Friday, October 10, 2008

Auditions - round 1: Tom vs. Nestor

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Placing the ad

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Nestor walked into the studio, carrying a bag. The 23 year old Latino was wearing blue jeans, bright green t-shirt and a black leather jacket. On the front of the t-shirt a black and white picture was printed, showing some angry guy I didn’t know. His black boots looked like they were a couple of years old, and his leather jacket had a couple of tears in it.

Nestor placed the bag on the ground and took off his jacket. He cracked his knuckles and looked at me.

“Hi, Nestor”, I said.

Nestor nodded. He had a smooth, young face, black hair and a ponytail. The innocence of his face was disturbed by two scars, a small one on his forehead, and a larger one on his left cheek.

I smiled. “Everything alright?”

“Sure”, Nestor said and sat down on the couch, his arms spread and resting on the backrest, his legs spread apart. His jeans was bulging at the crotch.

I blushed when I noticed that Nestor was following my glance.

He frowned at me. “Can’t wait, huh?”

I looked at him. ”Pardon?”

Nestor grabbed his crotch. “You can’t wait to see my cock, huh?”

Suddenly, the kitchen door opened and Chad returned from his cigarette break. I was thankful for the interruption and turned to Chad. “You wanted to show me that thing, didn’t you?”

Chad stared at me.

“You know, that… thing with the button and the--- you know what I mean!” I said.

Chad grinned. “The camera.”

I rolled my eyes. “Thanks”, I said.

“Hi, Nestor”, Chad said and shook the Latino boys hand. “Good to see you.”

Nestor shrugged.

Someone knocked on the door.

“Come in”, I shouted.

The door opened, and Tom entered the room.

Tom was 20 years old. He wasn’t very tall, with delicate features and a cute smile. He had curly brown hair and brown eyes. He had told us he was an artist, more accurately a sculptor and a painter.

“Hi”, he said and smiled.

He was wearing brown trousers and a beige shirt, dark brown leather shoes and a brown hat.

He took off the hat and placed it on my desk.

“Hi, Tom”, I said, smiling and shaking his hand. “How are you?”

Tom smiled. “Great, thanks.” He looked at Nestor. “That’s my opponent?”

Nestor looked quite menacing, sitting on the couch, staring at Tom.

I nodded.

“Okay”, Tom said and smiled weakly.

He walked across the room and shook Nestor’s hand. “Hi, I’m Tom.”


Tom nodded. Then he turned to me. He pointed at his watch and said apologetically, “Can we start? I’m meeting a customer in half an hour.”

“Sure”, I said.

Chad walked behind the camera.

“Would you take your clothes off, please?” I pretended to be busy at the desk, flipping through some letters.

The first time I had met Nestor, he had shown a certain reluctance when I had asked him to strip. I wasn’t sure how he’d respond to my question today.

When I looked up, both Tom and Nestor were taking off their clothes. I smiled, relieved.

Nestor had a tanned, muscular body. A large tattoo was surrounding his navel, covering his abs and his pubic area and extended half-way over his big, meaty cock. His pubic hair was shaved off, and his cock was semi-hard, hanging low and heavy in front of the two large nuts that were dangling inside his smooth sac.

Tom’s body wasn’t nearly as muscular. He was considerably paler than Nestor and his muscles weren’t as well defined. He had a hairy chest, and his pubes were natural, untrimmed and unshaven. His limp cock wasn’t as fat as Nestor’s, and the two balls that were swinging inside his furry sac were average sized.

Nestor looked at Tom and smirked. He flexed his muscles and walked towards him.

“Are you sure you don’t want to give up right away?” he growled.

Tom looked at me, an uneasy smile on his face.

Nestor shrugged and walked around Tom, eyeing his pale body. “It won’t take long, either way”, he grinned.

Tom gulped.

“You know what?” Nestor grinned at him.

Tom raised his eyebrows.

