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Ballbusting Hall of Fame: Buster (Cracked Nuts: Brutal Ball Busting Stories)

In my very own "Ballbusting Hall of Fame" I highlight my favorite creators of ballbusting content. Click here to see previous entries.

Today, I want you to meet a true giant of maleballbusting fiction: Buster, the creator of Cracked Nuts: Brutal Ball Busting Stories. His blog is a landmark, and I admire his writing and the seemingly endless supply of wicked ideas that spring from his very, very naughty mind. I can't tell you how thrilled I am that he agreed to answer a few questions for me.

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Q: Let's start with the basics: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Buster: I go by the pseudonym Buster but my actual name is Brandon. I'm in my mid-thirties and live in metro Detroit, Michigan. I have a fondness for architecture thanks to playing too much SimCities when I was young, which is why landmark style buildings and sprawling cities are a common setting for my stories. And for EDM, so if you have some tracks I need to add to my pandemic playlist please let me know.
Q: You run Cracked Nuts: Brutal Ball Busting Stories, which is one of my very favorite ballbusting story blogs. When did you start writing ballbusting fiction?
I started writing ballbusting fiction in the early 2010's as a way for me to stretch my creative writing chops as well as create the kinds of stories that I enjoyed reading. I used to write a lot of technical documents for work so cranking out ball busting stories helped keep the creative side flowing which is an entirely different kind of writing. Plus, you probably noticed that my stories tend to be extremely gory / graphic and I just wasn't finding a lot of that so figured I would help build up the cannon.

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Q: Oh yeah, we'll talk about the gore in a minute. You know what's funny? I started my blog as a sort of writing exercise as well! What made you carry on for almost ten years?
Buster: A few reasons, really. Positive feedback from readers makes me realize that my little stories - tiny in the grand scheme of things - are bringing people 'happiness' (aka orgasms). Second, I actually like the process of writing, sometimes I will write story segments (not all of them busting related) with no intention of finishing, just for something to do. It's kind of like 'doodling' with words. The biggest reason is because I get off on brutal ball busting scenarios and since I have to imagine a story before I can write it, coming up with them (the imaginging part) offers me lots of bate fuel and if a good story happens to come out the other side that's great. I think that's why I try to make the rupturing scenes so descriptive, I'm trying to convey with words the vivid hardon inducing images in my mind's eye.

Q: Let me know if this is too personal - but I'm curious... I think you can't create good erotic fiction without being personally aroused by it. So I am usually hard while I'm writing (side note: If I'm not hard while writing it's a pretty good sign that the story just isn't good...). But I usually don't jerk off because it's a distraction and because I am not able to continue writing after I have cum. What about you? Do you jerk off while you're writing? And if you do: Are you able to continue writing after you have had an orgasm?
Buster: Get out of my head, Alex! haha, Glad to know I'm not just some weird exception. Yes, I am typically hard while writing and though I try not to jerk off since it is distracting, sometimes I do need to switch to typing one handed which - after decades of experience I'm pretty good at. I TRY not to cum just because I end up making a mess all over, especially if I'm right at the point of scripting a really hot nut annihilation, but it isn't necissarily hard for me to get back to work after I've toweled off.

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Q: I bet there are tons of fans out there who would love to help you clean your keyboard... Do you follow other ballbusting story blogs? Any recommendations for our readers?
Not trying to be a suck up but I am going to have to say Ball Busting Boys. I like the mix of silly, playful and (sometimes) brutal and the fact that you have continuity opens up a lot of avenues that I can't since most of my guys lose it all. I would also have to give a shout out to Jayse's blog. We've been in casual correspondence for years and he's a cool guy with a deliciously twisted imagination.
Q: Yeah, I have been following Jayse's blog as well. It's awesome! Back to you: Do you remember the very first story you published? Is it still available somewhere?
I do. It was about a police officer who was broken into by a young kid who promptly dispatched his balls. Sadly it was on Kramtoad so is no longer available.  The earlier posts on my blog are the remaining archive from my earliest writing.
Q: I guess Kramtoad was a huge influence on many m/m ballbusting writers of our age. Did you start your own blog because Kramtoad disappeared?
Buster: Kramtoad was a huge influence for sure but its closing wasn't the main reason I started my first blog (I started on the now defunct Sensual Writer). I thought it would be cool to carve out a little space for my own twisted works, polls, musings, etc and interact a bit more with my specific audience rather than a conglomeration.

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Q: What aspects of writing ballbusting fiction do you like most?
That's a complicated question! Personally I've always been a balls man; big dicks are great but a big, low pair always gets me hard so stories that focus on that are automatically going to grab my attention. I discovered I was 'into' ballbusting in highschool just naturally, realizing that I would get hard during nut shots in movies that made other guys wince. The aspect of bb fiction I like the most is the variety it can cover; everything from ruthless ruptures to playful antics and everything in between; interesting to see all the different types of stories, setups and outcomes. I especially love creative solutions to trimming family trees.
Q: Yeah, that is so hot! It seems you have an endless supply of ideas for "creative solutions"... How do you come up with them? Do they just pop into your head or do you have some sort of technique that helps you?
Ha! Do they 'pop' in my head, I see what you did there, Alex ;) Actually, they come from lots of sources, reader suggestions and chats with like minded guys are a great source. The biggest source of inspiration though is by own dark mind. To be absolutely clear I do not condone violence against anyone, especially traumatizing, testicle splattering castratations but that doesn't mean I don't synthesize a LOT of material in my imagination to pull out 'as needed', also known as 'when I'm jerking off'.

