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In love with a ballbuster (written by Doesithurtbro)

Our reader Doesithurtbro (follow him on twitter and on Instagram for some amazing content!) has sent us this wonderful story. It's his very first published story, and I love it! I am very proud to present his debut story here on the blog, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Izaak was doing that thing again. That weird thing Eric hated and couldn't understand. It had become a habit for Izaak to press his foot against Eric's crotch whenever they were sat across from each other on the train, but Eric tolerated it. Izaak jabbed the toe of his white Jordans in between Eric's legs, clipping his left testicle. To Eric, the shocking sensation was a lot like stubbing his toe on a wooden chair leg, or stepping on a Lego, only, this sensation was in his balls.

“Arrgh! Chill!” Eric shrieked, quickly grabbing hold of Izaak foot before it could strike again. “Why do you keep doing that?!”

Izaak’s sadistic smile morphed into an intense stare as he looked down at Eric's hands. “Move!” He barked with an authority that made Eric lift his hands instantly.

“Sorry, I'm sorry!” Eric pleaded. It was moments like this when he regretted making such an effort to get close to Izaak. He couldn't help it, from the moment he met him all he wanted was to be noticed by him, to be his friend or perhaps something more. Eric had a thing for rugby lads, particularly more the toned and agile players. Izaak straddled the line between toned, agile athlete, and bulky linebacker. It blew Eric’s mind every time, and he wanted nothing more than to worship that body, even if it meant suffering Izaak’s occasional bouts of cruelty. He’d watched many muscle and foot worship videos online, and never had he seen anyone more deserving than Izaak.

Izaak’s disturbing yet charming smile had returned. “You got money?” He said, increasing the pressure on Eric's groin.

“Ow! No! I- I don't!” Eric said through gritted teeth and the pained expression of someone who just had alcohol poured on a wound.

“Aww, damn. Aight then, don't worry.” He said, finally relieving Eric of his cruelly placed foot. Izaak stood up, his foot still on Eric's seat and uncomfortably close to his groin. “You're still coming to the match tomorrow, right?”

Eric nodded with an awkward enthusiasm. There was no way he would miss an opportunity to witness Izaak in his rugby kit, especially if it meant there was even the slightest chance they'd hang out afterwards.

“Sweet! I expect to hear you above crowd, screaming and cheering. Emphasis on the screaming.” Izaak said with a wink and a grin before slamming his size 11s into Eric one last time. Eric let out a muffled groan and cupped his groin frantically as the pain reignited. “Alright then, I'm off.”

Eric watched Izaak as he walked towards the door, marvelling at his physique, the way his navy hoodie hugged his athletic frame, the way his matching joggers showed off his remarkably well-sculpted legs and perfect ass. Despite Izaak's cruelty, Eric was enchanted by him. So much so that whenever Izaak was around, he forgot about everyone else.

“What the fuck was all that about?” Said Lisa with an expression somewhere between amusement and disgust.

Eric turned his head so fast he got whiplash. “Shit! Fuck! Where did you come from?” He said, nursing his neck one hand and his throbbing balls with the other.

“My goodness, you're tragic.” She said, unable to crack a smile through the pity and contempt plastered on her face. Lisa got up and sat in the seat opposite Eric, which to her dismay, was still warm from Izaak's ass. “You can't allow people to treat you like that, no matter you like them and wanna impress them. They'll never respect you. Izaak will never respect you.”

“Fuck sake, Lisa!” Eric buried his face in his hands. He knew it was ridiculous, yet in his mind, he was hiding from the world, from Lisa, from the everlasting pain inside his briefs. He took a deep breath then sighed. “We're just friends, Lisa. Izaak just has a very weird sense of humour.”

Lisa reached over and tapped his nose with an index finger. “You keep telling yourself that. Your nose might just grow a few inches.” She said with a patronizing smile of the sort adults give children. “Anyway, I'm coming over to your house later.”

“For what?” He said.

“Because I've got something to tell you.” She said.

Eric rolled his eyes.

“Mhmm, keep rolling your eyes, its about Izaak.”


Eric lay on his bed waiting for Lisa, wondering what gossip she had that was so juicy it warranted this suspense. It was typical of Lisa to sensationalize even the smallest of events and blow them out of proportion. However, this time the news concerned Izaak, so he desperate to hear it. The last time Lisa had given him news on Izaak, she spilt the ‘tea’, as she called it, on Izaak's 2nd girlfriend from another college. The news was devastating, yet Eric was still determined to at least be friends with Izaak.

