Tuesday, March 30, 2021

From the web: Jackass 4's Steve-O Just Shared The 'Most Elaborate Nut Shot' He Ever Took For Your Viewing Pleasure


I stumbled across this little gem of an article at CinemaBlend. The video clip that Steve-O is "sharing" isn't new, but I like the jocular tone of the article. Here's the beginning:

I don’t know how many times Steve-O has been hit in the nuts in his life. Between his early career as a flea market clown and his later career making appearances on Jackass and all the various spinoffs, he’s engaged in a lot of behavior that has put his testicles in danger. Now he’s back with footage of a new stunt, which he’s billed as “the most elaborate nut shot” he’s ever taken, and for him, you know that’s saying a lot.
It goes on like this and concludes:

Getting hit in the nuts might not be the career path most guidance counselors would recommend, but if you’re going to do a job, you might as well do it to the best of your abilities. Steve-O has made a great living over the years by pushing his body to the limits in creative ways designed to entertain others. It’s nice to see him still out here doing what he loves, and it’s nice to see him doing it sober. I can’t wait for Jackass 4. Hopefully all of his injuries will have healed by the time it premieres, which is currently scheduled for September.

Read the whole thing at CinemaBlend.

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