Sunday, October 12, 2008

Auditions- round 1: Logan vs. Max

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Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

I was sitting in the kitchen, drinking a cup of coffee with my cameraman Chad. We were talking about the candidates that had already made it through the first round. Gypsy Milosh had defeated handsome model Clay; mysteriously emotionless Len had won his fight against happy-go-lucky Francis; Irishman Cillian had been able to defeat Middle Eastern Omar; blond surfer Ian had had an easy victory over Stan; and recently, Latino street fighter Nestor had cracked poor artist Tom’s nuts and made him swallow his cum.

Today, we were waiting to see how Logan and Max would do.

Logan was an 18 year old high school senior with short blond hair and a muscular body, an All-American boy. His body looked like a typical dumb jock’s, but he seemed to be smarter than one might have expected. He had called me today to ask permission for a couple of his friends from high school to coming over and watch the fight. We had talked for quite a while and it seemed to me that he had quite a lot of friends all over his school, not just the cheerleaders and jocks.

His opponent for today, Max, was two years older than him. He seemed to be quite shy. He was German, just like me, and he had come to the US a couple of months ago. He had black hair and dark eyes, and he was a bit smaller than Logan.

“What do you think?” I asked Chad.

Chad shrugged and took a sip from his cup. “I don’t know. Logan is a wrestler at his high school. So he might know some moves that could spell trouble for Max. And Max seems to be a shy guy.”

I thought about that. “But you saw what happened to Francis.”

Chad nodded. “I thought it’d be an easy victory for him.”

I chuckled. “But then Len proved he had nuts of steel. Still waters, huh?”

Chad shrugged. “We’ll see.”

I finished my coffee and we walked into the studio.

A couple of minutes later, Logan and his friends arrived.

The blond wrestler smiled and introduced us to them. They were a diverse bunch of guys, all of them in their late teens. Most of them were Caucasian, some were black, Hispanic, and Asian. They made themselves comfortable on the couch and on the floor.

Max arrived shortly afterwards.

After saying hello, he looked at the crowd and smiled.

“They want to watch?” he said.

I nodded.

“If that’s okay with you”, Logan said quickly.

Max shrugged. “I’m fine. Are you sure you are, too?”

Logan raised his eyebrows.

Max looked amused. “Well, I guess we’re gonna fight in the nude. You don’t have a problem with your friends seeing your private bits?”

Logan laughed. “No problem at all. Most of them have seen me naked in the showers.” He turned to his friends. “Who hasn’t seen me naked?”

Three guys raised their hands.

Logan chuckled and started taking off his clothes.

The crowd cheered and whistled.

One red haired guy with a nose piercing yelled, “Yay, show us your snake!”

Logan grinned.

A moment later, he was standing in front of his friends, stark naked.

He had his hands behind his back. His thick cock was semi-hard and fat, low-hanging balls dangled below in their shaven sac. His pubic hair was neatly trimmed, and his sac was completely smooth.

The pierced guy chuckled. “Nice cock!”

Logan chuckled. “Want a piece of that?”

The other guy grinned. “Sure, I’ll suck it after the fight…”

The crowd laughed.

Logan smiled. “In your dreams…” He patted his fat cock and winked at the pierced redhead. “I gotta leave something for Joanne…”

The redhead grinned. “Alright. Maybe some other time…”

Logan grinned and shrugged.

Max was staring at Logan’s crotch.

“Max”, I said. “You can take you clothes off, too.”

Max looked up and nodded.

He took of his clothes and folded them.

All eyes were on him as he stripped down to his boxers.

He looked uncomfortable with all the attention he was getting. Smiling nervously, he took off his boxers.

His balls were big, looking like ripe plums inside their hairy sac. His cock was limp and considerably smaller than Logan’s, although it wasn’t exactly tiny.

The red haired guy with the nose piercing grinned. “You’re bigger, Logan!”

Max blushed.

Some guys in the crowd chuckled.

The redhead pointed at Max’s crotch. “He’s no match for---“

“Oh, stop it”, Logan interrupted him. He turned to Max and grinned. “He’s a dickhead.”

The crowd, including the redhead, laughed.

“I have to warn you”, Logan smiled. “If you want to stop, you should say so. I can be pretty mean when I’m in attack mode.”

Max bit his lips and nodded.

“Okay”, I said. “Let’s start.”

Logan and Max stood opposite each other.

The crowd cheered.

A couple of seconds passed with neither of the two opponents making a move.

“Come on”, the redhead shouted. “Get started!”

Logan lowered his upper body, spreading his legs slightly to have a good standing. His cock was fully hard now, pointing at Max. His balls dangled below.

He took a step towards Max, smiling at him, obviously enjoying the situation.

Max looked nervous.

When Logan took another step towards him, Max brought his leg back and sent it smashing towards Logan’s groin.

