad for grabbing my nuts?” Devin’s blue eyes flick up and down trying to figure Seth out his hand on his shoulder baffles him. ‘He’s not usually…nice.’


Seth looked at his brothers blue eyes and says “Yes. Then he leans in to kiss him again on the lips.

Devin stops, his lips barely part as Seth kisses him and he grabs him pulling him towards him on the bed so that he is on top of him the weight of his brother overpowering him but he moans into Seth’s mouth his hardened tool digging into his brothers stomach. He’s had a few drinks earlier and can’t believe that this is happening he wants…this. Breaking the kiss Devin asks “Are you…sure?” His lips are hungry for more and he’s harder than he’s ever been. So much so that his cock aches between them.


Seth looked at him and refuses. “No… I'm not doing that with you I'm sorry.”  Seth stands up disentangling himself from Devin and attempts to leave.



“Then why did you kiss me?” Devin asks. His lips are achy and he sits up but he says “Also, this is your bedroom not mine. If anyone should leave…it should be me.”


“It was a mistake… now leave. You sick…” Seth says, not finishing his sentence but turning away from Leo and facing the mirror flexing his muscles instead, clearly done with the conversation.


Rolling his eyes, Devin stands up. His legs are weak like jelly and he stumbles down to all fours gasping as his nuts move in his ballsack and he groans, but grits his teeth standing up. “You’re the one who kissed me,” Devin says pointing out what happened by as he turns to leave he can’t help but take a parting shot and kicks his brother as hard as he can from behind his foot sailing up and into Seth’s wet underwear bulge with a wet sickening smack that echoes around the room. “Nurse your smaller nuts…sucker.” Devin turns and leaves, unlocking his brothers door and leaving but before he does he throws his wet underwear at his brothers face and walks out naked, his cock leading the way to his bedroom where he collapses onto his own bed frustrated and annoyed.


Seth took the hit heavily and he crumbles down to his knees. But after Devin leaves and goes to his room Seth musters himself up again, the hit not destroying him and goes after Devin opening his bedroom and surprising him by kicking Devin right back between his legs so hard that he falls onto of his bed.


Devin was naked and inspecting his own nuts, and when his door opened and his brother kicked him from behind his world flashed white as pain, so sharp and tender flashed in his mind as he cries out “Baaaaaalllllllsssss!” Devin falls into his bed, wearing nothing the hit seems to hurt so much more and he is slightly kicking his legs as pulse pounding pain floods through him, one of his nuts managed to get out of the way with only the left but taking the full pounding blow. But even still, Devin’s left testicle flattened and was instantly crushed against his pelvis sandwiched between Seth’s foot and his own body. A groan comes from deep within his chest and he swears


“Fuuuuck me!”


“I will.”  Seth comes and tops Devin and starts to kiss him all over his face. Then he grabs his hands and put them on his chest. “Feel my muscles,” he demands.


Rolled onto his back, Seth is back on top of Devin again his lips kissing him all over as Devin wails “Leftie…ohhhh shit….my nut!” Seth makes Devin put his hands on his chest, away from holding his balls. He’s naked, and his cock is touching Seth’s stomach and it makes him jump but pain between the legs makes this entirely unpleasable. “You….hit my balls…again….why man…my nuts!” Devin unconsciously rubs Seth’s chest, his fingers running through Seth’s chest hair, so different from his own hairless chest, but for the small tiny treasure trail than leads from his belly button the hair so fine and blonde. “You…busted me…”


“Stop talking.” Seth then flips Devin on his face and jumps on him, putting his rock hard dick in his ass and starts to bang him.


“No…!” Devin moans, but Seth is already inside of him and pushed all the way up. Devin’s mouth falls open, and he tries to push himself up and to get away, but Seth is pumping in and out of him and he’s hard trapped underneath his hardened body. “God…what the…fuuuck!” Seth’s cock hits that special spot inside of him, and part of him melts at the sensation. “I…won’t…let you…” Devin tries to get onto all fours, his own cock hits his abs, and his full scrotum swings between his legs as he tries to muster the strength to get up.


“No…!” Devin moans, but Seth is already inside of him and pushed all the…


Seth grabs Devin’s hair from behind and continues humping Devin grunting as he does “You will take every last drop of my cum!”