“I’m gonna give you an advantage”, Nestor said. He turned to me, grabbing his fat cock. “You are interested in a tough-nutted model, right?”

I nodded.

“Okay”, Nestor grinned at Tom again. “I’m gonna let you kick my stuff, okay?”

Tom looked at him. He glanced down at Nestor’s tattooed cock. Then he looked him in the eyes. “Kick?”

Nestor nodded.

“What about squeezing?” Tom suggested, smiling. “I’m good at that.”

Nestor cracked his knuckles. Then he shrugged. “Okay.” He put his hands behind his head, showing off his muscular body. “Go ahead.”

Tom bit his lips. He tentatively grabbed Nestor’s cock and lifted the thick, heavy thing so he had access to Nestor’s nuts.

Nestor’s dick twitched.

“Hey”, Nestor barked. “Don’t jerk me off!”

Tom nodded and let go off Nestor’s member. The fat dong swung from side to side, fully hard now.

Tom grinned with satisfaction.

Nestor frowned at him, but he kept his hand behind his head.

Tom grabbed Nestor’s smooth sac and looked Nestor in the eye. “You don’t think I can do your big goolies any harm, right?” he said softly. Then he tightened his grip.

Nestor’s eyes narrowed.

“You know”, Tom smiled. “I work with my hands. I’m a sculptor. You should have seen some of my works…” With that, he squeezed hard, digging his finger’s into the soft flesh of Nestor’s meaty nuts.

Nestor’s eyes widened and he let out a shocked yelp.

Obviously, he had underestimated Tom’s strength.

Tom increased the pressure on Nestor’s nuts.

Nestor screamed.

The young sculptor twisted his hand, grinding Nestor’s nuggets in his vice-like grip, smiling with satisfaction when Nestor’s voice cracked and the tough Latino grabbed Tom’s wrist, trying to pry his hands away from his nuts.

Tom grinned, crunching Nestor’s ripe plums in his bony fingers.

“Fuck!” Nestor screamed in a high-pitched voice. He yanked at Tom’s wrist, tugging on his own nutsac in the process, and intensifying the pain that was washing through his body. “Fuck!” His eyes filled with tears, and his smooth, innocent face turned into a mask of pain and rage.

He clenched his fist and punched Tom in the ribs, making the boy yelp in pain and loosen his grip on Nestor’s nuts.

Blind with rage, Nestor punched Tom’s ribs again.

Tom let go of Nestor’s balls and held his side.

Nestor took a step back and doubled over, breathing heavily. “Fuck”, he whispered. Then he lifted his head and glared at Tom.

Tom was grimacing in pain, massaging his ribs.

Nestor lunged at him and brought his bare foot up between Tom’s thighs, crunching the curly boy’s nuts into his pelvis and knocking the wind out of his lungs.

Tom coughed.

“Motherfucker”, Nestor growled, holding his aching jewels and grimacing in pain. His cock was rock hard, sticking out above his hands. “You think my balls are not tough enough?” He shook his head. “You have no idea how many fights I have won by cracking the other guy’s nuts!” He took a step towards Tom.

Tom groaned in pain.

Nestor slowly walked around his opponent. He stood behind him and got down on his knees. He balled his fist and powered an uppercut into Tom’s groin that connected with Tom’s eggs with a resounding smack.

Tom whimpered.

Nestor stood and chuckled. “You think your nuts are tougher? Why don’t you---“

Suddenly, Tom turned around and slammed his knee into Nestor’s balls.

Nestor let out a loud wail.

He screamed in pain and doubled over.

Tom watched him closely.

“I don’t know if my balls are tougher than yours”, Tom whispered, breathing heavily. “All I know is that---“

Out of nowhere, Nestor punched Tom’s gonads with another well-placed, hard uppercut that made Tom let out a high-pitched shriek and sink to his knees.

Nestor growled. He kicked Tom in the ribs, right on the spot where he had punched him before, making Tom howl in pain and let go of his balls. He clutched his side, wailing in pain.

