Saturday, March 13, 2021

Video links: Cup test (6)


I can't say it often enough: A good cup can save your nuts from cracking. You don't want a sack full of crushed nuts after kickboxing training, do you? You don't want a squishy bag of creamy peanut butter after playing football with your friends, do you? You don't want your precious jewels turned into diamond dust by an errant baseball, do you? You don't want that juicy batch of baby batter boiling in your balls ruined because of a preventable nut cup failure, do you? Do you?!?

That's what I thought. Here are some more of my favorite nut cup test videos.

Let's start with a short, sweet video. The description says it all: "When you get an opportunity to punch someone in the 🥜’s you take it. It was a good time- you should try it!" You are preaching to the choir, young man!

I find the next clip strangely fascinating - and the kick at 2:50 looks like the cup failed the test...

I am not 100% sure whether the next clip qualifies as a cup test in the strictest sense of the word. But let's not be strict right now, okay? Let's not pass up on a chance to see young guys experiment with more or less cup-like stuff, okay?

Here's a classic from the Diamond MMA Cup Testing Vaults. Always a pleasure!

Finally, here is an awesome collection of hits that brings cup testing to a whole new level. And these guys are having so much fun!

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Buster said...

love cup tests ;)

Alex said...

Thank you, Buster! I love the link! :-))