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Baby Blues written by Jimmy



Dear Ballbusting Boy Community,

I wrote this years ago. If I find the follow-up story I will post that too! Don't judge this one too badly, I wrote it when I was seventeen.




Baby Blues



My first day at wrestling camp this summer was as expected; not fun. I hate kids my own age and I was stuck with a whole bunch of juvenile delinquents. “It’s my own fault,” at least that’s what my father told me. I was pissed off of at my younger brother again. He stole my leather jacket to impress some boy that he was dating. And the little brat spilt coffee all over it. When Francisco came home reeking of stale coffee and milk and I saw the stain upon my jacket, I just lost it.

 “You loser,” I bellowed. I tore my favorite jacket off of his scrawny shoulders. He actually laughed in my face, and shoved me. I took another step towards him angered that he had touched me, and I found out how powerful a bony knee could be forced between my thighs. I let out a force gasp, and my brother laughed again and brought his knee backwards and forwards as he drove home. My nuts banged hard against my pelvic bone as my body became limp and slumped up against his chest. I involuntarily groaned and closed my eyes, Francisco nailed me for a third time with his kneecap and I saw stars as my legs gave out and I fell to my knees. My hands desperately tried to find my nuts but Francisco got there first and punted me in my bulging ball sac. “Damn you,” I whispered my balls aching more than they ever have before.

“That should teach you a lesson,” Francisco’s lips curved into a devilish smile as he grabbed my chin in his palm. “It’s just a jacket, your always such a jerk. My boyfriend showed me how to really defend myself if I ever needed to,” Francisco bent over so that his face was an inch from mine. “You mess with me and I will mess with your nuts.” I held my nuts rather protectively and reached up between his legs, under the lip of his shorts and rummaged around inside his boxers until I finally found Francisco’s little nuts and imprisoned them in my fist.

 “Two can play at this game little bro,” I spat through gritted teeth and I began to squeeze Francisco’s nuts together.

 My brother’s mouth opened in first surprise and then pain, his baby blue eyes crisscrossed. “Aw no,” Francisco managed to say before he dropped to his knees next to me whimpering. “My perfect plan…” he explained…”is not over yet.” And that’s when both of his hands shot out and ripped my free hand off of protecting my balls and picked up both of my balls; one in each hand. Francisco gave me the same treatment I gave him and squished my nuts inside of his smaller fists.

 My nuts throbbed terribly and I knew that Francisco was in pain also, but my nuts pulsed worse than ever. My hand trembled trying to hold onto his younger nuts. Francisco could see that I was losing steam and as he pushed each of his thumbs deep inside of my nuts. “Aw don’t do that,” I grumbled as I felt my manhood being crushed. Francisco started to inch his body away from mine, my fingers slipping from his groin, his smaller nuts harder to hold onto. ‘Out oh,’ I thought as I felt my hand slacken and I knew that I was done for.

 Then Francisco did something unexpected and let go of my nuts and groaned weakly. Francisco tried to stand up and escape. Francisco’s legs turned wobbled as he turned around. Now that Francisco was no longer squeezing the life from my balls, I could give some good sweet revenge. No longer needing to defend myself, I pulled Francisco back and stood up and placed him in a head lock. I crushed his tiny nuts ruthlessly and pulled him into the air by his balls. I could feel Francisco’s heart beating faster against my arm and hear him groan deep within his chest. And that’s when Francisco started to squeal, “No Nathanial stop! I can’t take anymore!”

 Then the door opened to our bedroom and my father stepped inside. He had just come home from work, the air was full of smell of aroma of sawdust which wafted over us and I heard Francisco whimper to my father, “He’s got my balls Dad.” Instantly knowing I was in trouble I released my hold on Francisco. Dramatically Francisco dropped to his knee’s saying, “He broke my balls, aw Dad my balls.” Then Francisco curled into a ball by my feet, and our eyes met for the briefest of moments and he smiled a little and winked his baby blues at me.

