Friday, March 12, 2021

Before they were Ballbusting Boys: Bickering brothers (written by Jimmy)

This is the very first part of a brand new anthology series: Before they were Ballbusting Boys tells us about the origin stories of our favorite characters. Our friend Jimmy (creator of the hugely popular Gino and Jayden stories) has assembled a great team of guest writers. The first part featuring Danny and David has been written by Jimmy himself. Enjoy!

Featured in this story: Danny and David, with guest appreances from Gino, Jayden, Kev, Logan, Vince and Alex (click for pictures)

Gino takes a big breath, blowing it out slowly, his hands gripping the steering wheel of his old beat-up pick-up truck. Gino is the older brother of Jayden, and the brothers were invited to Alex’s little get together. The latest video has reached one million views, and Gino along with the other cast members, Logan the 18 year old high school wrestler, and the two college 20 year olds; Zach with the most impressive assets of any of the Ballbusting Boys and the loveable jokester Kev. The video was so popular that it crashed Alex’s website: twice.

The widely talented Ballbusting Boys models and Alex’s crew decided to have a party. Gino took forever to get ready and made his younger brother Jayden come. He was nervous, sweating, and did not want to leave his truck. Gino contemplated turning the truck around, he might just throw up and he would not even have to fake an illness. Deep in thought Jayden finally broke the silence.

“Gino, I think that they are waiting on us. You stared in the video, everyone’s going to be so excited to meet you,” Jayden says, his youthful appearance in a button down blue colored shirt really brings out the his dark eyes  and accents his tan light brown skin.

“I can’t, I can’t do this.” Gino bangs his head in the steering wheel and his phone buzzes, along with Jayden’s new phone given to him by his boyfriend.

    Logan: Where are you?

Jayden reaches out and rubs his brother between the shoulder blondes feeling his damp burning skin beneath his shirt. “We can turnaround right now if that’s what you really want, but I think that this is the perfect opportunity for you to meet the other models and besides Logan will be there. He will be your wingman.”

“You’re my wingman,” Gino says looking up at his younger brother. “You are my best friend.”

Touched Jayden’s eyes soften, and he pulls his brother to him giving him a fearsome hug back. “I love you Gino.”

The two stay in the extended hug until another message blasts into their shared text group.

    Logan: Don’t leave me hanging. I can also see your ugly ass truck. Get in here.

The brother’s part with a laugh.
“I’m all sweaty,” Gino acknowledges pulling off his button down and searching the backseat until he finds an old cotton tank top pulling it on instead. “This okay?”

Jayden pulls his off, he wears a black tank top underneath. “Now it is, we can make a trend.”

Gino grins crookedly at him, “Okay. Let’s do this.” Gino bravely leaves the truck, closing the door behind him and heading to the studio.

Jayden sends a quick message to Logan as they walk towards the studio, the night spring air alive with fireflies that burst into unexpected glimmers of sparks as they walk.

    Jayden: He’s coming. Be gentle on him. He’s nervous.
    Logan: Figured. It’s starting to become a pattern.

Jayden: Not everyone can shine as bright as you and be okay with their ascent into the sky. Give him time to figure himself out.

“Who are you texting?” Gino asks.

“Chase, he wants to meet up after this.”

“I still don’t like him.”

“I do.”

“That’s his only saving grace.”

Jayden laughs, and ends in a grin starring at his older brother. “You know, I’m not even the one that was attracted to him first. You were.”

Gino stares at him in disbelief. “No way!”

“I seem to remember you making him cum on more than one occasion,” Jayden edges mocking him. Gino moves to reply but Jayden knocks on the door.

Vince answers smiling, a beer bottle in one hand, his shirt open at the collar. “Gino, Jayden! You are here!” Vince grabs Gino pulling him in, Jayden quickly follows.

“You have not been answering my texts, I really want to try out my…” his voice drops as fingers curl around his scrotum from behind, Jayden clutching his nuts in his sack.
“I thought I told you and your crazy devices to stay away from Gino’s junk?” Jayden emphasizes by giving a little shake to Vince’s nuts banging them against his thighs.

“I…I…was just…” moans Vince as Jayden pulls down sending Vince to his knees, the beer bottle toppling out of his hand landing on the floor.

“Sorry Vince, little brother made me promise him not to shoot a video with you,” Gino says shrugging and heading deeper into the room. Logan gives him a one-man hug, while Kev and Zach rush up to chat with him.

Jayden hangs back still clutching Vince’s nuts. “Do you understand now?” Jayden asks, tightening his grip and using his fingernails to dive into Vince’s tender testes.

“Yes,” he manages to gasp.

“You really need to stop man-handling my staff,” Alex laughs good-naturedly. “Otherwise I will have to start giving them hazard pay.”