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Q: Is there something you hate about writing?
Getting stuck in the middle of a story. Having writer's block is one thing (when there is a blank page) but it is especially annoying to be halfway through a story and... crickets. Also, recently I had an unfortunate run in with a couple overzealous 'fans' so that was off putting.
Q: Oh, that's terrible! What happened?
Occasionally I will chat with guys who find me on my blog through a messenging app if they ask since I keep two for ball busting chat and frankly, it's hard to find guys into ball busting in general so I appreciate the contact.  In this particular instance a guy who I had been chatting with for years who I kind of considered a casual aquaintence got so angry about the quality of my blog dropping that he threatened to do harm. I dismissed it but then he reminded me that at some point I had given him one of my actual phone numbers (e.g what I would use for work or with family) and he threatened to reverse look me up. He did later apologize and explain that it was just him being drunk but it was enough of a wakeup call for me to be especially careful with information I give out.

Q: That must have been a shock. I bet you considered closing down your blog (I know I would), and I'm sure I speak for all of your readers when I say that I'm very glad that you didn't do that. You are truly a pillar of the m/m ballbusting community! Let's move on: How did you first discover you were into BDSM and ballbusting?
Buster: Back in highschool, full of hormones, I realized that watching guys take it to he nuts in movies got me excited. I realized that might not be the most 'normal' response (since all the other guys would wince in sympathy) so I searched 'guys getting hit in the nuts' or something like that on AltaVista and the rest is history.
Q: That sounds very familiar to me, and I'm sure many readers agree. Do you engage in real life ballbusting or do you stick to fantasy?
I do enjoy ballbusting in real life but that has been curbed by the pandemic. I used to consider myself vers but some recent sessions made me realize I'm more of a buster. Of course that has been curtailed during the pandemic, so while everyone else is waiting to go back to concerts and movies, I'm itching to get back between some big-balled guy's legs.  
Q: We'll keep our fingers crossed... What effect do your real life experiences have on your fiction?
Honestly, my real life sessions are way less extreme than anything on my blog, but I do take some inspirations from my sessions. For example, I try to capture the fun banter that takes place and some of the power dynamic issues. Also, the story Bet You Can't Make Me Cum was based on a real incident that happened in college; so I just aged the characters to adults and moved the setting to West Midlands, UK. Very little of the actual premise was changed, except for the 'narrator' (me) was not part of the story.

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Q: Sounds like you had a great time in college...
Yeah I did! That's when I really started diving into ball busting stories and forms as well as getting involved in my first real life sessions. That was the period I realized that being into ball busting isn't nearly as uncommon as people might think it is. Case in point, there was an otherwise vanilla fraternity brother who I would mess around with from time to time. One day I gently started squeezing his nuts - which I used as a tentative guage to see if guys were interested or not -and instead of asking me to stop (which I would have done immediately of course), he moaned and asked me to do it harder. Eventually our sessions were almost entirely ball busting, nothing too extreme even though he was clearly into the fantasy of really having his boys broken. He'd moan things like 'please pulp my balls' and 'crack my nuts open' as I punched his sack. Man, the things I would do with a set of twenty-year-old balls today... ;)
It's really interesting to discuss the intersection of ball busting with real life. It's an inherently violent fetish (especially how I write it) but most guys I know who are really into it are the most gentle nice guys I know. Strange paradox.
Q: That is in fact very interesting. I think it's fair to say that in real life I am a nice, polite and gentle person. I like to treat others with respect, and I go out of my way to ensure that I don't hurt peoples' feelings. I guess most of the people I know would be genuinely shocked by the violence, the nastiness and the casual spite that's inherently part of my writing. Is that what you mean?
Yes, exactly! In my daily life I'm professional and polite and like you most everyone I know would be stunned by the content of my stories since, by definition, ball busting involves inflicting some level of pain on a guy's most valuable area. Throw in the casual ultra violence and the fact that virtually none of my characters are willing participants (which is its own type of violence) and you have a very paradoxical nut to crack; a 'regular' guy who gets turned on by cruely and violence yet professes not to be a violent person. It can also lead to issues in relationships if one half is not only 'not into' ball busting, but abjectly opposed because they only see the violence aspect, but that is a whole other discussion.