Logan jumped to the side, but Max’s naked foot made contact and crashed into Logan’s large left nut, crunching it into his pelvis.

Logan groaned. He looked up at Max and chuckled.

Max smiled.

Logan grabbed his sac and massaged his left nugget between his fingers, grimacing in mild pain,
Then he let go and lunged at Max again.

This time, Max’s kick connected with both of his balls. His instep drove Logan’s meaty jewels into his crotch, making him groan and double over.

“Oooooohh!” Logan’s friends cringed and grabbed their crotches in sympathy.

Logan tried to laugh the pain off. “That was a good one”, he said hoarsely, holding his balls with both of his hands. His cock was twitching with excitement.

Max grinned.

Suddenly, Logan rammed his head into Max’s stomach, making the black haired boy let out a surprised yelp.

The two guys crashed to the ground, Logan on top of Max.

Quickly, Logan turned around and grabbed Max’s right leg. He yanked it up and smashed his palm into Max’s crotch, smacking both of his testicles and his cock with a resounding thwack.

Max moaned in pain.

Logan’s friend’s cheered, and Logan grinned.

Before Max had a chance to grab his gonads, Logan let his hand slam down again, once more making perfect contact and crunching Max’s nuts into his body.

Then he let go.

Max rolled to his side to stop Logan from going for his balls again.

The crowd cheered.

Logan stood and grinned. His cock was rock hard, the tip glistening with precum. Logan was enjoying himself…

The young wrestler waited for Max to stand up again.

The attack hadn’t been too hard and Max was on his feet within a matter of seconds.

He looked at Logan. His hand shot forward and grabbed his erect cock, getting a good hold of its bulbous head.

Logan grinned and grabbed Max’s shoulders. He pushed him away, making his dick slip out of his grip and slap against his defined abs with a wet sound.

“Ooh”, Logan chuckled. “That felt good…”

His friends cheered and clapped.

Max stared at him and burst out laughing. “It did? Well, what about this?” He quickly got down on his knees and grabbed Logan’s fat ballsack. His fingers wrapped around the plump package and squeezed hard.

Logan groaned and reached down and grabbed Max’s neck, digging his finger into his shoulder.

Max yelped in pain, but he continued to squeeze Logan’s balls in his hand, squishing the contents of his sac and making the high school wrestler squirm in pain.

Logan’s cock didn’t seem to mind the rough treatment of his balls. It was standing hard and proud, pointing at Max’s face.

Logan’s friends were clapping and shouting, cheering for their buddy to get out of his hapless position.

Meanwhile, Logan was grimacing in pain. He let out a loud scream.

Max clenched his teeth, grinding Logan’s precious meatballs in his hand and making the poor wrestler whimper in pain.

Suddenly, the redhead with the nose piercing stood behind Max and kicked his naked sac from behind.

Max’s eyes widened.

He loosened his grip on Logan’s nuts and coughed.

Logan’s buddies went wild with cheers and applause.

Max moaned miserably and grabbed his gonads.

Logan doubled over, grimacing in pain.

The redhead grinned and showed a victory pose.

“Hey”, Logan shouted, causing the redhead to raise his eyebrows. “That wasn’t fair!”

The redhead chuckled. “It did the trick, though, didn’t it?”

Logan shook his head, his face beet red from the pain that was radiating through his body. “That was cheap.”

The redhead rolled his eyes and sat back down on the couch.

Logan’s friends were silent.

“Hey, Max”, Logan said, clutching his balls.

Max was whimpering in pain.

“He got you good, huh?” Logan said.

Max let out a soft whimper.

“I’m sorry, Max”, Logan said. “I really am. Do you think you can go on?”

“Give me a minute”, Max whispered.

Logan nodded.

While he was waiting for Max to recover, he massaged his aching sac. His cock was fully hard and pointing at the ceiling, its head moist with precum.

A couple of minutes later, Max got up and inhaled deeply.

“I’m ready”, he said. “Thanks for waiting.”

Logan shrugged. “I wanna win fair and square.”

Max smiled. “Thanks.”

Logan smiled. “That doesn’t mean I’m not gonna crack your nuts, now…”

Max chuckled. “Well, we’re gonna---“

Suddenly, without warning, Logan kicked Max’s nuts. His naked toes collided with the German boys tender testicles, smashing them into his pelvis and making him shriek in pain. His mouth was wide open and his eyes twitched.

Logan didn’t lose any time. He got down on his knee right next to Max and powered his elbow into Max’s nuggets, nailing Max’s right nut dead on. The poor testicle was flattened between his crotch and Logan’s bony elbow.

Some of Logan’s friends inhaled sharply while others laughed and cheered.

“Flatten the other one as well”, the redhead shouted, drawing laughter from his buddies.

Logan chuckled. He looked up at Max’s face that was paralyzed in agony. Then he smashed his elbow into Max’s groin again, this time aiming for the poor boy’s left nut and succeeding with a sickening thud.

