Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Summer in the city 11: At the skate park with Leo

Featured in this story: Leo (click for pictures)

The telephone rang.

“Hello?” I said.
“Hi, Alex, where are you? I’m waiting for you at the skate park.”
I sighed. “Hi, Leo. We are waiting for you at the studio.”
“We wanted to meet at the studio?”
“Yeah”, I said.
“We’ll be there in twenty minutes”, I said.
I hung up.
“Leo’s waiting for us at the skate park”, I told Chad.

My cameraman was sitting on the couch, fanning his face with the newspaper.
It was another one of those hot, humid summer days, and Chad was wearing beige shorts and a colorful shirt. His hair was wet with sweat and he had his eyes closed.
“Chad?” I said.
Chad grunted and opened his eyes.
“Leo’s waiting for us at the skate park”, I repeated.
Chad grunted again.
“Let’s go”, I said.
Chad groaned and got up, following me outside.
We took his car and arrived at the skate park half an hour later.
It was almost noon and the sun was burning.
Chad was carrying our camera equipment while we walked across the skate park.
We had been here before, a couple of months ago, to film a skit with Leo and a couple of his friends. Back then, the place had been deserted.
Now, it was brimming with action.
Suddenly, we heard a high-pitched scream coming from the pavilion at the other end of the area.
I chuckled. “I think they started without us.”
We walked towards a large group of people, maybe twenty young guys, all of them in their late teens or early twenties, wearing sagging jeans, t-shirts and sneakers.
Some had their skateboards leaning against their legs.
Chad put his bags down and pulled out the camera.
I stood on my tip-toes to see what was going on.
In the middle of the group, Leo was standing doubled over, his hands clutching his groin, while his buddies were laughing and cheering.
“… and the family jewels”, somebody said, drawing another round of laughs.
The voice came from a tall, skinny boy with long blond, slightly curly hair and an oval face.
“Hey, Gus”, I said.
The boy turned his head and smiled.
“Hi”, he said. “We’ve started without you.”
“Yeah”, I chuckled. “I see.”
Leo was moaning in pain. The 19 year old boy had been stripped of his baggy jeans and his sneakers which were lying on the ground. He was wearing dirty socks and plaid boxer shorts.
“Hey, Alex”, he croaked.
“Come on”, Gus said and grabbed Leo’s arm. “Help me, Jonah.”
“No”, Leo moaned.
The guys cheered.
Jonah, another tall, blond skater with short hair cut almost military style, grinned. He was wearing a baseball cap. He appeared to be quite eager to help his buddy, and grabbed Leo’s other arm.
“No”, Leo repeated hoarsely when his feet were grabbed by two more boys, and he was lifted off the ground.
The group turned him around and headed for a flagpole that was standing nearby.
“No”, Leo moaned, while he was carried towards the pole with his legs spread wide.
Accompanied by the cheers of the crowd, Leo’s crotch collided with the hard metal.
The flag pole vibrated and Leo’s nuts were crunched flat into his body.
Leo let out a high-pitched shriek and a couple of guys winced in sympathy.
“Yay!” Gus laughed and let go of Leo’s arm.
His friends did likewise, allowing poor Leo to curl up in the foetal position and cradle his aching gonads while whimpering in pain.
“Come on”, Gus said and knelt down next to Leo. “It wasn’t that bad, was it?”
Leo frowned at him. “Fuck you, Gus!”
Gus got up and held out his arms. “We scrambled Leo’s eggs”, he shouted, causing the group to erupt in cheers and applause.
Leo whimpered in pain. “You didn’t!”
Gus raised his eyebrows and looked down at Leo with an amused expression on his face. “We didn’t?”
Leo groaned.
“What do you think, guys?” Gus addressed the crowd.
Jonah smiled. “Maybe we have to do it again…”
Leo started to protest, but Gus quickly reached inside Leo’s boxers and pulled his precious balls out through the leg opening.
“They look okay”, Gus said and squeezed the two large orbs in his hand.
Leo grimaced in pain and tried to pry Gus’ hand away from his testicles.
Jonah chuckled and grabbed Leo’s wrists.
Kneading Leo’s balls between his fingers, Gus grinned. He let go of them and let them bounce onto Leo’s thigh. He pulled Leo’s boxers up so that his gonads were hanging out the leg opening, dangling vulnerably between his legs.
“Let’s go at it again”, Gus grinned.