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Q: Let's stick to our fictional world for a moment, and talk about what you call ultra violence: I remember being genuinely shocked when reading one of your stories, and the main character actually died (I think it was one of the Ghost Network stories). That was just unthinkable for me before I read your story, and it was a major turn-off for me. Since then, my views have shifted a bit, and I myself have written a reader request story that ended in death for the main character - but I did it reluctantly, and it still makes me queasy. (In a grandiose bit of self-delusion I think I used a little writing trick to leave a tiny chance that he might pull through...) Can you relate to that? Do you have any lines that you do not cross in writing? Or lines that you cross only reluctantly?
Well I'm glad I didn't lose you as a reader! I realize those kinds of extremely violent stories can be a turn off for guys which is why I started tagging them as 'Graphic Content' with a label for 'snuff' and retroactively tagged older ones. Some stories are so intrincitcly focused on the sheer violence of the scenario (Ghost Network for example) that it would almost be disingenuous to have the guys just walk away with a limp. I can usually decouple enough as I'm actually writing to not get too bothered by it but sometimes when I'm re-reading it I think; Wow, this is really dark stuff. One of my first stories that included that level of graphic content was called Shattering Clay from way back in 2013 and I do recall actually getting queasy editing the final version; what ended up being posted was actually toned down (and no, I don't have the original anymore). As far as lines I just won't cross, I do try to stay away from raceplay since I know that cuts deep for a lot of people and I want my content to be 100% fluff, not a springboard for social commentary. I'll leave that to Facebook. That being said, I'm not totally opposed to writing pretty much anything so if anyone has any dark taboo subjects they'd like me to explore, so be it.
Q: Do you enjoy reading your own stories (and by "enjoy" I mean jerk off feverishly like everybody else who follows your blog)?
Ha! You caught me. Yes, I do read my own stories for bate fuel, which makes sense consider it started as a private collection for just that purpose. It is just more efficient to read a fantasy that is already fleshed out rather than synthesizing on the spot. However, when I do get tired of them I fantasize some new scenarios and most of them end up as stories.
Q: You have written more than a hundred original stories. Do you have a favorite?
I actually didn't realize it was that many! I have a few favorites, but if I had to pick one it would be Don't Trust the Guy in Apartment 2-I from February 2013. Kiss or Kick from February 2017 is a close second.

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Q: Oh yes! Kiss or Kick is one of my favorites! It's a great example of what I like to call your "bro stories". The defining features are painful challenges, competitions or dares, and the main characters are two or more ballsy brothers (real siblings or fraternity brothers). Another example is The Tube, an awesome story that you wrote for this blog ages ago. You are the master of bro stories! Seriously, I don't think there is anybody out there who writes better bro stories than you. Why do you think do we enjoy reading about ballbusting brothers?
Wow, thank you so much! That means a lot coming from you! I think we enjoy 'bro stories' because they are a perfect representation of the yin and yang of ballbusting: sexual pleasure and sexual pain. Whereas most of my stories focus more on the violence part, 'bro stories' by their definition have a heavy emphasis on highlighting and building on the relationship between the characters. Since they are brothers - either real brothers, step brothers, frat brothers, whatever - they automatically have a deeper connection than other pairings and I think readers project their own memories of their own 'brothers' onto the characters. You might also notice that my 'bro stories' are the ones most likely not to have permanent damage, because I want the focus to be more on the guy's relationship, the ball busting, the banter and the threat of losing a nut but without the added weight of a popped testicle.

Q: Do you have a published story that you are unhappy with?
Unfortunately a few. However, I realize that everyone has different tastes so I keep them up. I've actually gotten some positive feedback on stories I didn't personally like so it's cool to see different guy's responses. The Rusty Talon from May 2020 wasn't a favorite since I'm not usually into furry but I'm still glad I contributed so that other guys who are into it have something to spank off to!


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Q: As a fellow writer who has been around a long time: Do you experience writer's block? How do you deal with it?
Like I said, writer's block is the worst part about writing for me. Sometimes I just need to step away; I didn't publish anything in 2015 and very little in 2016 and 2018. Lately, I've been breaking through the occasional blocks by diving in the backlog of reader suggestions and setting arbitrary deadlines. For example, half of the stories on the last 'Upcoming Stories' post were incomplete when I published that so I kinda had to perform haha. Reading other blogs or watching busting videos or cartoons is also a source of inspiration. In fact, I have an upcoming short story that flagrantly borrowed the machine from your story The B Factor - Lucky Bastard and didn't even realize it until I was done. I side-loaded a Vince reference ;)
Q: Oh, that is awesome! I can't wait to read it! Can you tell us a bit more about your plans for the next weeks and months?
Writing plans; really trying to do a post a week this year and fully catch up on the backlog of reader suggestions (anyone who takes the time to make a suggestion deserves a response, no matter how out-there the idea!). Personal life; unfortunately not too much because of the pandemic. The weather has been above freezing recently so I will probably start taking up jogging which was a great stress reliever during 2020. I also need to get back to the gym more; it's healthy, it relieves stress and there is a ton of eye candy who will likely end up in a story. Zach from the story 'Twelve Nuts of Christmas' from December 2020 is based on a delicious hunk from my gym. Someone who actually looks good in a mask is something special; those eyes would look amazing crossed in pain ;)
Q: How can readers get in touch with you?
Email is the best. TrumanSmith@gmail.com or reach out on Kik at upforwhatcums. I love hearing from you guys.


Thank you so much for anwering my questions, Buster! You are awesome!

And the rest of you: Head over to his blog right now and read his awesome stories!

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