 “You little bastard, you have gone too far!” My father hollered and stepped towards me his giant steel toed workers which clanged with each step he took against the floor. “You’re going away! For the whole summer! To the WSCTT, the Wrestling Summer Camp for Troublesome Teens! For being a thief, a liar, a bully, and now this,” my father spat pointing at Francisco. “Enough is enough,” my father finished red hot anger dripping off his tongue with every word. In shock I started to shake my head as my father’s instep rocked my whole world. Far worse than any blow my kid brother gave me; his steel toe knocked my scrotum so hard that I thought he had made mashed potatoes out of my balls. My eyes closed in evident distress as I was lifted into the air and fell backwards against the floor. My fingers tips barely touched my thudding sac when I found the metal steel toed crunching my family jewels underfoot. “You touch him like that again Nathanial and I will personally teach you a lesson that you will never forget.”

 I whimpered and whined as my balls flattened against my bedroom floor. My father bent down squishing my berries as I cried out, “Dad my balls!”

 “Do you get it?” my Dad asked again. I nodded my head vigorously and watched Francisco sit up on his knees to get a better look at me. Francisco held up the middle finger while he cradled his own balls laughing silently. “Then say it!” my father demanded.

 “I won’t touch him,” I promised and finally with an agonizing last rotation of his pointed steel toe, my father moved his foot away from my tender, stinging balls. I watched as my father helped to carry my younger brother and lift him up to the top bunk, while I huddled into a ball in the spot where my father left me.

 “Are you’re testicles alright, anything feel broken?” asked my Dad as he reached his hand into Francisco’s shorts. “Hm,” my father thought as he groped around. “Maybe a little inflated but they should be okay,” and my Dad pulled his hand out and patted him gently on his shoulder. “I will go and get you some ice; and for you as well,” finished my father giving me a vicious dangerous look.

 My brother rolled over to face me, “Told you would get what’s coming to you,” Francisco said giggling and tossed his pillow into my face. I rolled away from him holding onto my balls; never in my life would I have dreamed both my brother and my father would beat my balls so badly. My face reddened in shame images of being beaten by both of them flashing behind my closed eye lids.


Three Weeks Later…

 Stuck with a bunch of juvenile delinquents for the rest of the summer was not my idea of a summer vacation. I tried to keep to myself for the first night; my father had gotten lost and we did not get to the WSCTT until almost midnight. I got the last bunk bed in the back corner of the room. Disappointed already because it was the top bunk and I was so short. I tried and failed to climb up. I was about to ask someone for help, but thought better of it. I changed into an old pair of pajama bottoms and an old white beater. I did a few stretches, testing out my muscles and figured that I would have one last go at trying to get to the top bunk. I was about to jump when someone grabbed me around my waist and held me still. “Relax new kid, I will help you,” said a voice in the darkness.

 I was about to protest when I felt him grab me roughly between my buttocks and I stood frozen in complete panic. I felt his hand flounder as he explored everything hidden underneath the soft fabric of my old pajama bottoms. “What are you doing?” I asked softly as he explored the length of my cock from the tip all the way down to the base a few times. Then the guy fingered caressingly up and down until he got to the base and he reached below and found my daggling nuts. I felt him enclose his whole hand around my balls, scooping them both between his fingers. “Oh,” I whimpered a flashback coming to me of my brother Francisco and both of his small hands around my left and right balls.

 “Here you go, I found my handhold,” he says chuckling as he with his other hand wrapped around my waist begins to move me upwards; and I realize what is about to happen. I’m lifted into the air by my balls, the guys uses my lower back to guide me all the way up to the top bunk, which he slams me into. I whimper uncontrollably my balls aching for relief as he releases his hold on my balls and travels back down from my cock base to tip and he pinches the top of my penis causing me to gasp in surprise. “Welcome to your new home,” and his hand fumbles beneath my shirt from belly button to my right nipple which he titty-twists really roughly. I roll over hiding my erection and trying to protect my balls from further attack.

 “Who are you?” I whisper into the darkness, but no one answers me. I am left in silence laying in my top bunk wondering if I will be able to sleep without fear of what will happen next. I cannot wait till summers over and I can go home.