“No I won’t…let you!” Devin grunts, his cock trembling by the sensation’s building inside of him. “You won’t…can’t….so wrong. Fuuuck!” Devin finds his resolve slowly crumbling as Seth rides him, pumping in and out the rhythm building as Seth gains speed.


Then Seth flips him on his back. “Happy now?! Now you have to kneel and suck my dick instead.” Seth demands.


“I ain’t sucking…your dick!” Devin tells him. He grunts at the removal, at the absurdity of the night. From the car, to the crash, to the pool. It’s all so overwhelming. “Why are you…doing this?” Devin asks one hand reaching up and touching his brother’s cheek, it’s a gentle gesture. His horny now, and his asshole burns a little but Seth pulled out…what could it mean.

“Because I'm the alpha here.. And you're kneeling right now or I'm going to destroy you.”


Seth stands in front of Dev and started to flex his muscles to be ready for the blow job.


“You…would hit my nuts again?” Devin asks, worry in shinning blue eyes which widen at the very idea. He bites his lip, and tells Seth “How about I let you suck my cock…after all I’ve never…well done that before. I think you should teach me.” Devin explains spreading his legs a bit. “What do you say?” he asks.


Seth gets angry. “Fuck you. You're doing it whatever you want or not.” Then Seth grabbed Devin’s from his head from behind and pushes him down to his awaiting cock.



“Suck me.”


“Heh…remember this not has not really gone your way remember.” Devin informs him and as Seth tries to force Devin to put his cock in his mouth Devin reached out and grabs Seth’s nuts in a nutclaw, his fingers baring down into his soft tender flesh. “Got your…smaller balls!” Devin tells him squeezing the nuggets in his hand.

Coming up on his knees Devin’s fingers pulse in and out of his brother’s smaller bulge as he squished Seth’s nuts in their sack. “This what you meant by suck it, bro?” Devin teases as his strong nutclaw grips his brother’s bulge.


“Because I ain’t gonna do that!” Devin tells him, while he squashed Seth’s nuts into blobs in his fists, nutmeat jutting our between his fingers.


“You son of a bitch…. My balls!” He yells.


Seth grabs dev hand and took it off his balls, a hard slap across Devin’s face follows.


“No!” Devin complains. He was just getting into it. “I am going to get your balls!” Devin tells him, trying to force his hands back down. But his brother’s stronger muscles are again a problem. “Rrrrrr,” Devin grits his teeth, his chest heaving with efforts and his blue eyes wild.


“You can’t beat me…I will bust your balls!” threatens Devin.

“Dev…no you won’t.”


Seth hits Devin with a knee, putting his full force behind it knocking the wind out of Devin. Devin gasps, everything seems to have gone out of him including the fight. That does not stop Seth from finishing him, he picks up his brother, nothing more than a moaning sad sack of meat lifting him high into the air.


Devin blinks rapidly as the swelling in his groin overwhelms him and feels air whooshing past him as he descends down rapidly his hair whipping out of his face. He only free falls for a moment but when Devin lands balls first on Seth’s extended need he goes to scream but the bright light in his eyes fade and he slides off. Seth catches him lowering him to the bed. Devin’s eyes are closed, but a grimace is on his face.


Seth takes his hardened steal rod in hand, thinking that he wished he had gotten off but the lube on his horny little brothers bedside table catches his eye and he shrugs.


“Fuck it.”


Seth pours a generous amount covering his…average dick and starts to jack off, nice and quick aiming his erection at his brother.


Smiling as he cums, Seth spews his load all over Devin’s chest and abs. He smears the rest of his spunk on Devin’s blanket and goes to grab his brother’s cock to finish him too…but fuck him.


“You don’t deserve it.”


Before he leaves he slaps Devin’s balls, just to watch the orbs bounce in his sack. Devin winces, but does not stir. The gentle breathing continues and Seth grins as he turns and leaves him behind covered in his big brothers mess.






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GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Liam,

I am glad that you liked this one! I am actually using Seth in a future story in which he gets to interact with some of Alex’s and my characters. So there will be more of Seth in a future story!


GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Reg,

Glad to hear that you liked it. When I was done I was not so sure about it.


Anonymous said...

I LOVED! I would love to see the older brother kicking the younger brother in the balls to try to break every testicle. One by one.

GinoJaydenAuthor said...


That sounds rough!

The older brother will be featured in another story, and he will be just as mean as before!

He truly does show no mercy.