Thursday, October 30, 2008

Auditions – round 2: Cillian vs. Nestor

Nestor, a 23 year old Latino with long, straight black hair and a ponytail, was wearing blue jeans and a plain black t-shirt. He had an innocent, smooth, young face, but the black leather jacket and his heavy black boots told a different story, as did the two scars on his face. There was a small scar on his forehead and a bigger one on his left cheek. He had called himself a streetfighter, and there was little doubt where he had gotten these scars…

Cillian was the same age as his opponent. He was Irish, with a thick accent, short red hair and a friendly, attractive face. He was quite small, appearing fragile and almost tiny next to Nestor. He was wearing sneakers, some tight grey trousers and a green shirt.

“Nestor, meet Cillian”, I said.

They shook hands and eyed each other.

Nestor chuckled and cracked his knuckles.

Cillian smiled weakly.

“Alright”, I said and walked across the room until I stood behind my cameraman Chad.

Nestor smirked at Cillian. He adjusted his crotch and ran his hand over his chest, but Cillian didn’t seem to be very impressed.

The Irish boy unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his lean, smooth chest. He winked at Nestor. “I guess you like to fight rough, huh?”

Nestor stared at him.

Cillian took off his shirt. “I wouldn’t want you to rip my shirt apart…”

Nestor raised his eyebrows.

Cillian bent down and took off his sneakers. Then he opened the fly of his trousers and slipped them down.

Nestor looked at him, unable to figure out what he was up to.

A moment later, Cillian was almost naked, wearing just white socks and green boxers.

Nestor scratched his chest. “You want to play games?”

Cillian shrugged and smiled at him. He had a pale, smooth body with a pair of cute pink nipples on his chest and a nice-sized, if not huge, bulge in his boxers.

“I don’t have time for games”, Nestor said in a low voice. “I’m gonna see my girl tonight, so let’s get it over with.” With that, Nestor launched a vicious, hard kick at Cillian’s groin. His steel-toed boot connected with the two tender globes inside Cillian’s boxers, smashing them into Cillian’s pelvis and making the cute Irish boy let out a surprised yelp, followed by a miserable groan as his knees touched and he doubled over in agony.

His face contorted in pain and he coughed as the full amount of pain hit him.

Nestor watched him with satisfaction, standing with his legs spread apart and his hands on his hips.

Cillian whimpered and fell to his knees, clutching his aching testicles.

Nestor adjusted his crotch and turned to face the camera. “I guess I nailed them”, he said matter-of-factly. “I heard them go ‘squish’.” He chuckled and pointed at his feet. “It’s those boots. They are nutcrackers.”

Suddenly, Cillian lunged at the babyfaced Latino from behind. He reached for his ponytail and yanked, causing Nestor to scream and stumble backwards.

Cillian had a firm grip on Nestor’s hair and pulled hard, pushing at Nestor’s neck with his other hand at the same time, putting Nestor in incredible pain.

“Let go, motherfucker!” Nestor screamed and tried to hit Cillian by bringing his elbows back, narrowly missing Cillian’s ribs. He let out an angry grunt and lifted his right foot. The sole of his boot connected perfectly as his heel rammed into Cillian’s poor nuts from underneath, smashing his tender eggs into his pelvis and making the young Irishman’s eyes bulge.

Cillian blinked and let go of Nestor’s hair.

“Motherfucker!” Nestor shouted.

He turned around, facing Cillian who whimpered in pain and grabbed his agonized testicles.

“You fucking motherfucker!” Nestor’s eyes narrowed. He paced the room, rubbing his head, trying to ease the pain. “You tried to rip my hair off?” Quickly, Nestor stripped off his t-shirt, exposing his tanned, muscular chest. He had a large tattoo that surrounded his navel and continued inside his jeans. Nestor grunted and stared at Cillian, furious, balling his fists and glaring at the Irish boy who was grimacing in pain and rubbing his aching testicles.