Jayden looks as if he is considering Alex’s advice shrugs and allows Vince’s nuts to fall from between his fingers. Vince moves in to hold his aching manhood but not before Jayden punts him for all he is worth right between his thighs from behind adding in the unexpectedness.

Vince falls to his knees, moaning gazing up at Jayden with wounded eyes.

“Next time, heed my warning. I won’t be so nice next time.”

Jayden walks in with Alex and as the two head to the center of the room Alex calls everyone’s attention clinking his glass with a spoon. The ringing sound draws all eyes in the room to their host.

“It’s easy to see why we are all here. Let’s give a huge round of applause to Kev, Zach, Logan and our newest breakout star Gino; they have created the number one video right now breaking over 1 million views this past weekend!” The group of guys holler and cheer except for David Gallagher who huffs, and is not heard by anyone. Danny, his older brother goes to share his cheer with him but one look from David and he lowers his arms.

“This party is for them, and also for our newest site wide event!”

The room grows quiet and finally Kev breaks the silence. “Site wide, does that mean all of us? It’s certainly been awhile since we have done something that big.”

“Yes it has,” says Alex. “And I want this event to be something really special, and different than anything that we have ever done before. You see this is going to be a documentary.”

“About how the website is made?” Guesses Logan.

“Nope! Good guess. This is going to be a series of interviews of all models that wish to participate. All you need to do is tell you story. The story of how you were first hit in the balls. We will record it and share with our viewers. I figured we could bang it all out in one night! Who wants to go first?” Alex asks looking around the room expectantly.

“I will go first!” says Danny, standing up and moving to front of the room. Alex and Jayden move over to the side, Jayden to stand with Gino who grins at his older brother and Alex to give some directions to Chad the cameraman who’s already trained his lens on Danny Gallagher.

“Don’t make too much of a fool of yourself, or me!” warns David.

“Tell it with me then!” Danny encourages.

“I would rather not,” David says stiffly. “I’ve chosen to forget the whole incident.”

“I could never,” says Danny aghast. “It changed my life!”

David rolls his eyes and drinks some wine. Danny moves on quickly, “Well everyone the first time started out just like any other I guess…” says the young actor his memory bringing him back to the past as his eyes sparkle the lights of the camera reflecting in his jubilant reflection. “I was in my bedroom, and I had just gotten the worst news.”


“Rejected again!” Daniel Gallagher rages tossing his closed laptop in anger. At seventeen, Danny has been trying to get into acting for years. He started out as a child star landing in commercials like crazy, but ever since puberty hit him a few years ago, Danny has struggled to find his way back onto the screen. At seventeen he is starting to feel like a-has-been, his dream being washed down the toilet.

Daniel moves over to his mail leafing through his various rejection letters before coming to the open package, the seal already ripped open showing that the box is filled with speedos. He pushes his strawberry blond hair out of his eyes, a few wisps always seem to block his green eyes. He starts to undress contemplating his speedo photo shoot, and decides on trying the white one on first. The fabric of the speedo easily slides up his thick thighs and he slowly tucks in his nuts first, which are surprisingly still hairless into the pouch before covering his penis and pubic hair. Running a hand up and down his flat abs, Daniel stares into the mirror looking at his reflection as he checks himself out.

Daniel’s body is developing well. His chest is no longer flat his, as his torso begins to take on more definition, especially around his abs. Daniel rubs his six-pack abs and swirls his light happy trail as he flexes in the mirror watching his muscles bend, contrast, and arch. Daniel goes to make another pose when the front door bangs open startling him. Curious from the loud bang more than anything else, Daniel moves into the hallways, and looks down the stairs. Past the photographs of him and his younger brother David and himself, both of whom share green eyes, although David has jet black hair; Daniel can hear his brother groaning low in his throat just past the front door in the living room.

Not sure what’s going on, Daniel heads down the staircase in just his white Speedos, leaving the rest of his clothes behind. Curled up on the sofa Daniel sees David, his black tights still on his legs in a leotard. David is moaning low in his throat, his hands tucked between his thighs seemingly clutching his groin. Daniel smiles, he can’t help it “Something wrong bro?” Daniels asks laughing, clearly enjoying the discomfort that David is going through.

“Don’t you…ugh, ugh…laugh at me,” David groans peeking up from between his mop of dark raven hair, which falls below his green eyes obscuring the full effect from view.

“You just look like you had a bad day,” Daniel grins, trying to stop his laughing; and failing. “Did you fall down in ballet class and break your ballsies?” Jests Daniel mimicking David doing a plie, which looks ridiculous when he performs a half-assed one in his speedos.

David narrows his eyes, and is about to stand up when another wave of nausea hits him and he curls back in on himself with a soft moan, his delicate fingers rubbing his groin.