Max’s eyes filled with tears and he let out an ear-piercing scream. He lowered his hands, reaching for his tender marbles. When he found them, he wrapped his fingers around them, all the while whimpering in pain. His knees started to shake and he collapsed on the ground.
Logan’s friends clapped and cheered.

Logan looked at him and waited for a moment. His cock was twitching and he stroked it absentmindedly.

Max was down on all fours, his face resting on the ground, his ass sticking up into the air.

Logan walked around him and stood behind him. He got down on his knees, too and reached around Max’s torso. He scrambled to find Max’s nuts and pried his fingers away. Then he grabbed the two tender testicles and squeezed hard.

Max’s head shot up and he screamed in pain.

Logan’s crotch was pressed tightly against Max’s back, his cock wedged between the two bodies, pointing up.

Logan squeezed harder, making Max scream from the top of his lung.

He thrust his loins, rubbing his hard cock against Max’s back, all the while crunching Max’s tender nuggets with his hands. Logan’s face was tense as he squeezed the life out of Max.

When Logan twisted his hand around, Max’s eyes widened and he let out another high pitched scream.

Logan’s cock erupted with a thick spurt of thick, fresh cum that spurted out between their two body’s like a fountain.

Logan’s friends went wild with laughter and cheers.

Logan had his eyes closed. He was panting heavily, just like Max, but for different reasons, obviously.

His cock was spurting jets of thick, white spunk that hit Max’s shoulders and Logan’s chest. It ran down their bodies, covering Max’s back and Logan’s abs with a thick layer of semen.

A couple of seconds later, Logan let go of Max’s balls and fell back, exhausted.

Max curled up in a ball on the floor, his back smeared with Logan’s cum.

Logan grinned and shook his head, spent but happy. “Do you give up, Max?”

Max whimpered in pain.

“Phew”, Logan closed his eyes, throwing his head back. “Max? Do you give up?”

Max didn’t answer.

Sighing, Logan stood and grabbed Max’s shoulder. He turned the black haired on his back and leaned in, resting his knee on Max’s tender testicles.

Max shrieked in pain and stared at Logan whose bony kneecap was grinding his balls, pulverising them.

“Max?” Logan repeated, twisting his knee.

Max shrieked in pain. “Stop! Stop! You win!” he screamed.

Logan backed off, smiling with satisfaction.

He turned to his friends and smiled.

They cheered and clapped.

Logan looked down at his chest that was coated with cum. He grinned at the redhead with the nose piercing. “Want a taste?”

The redhead grinned.

Logan ran his index finger over his smooth chest, just below his nipples, getting quite an amount of cream onto the tip. He held it out at the redhead.

The guy bit his lips. “What’s Joanne gonna say?”

Logan shrugged. “I won’t tell her…”

The crowd went wild with laughter and cheers.

The redhead chuckled and opened his mouth.

Logan grinned and put his finger into it.

The redhead closed his eyes, sucking on the finger.

Finally, Logan withdrew his finger and chuckled.

The redhead looked at him, grinning and licking his lips. He pointed at Max who was lying on the ground, cradling his aching genitals.

“Congratulations”, the redhead said, smiling.

“Thanks”, Logan grinned.


Anonymous said...

Logan seems awsome, like a real Ladies Man who always has a diffrent chick in bed ;) I LOVE HIM!

Anonymous said...

Totaly, Logan is hot, can't wait to see more. Although i'd love to see more clothed busting before getting naked in general.

Anonymous said...

ya, I love logan and his cool-guy attitude. Also love the way he likes to play fair (but hard)

Anonymous said...

I love logan, and I wouldn't mind seeing more of his red-head freind.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments! I'm very fond of Logan, too, and I'm pretty sure he'll make it through round 2 as well... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Fucking hot story! Logan having a boner through the entire match was great and him blowing his load all over Max was to hot. Loved it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, totally humiliating for Max, even though Logan was being so nice. Love his attitude and stuff - Logan's gonna go far! I hope that, before Ian loses to whoever it is he'll lose to (not really winner material) he manages to get their nose between his toes a few times... XP

I'm sorry, last one, I promise, lol!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I'll see what I can do... ;-))

Anonymous said...

Nice story...good to have an audience in the fights. I can't wait to see Logan get busted with all his friends watching. Max was hardly a serious opponent. It's easy to be a nice guy when you're winning, I'm sure he'll be less friendly when he's in real ball pain.
Logan is a good character but not my favourite of the new candidates.
Good work!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! We'll see what Logan does in round 2... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I like Logan, but he seems better suited as a ladies man only. Although it would be nice if he had a challange of a fight (but still won)

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I guess that in round 2, Logan will prove that he is a fighter... ;-)

Anonymous said...

When are we bringing logan's friends back?

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! You are right, it has been a while. I'll think about it. :-))