Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Auditions - round 1: Dean vs. Robin

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Placing the ad

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

I had stopped listening ten minutes ago.

Robin was obviously nervous. Very nervous. The 22 year old blond was rambling about every pop culture event of the last month. He had boyish features and a soft voice, clear blue eyes and long eyelashes.

While he was talking and gesticulating wildly with his right hand, he lifted his shirt and absentmindedly ran his left hand over his flat belly.

We were waiting for Dean to arrive.

Suddenly, Robin stopped talking and looked at me expectantly.

I stared at him, trying to figure out whether his last sentence had been a question.

Robin smiled and waited patiently. He had full lips and a face that deserved to be called beautiful.

“Er, sorry, Robin”, I said slowly. “I didn’t pay attention.”

Robin smiled, showing his perfect white teeth. “I asked you if you’d like to take some pictures of me while we wait for Dean.”

I turned my head and saw that my cameraman Chad was fumbling with the camera. “Chad?” I shouted.

Chad looked at me.

“You ready?”

Chad shrugged.

“Okay”, I said and stood. “Good idea.”

Robin smiled and stood in the middle of the room. He was wearing blue jeans, a tight-fitting shirt and sneakers, and his haircut was stylish. He smiled at Chad and started unbuttoning his shirt.

“Wait”, Chad said and grabbed his photo camera. “Now.”

Robin smiled and posed for the camera, running his hand over his belly, circling his navel with his index finger, putting his middle finger into his mouth, opening the top buttons of his jeans and exposing his pubic hair, reaching into the fly with his right hand while smiling lasciviously.

After a couple of minutes, Robin looked at me and suggested, “You want me to do a couple of topical pics?”

I raised my eyebrows. “What do you mean?”

Robin smiled. “Like this.” He pretended to have received a hit in the crotch, his hands cupping his crotch so that his bulging genitals and his pubic hair were visible between his fingers. His eyes were wide open as he stared directly into the camera, his lips parted, his eyebrows raised just a bit.

Chad took lots of pictures.

Then Robin’s facial expression changed as he doubled over a bit. His eyebrows raised all the way, his mouth opened and his eyes turned inward.

“Wait”, Robin said suddenly and giggled. He pulled his jeans down to his knees, exposing his nice-sized cock and his low-hanging balls. He chuckled as he stroked his cock a couple of times until it was fully hard. Then he doubled over again, his fingers touching his naked balls, his cock pressed against his belly. He had a sad look on his face like he was mourning the loss of his fertility.

I grinned. “Perfect! We could use those pictures for the design of our website.”

Robin smiled and nodded. “Sure.” Then he giggled. “Wait a moment.” He took off his sneakers and his jeans. Then he put one of his sneakers back on and spread his legs wide, letting his balls dangle freely between his legs, with his hard cock pointing at the camera. He cupped his balls with one hand and brought the other one of his shoes up to his face, sticking out his tongue and touching the sole with it.

He did a couple of poses, pressing his shoe against his smooth sac, letting it hang down from his crotch, suspended by his rock hard cock, holding it against his mouth and nose and so on.

Suddenly, I noticed Dean standing in the door frame, behind Robin. He was watching the cute
boy with fascination while he was rubbing his crotch.

Dean was two years older than Robin and he was significantly taller. He had black hair and an attractive face. Apparently, he was quite pleased with what he saw. His hardon was outlined in his jeans, pointing to the side.

I chuckled.

Robin turned around, his cock swinging and pointing at Dean.

“Hi”, he smiled at Dean.

Dean blushed, causing Robin to laugh.

The black haired guy cleared his throat and adjusted his crotch.

Robin glanced at his groin and chuckled.

“Why don’t we do another picture?” I suggested.

Robin smiled.

I made Dean sit down on the ground, his legs spread wide, the fly of his jeans open, his hard cock pointing up, glistening with precum.

Robin was standing above him, his legs spread, smiling into the camera while his nuts were dangling right in front of Dean’s face.

Dean was staring at Robin’s juicy plums. He touched them with his fingers and made them swing back and forth while Chad was taking pictures.

Then Dean grabbed Robin’s nuggets in his hand and squeezes lightly.

Robin crossed his eyes and opened his mouth.

“Perfect!” I shouted.

Dean let go of Robin’s balls. He stroked his hard cock and chuckled, “Wanna sit down?”

Robin grinned. “Maybe later…”

Dean licked his lips and nodded.

“Okay, guys”, I said. “You’ll have to fight against each other, now.”

Robin and Dean looked at each other and smiled.

Dean took off his shoes, his socks, his jeans and his shirt. He had strong legs and arms, a muscular, hairy chest, and defined abs.

Robin looked at him while he slipped into his sneaker again.

Both of their cocks were rock hard.

Dean’s dick was larger than Robin’s, a very impressive, fat, meaty member. His large testicles were hanging low in his hairy sac.

Dean ran his hand over his chest and tweaked his nipples. He cleared his throat. “I’m ready”, he grinned.