With a guttural growl, Nestor walked up to his opponent and grabbed his shoulders. “Get up”, he barked. “Get up, motherfucker!”

Cillian lifted his head.

Nestor dragged him to his feet.

His face was inches from Cillian’s as he whispered. “I’m gonna beat you to a pulp!”

Cillian gulped and glanced at the door. Realizing that there was little chance that he would make it to the door without being caught by Nestor, he lifted his knee and brought it crashing into Nestor’s crotch. His bony knee collided with the Latino’s large nuggets inside his jeans and drove them into his body.

Nestor’s eyes widened as the pain hit him. “You fucking---“

Another knee lift brought an agonized scream from Nestor’s lips.

Cillian grimaced as he reached for Nestor’s chest, getting a good hold on the two tender nipples. He squeezed hard and twisted them between his thumb and his forefinger.

Nestor howled in pain as Cillian dug his fingernails into his delicate nips, twisting them in opposite directions as though he was playing with the buttons of an oven, turning up the heat in Nestor’s eyes as the Latino’s nipples were mauled and squashed in Cillian’s firm grip.

“You think you can beat me?” the small Irish boy whispered, looking into Nestor’s dark, pain-filled eyes.

Nestor screamed from the top of his lungs. He tried to pry Cillian’s hands away from his nipples, but his efforts only increased the pain in his nips.

Cillian jerked his knee up again, bringing it right into Nestor’s bulging crotch and nailing both of his big, juicy nuggets dead on.

Nestor was in a world of pain. The tough Latino streetfighter screamed and shrieked as Cillian wreaked havoc on his most sensitive body parts.

Cillian’s knee rammed into Nestor’s crotch again and again, all but pulverizing his sensitive babymakers, while his nipples were squeezed, turned and twisted by Cillian’s delicate hands.

Nestor was screaming from the top of his lungs. Suddenly, he balled his fists and slammed them down on Cillian’s forearms, causing the redhead’s hands to lose their grip on Nestor’s nipples, after scratching them with his fingernails.

Nestor was breathing heavily. He followed up with a hard punch to Cillian’s abs before backing away and sinking to the ground in pain.

Cillian coughed and stumbled backwards.

It took a couple of moment for both boys to catch their breaths.

Nestor was in serious pain. He was rocking back and forth, clutching his agonized testicles with his right hand while rubbing his sore nipples with his left.

Cillian was panting. Nestor’s punch had left a mark on his pale body. He doubled over, holding his stomach. All the color had left his face and he looked like he was close to puking.

Groaning, Nestor stumbled to his feet. He was grimacing in pain, rubbing his groin. His nipples were bright red.

Slowly, he walked up to Cillian. He drew his leg back and sent his boot flying into Cillian’s crotch with a sickening thud.

Cillian cried out in pain.

Nestor grabbed the redhead’s ankles and pulled, causing Cillian to fall down, landing hard on his ass.

Nestor spread the young Irishman’s legs apart, forming a V with them. His face was red with pain and anger. He lifted his foot and brought it down hard on Cillian’s boxer-clad nuts, crunching them beneath the sole of his heavy boot. He twisted his foot and shifted his weight, making sure that Cillian’s tender nuggets were crushed flat by his foot. Grinding his balls like he was stomping out a cigarette, Nestor gave a low grunt. He had a determined expression on his face.

Cillian was moaning in pain, letting out whimpering yelps while Nestor was squishing the life out of his tender jewels.

After another couple of seconds, Nestor let go of Cillian’s ankles and reached for his boxers. He grabbed the waistband and yanked them brutally off of his body, exposing Cillians slender, limp dick and his slightly reddened balls.

Cillian let out a miserable groan

Nelson grabbed his ankles again. Bringing his foot back, Nelson waited for a short moment before landed a nutcrunching blow to Cillian’s sore balls with his heavy, steel-toed boot. The tip of his shoe connected with both of Cillian’s tender nuts, causing the redhead’s eyes to bulge obscenely.

