Thursday, August 7, 2008

One on one: David vs. Ben - the rematch

This is a sequel to One on one: David vs. Ben.

Featured in this story: BenDavid and Alex (click for pictures)

Last week, David and Ben had met at our studio to have a go at each others’ balls.

Ben, the 20 year old jock boy, had defeated David on all accounts. A comparison of the size of their balls had left Ben with a slight edge over the 19 year old dancer. When they had compared their boners, Ben’s lead had expanded. Finally, Ben had cracked David’s nuts. And the cocky and arrogant dancer hadn’t been to happy about that.

So I was genuinely surprised when Ben came to the studio today and told me that David had asked him for a rematch.

“You said yes?” I asked him.

The black haired jock shrugged. “Sure.”

“Ben”, I said slowly. “I don’t know if this is a good idea.” I lowered my voice. “He was pretty angry last week, and I guess he won’t have any mercy on your---“

Ben chuckled and laid his hand on my shoulder. “Alex”, he grinned. “You’re cute. I know how to handle myself, okay?”

I sighed. “Sure, Ben, I don’t doubt that. But---“

My cameraman Chad interrupted me. “He’s right, Ben. David can be really mean. He---“

Suddenly David was standing in the doorframe. “You talking about me?” The black haired dancer raised his eyebrows and walked into the room.

I grinned sheepishly. “No, well…”

Chad looked at his shoes. “We were just…”

Ben grinned at David. “Sure.”

Chad and I stared at Ben.

“We were mocking you”, Ben grinned.

I tried to stop Ben from going on by interrupting him with a forced laugh. “He’s kidding”, I grinned weakly. “Of course we were not---“

“Sure we were”, Ben said, frowning at me.

“Ben”, I whispered. “Don’t---“

Ben turned to David and walked up to him.

The two boys were facing each other, looking each other in the eyes.

David was two inches taller than Ben, but somehow he looked smaller. He had a more fragile body, while Ben was a regular at the gym with a defined chest and muscular arms and legs.

David straightened, trying to use the small height difference to his advantage. He was dressed all in black, wearing black trousers and a black shirt with black leather shoes. I couldn’t help but notice how hot he looked. He was an arrogant bastard, but he sure knew how to dress…

Ben was looking way more casual. He was wearing grey sweat pants, a blue t-shirt and sneakers.

“You still sore, Sugar Plum Fairy?” Ben grinned and glanced at David’s crotch.

“Dickhead”, David hissed.

“My dick must have left a lasting impression, huh?” Ben chuckled.

The two boys stared at each other for almost one minute.

I decided to try and break the tension, so I stood next to them and put my left hand on Ben’s shoulder and my right hand on David’s shoulder. “Listen, guys”, I said.

David and Ben ignored me.

I sighed. “Listen”, I said. “Why don’t you---“

Suddenly, both boys turned to me, bent at their knees, and, in perfect synchronicity, punched my nuts.

I blinked. It felt as if Ben’s fist had caught my left nut and David’s fist had caught my right one dead-on.

“Fuck”, I whispered hoarsely and doubled over. My hands searched for the aching lumps in my crotch. I wasn’t even sure they were still there. They felt as if they were pushed up into my throat.

I stumbled back and fell on my ass, clutching my groin and moaning in pain. I rolled to my side and curled up in the foetal position, deciding to let the guys battle it out without further interference.

Ben and David had turned towards each other again, ignoring me and my miserable groans completely.
Ben took a step back and began taking his clothes off.

David watched him.

“You want a rematch, huh?” Ben grinned and took off his shirt, revealing his smooth, muscular chest and his defined abs. “No problem. But I don’t think that the outcome will be any different than the last time…” He pulled off his sneakers and his white socks. “You’re going to lose again, dancer boy…” Ben grinned at David and took off his sweat pants. He was wearing a white jock strap underneath. Ben threw the pants onto the couch and adjusted his crotch. He reached inside his jockstrap and fondled his package.

David rolled his eyes.

Ben looked at Chad who was standing behind the camera. “You filming?”

“Sure”, Chad grinned.