“No!” Leo screamed, but his voice was drowned out by the cheers of his mates.
The four guys took their positions again and swung Leo’s body back and forth to pick up speed.
“I’ll count to three”, Gus yelled. “One. Two. Three.”
With that, Leo’s body was slammed into the flagpole crotch first. His exposed ballsack was wedged between his body and the cold metal of the pole, both tender testicles getting crunched hard.
Leo screamed from the top of his lungs and struggled against his buddies, who cheerfully ignored his pleads for mercy and let his groin collide with the pole once more.
Then they let him fall to the ground where he curled up in a little ball and moaned miserably.
Gus grimaced in mock-sympathy. “What do you think, Jonah?”
“Scrambled eggs”, Jonah chuckled.
“Yup”, Gus grinned. “Right, Leo?”
“Yeah”, Leo whimpered.
Gus nodded. “Great.” He turned his head and looked at me. “What now?”
I raised my eyebrows. “I don’t know. You’re running the show…”
Gus chuckled. “I guess I am…” He looked down at Leo and grinned.
Leo groaned and looked at him with a miserable expression on his face. He was cupping his gonads and grimacing in pain.
“Come on”, he said and walked over to the rails.
Jonah and three of his buddies grabbed Leo and dragged him across the skate park.
The rest of the guys followed them, cheering and joking about the pitiful state Leo was in. When they arrived at the rails, the crowd had grown larger as roughly a dozen guys had joined them along the way.
Nearly forty people were surrounding Gus, Jonah, and Leo.
Leo was standing doubled over, his hands buried inside his boxers, clasping his aching nuts and trying to ease the pain.
“Guy”, Leo whispered, “I’ve had enough for today…”
Gus laughed. “Come on, Leo, I’ve seen you take a lot more on those videos you showed me…”
The rest of the guys cheered.
Leo blushed and massaged his aching gonads.
“Get him up there, guys”, Gus said and pointed at two rails that were about 3 feet apart from each other.
Jonah and his mates lifted Leo up and positioned him on the rails so that his knees were supported by the two metal railings and his ass was hanging freely in between. Jonah stepped behind his buddy and held his hands behind his back.
Leo struggled to no avail. His big, ripe balls were dangling underneath him, hanging out of the leg opening of his boxers and swinging happily back and forth.
Gus chuckled and walked over to Leo.
“No”, Leo croaked as Gus lifted his foot and touched Leo’s dangling lowhangers with the toes of his sneaker-clad foot.
Leo winced in anticipation, but Gus just teased him, lifting his nuts tentatively and letting them drop down inside their sac again.
The crowd watched, amused expressions on their faces.
“Gus”, someone yelled. “Kick ‘em!”
Gus turned around and smiled. He adjusted his crotch inside his baggy jeans and nodded. “I will…” Then he faced Leo and grinned. “Any last words?”
Leo groaned. “Gus, don’t…”
Gus shrugged and took a step back.
“Gus, don’t!” Leo screamed just as Gus’ leg came up between the rails, catching his vulnerable balls dead on and smashing them into his crotch.
Leo’s eyes widened. His lips twitched and he blinked a couple of times.
“Ooooooohhh!” A couple of guys in the crowd cringed in sympathy and grabbed their crotches.
“That had to hurt”, someone said in a whiny voice.
“I think I heard them crack”, another one added, drawing a round of roaring laughter.
Gus grinned and looked at Leo’s dangling balls. They were swinging wildly in the air below him.
Leo coughed.
Gus grinned and kicked Leo’s nuts again. His instep flattened both of Leo’s precious testicles into his crotch, ramming them against his bony pelvis and making Leo’s eyes open even wider.
“Ooooooohhh!” The crowd winced in unison.
Leo looked like he was in a trance. His mouth hung halfway open, his eyes were opened wide and his face was pale as ashes. Apparently all the color had dropped down to his balls which were red like a lobster.
“My turn now”, Jonah said.
Gus nodded.
Leo coughed.
Jonah got down on one knee behind Leo and balled his fists. With a determined look, he punched Leo’s dangling balls with his right fist like a punching ball.
“One”, he shouted cheerfully.
Leo’s balls were swinging forward.
He let out a blood-curdling scream.
On the backward swing, Jonah punched his juicy balls with his left fist.
“Two!” Jonah shouted.