“You hurt yourself good! Maybe I should check out your tiny nuts, make sure that you still have both of them,” Daniel says mocking grabbing one of David’s legs and pulling his younger brother across the brown leather sofa so that he can get a better angle. “Now hold still! Brother Daniel is here to help,” he laughs.

“Don’t touch me,” David growls kicking out with his free leg. Daniel catches his brother’s lame kick, his movements much slower. While in his clutches Daniel knocks off his brother’s ballet shoes and starts tickling the arches of David’s bare feet. Writhing, David tries to pull his feet away, but is unsuccessful as Daniel torchers him with his agile fingers dancing up and down David’s feet.

“I’ll stop if you tell me what happened,” Daniel explains as David starts to laugh uncontrollably as Daniel tickle torchers him.

“Fine! Just stop!” David pleads.

Daniel acquiesces and sits down on the sofa next to David who still holds his groin protectively. “Go on, tell your story. Did you land on the balance beam?”

“No, you moron!” David groans. “I am not careless, I am…ugh…why does it hurt so much?” He seems to be asking himself.

“Hang on a sec,” Daniel heads into the kitchen and fills a Ziploc bag with ice, wraps it in a wet towel and bring the ice cool package into the living room. “Use this, I heard that it helps.”

“You mean, you have never been…?” David trails off, not asking properly.

“Nope, never. Not once. Is this the first time you got hit in the nuts?”

David moans, shaking his head. “No. But this is the first time it’s hurt this much.”

“I have heard that it hurts more when you hit puberty,” Daniel smiles. “Aww, that means little Davey is growing up! You got hairs yet, bro?”

“Don’t even start you despicable cow!” David growls again placing the ice pack ever so gentle on his crotch and sitting up to stare down at it. “That actually helps,” David acknowledges, which is as close to a thank you as Daniel is going to get.

“So what did you do to them if it was not a balance beam catastrophe?”

“Another dancer was performing a very basic relever, when he sautered…”

“Speak in words I will understand, please,” Daniel cuts in.

Annoyance creeps into David’s voice as he clarifies, “A new male ballet dancer was rising off the floor, jumped, spun and was not looking when he kicked out a high kick. His foot hit me full force in my testicles, the pain was utterly devastating. I fell to the floor and couldn’t get up. I thought that he managed to puncture my testicles…”

“Call them balls, or nuts you sound like such a stuck up phony,” Daniel complains.

Rolling his eyes, David continues. “I had to get a ride home with Suzy, you know the girl with the hair lip and her mother who smells like a barn. I couldn’t make it to the bus and a ride home in that bouncing carnival ride sounded awful.” David finishes.

“You got kicked in the nuts, haha!” Daniel laughs sucker punching David in the stomach, his face hitting his younger brothers six-pack perfectly dead center.

David groans, grabbing his middle and rolling back into a protective ball.

“Best news that I have heard all day! No more future nephews made by my kid brother to worry about. I’ll have to tell Mom and Dad that we will call you Danielle now as you lost your nuts!” Daniel stands up and stretches showing off his manly physique to his younger brother.

“When I get older, you will regret ever picking on me,” David snarls now, clutching his stomach where his older brother struck him.

“Oh, yeah?” Daniel grins. “You think that you’re tough now? Come on icy balls, show me what you got!”

David grows pale at the thought of facing his big brother in a fight, and his cheeks lose all color as he gulps audibly.

“That’s what I thought,” Daniel muses ruffling his little brother’s mop of black hair. “When you are done playing with yourself I need you to take some quick photos of me in these Speedo’s. I have to be ready for Friday’s tryouts.”

Looking at his brother properly for the first time, David notices that Daniel is mostly naked, only wearing a very white pair of Speedo’s which cling to his bulging boyhood, showing off his seventeen year old body. “I can see your dick from here,” David says pointing. “It looks kinda small in that swimsuit. You sure that you want to be a Speedo model, all the guys will make fun of your small stature.”

Daniels whole face reddens, and then suddenly David smiles back at him. “I’m just looking out for you… ‘bro,’” David air quotes the word bro, not usually a typical user of slang term, but this time it seemed appropriate to David.

“You little shit!” Daniel says jumping on top of David his fists wrapping around his brothers throat and lifting him up, and off the couch. “Looks like you need a little lesson in who is in charge around here!” Daniel pins him to the wall, tightening his grip on David’s throat.

“Danny…” David tries, his feet dangling.

“I hate it when you call me that,” Daniel says increasing the pressure on David’s neck. David bangs his fists feebly against Daniels forearms trying to get him to release some pressure, as the ice pack falls off of his testicles. An idea springs into his head, as he narrows his green eyes, grits his teeth and kicks out with all the fight he has left in him. David’s foot arches upwards and slams into Daniel’s white Speedo pouch, his brother’s balls crunching sickeningly against his pubic bone.