Ben smiled and slowly pulled down his jockstrap. Apparently, the thought of fighting against David had turned him on quite a bit. His cock was rock hard and snapped up when Ben lowered his jockstrap. His hefty balls were swinging below. Putting on a show for the camera, Ben threw the jockstrap onto the couch and grabbed his crotch with one hand, looking like a stripper. He was standing with his legs spread apart, stark naked now, and flexed his muscles. He ignored David, which proved not to be the brightest idea…

Unbeknownst to Ben, David walked around the buff jock boy and stood behind him. Grinning mischievously, David brought his leg back and kicked Ben’s nuts from behind. The instep of his black leather shoe connected with Ben’s balls and drove them up into his pelvis.

Ben was taken by surprise. His mouth formed a small O, and he raised his eyebrows, letting out a wheezing groan.

Seizing his opportunity, David followed up with another perfect kick to Ben’s testicles.

Unfortunately, this time his aim was a little off, and instead of crunching both of Ben’s nuts, he just hit one of the two big balls with his muscular legs.

Ben whimpered and fell to his knees.

David chuckled. “Dickhead”, he said with a contemptuous expression on his face. “And a stupid one, too.”

Ben groaned and doubled over, his hands clasping his naked genitals.

David smirked and leaned over the fallen jock. “Ooops”, he whispered into his ear. “Did the little dancer boy break your balls?”

Ben whimpered.

“I’m so sorry”, David continued. “I guess that means your girlfriend will get nothing to eat today, huh? Or is it a boyfriend? Do you shove that thing into---“

With an angry howl, Ben turned around and grabbed David’s balls through the thin fabric of his black trousers.

David screamed from the top of his voice.

Ben’s face was a mask of pain and fury, his fingers kneading David’s tender balls viciously, squishing and squashing them with all the force he could muster. Finally, Ben yanked down, pulling David’s testicles down and making the arrogant dancer gasp and cough.

David stumbled and fell to his knees, and Ben let go of his balls.

Both boys were on their knees now, cupping their groins, Ben stark naked, while David was fully clothed.

“You stupid dickhead”, David wailed.

Ben grimaced and massaged his crotch. Then he chuckled. “What’s the matter, Sugar Plum Fairy? Can’t take a bit of pain?”

“Fuck”, David moaned. Then he focussed on his opponent, looking at his naked body, narrowing his eyes and clenching his teeth. With a sudden, swift motion – he was a dancer after all – he lunged at Ben, grabbing both of his naked nipples and tweaking them hard.

Ben yelped.

David grinned and dug his fingernails into Ben’s tender nipples, making Ben scream and let go of his balls.

Ben grabbed David’s hands and yanked them down.

Grimacing in pain, he examined his nipples.

“Fuck”, he whimpered. “That was---“

He was interrupted by a vicious punch to his gonads which were dangling vulnerably below his hard cock.

The air left Ben’s lungs and he looked like he was about to faint.

Pain was radiating from his sore nipples and his agonized balls, and apparently Ben didn’t know where to put his hands. He shielded his left nipple and his balls with his hands, leaving his right nipple open to an attack.

David grinned and pinched the available nipple hard, making Ben give up his guard on his left nipple.

With a mocking smirk, David pinched the exposed left nipple.

Ben let go of his balls, both of his hands covering his nipples. He looked like a pin-up girl on a cheap magazine, sitting on his knees, his hands cupping his chest.

David quickly got up and powered his foot into Ben’s exposed nuts. The instep of his leather shoe connected perfectly with the two aching orbs, smashing them into Ben’s pelvis, and making his hard cock bounce up in the process.

Ben groaned miserably and doubled over, his face lying flat on the floor while is ass was sticking up. His hand were cupping his crotch and he was whimpering in pain.

“You didn’t think you could defeat me again, did you?” David smirked and walked around Ben.

Ben moaned. “Fuck you, Sugar Plum---“

David grabbed his naked feet and lifted them up.

Ben tried to keep his balance, lifting his upper body by putting his hands on the ground. He was in a wheelbarrow position now, and the look on his face said that he knew what was about to follow…

Sure enough, David grinned and looked at the two dangling fruits that were hanging vulnerably between Ben’s thighs, and the hard cock that was pointing straight down.

