Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Video links: Sack taps and dick slaps (21)

Sack taps are the icing on the cake that is male bonding. I seriously think that more male friendships have been solidified by friendly smacks in the sacks that by deep, instrospective talk. Yep. Testicles do that to you.

Here are some more of my favorite sack tap clips.

Let's start with the source of the screenshot above. The members of the British youtube supergroup Sidemen are always good for a nutshot or two (remember their fun little game of cornhole?). Here they are with a funny little task in a weird game of trivial pursuit. Skip to the 1 hour mark for two awesome nutshots. My favorite part is the gleeful reaction from everybody in the room. Hilarious!

You have to admire a guy who hikes his pants to give his buddy a better shot at his nuggets. Kudos to nutshotboy on Instagram for this great find.

The next video is from an Instagram channel as well: This time credit goes to balltap for this awesome, fun filled sack tap clip.

Here's another great clip from the same instagram channel. I love the poor guy's pain face!

And finally, here's a sack tap caught on a surveillance cam. Well executed, perfectly captioned. Good work!

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