“Three!” a couple of guys joined in as Jonah’s right fist landed a precise hit to Leo’s danglers.
Soon, all the guys in the crowd were shouting.
Leo’s eyes lost focus and he gagged.
“That’s enough”, Gus interrupted Jonah just as he was about to land his eleventh blow.
Jonah pouted. “Do get to kick him?”
Gus looked at Leo’s face.
His eyes had filled with tears.
“One kick”, Gus said slowly.
Jonah nodded and smiled.
Gus grabbed Leo’s arms and pulled them towards him, making Leo’s upper body move to the front and exposing his vulnerable balls even more.
Jonah was standing behind him.
Leo tried to turn his head, but he couldn’t because Gus was pulling on his arms.
“Fuck”, Leo whispered.
Gus chuckled. “Accurate observation…”
Jonah grinned and took a few steps back. Then, with a running start, he came rushing towards Leo from behind.
Leo heard his footsteps and closed his eyes in anticipation of the nutcracking kick that was about to follow.
And he was right.
Jonah’s instep sailed into his pendulous balls and smashed them up against his crotch.
Leo’s eyes opened and he let out a silent scream.
The crowd watched him, grimacing in sympathy.
Even Gus – whose compassionate side didn’t seem to come out often – bit his lower lip when he heard the dull thud of the impact and saw the pain set in on Leo’s face.
He let go of Leo’s hands.
Leo gagged. Slowly, very slowly, he lowered his outstretched arms and reached between his legs. Gently, he touched his dangling plums. He seemed almost afraid to hold them in his hands.
“Fuck”, he croaked hoarsely.
Jonah grinned. “That was a good one, wasn’t it?”
His buddies let go of Leo’s legs and Leo collapsed on the ground.
“Fuck”, he croaked again.
He curled up in a ball, almost in slow motion, and a wheezing sound came from his lips.
“That was a good one, wasn’t it?” Jonah repeated.
Everyone was looking at the poor, hurting skater boy on the ground.
Leo clutched his aching testicles and arched his back.
Jonah started to get impatient. “That was---“
“Yeah, that was perfect”, Gus interrupted him, watching in fascination as Leo was writhing on the ground, his mouth open wide, but no sound coming from his lips. “Leo?”
Leo didn’t seem to hear him.
Gus knelt next to him. He grabbed Leo’s hands which were carefully cupping his sore nuggets, and squeezed hard.
That brought the appropriate reaction.
Leo screamed from the top of his lungs. “Fuck! Fuck!!” He rolled to his side and sobbed, cradling his aching testicles in his hands. “Fuck!”
Gus got up and turned to his mates. “Show is over…”
A couple of guys started to protest.
“We can go on with your nuts”, Gus said, which was enough to shut them up.
“Fuck!” Leo wailed. “Fuck!”
“Come on, Leo”, Gus said and patted his back. “You have---“
“Fuck!” Leo screamed again.
Gus grimaced. “Ugh, it seems he is a bit pissed…”
“Fuck! Fuck!”
Jonah chuckled.
Gus grinned. “He’ll be okay.”
Most of the guys in the crowd had walked away. Just Jonah, Gus, and three or four friends of theirs were standing around, watching Leo roll around on the floor.
Chad was filming, zooming in on Leo’s face and saving his anguished expression for posterity.
I must have looked worried, because Gus smiled at me and patted my shoulder. “He’ll be okay…”
“I sure hope so”, I said. “We have some more plans with him…”
Gus chuckled and kicked Leo’s ass. “Hey, Leo.”
“Fuck”, Leo whispered.
“You okay?”
“You fucking bastard!”
“See”, Gus grinned, “he’s gonna be fine… He is talking already…”
“Everything alright, Leo?” I said softly.
Leo groaned. “I guess…”
“Good”, I smiled. “Thank you!”
“Anytime”, Gus said and shook my hand.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh, sexy! Skaters and their footwear, as well as their attitudes, make a story an instant success for me. :P

I liked it. I did. It was nice that there was a varied reaction from everyone witnessing the final few blows. ^^

Great job!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Chris! By the way: I'm working on the "One on one" stories you requested. "Leo vs. Tristan" is gonna get published on 08/21 and "Kev vs. Nate" some time in September. I'm doing my very best and I hope you'll like them... :-)

Anonymous said...

Heyyy, yay! No rush, of course, I know there are a lot of people here you're trying to cater for. I'm just happy that a site like this exists... :D

Alex said...

Thanks! :-)
I'm happy that people like you exist who give me feedback on the stories and ideas for new ones...