Daniel feels the hit, the kick that changes everything as his whole body slackens, and he stares open mouthed at his brother David, his mouth forming a perfect ‘O’ as his grip on his brothers throat slackens and he collapses to the couch on his knees grabbing his balls in both of his hands cradling the orbs gently.

“Oh…oh my…nuts. You kicked me in the nuts!” Daniel groans as he slumps to his side curling up on the couch, his face buried into a couch cushion.

David still against the wall watches his older brother collapsing in agony, defeated by one kick from him. David beat his older brother! The feeling of triumph, of finally getting even with him feels so good. David pumps his fist in the air, whooping with glee. “That was your first time, and I was the one to do it! Yes!” David gloats, his fist pumping up again, “And it was so easy!”

Daniel kicks his feet slightly, the pain in his groin is overwhelmingly powerful, it’s a mixture of deep aching, but also a sharp pulsing that blazes in each of his teenage balls that makes him whimper and want to curl up and die. “Oh, my fucking god!” He mumbles into the pillow, his eyes opening but still crossed gaze into the cushion. “Why?”

Slowly David lowers himself until he is sitting across from Daniel, to wait this out. David puts the ice pack back on his on tender scrotum which is beginning to feel better, to see how long this kick of his takes his brother out. David does not even bother to answer his brother, he thinks that his kick was just okay; he knows that he can do better and he waits for an opportunity to do so.

Meanwhile, Daniel is in the throes of agony, his first ball shot and it was absolutely demoralizing. He got himself kicked in the nuts by his little brother who’s three years younger than him. Daniel knows that he has to fight off this pain to really lay into his little brother David. At fourteen, David has never bested him in a fight and it’s not going to happen today either Daniel promises himself. With a groan he begins to sit up, his hands still clutching his nuts. He feels both stupid, and ashamed that he let his kid brother knock him out like this.

“You are so in for it,” Daniel promises with a grimace looking over at his smug little brother, whose superiority he can’t wait to wipe off of his face.

“It’s just a little kick to the testicles Danny, no big deal right; especially as yours are so small it should not bother you that much, right bro?” David grins, self-satisfied conceited smile echoes his feelings. “I’m not even sure that I got you. Aren’t you suppose to feel something squish when you hit a pair of testicles? All I felt was your pubic bone.”

“You’re going to regret that kick,” Daniel bends over as if he is in another wave of ball pain.

“Go on describe it to me in details, how does it feel?” David asks, enjoying his brother’s show, he bends over with Daniel to get a better look at his face and when David’s feet reach for the ground Daniel strikes.

Grabbing each of David’s ankles firmly in each hand Daniel stands up and spreads his brother’s legs out wide on the sofa his balls completely unprotected as the ice bag opens and covers his brother’s chest in ice cubes. Daniel looks down and sees each of David’s nuts, round and firm poking out low in his ballsac, the tight black leotard and tights providing him easy targets to see. With careful aim, Daniel moves his foot into positon and says, “This is why you are going to regret hitting me in the balls!” and stomps downwards as hard as he can feeling David’s squishy testes under his foot, and presses them deep into David’s pelvis until he feels the rock solid pelvic bone; and then presses his brother’s balls even harder.

“No! Not my testicles!” David screams as his scrotum which was a very dull light ache before intensifies immediately. Unlike the kick from his fellow ballet dancer which was sharp, quick and brutal. This move that Daniel performs on him is ongoing, nauseating, and above-all-else Earth shatteringly painful.

Daniel watches with glee as his younger fourteen year old brother writhes beneath his foot trying to extricate his bare foot away from his targets, which only makes him laugh as the ice cubes slide around his brothers chest a few of them dropping to the floor. “Let me try this,” Daniel thinks and pulls back on David’s ankles and he feels his foot being able to press more firmly into his brother’s ballsac squashing the nuts even more.

David can’t quite get Daniel’s foot away and out of his groin and the pain is intensifying, and becoming so overwhelming he is not sure if his testicles can withstand the onslaught. All he can do is beat feverishly at Daniel’s ankle as his testes pulse with pure blinding stinging pain ripping up and down his body, gripping him completely in the agony that occurs from two small little body parts.

Daniel watches, enjoying seeing David’s eyes cross, his mouth getting slack jawed as his brothers green emerald eyes glaze over with uncomprehending ball agony. “You learned your lesson yet, bro?” Daniel teases pumping his foot now so it bounces up and back down, crashing repeatedly into David’s nutsac.

“OOOooh. God yes!” David manages to groan, “Oh…my…god!” his body rigidifies as his testicles seem to flatten to pancakes, plump back up only to flatten once again each time Daniel stomps on his testicles again.