Another kick landed right on target, ramming the Cillian’s poor balls into his pelvis.

Cillian shrieked in pain.

“Motherfucker”, Nelson muttered before cracking Cillian’s nuts with a third hard kick.

Cillian coughed. Slowly, his eyes rolled back in his head.

Nelson grunted. He let go of one of Cillian’s ankles and leaned over the redhead’s limp body. He slapped Cillian’s face, bringing the poor boy back to conciousness.

Cillian whimpered.

“I’m not finished”, Nestor grunted. He grabbed Cillian’s ankle again and lifted his boot.

“No”, Cillian whispered. “Please, don’t---“

Nelson ignored Cillian’s plead for mercy and brought his foot down hard, making the redhead’s body jolt before he passed out.

“I’m not finished”, Nestor repeated, with a menacing voice. He let got of Cillian’s ankles and stood between his spread legs, preparing for another kick to the lifeless boy’s gonads.

“It’s enough”, I said.

Nestor turned to me, his face red and hot with anger and frustration. “What?” he snapped.

“He passed out”, I said, walking towards Cillian and kneeling next to him. Tentatively, I slapped his cheeks. “It’s over.”

Cillian groaned and opened his eyes.

“Go away”, Nestor grunted and shoved me to the side. He grabbed Cillian’s ankles and spread his legs apart.

“Stop it”, I said sharply. “He has given up.”

“I don’t care”, Nestor grunted. He let go of Cillian’s ankles again, allowing the poor boy to curl up in a little ball, whimpering in pain.

“Look at this”, Nestor said, pointing at his reddened nipples.

“I’m sorry”, I said. “But the fight is over. You won.”

Nestor gave a bitter laugh. “Nobody does that to me without---“

“Nestor”, I interrupted him, trying to remain calm. “It’s over.”

“I’m gonna turn his balls to mush”, Nestor growled and turned towards the curled up boy.

“No”, I said firmly.

“Fuck you”, Nestor grunted and planted a hard kick into my crotch.

The steel-toed tip of his boot connected with my nuts and I felt as if the shell of my eggs had cracked and the gooey insides of them ran down my thighs.

My mouth was hanging open.

“Nestor”, I croaked.

The pain spread from my nuts to my abdomen and my stomach, tightening my chest and making it hard to breathe.

“Fuck you”, Nestor repeated and turned around. He grabbed his shirt and left the studio.

I coughed and tentatively reached for my aching gonads. Every touch was painful, and I whimpered as I fell to my knees, curling up next to Cillian.

Chad knelt down next to me, looking concerned and amused at the same time. “He got you good, huh?” he said.

I tried to scream at him, but I wasn’t able to speak. I nodded.

“Man, that Nestor is a loose cannon”, Chad grinned and patted my shoulder.

I nodded again.

“Let me bring you a pack of ice”, Chad said and got up.

I stayed on the ground for another couple of minutes.

Half an hour later, both Cillian and I were able to sit up straight.

Cillian looked sick. His face was pale and sweaty.

“Everything alright?” I asked, grimacing in pain as my nuts were sending throbbing waves of pain through my body.

Cillian whimpered and shrugged.

“I’m sorry”, I said.

“It’s okay”, Cillian whispered. He looked at me and tried to smile. “I wasn’t planning on seeing my girlfriend, anyway…”

I laughed politely, bringing forth another wave of agony.

Cillian grimaced. “So Nestor is in the semi-finals?”

I nodded.

“Good luck”, he said, smiling weakly.


Anonymous said...

HOT! Nestor is a pretty hpt charcter.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Great that Nestor is through. Great to have another bad guy !

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you like Nestor. I'm very curious to see who will be the winner in the end... :-))
By the end of the week, I'll set up a poll and you can decide...

Carter said...

Ouch man
Sorry bout the family jewels

Alex said...

Yeah, that was not a nice thing to do... ;-)