There was knock at Eric's door.

“Come in!” He beckoned cheerfully.

Lisa entered the room with an oddly enthusiastic smile, and a grocery bag full of snacks. Eric stared at her suspiciously. She had a full face of make-up and her shoulder-length chestnut coloured hair was freshly straightened.

“I know you didn't do your hair and make-up just to see me, what's all this?” He said, holding back a laugh.

Lisa rolled her eyes and threw the grocery bag to Eric. “I'm going on a date, obviously!” She laughed as she slumped onto the large bean bag beside Eric's bed. “I can't stay long though, I need to get changed.”

Eric picked out a chocolate bar then place the bag an equal distance between he and Lisa.

“A date?” he said slowly, putting two and two together making five. “What, with Izaak?”

Lisa glared at him for a moment before out into laughter. “No, Eric. You’re seriously obsessed, and it’s getting a bit crazy if you ask me.”

“Ah, well, I didn’t ask, did I?” He retorted. “You said you had something to tell me about Izaak.”

“Anyways, I’m going on a date with Devin, for your information.” She said, smiling, clearly proud of herself. “You know Devin, the captain of the rugby team?”

Eric’s eyes widened in realisation that Devin could be the source of whatever Lisa was about to tell him. “Of course, who doesn’t? He’s one of the popular guys.”

“Well, we’ve been talking, but it’s early days so don’t tell anyone. I just had to share that with someone.” She took a bite out of a chocolate and winked at Eric.

Eric stared at her blankly, underwhelmed by her announcement.

Again, Lisa rolled her eyes. “Well, remember when I told you Izaak had another girlfriend at his old college, that he hadn’t broken up with?”

Eric nodded.

“Turns out they were just friends.” She said. There was silence for a few seconds before Lisa spoke again. “He lied about going out with her.”

“But, why?” Eric couldn’t imagine why Izaak would lie about dating a girl. He was clearly a handsome guy – the most handsome guy Eric had ever met – he shouldn’t have to lie about something like that.

Lisa pushed the last bit chocolate in her mouth and shrugged. “Word is he’s not telling the truth about his current girlfriend either.”

Eric was stunned. It didn’t make any sense to him, and he wasn’t entirely sure why Lisa made such a big deal of telling him this.

“I’m just saying, you might actually have a shot with him.” She said.

“I’m not...” Eric blushed, his cheeks almost matching his red hair. “I’m not into him like that, he’s just a friend.”

“Says the guy who over-milks his coffee to be reminded of Izaak’s complexion.” She laughed.

“Fuck sake, Lisa, that was a joke!” he said, clutching at a pillow to hide his face behind.

“If you say so...” Lisa paused for a moment. Appearing to be deep in thought before she spoke again. “You know what, my bad, I shouldn’t even be encouraging to chase that creep anyway. He treats you like crap.”

“He does not!” Eric said in a petulant tone that almost sounded like whining. “He’s just a bit rough at times, he doesn’t mean it, it’s all just jokes.”

Lisa sighed. “Said every abuse victim ever.”


Izaak’s match was over. His team had won and they were all celebrating as they were leaving the field. Eric had never been more impressed with Izaak, despite his mediocre performance in the game. Who cares about the game? He thought, Izaak looked amazing in his rugby kit. He was absolute bully on the pitch, too. It was clear Izaak was in his element clashing with the other players, although he looked more suited towards a boxing than a rugby field. He almost got into brawl with a player who caught him with a rough tackle. In the end, he got his revenge by jumping and landing hard on the guy’s balls with those studded boots, and somehow he got away with it.

Eric waited by the exit for Izaak, looking for an opportunity to get his attention. It was awkward for Eric, being around Izaak’s rugby friends. Whenever they were around, Izaak would be cold towards him. If Eric was lucky the only attention he’d get from Izaak would be a slap to the balls to make his friends laugh.

“Eric!” Called a voice from the crowd.

Eric looked up to see Izaak jogging towards him with a satisfied look on his face. He couldn’t help but watch Izaak’s massive quads pulsate as he ran.

“Great game, bro!” Eric smiled with an enthusiasm that wasn’t entirely warranted.

“Meh, it was alright.” Izaak said as he wiped sweat from his forehead. “Could’ve gone better, but we won so I can’t complain.”

“I thought you were amazing! You looked great out there!”