Grinning, Daniel stops his attack and just leaves is foot in between David’s thighs his big toe creeps around David’s navel tickling his brother’s inner belly button, while his heel holds the nuts beneath in place ready at any moment to resume their attack. “I want you to admit to me Davey that you have the smallest Gallagher jewels in this house. Then I won’t neuter you completely…go on say it, ‘I have the smallest balls in the Gallagher family, and my big brother Daniel has the biggest.’ I will wait.” Daniel says with a full mouthed grin showing his white teeth.

David, even in the throes of agony, the worst pain in his life cannot degrade himself by saying any such thing. He feels his brother slowly tracing a circle around his belly button and he starts to get a funny feeling below his waist.

“Daniel stop,” David demands hitting his brother on the thigh, “You win, okay?”

“Not good enough Davey.”

“Don’t call me that Danny,” David growls.

“My name is Daniel,” Daniel says pulling David’s legs for emphasis so that the pressure instantly increases.

“Okay, okay! You’re Daniel, not Danny!” David groans, his balls ablaze once more.

“Good boy, you are starting to learn. Now admit I have the biggest balls and we can be done,” Daniel boasts going back to his methodical rubbing of his foot up and down David’s groin which is starting to mess with David’s head in more ways than one.

David moans, but not in pain exactly as Daniel rubs his foot in circles around his scrotum and his toes find David’s flaccid penis. David looks up at Daniel in distress as his toes rub the underside of his dick, his toes curling and twisting against the sensitive underside. David takes in a ragged breath, a quiet moan escaping between his teeth as his green eyes alight with fire, “You are so dead.” David groans, assessing his options and not liking what he finds as he can’t help but stiffen up in his tights.

With a last ditch effort, and not wanting to get hard under Daniel’s foot rub, David grabs both pillows next to him and launches them one at a time, each one slamming into his brothers face. Daniel spits out a feather that sticks in his mouth, and is momentarily distracted, when David shoves Daniels foot off of his groin with all his might and uses his brothers distraction to kick straight upwards as hard as he can muster slamming his foot underneath Daniel’s limp penis which crashes into his big bulging nuts.

Daniel’s eyes open wide in surprise, as his nuts swell in their sac David’s legendary ballet training kicking in.

“Shit!” Daniel curses reaching down to evaluate what just occurred below the belt, but not before David swings his other foot straight up, kicking with every last ounce of strength that he has.

David’s foot arcs up, and Daniel’s heart stops beating as he draws in a breath trying to muster some sort of defense or prepare for the worst, but is unable to fully commit to either before David’s foot meets it mark hitting both of Daniel’s balls simultaneously. The instant connection rocks Daniel’s world and he collapses to the couch on top of his brother who yelps in surprise as the full measure of the two kicks begin to sink in.

Both David and Daniel curl up in fetal positions next to each other holding onto to their respective delicate organs trying to understand what the hell just happened between them, and why things escalated so quickly.

For a while Daniel and David can do nothing but moan about their manhood’s, and the testicular damage that has occurred.

Finally Daniel and David manage to sit up eyeing each other warily as they lean back into the soft couch cushions.

“Worst day ever?” Daniel surmises.

“Agreed Danny,” David moans, his nuts still tender and throbbing.

“Let’s make a pact, here and now; never to do anything like this ever again. Deal?” Daniel asks, his eyebrow rising above his emerald eyes.

“Absolutely,” David says. “I want you to never go near my testicles, ever again. Shake on it.”

Daniel lets go of his nuts briefly with his right hand, still clutching his dangling nuts with his left. “Deal,” he agrees.

David does the same, and each brother shakes the others hand before going back to nursing their manhood’s.

Daniel finds the remote and turns the television on, an ad comes on about jockstraps and the importance of wearing a cup. Daniel and David eye each other, and burst out laughing.

“That would have been helpful today,” Daniel grimaces, opening up his white Speedo and peering inside. “Mine are so red and bloated,” he groans.

“Mine are worse!” David complains, also peeking beneath his black leotard, peeling the stretchy fabric away and seeing the damage done.

“We should compare,” Daniel smiles, “Just to see.”

“That’s stupid,” David laughs. “I don’t want to see your ugly hairy testicles.”

“Hey, they are not hairy or ugly!” Daniel says defending his good and punching his brother on the upper arm.

“Don’t touch me!” David warns, his voice going darker. “You know what I can do to you now.”

“Same,” says Daniel. “You have balls too, you know. I wouldn’t want you to be unable to father children. Who else will my kids pick on when they are growing up?”

David turns to stare at his older brother, his green eyes cutting daggers into him. His brother is still shirtless, and more defined than he is, but David knows where his brother’s weakness is and he plans on using that to his advantage from now on. No longer will he tolerate his brother being the bully. When he is through with him, David intends to make Daniel his bitch. So he smiles coyly and says, “It’s a good thing we made a truce, I for one am glad that we never have to worry about hitting each other so cheaply in the future.”