             At five am the camp councilors came pouring into our bedroom banging pans and tossing wrestling singlet’s at each of us. “Put those on ladies and meet up down in the arena!” We were allowed a few minutes to change; I saw that most guys were bigger than me. I was one of the younger guys. Apparently this program went up in age until kids were twenty-one years old. I was handed an extra small sliver singlet which fit me so snuggly that I could make out the outline of my nipples, along with my cock, and balls. “This sucks,” I mumbled as I was ushered to wrestling arena pulling on the fabric around my groin, trying to get comfortable. I wondered which one of these guys gave me a, ‘helping hand last night,’ and I hoped that I would not be chosen to be paired off with his sneaky fingers. It turns out I was pared off with an eighteen year old muscle head. He grinned at me, I could just make out the top of a flaming skull tattoo on his chest as he came rushing towards me while the whistle blew somewhere to my right. I turned instinctively at the sound of the whistle being blown and I could just make out one of the camp councilors as a giant forceful blow from my opponent slammed me to the ground. All of the air was knocked out of my lungs as he lifted my legs into the air and pinned me to the mat. Our bodies were so close together no one could really his see his other hand creep underneath us and grab a strong hold on my junk.

 “I know your brother Francisco, my names Edmund, I’m his boyfriend,” Edmund explained as he crushed both of my nuts in his overlarge fist.

 “Ungh,” I groaned as his other hand reached between my nuts and grabbed the top of my cock. “What are you doing?” I asked shocked and immediately turned on. No girl has ever been able to get me hard so fast, but still he relentlessly squeezed and twisted my now aching nuts. I let out a low mewl as he pumped my dick faster through the silky fabric of my singlet.

 “He gave me permission to punish you for a few weeks. Imagine what life will be like for you when everyone in this detention center sees your giant cum stain, and I explain to all of them it’s because you like to get hit in the nuts,” Edmund said silkily in a rich dark voice.

 “Nnn noo…” I pleaded coming so close to exploding. I tried to think of every disgusting thing I could think of, all the ugly people I know, but Edmunds hands pulsated on my penis in the most sensitive area, his other hand rubbed my balls roughly against the mat and he and I both knew that I could not hold it in any longer. With an agonizing shudder I came in his hand and he pumped me dry and stood up admiring his work.

“Ew!” Edmund screamed and everyone turned and looked at us and he roughly pulled me to my feet and moved my hands away from protecting my shameful wet spot. “Nathanial just ejaculated all over himself!” The room was full of jeers, the camp councilors tried to hush the crowd, and one of them asked me to leave. All eyes followed me as I left the arena and I felt hands grope me, hands slap my ass, and cat calls follow me as the door closed behind me. This was going to be a very long summer I thought as I started to pull off the straps to the top of my singlet and pulled the silver singlet top down my waist in an effort to cover what happened.

 With my chest fully exposed I ran my fingers over my bare chest as I walked back alone to my bunk bed. Maybe I could catch up on some sleep and forget all of this had even happened. Before I knew it I was standing at my bunk wondering again how I would get to the top. I pulled off my sticky singlet and walked over to take a show. After a good wash I walked back to my bunk in just a towel. I looked up again and shook my head. ‘Maybe no one would notice if I slept in someone else’s bunk,’ I thought as I pulled the towel off of my waist and started to dry my hair and that’s when I felt the familiar hand around my waist and the other go under my buttocks finding my balls easily this time because I was completely naked. “Oh no, they are so sore,” I started to complain as I felt my feet leave the ground and my balls disappear completely in his fist. I tried to take off the towel to see my mystery helper but he slammed me hard again against my mattress and his fist give one last quick squeeze as he released my nuts. As I fumbled with the towel around my face I looked up just to see the profile of someone leaving the sleeping area but I was no closer to knowing the identity of who helps me into my top bunk bed.

“Fucker,” I groaned holding my balls and tried to go to sleep.


To be continued…



Anonymous said...

I love stories about fathers hitting their children. Continues!I love stories about fathers hitting their children. Continues!

GinoJaydenAuthor said...


Thanks for writing in. I will have some more of the Dads soon. I’m finishing a few things but I will be working on one soon!