Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Video links: Comedy gems (28)



A bit of levity has never hurt anybody, right?

Here are some more of my favorite comedy nutshots.

Let's start  with a short but sweet clip of just 8 seconds. I don't know about you but I'd rather be kicked in the nuts that having to play the recorder. Then again - why not have both?

The wonderful Instagram channel Right in the pums has collected several awesome clips. Here is one from That '70s show. Hilarious!

Here is another post from Right in the pums. It's a great, great find! It's several clips from from the 2000 TV show The Strip. The episode is titled All is Fair in Love and Volleyball (here's the link to the - admittedly threadbare - IMDB entry and here is definitely not the full episode on youtube (watch it while you can)). I can't believe that the writers managed to write so many nutshots into one episode. Amazing!

I know that some of you are not into f/m ballbusting - but you have to agree that the clip above is hilarious, right? The same is true about the next clip (from TV show 2 Broke Girls). I truly believe this is one of the funniest bb related dialogue in TV history. The "nutcracker" line is meh. The "I'm still crying a little" is a chuckle. "You ruined the best part" is genuinely funny. "Sorry about the sugarplums" is in the "nutcracker" league, a little funnier maybe. "I need to check on the boys. See if they're girls" is LOL funny, and "one's okay, the other one left on crutches" is funny mainly because it's delivered by a hot guy (yeah, the one in the screenshot at the top of the post). Don't miss it just because there are girls in it!

Finally, here's a clip of a young man getting pelted in the sugarplums by Cheech Marin. If that's not funny I don't know what is.

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