David stands up and moves away from the couch to perform some basic stretches, making sure to strut out his groin at every possible opportunity. From the corner of his sparkling green eyes, David sees Daniel watching him hungrily. David continues to bait his older brother putting one foot behind his head and stretching out his thigh muscles. In truth, the exercises help distract him from the throbbing in his testes and begin to ease the pressure that has built up. David surrenders himself to the stretches, and knows deep within himself that Daniel could never truly be okay with a tie. For Daniel, always has to win; and David plans on using this against him.

Daniel watches his brother lazily moving his body through poses, admiring how fluid and graceful David is; but he can’t help but notice his brother’s small bulge. Daniel was not finished busting his brother below the belt, he want to grab each of his brother’s nuts and truly finish him, make him beg for mercy. He may have made a truce with David but he never intended to keep up his side of the bargain.

“What’s that one called?” Daniel asks, trying to fake interest as he stands up from the couch and slowly creeps closer past the television table littered with magazines and now a few ice cubes that melt into that paper.

“Oh this one you mean?” Counters David crouching down on the floor, the top half of his body in push-up position, on leg straight back his toes barely touching the wooden floor, while his other leg arches aloft so that his legs open up in a perfect straight line above his head. This open, and very vulnerable position presents David’s groin to Daniel in such an alluring way, as if he had painted a big, red bullseye right over his nuts. “I don’t think it has a name.”

Daniel continues to slither closer, readying a karate chop directly between his brother’s testicles, he even plans on adding a ‘Hiyah!’ in when he attacks. “It’s an incredible move,” Daniel compliments as he prepares himself, his body flexing as he slowly raises his arm up. “That stretch really opens up your legs, it’s so perfect for…striking!” Daniel raises, and lowers his arm quickly, fingers held together as his arm powers straight down, his eyes twinkling in delight of the upcoming nut bashing he is about to give to his brother with his karate chop. “Hiyah!” he screams in delight as his fingers mere inches above his targets hits David’s thigh harmlessly as David shifts his poster, as he swings his legs around in midair, his leg touching the ground comes off as Daniel swings his leg forwards, and propels his right leg with such speed and intensity it leaves Daniel dumbstruck as his younger brother’s foot curves up and connects perfectly with his nutsac.

Daniel manages to gulp, his eyes open wide as his brother powers his leg still upwards as if he was kicking through his pelvis, instead of at his intended targets: his brother’s balls.

“Fuuuck!” Daniel curses, his balls exploding again with fresh hot, white pain. “Not again!” he squeaks, his voice inching higher a few more octaves as he is flown backwards landing on the couch his legs splayed open upon impact his head bouncing off of the wall temporarily dazing him.

David flips in the air in a frontwards jump, rolling in midair as Daniel watches horror struck as David lands perfectly with both feet deep into his groin, pulverizing everything underneath. Poor Daniels cock and balls are used as a landing strip as David’s full weight sinks into his very vulnerable organs. Daniel gasps, his body spasms as the full impact overwhelms his pain threshold.

“My…balls!” Daniel manages to croak, as David crouches down to look at his brother in the eyes, their forehead touch and he grins wickedly at the utter devastation that he has wrought.

“You have fucked with me for the last time,” David says twisting his toes viciously, feeling the slippery orbs of his brother underfoot squish into the leather couch pinning the little squirmy, fleshy nuts in place. “You will be the best brother ever, or I will destroy your tiny fucking testicles!” David warns acidly staring icily into Daniels eyes.

“Fuck…you!” Daniel spats, pushing David off of his nutsac with the last of his strength. Daniel lands on the television table and when David’s feet leave his sac his balls return to full shape, and the pain seems to intensify tenfold as he groans miserably reaching down to protect and shield his boyhood from anymore abuse.

David gets there first, kicking out as hard as he can with both feet, one slams his brother first in the chest pinning Daniel to the back of the couch, while his left spearheads straight and true into Daniel’s white Speedo pouch locating and destroying his brother’s bulging, bloated balls once more. Daniel whimpers, his aching boys sounding so hard; he begins to lose steam as his body is rocked with another wave of testicular agony. “Not…again,” Daniel groans, one hand on each of David’s legs trying and failing to remove his younger brothers legs. For years his brother trained as a gymnast and David’s legs are his strongest weapons in his arsenal and he uses them to great effectiveness here.

“Give up,” David demands pressing both feet harder into their targets. “You have lost!” David smirks, his green eyes twinkle dangerously.

“No,” Daniel moans, still not ready to give up; his pride not allowing him to hand over victory to his younger sibling. He sweats, his body glistening as he struggles to save his developing boyhood from David who’s toes pierce his nuts viciously, while the other foot works his way up to his neck, pressing firmly against his throat. Daniel is forced to abandon the rescue of his precious family jewels as his airflow is reduced. Both of Daniel’s hands struggle to free his windpipe as David takes the opportunity to kick at Daniel’s balls repeatedly with his free foot.