It didn’t take an Olympic champion to make good use of this point of departure. David brought his leg back and sent a thunderous kick at Ben’s exposed nuts, crunching them hard and making Ben yelp in pain.

David chuckled and kicked Ben’s nuts again.

“Fuck!” Ben screamed. His body bucked and he tried to turn around, but to no avail.

Once more, David aimed a vicious kick at Ben’s poor testicles, driving both of the juicy nuggets into Ben’s crotch and making Ben yell in pain.

Then David let go of Ben’s feet, sending the jock crashing flat down onto the floor.

David winced at the sight of Ben’s hard cock and his swollen balls hitting the ground.

“Ooooh”, he said in a mocking tone of voice. “Did you break your dick?” He clicked his tongue and chuckled.

Ben groaned and curled up in a ball. He cupped his hurting cock. One of his nuts was wedged between his thighs, sticking out below his ass cheeks.

David grinned. “I’m gonna finish you off, buddy”, he said and brought his leg back. Aiming the toes of his foot at the poor, trapped nut, David’s shoe came crashing into Ben’s exposed ball, hitting it dead-on and making Ben yodel in a soprano-voice and thrash wildly on the floor.

“Fuck!” he screamed. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

David grinned and rubbed his hands. “Had enough?”

“Fuck!” Ben yelled, trying to make the pain go away by caressing his agonized balls while rolling around on the ground in pain.

“Let me hear it”, David said calmly.

“Fuck!” Ben whimpered.

David sighed and knelt down next to Ben. He grabbed Ben’s nuts in his right hand and his cock in his left hand, squeezing down hard.

Ben’s voice went up an octave, and he screamed from the top of his lungs.

David pulled his genitals in opposite direction, making sure to twist Ben’s hard cock in his hand.

“I give!” Ben screamed.

“Of course you do”, David grinned and yanked his cock and his balls apart vicously.

Ben let out a blood-curdling scream.

Then David let go, allowing Ben to curl up again and tend to his aching manhood.

David got up and wiped the dust off his knees.

He looked around with a satisfied expression on his face.

I had slightly recovered by now, cupping my aching balls and grimacing in pain. I made sure to keep my distance from David.

“Okay”, David grinned. “That’s it for today, huh?”

I nodded.

Ben was writhing on the ground, his face contorted in pain and humiliation.

David looked at him and shook his head slowly. “See you, loser.”

Ben whimpered.

David turned around and left the studio, closing the door behind him.

I looked at Ben.

“Fuck”, Ben whimpered. “I think he seriously broke my cock.”

I grimaced in sympathy. “Let me get you a bag of ice…”

Ben nodded and looked at his swollen member. “Damnit.”

I walked to the kitchen and returned with a bag of ice and a six pack of beer.

“Thanks”, Ben said.

He stayed for another hour, sitting naked on the couch, the bag of ice on his crotch, a can of beer in his hand, not speaking a word.


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Anonymous said...

Great story again. Love it when David takes some hard shots to his balls but still ends up winning. I can't get enough of the David stories.

Alex said...

Thank you! I can assure you that I will keep writing stories with David... :-) I'm glad you like them!

Anonymous said...

Hey Alex how are you balls? THe double knee was way hot? Have you ever described your balls? Keep the stories coming!

Anonymous said...

Nip play is hot! Hope there will be more of it.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments!

@ anonymous (1):
I think I've never really describes my nuts in a story. And I'm sad to say that they are pretty average, probably a bit larger than average, but not as big as Zach's, Cal's, George's or the twins' balls. They are low hanging and - as another reader pointed out - quite weak. Maybe I'm gonna describe them in further detail in an upcoming story. But that's the basic information... :-)

@ anonymous (2):
I'll make sure to pay a bit more attention to the nipples in further stories... :-)

Anonymous said...

This will have to go to the best of five

Anonymous said...

Awesome awesome story. I love the way you had David "break" Bens cock. And Ben getting horny about fighting David was hot as well. You should do one more and have David kick the cum out of him like he did to Zach. I love when David beats them till they cum, its always so hot! Keep up the awesome stories, Im a huge fan. :)

Alex said...

Thank your for your comments! It's great that you love David's stories so much. I guess I'm gonna write another sequel, and maybe more... :-)