Izaak gave him a sideways glance, then burst out into laughter. “Calm down, bro, you can suck me off later.”

“Huh? Fuck off!” Eric laughed awkwardly.

“Hey, listen. We can’t hang out at mine today, but, there’s still the changing rooms in the old gym. Meet me there in an hour, okay?” Izaak pointed over to the old, barely-used gym, just waiting to be torn down and assimilated into the new building beside it.

“Oh, right, okay. Yeah, that’s cool.” Eric couldn’t believe it, he was finally going to get his wish. Izaak would finally let Eric worship his muscles. The thought of it already set off a reaction in his pants.

Izaak winked and playfully hit Eric on the arm before running back to his team. Eric could feel his power reverberating through his body from the playful tap and it made it him smile.


Eric was alone in the locker room. He checked himself in a mirror for imperfections, as always, until he was satisfied he looked his best. He ran his hands through his shaggy red hair and sat down on a bench opposite the pale blue lockers. Eric hated waiting, it made him anxious, as if the idea of being alone in a locker room with Izaak wasn't enough. He was hoping that Izaak would be wearing his rugby gear, still dirty and ripe with sweat from his match earlier.

Eric looked down at his phone to see it was 7:23pm. He sighed. As usual, Izaak was keeping him waiting, yet this time Eric worried it was all a trick and that he was being stood up. He tried calling Izaak’s phone a few times but it kept going to voicemail. He tried again, but this time he decided to leave a message. “Where are you? I've been here for like 20 minutes, you said to be here at 7.” He whined in a voice on the brink of crying. “You always do this, you treat me like shit! I'm so fucking done with y--" Just as Eric was about to finish his sentence, he turned to see Izaak standing in the doorway.

There was an awkward silence for a few seconds as Izaak walked over to Eric, until he broke out into laughter. “You're such a bitch, Eric.” He said as he placed a firm hand on Eric's shoulder.

Eric was mesmerized. Izaak was standing in front of him in the same rugby gear he wore earlier, still dirty from his match. “You've been walking around like this the whole day?” Eric said, excited by the prospect of Izaak being even more filthy than before.

Izaak pulled his t-shirt over head and tossed it on the ground. “Remember what you said to me on that night out?” Izaak sat on the bench and gestured at Eric to take off his rugby boots. “You said you wanted to sniff my sweaty pits after a game.” He looked down at Eric, whose pale face had turned pink with embarrassment as he struggled with Izaak's boots. “Well, today is your lucky day, I've come to collect.”

Eric tried his best to contain his excitement, and his embarrassment at the reminder that he once asked to sniff Izaak’s pits. He wanted to scream but settled for a wide, stupid-looking grin. They both stood up. Eric marvelled at Izaak's physique, he'd seen Izaak topless on a few occasions and it always surprised him how ripped he was compared to the other rugby players. He was perfect in Eric's eyes, just the right amount of bulk to pass for a light-heavyweight boxer, the tight abs and tapered waist of a swimmer, and the bulging thighs and calves of a sprint cyclist.

Izaak flexed his arms showing off his biceps. “Feel.” He said with a grin. Without hesitation, Eric ran his hands along Izaak's chest, over his shoulders and around his biceps. His body was firm and warm. Eric's face stiffened with concentration as his excitement migrated to the inside of his pants. “You like that?” Izaak said, this time with a smile and a wink.

Eric nodded profusely as Izaak’s ripe, masculine scent filled his nostrils. Again, Eric slid hands over Izaak's shoulders but this time down his back and to his waist. He pulled himself closer Izaak, slowly, closer to his armpit, closer to the scent. His pants stretched under the pressure and pressed against Izaak's thigh. Eric was in heaven. Ever since he met Izaak he'd fantasized about being this close to him, now it was finally happening and he wanted more.

Izaak looked down at Eric's bulge and smile menacingly. “That's a cute kink you've got. Do you wanna know mine?” He said.

Eric could hear the question, but he was so absorbed in Izaak's musk that he didn't care to answer. He didn't want to hear him, all he wanted was to feel him and smell him, and with a little luck, perhaps even taste him. In this moment all he could think about was what he wanted, and it was standing right in front of him.

Suddenly, Eric felt something thick and swift lift him off the ground, followed by a loud meaty clap. Before he knew it, he was on his back with his knees in the air. A familiar searing pain crept up from his testicles to his stomach, causing him to retch and cough uncontrollably. Eric cupped his balls and rolled around frantically.