Daniel groans gurgling in pain as each of his brother’s kicks finds its mark, somehow his sadistic younger brother manages to kick him hitting his balls each time forcing the nuts to crash against his pelvis again, and again. Finally Daniel holds up his hands in defeat, raising them upwards like white flags. “Okay,” he croaks. “Okay, fuck! You win!” He manages to barely articulate as his hands droop to his sides, his own green eyes glassy and defeated as he pleads with his brother David to end the assault on his goods.

“Hands behind your head,” David orders letting his foot rest firmly against Daniel’s nuts, pressing dangerously.

Daniel manages to nod, and raises his hands up, placing them behind his head.

“Good boy, Danny,” David smiles meanly. “Now stay there, he warns or I will kick you again.”

Daniel says nothing, and David finally satisfied pulls his foot free.

Watching his brother carefully he climbs back onto the couch, poised to strike at his brother’s nuts if the occasion should arise.

“Open your legs wider,” David orders, and gulping in shame Daniel does; his face turning red and blotchy.

“I’m going to investigate what I have done to your testicles Danny,” he comments running his hands up his brothers thighs and letting them rest over his older brother’s bulge. “You will not interfere, or else you know what will happen.”

“Just get it over with,” Daniel groans, his defeat at the hands of his younger brother overwhelmingly awful, not to mention his balls are still raw and throb; shooting stabbing pain endorphins throughout his entire body. This is the first time that he has been hit in the balls, and he hopes that it will be his last.

Leaning forward David scoots closer, smelling the mild sweat that clings to his older brother’s skin as his hands roam over the white speedo, the shiny fabric proving little to no protection and clearly outlining his elder brothers plump nutsac. David scoops up each of Daniel’s nuts, individually in each of his hands. Daniel lets out a murmur of discomfort as he feels his younger brother manipulating his nuts in their sac. “I’ve got you by the balls,” grins David his green eyes twinkle as he leers up at his defenseless sibling.

Daniel acknowledges the stated fact with a curt nod, and looks forward his heart thumping wildly in his chest waiting for David’s next move. He licks his lips and asks, “What are you going to do to my balls, bro?”

“That’s easy,” David smirks his fingers closing around each nut so they are unable to escape his gasp. “I’m going to crush them like grapes, after all my testicles are far superior.”

The simple statement makes Daniel’s sweat turn cold as David digs his fingers deep within the fleshly orbs, squeezing Daniel’s nuts with gusto.

Gritting his teeth, Daniel tries to take the oncoming pressure, the devastating assault occurring in his loins; but unlike a kick which is both sharp and painful the squeeze of a nutclaw is somehow different, but equally devastating. David literally holds the essence of his manhood in his palms and he is crushing the life out of it, his bloated testicles churn with fresh agony as his younger brother deforms the perfect little ovals.

“Fuck…” Daniel groans leaning backwards, plastering himself against the couch as if he could slip away. His hands reach down to try and extricate and save what’s left, but David’s eyes narrow and he growls at him in response; twisting the nuts in his hands violently making Daniel gasp with a sharp intake of air.

“Put your hands back between your head!” Orders David sneering.

“I can’t! Let my nuts go!” Daniel pleads.

“Danny, I am warning you,” David says puncturing each nut with his thumbs, pressing the nuts more firmly against his invading finger tips so that each ball is attacked with five little dagger, instead of four.

“Okay…just please, not so…hard!” Daniel begs, slowly raising his arms, tucking them behind his head, with his muscles trembling.

“Good boy,” David says decreasing the severity of his hand hold, making Daniel moan in relief. Still squeezing Daniel’s testicles David uses his thumbs to rub the dormant thin penis in between which causes Daniel to immediately look up and into David’s eyes. “Danny, what have we here?” David asks finding his brothers head and pinching it between his thumbs. Daniel jumps on impact, his penis responding by starting to plump up under David’s careful squeezing technique.

“David…no, you can’t! Why?” Daniel asks, knowing the answer as he feels himself unwillingly hardening in the speedo, stretching the material so that his cock points outward directly at David.

“Looks like I’m besting you, if you were wondering mine is longer, and thicker when erect,” David laughs switching tactics and jacks his brother with one hand, paying close attention to the head, while with the other he rolls his brother’s nuts within their sac giving them a hard squeeze on each upstroke of Daniel’s cock. Shuttering Daniel grips the back of his neck, his fingers itching to get in on the action as he moans deep within his chest, his body betraying him showing David that he is interested in this continuing. “I wonder if you can still orgasm after being hit so much by me. Let’s find out!” David laughs cruelly as his brother shakes his head.