Robin smiled at him. He was naked except for his socks and sneakers. “Me, too.”

“Good”, I said and stood behind Chad.

“Wanna make a deal?” Dean smiled, looking at Robin’s crotch.

Robin raised his eyebrows.

“Well”, Dean continued. “If you win, I’ll let you fuck me.”

Robin chuckled.

“And if I win”, Dean grinned. “I’ll fuck your little, tight ass.”

Robin grinned. He turned around and bent over, spreading his ass cheeks with his hands and letting Dean get a good view of his pink hole. “This one?”

Dean’s eyes widened and his cock twitched. A fine line of precum was oozing out of its tip, making its way down to the ground.

Robin turned around and laughed.

Dean licked his lips.

“Alright”, Robin smiled. “Deal.”

Dean’s dick twitched again and he smiled. “Okay.”

Without a warning, he lunged at Robin, wrapping his arms around the smaller guy and bringing his knee up into Robin’s nuts.

Robin yelped in pain. He grabbed Dean’s hard cock and dug his fingernails into it, making Dean scream and back away.

Robin grimaced and doubled over, clutching his dangling balls.

Dean was running his hand over his cock, looking closely to see if there was any blood. There wasn’t, and Dean looked relieved.

“You like it rough, huh?” Dean smiled, stroking his dick.

Robin straightened and looked at him. “Sometimes…”

Dean nodded and grinned.

Suddenly, Robin kicked Dean’s balls hard. His sneaker-clad foot landed right on target, crunching Dean’s precious balls into his pelvis and making the black haired guy groan in pain.

“Oooh”, Robin grinned and doubled over in mock sympathy, making fun of Dean’s pain. “I was hoping that you’d fuck me good and hard…”

Dean clutched his nuts and moaned in pain.

“Do you think you will manage?” Robin continued, grinning and jerking his cock.

Dean was breathing heavily.

“Do you think your nuts will recover?” Robin asked with an innocent expression on his face.

Dean groaned.

Robin chuckled and turned around. He bent over and spread his legs, looking at Dean through his legs. His hands ran up both of his leg until his middle fingers were touching his puckering hole. His hard cock and his bulging balls were wedged between his wrists. “Do you think you’ll be able to fuck me, Dean?” He inserted both of his fingers into his hole at the same time, closed his eyes and let out a long moan.

Dean looked up and stared at Robin’s ass. Quietly, he balled his fist. Then, with a precise uppercut, he punched Robin’s meaty nuggets that were held in place by his wrists.

Robin let out a high-pitched scream. His fingers pulled out of his hole and he stumbled forward.

Dean got up and brought his leg back. He kicked Robin’s nuts from behind, bringing his instep into his crotch and crushing his tender testicles with his bare foot.

Robin coughed and stumbled to the ground.

Dean grinned. “To answer your question: I think I will be able to fuck you, Robin.”

Robin moaned.

Dean knelt next to him and grabbed his nipples with both of his hands.

Robin was squirming in pain.

Dean’s cock was rock hard, pointing at Robin’s face.

He squeezed Robin’s nipples hard, bringing a miserable groan from Robin’s lips.

“Yeah”, Dean whispered, twisting Robin’s pink nipples with his fingers.

Robin screamed.

He reached out and grabbed Dean’s balls with his right hand. His fingers wrapped around the well-filled satchel and squeezed hard.

Dean’s eyes widened. He clenched his teeth and increased the pressure on Robin’s nipples while Robin ground his balls in his hands.

They both screamed in pain.

Both of them were trying to get the upper hand. Robin was kneading and twisting Dean’s tender balls, while Dean was doing the same to Robin’s nipples.

Screams and moans were filling the studio.

Both of their cocks were rock hard.

Suddenly, Dean decided to change tactics.

He let go of Robin’s right nipple and quickly grabbed Robin’s smooth ballsac.

“Fuck!” Robin yelled.

Dean was grimacing in pain. With all the force he could muster, he squeezed the hell out of Robin’s nuts and his left nipple.

Robin tried to counter by grinding Dean’s nuts, but after a short while, he screamed, “Fuck! I give!”

Dean let go of Robin’s nipple and loosed his grip on his nuts.

Robin pushed his arms away and rolled to his side, rubbing his chest and clutching his balls.

Dean was panting. He grimaced in pain and doubled over, holding his balls.

A couple of seconds later, he looked up and smiled through the pain.

“We had a deal”, he said slowly, causing Robin to let out an involuntary chuckle.

Dean grinned and stroked his rock hard cock.

He looked at Robin’s body. The blond boy’s skin was milky white.

Dean bit his lower lip and smiled. He slapped Robin’s ass with his palm.

Robin moaned.

Dean grinned and laid down on his back, his hard cock pointing skyward. “Come on, Robin”, he said. “Sit down…”

Robin turned around and looked at Dean.

His eyes were filled with tears and his nipples were bright red. His cock was hard and leaking precum.

“A deal is a deal”, Dean grinned.