Izaak had a satisfied smile on his face as he watched Eric writhing in pain on the ground. It was perfect. Eric was so preoccupied getting off on Izaak's body and scent, that he forgot all about Izaak's obsession with smashing his balls. Izaak relished in the shock and anguish on Eric's face. “You look so cute in pain.” Izaak laughed heartily.

Eric looked up at Izaak with tears in his eyes. He’d become as accustomed as one could be to frequent nut taps and seated kicks on the train, but he’d never experienced anything as full-on as this. “Why'd you knee me like that?” He asked, already knowing the answer. “What the fuck kind of fetish is that?”

“A painful one.” Izaak said, still laughing.

Eric whimpered and moaned for a few minutes, then looked up to see Izaak sat, staring at him intently, mouth agape, with a hand down his pants. Despite the pain, Eric couldn't help but admire how beautiful Izaak looked in that moment. He'd never seen Izaak like this before, the look of pleasure on his face is something he longed to see. Although, it frightened Eric that such pleasure came at the expense of his own comfort and safety.

Izaak stood up and slapped his thighs before tensing them, revealing his well-developed muscles and veins. “Feel them.” He said.

Eric got up on his knees gingerly with one hand covering his balls. He began stroking Izaak's thigh with his free hand. Eric was surprised by how smooth Izaak's skin was, despite the fine hairs which sparsely populated his long, bulky legs. “You really shouldn't kicking people with legs like these.” He said as his hand glided down Izaak's powerful quads, past his knee and around his bulging calf muscles.

Izaak grinned. “Why not?”

“Because it's fucking dangerous, you almost killed me!” Eric said, still feeling the pain yet uncovering his balls to feel Izaak with both hands. Izaak's legs were warm and had small patches of dried mud all over his knees and shins. Eric began to rub the mud off when suddenly Izaak grabbed his hair and pressed his face against his crotch.

“You like that?” Said Izaak, moving his hips slowly and swaying with Eric’s face buried in his crotch. He pulled Eric's head back and stared deep into his eyes.

Before Eric could answer there was a loud crack as Izaak's foot struck Eric's tender orbs. Eric's eyes widened as he anticipated a pain that had yet to set in. He crumbled to the ground in a heap and groaned and coughed.

Izaak roared with laughter as he walked off towards the showers. “I'll be back.”

Eric rolled and writhed, desperately clutching his throbbing orbs. The pain was nauseating.


15 minutes had gone since Izaak went to showers. Eric sat on the bench still nursing his balls. He'd known for a while that Izaak enjoyed wreaking absolute terror on his groin, but until now he wasn't aware just how much. He recalled feeling how hard Izaak was when his face was against his crotch, but something was a little off.

Izaak returned to the room in grey briefs and white towel folded up under his arm, still wet from the shower. “I'm all clean now.” He said with a mischievous grin. “Do you still want me?”

Eric wanted him dirty, but as Izaak stood in front of him looking like an adonis, it no longer mattered. “Clean, dirty, doesn't matter. Just, please stop kicking me in the balls, okay?”

Izaak walked over to Eric with his hands up. “I promise not to kick you.” Izaak forcefully, yet carefully, backed Eric up against the lockers. Their blue eyes locked in a gazed that almost seemed romantic. Eric was conflicted, on one hand was in awe of Izaak, the way his wet hair curled on his level three fade, the way his eyes were as blue as his own and his face was so boyish and attractive. On the other hand, he was deathly afraid of taking another knee to the balls, and Izaak was in the perfect position to do it again. He had a way of looking at Eric, a soft, disarming look that charmed Eric and dropped his guard without fail. Eric recognised it and still fell for it every time.

Again, Eric's pants began to twitch as he ran his hands down Izaak's chest, to his abs, around his waist and finally rested on his glutes. Eric had always wanted to squeeze Izaak's ass. It felt has perfect as it looked, meaty, firm and round.

Izaak carefully pressed his forehead against Eric's. He stared into his eyes as he slipped a hand into Eric's shorts and seized him by the balls.

Eric's eyes widened in terror. “Izaak, please. You promised.” He said, trying to remain calm. “You said you wouldn't.”

“I said I'm not going to kick you.” Izaak smiled. “And I'm not. I'm not gonna kick you.” Izaak continued to grope Eric's balls carefully as he stared into his eyes.