“David you can’t…” he moans. Looking around the living room, as David peels back his speedos, his rigid pole hitting his pubis with a smack. David re-grabs Daniel’s erection swiping the tip for the clear pre-cum that has built up there and uses it to rub around Daniel’s slit. “Fuck…” Daniel’s breath becomes ragged as his younger brother works on his tool, paying extra attention to his scar running along his throbbing erection.

With grim determination David says, “Danny, you are going to cum. That’s guaranteed, don’t fight it. This is how badly you have lost to me, I’m making you ejaculate all over yourself; like a loser.”

Daniel groans, his green eyes looking for warmth or forgiveness but sees none of that in David’s cold stare, just the intensity of his righteousness and the continued manipulation below his belly. Daniel looks down, his brother’s hand moves so fast now, blurring up and down his firm, pulsing penis. David’s fingers have constrained his nuts in one hand, jerking them every few beats making him lurch up his pelvis, which has seamlessly taken over with a mind of its own as he thrusts to meet each stroke of his dick as his younger brother jerks him.

“Oh god, I’m going to,” Daniel shutters and warns as his orgasm approaches, his body alive and writhing, straining against David’s firm ballbusting grip. The quick hand flying up and down on Daniel’s glistening penis, penetrates the room with constant flapping.

“Nearly there,” David says, his glee in humiliating his brother a mere few strokes away. “You won’t be able to hold back in another minute brother!”

“Ughh!” Daniel growls, clenching his teeth, trying to get a hold of his breathing, as his body betrays him, his rigid penis throbbing, and his balls churn lost in his evil little brothers fist. Daniel starts to shake as he flex his penis flexes, his body shivering as Daniel jacks him off. “No!” Daniel cries out his body trembling, his stiff penis twitching and then Daniel closes his eyes as he feels his orgasm starting, nothing can hold it off any longer.

“Yes! You’re going to cum!” David whoops squishing Daniel’s nuts together as he pumps up Danny’s penis one last time as Daniel begins spurting several loads of creamy white cum, spraying his belly; his defeat complete as his brother controls his orgasm. Shivering, Daniel opens his green eyes as his swollen penis throbs releasing a few more bursts of cum, not as spectacular or as powerful as before but these last thrusts are all the more sensitive.

Daniel goes floppy his arms finally dropping to his sides, he can no longer hold them aloft as his penis goes limp in David’s hands, and begins to shrivel up.  With glassy eyes, Daniel watches as David let’s his throbbing balls go.

“From now on, I will call you Danny. And you are mine to dominate. Got it?” David stresses.

Daniel grabs his empty nuts threatening, and he can’t meet his brother’s gaze, but he nods in agreement.

“Good,” David grins, and before he stands up he lowers his leotard pulling out his own half chubbed up cock and balls and much to Daniel’s dismay he lays them out next to his older brother who gulps back his shock. David is bigger than him in both accounts, his longer thicker half-hard dick lays on top of his own twitching penis, the full length easily beats him by a couple of inches, and David is not even hard yet. David’s nuts roll off to the side, drooping down to land on his brother’s and the size difference is also staggering there.

“Feast your eyes on how much more of a man I am than you,” David says, his boyhood outclassing his three year old older brother. “You never stood a chance against my own more impressive genitalia. “Did you?” Mocks David.

Daniel looks up at David, his mouth falling open; the mere sight of his younger brother emasculates him as David puts away his more impressive family jewels and stands up, stretching his muscles which have cramped up from leaning over the coffee table to mess up his brothers balls the past fifteen minutes or so.

Daniel watches, thinking of revenge, and how his younger brother will always be bigger than him because at seventeen he is most likely done growing; while David more than likely is not. Daniel’s throbbing nuts warn him against it making on final attempt at his younger brothers balls as he does not take the bait; making David smile slyly as if he is telegraphing him thought waves in his facial features.

“I think that you stained that speedo, you won’t be able to use it for your photo shoot, oh well. You were not going to get the job anyways. You are such a pathetic loser” tuts David walking away, leaving his older brother covered in cum, utterly defeated.


Antony said...

Wow, honestly I didn't expected,that I will like this story that much.
That moment of David dominating Daniel(like squeezing his balls and forcing to get his hands behind head) is super hot for me.
But why David was so uneasy about remembering that events?
Am I sensing continuation?;)

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Antony,

Thanks for taking the time to write in! I am so glad that you liked this story. One of the readers named Felix, who has also written stories for Alex's Blog asked me to write an origin story of sorts between Danny and David. After I wrote the story I figured out that it would be really neat to write a series about the cast of Alex's chracters experiencing their first ballbust? It's something that Alex has not done before.

Alex quickly green lighted the idea. I then reached out to other authors from this blog and we have quite a few stories lined up featuring some of our favorite characters.

You did nail it though, the second story is kind of a continuation sequeal to this one of sorts. I hope that you give that one a try as well!