“Motherfucker”, Nestor growled and stomped down on Tom’s jewels, catching both of his tender orbs under the heel of his bare foot and squishing them into Tom’s body.

Tom cried out in pain.

Nestor was panting heavily. His cock was rock hard and leaking pre-cum.

He brought his knee up, catching Tom’s nose with a sickening noise.

Tom grabbed his face and let out a miserable squeal. “Please, don’t---“

Nestor interrupted him with another hard stomp to his naked balls.

Tom whimpered in pain.

This time, Nestor didn’t lift his knee. He continued stomping down on Tom’s balls, grinding his marbles into his body and making Tom’s eyes widen in pain.

Nestor chuckled. He licked his index finger and ran it over the length of his tattoed cock. His thick, fat dick began to twitch. It was right in front of Tom’s face.

Tom’s eyes widened even further when Nestor shifted his weight and crushed Tom’s poor nuts under his heel.

“Yeah”, Nestor growled.

Suddenly, his cock erupted with violent force. The first jet of cum landed right in Tom’s left eye.

Tom screamed in pain. “Please!”

Nestor was panting heavily while his cock was shooting jet after jet of hot, creamy jizz right into Tom’s face. A thick stream of his semen ran down his cheeks. Spurt after spurt hit Tom’s face, covering his attractive features with a thick layer of salty spunk.

Tom’s eyes were closed and he screamed in agony as Nestor continued stomping his aching balls into his body.

A couple of jets landed right inside his wide open mouth, flying all the way down his throat.

Tom gagged and gurgled.

Finally, Nestor took a step back, allowing Tom to grab his gonads and curl up in the foetal position.

Nestor’s fat cock was dripping with cum. He chuckled. “Do you give up?”

Tom whimpered.

“Or do you want to have another load?” Nestor chuckled. “My nuts may not be tough, but they are full of cum…”

Tom whimpered.

When Nestor took a step towards him, Tom screamed. “I give up! I give up!”

Nestor smiled. He towered over Tom and wiggled his cock, letting a fine rain of cum spray down on him.

Then he cracked his knuckles and turned to me.

He looked phenomenal, his thick, fat cock dripping with cum, his muscular body all heated up. His chest was glistening with sweat. He ran his hand over his rock hard abs and chuckled. “I’m a street fighter…”

I gulped. “Thanks, Nestor.”


Anonymous said...

Nestor is great ! It's good to see another "bad guy" on the site. It's cool that he has the insecurity about his balls, not quite sure if they're tough enough. Would love to see more comments like “You think your nuts are tougher?" in his next fight. Actually his nuts are not exactly weak, he did well to stay on his feet but he does seem to feel a lot of pain. Tough guys in pain are so hot.

Anonymous said...

I hope Nestor's nuts prove tough enough to go further. I just fear that his hard muscles will not be enough if he faces Len.
If he does lose in the auditions, I hope he doesn't submit. It would be cool if he tries to fight through the pain each time he's busted and try to convince his opponent that his nuts are not weak. Eventually he could pass out or vomit.
It would also be great if he goes all the way!

Anonymous said...

How will you decide who faces who in the next round ? Can the readers help decide ?

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback!

@ anonymous (3):
After the first round, I'll post my plans for round 2 and you'll be able to tell me your opinion. But, frankly, since there are very many different thoughts, I won't be able to include every opinion...

Anonymous said...

awsome, Nestor rocks, him, Len, and Logan are my favorites. It would be cool if the next story someone with a steel-toed-boot kicked another guy who was wearing only boxers full-force. And maybe a gas pedal done in the same manner. In fact, i would love to see more clothed busting in general, (boxers only more than fully clothed) and then they get naked at the end.

Alex said...

Thanks! I'll make sure to include your steel-toed-boots-and-boxers idea in one of the round 2 stories of the Auditions...