A shot of adrenaline rushed through Eric and emboldened him. Without thinking, he plunged his hand into Izaak's briefs. Izaak's smile quickly shifted to a look of surprise. For a moment there was silence and neither one of them moved.

Eric was shocked to feel the confirmation of what he'd felt earlier.

“Oh, you like that, huh?” Izaak said with a surprised smile.

Eric was taken aback by the pure sincerity and delight in Izaak’s smile. He almost looked innocent. Eric pulled down Izaak's briefs slowly, revealing a set of shockingly underwhelming cock and average balls. “I... didn't expect that.” Eric said, holding back a laugh.

Izaak’s smile slowly faded away into a cold, hardened expression. “What?” Izaak's grip tightened.

Eric winced, his hands locking onto Izaak's wrist. “N-nothing! I- I wasn't saying anything! Chill!” He squeaked.

“Got something to say, huh?” Izaak seethed as he positioned his thigh in-between Eric's.

“No, no, no! Its not that, I swear!” Eric pleaded.

Eric sighed with relief as Izaak released his balls from his vice-like grip.

“Small dick or not, I'm still stronger than you. I'll still crush you.” Izaak said, still seething.

Eric felt Izaak's knee rising slowly into his balls. He tried desperately to push Izaak's leg down away from his groin, but only succeeded in lifting himself upwards – Izaak was way too strong.

“Relax.” Said Izaak, his sadistic smile returning. “I'm not gonna kick you.”

Eric winced and groaned as Izaak's thigh pressed tightly against his testicles. He felt his orbs contort and flatten under the pressure as Izaak moved his knee up and down and around, back and forth in unpredictable yet surprisingly arousing motions. Eric's knees buckled as he felt his hefty bulge against Izaak's leg.

Izaak bit his lip with a grin. “Now you're starting to like it, huh?”

“N- no...” Eric croaked, barely able to find the words amidst his uncontrollable moaning.

“You know you're hard and you're leaking, right?” Izaak said with a look of satisfaction.

Eric gasped as he looked down to see cloudy fluid oozing through his two layers of shorts. “When did... how did that...” Eric was stunned, and for a moment he forgot about the nagging pressure of the huge quads squishing his cock and balls apart. He’d just exploded his pants and he wasn't sure how to feel about it. This was the first time someone had gotten this reaction from him, and he hated how it happened. It was painful. Eric always imagined his first experience would've been pleasant one, and he hoped ever since meeting him that Izaak would be the one do it, just not like this.

“It's alright, I'm not going to kick you.” Izaak reassured him.

Eric was confused, the comment had seemed random at this point. Then suddenly, as he was locked in Izaak's arms, he felt his leg bracing backwards as if it were powering up.

“Wait, pleas-..." Eric gurgled on his words as he was knocked into the air ass-first by a crushing knee. The pain immediately ignited in his groin and erupted in his stomach. His body went limp in Izaak's arms as they both sunk to the ground. He'd never been in so much pain in his life.

Izaak held Eric tight and stroked the back of his head gently as he coughed and began to sob. “Shhhh, it's okay, it's over, I got you.”


Anonymous said...

Awesome story. I was only disappointed that Eric didn't get his revenge on Izaak. The big bully teally needs to be brought down a peg or 2, and a few hard knees to his modest gonads should do the trick
It would be so hot seeing Izaak trying to tough it out and maintain his Alpha status after having his nads mangled by his weaker friend.

Buster said...

Wow. WOW! Amazing story! Really freaking hot; such a unique and underexplored angle to go into the dynamics of how ball busting in a relationship would actually work, especially when one half is not into it (or not into it as much). It would not be like disagreeing on what color drapes to buy in the apartment; would be really interesting to see a continuation on this. I can speak personally that conflicting views over this particular fetish can be an irreconcilable strain strain on a relationship.

Anonymous said...

this was really hot. Would love to see Izaak be even more dominating and aggressive.

DHB said...

Thanks man! :)

DHB said...

Thanks bro!
I might just do a continuation at some point ;)

DHB said...

Thanks! Im glad you like it :)
If i write a follow up you can expect to see a more excited (aggressive) Izaak haha xD

Firefox77788 said...

Damn... that story was hot. Can't wait for what happens next!

Harry said...

Yo man, cool story and great writing style. Thanks for sharing it!

DHB said...

Thank you! I can't wait till I have time to write it xD

DHB said...

Thank you so much! It means a lot :)

Anonymous said...

Loved this!