Slowly Robin crawled over to Dean. He squatted over his loins, facing Dean, lining Dean’s massive erection up with his hole.

Biting his lips, Robin started to let his body sink down on Dean’s cock, impaling himself on the fierce rod.

Dean watched his glistening cock slip into Robin’s hole until it was completely buried inside the young blond’s body.

Both Dean and Robin moaned.

Dean lifted his hip, pushing against Robin’s ass.

Robin grimaced.

“You like that?” Dean grunted.

Robin moaned.

Dean pulled his cock halfway out of Robin’s hole.

Robin closed his eyes and moaned again.

Dean grinned.

Then he started fucking Robin hard, slamming his cock into Robin’s ass with rhythmic slapping sounds.

Robin moaned, his eyes closed. His hard cock was swinging wildly.

Dean groaned and grunted, ramming his fat cock into Robin’s hole.

Suddenly, he reached up and grabbed Robin’s nipples.

Robin’s eyes opened.

Dean squeezed hard, making Robin scream in pain.

“Yeah”, Dean moaned, fucking Robin’s ass and grinding his nipples between his fingers.

“Fuck!” Robin screamed.

Dean’s face was beet red and wet with sweat. He didn’t let go of Robin’s nipples and slammed his hard cock into Robin’s ass at increasing pace. “Yes!” he moaned.

Robin was screaming from the top of his voice.

Obviously enjoying Robin’s pain, Dean’s moaning became louder and louder as he was close to shooting his load.

Dean let go off Robin’s nipples and grabbed Robin’s raging hardon with one hand, his bulging nuts with the other one.

Jerking Robin’s cock, he squeezed his tender plums at the same time, while continuing to fuck Robin’s brains out.

Robin was shrieking in agony.

“Yeah!” Dean groaned.

Suddenly, Robin’s cock erupted with a thick spurt of cum that landed right in Dean’s face. Dean chuckled and let go of Robin’s cock.

Robin was screaming from the top of his lungs.

His cock was shooting jet after jet of hot white cum that coated Dean’s hairy chest, his neck and his face.

Dean grabbed Robin’s sac with both of his hands, one nut in each, determined to squeeze the last drop of cum out of his babymakers.

Robin writhed and screamed while his ass was being pounded by Dean’s thick cock and his nuts were savagely crunched in Dean’s hands..

Suddenly, Robin and balled his fist. He reached behind himself and slammed his fist between Dean’s thighs, hammering down on Dean’s nuts.

Dean yelped in surprise. His grip on Robin’s balls loosened

Robin whimpered and rolled to the side, letting Dean’s cock slip out of his ass just as it started spurting its first load of cream into the air. It landed on Robin’s gaping hole. Robin yelped and brought down his fist once more, crushing Dean’s nuts while his cock was shooting his cream all over the place.

Dean screamed in pain and doubled over, causing his cock to shoot a jet of cum right into his open mouth. He rolled to the side and curled up in a ball, whimpering in pain.

Next to him, Robin curled up in a ball, too, nursing his balls and his nipples.

Half an hour later, both of them were dressed again. They looked quite exhausted.

“Dean”, I said. “We’ll see you at our next fight.”

Dean grinned and nodded.

“Robin”, I turned to the blond boy.

Robin smiled and shrugged. “I know. I’m out.”

I nodded, smiling back at him.

“That’s okay”, Robin said, winking at Dean. “It was fun. I’m gonna launch my own website soon, anyway.”

“Oh?” I said.

Robin grinned and turned to Dean. “If you end up not making it to the top – I could offer you a job.” He reached down and playfully squeezed Dean’s bulge in his jeans.

Dean chuckled. “I’ll think about it…”


Anonymous said...

Alex - way hot! Loved it when Dean twisted Robin's nips while fucking him hard. Hot to the way Robin punched his nuts making Dean shoot in his own mouth. Did you & Chad get hard ons while watching? Wish we could see Robin's pictures! What color are his pubes?

Anonymous said...

I shouldn't leave negative comments on such a great site :-) but i don't think either of these guys offer much to your site. I really hope Dean and Ian get beaten in the next round. Great idea to vote for the Round 2 winners.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. You can automatically tell who is likely to make it to the top. I like Ian, but that's because he's a surfer who likes to have fun with his massive feet :D.

I must admit, though... he's not champ material... I'd like to see him do some footdom before he loses though, to see how mean he is about it... :P

Very hot story! Such hard sex! It's like angry sex but... well... better! I like he dynamics between these two, as well. Robin is such a man-slut, and Dean seems quite a sex-lover... XD

Anonymous said...

I don't raelly care for either guy. Dean seems sorta creeepy also. Although Robin's last comment did give me an Idea.

K, so theres a rival busting site(not neccesarly Robin), who challanges Alex (since their both sorta invading on each others turf)
So they agree to have a fight, loser goes off the internet. I figured they could send the models to fight for them (rivals site's models vs. alex's models)
Of corse Alex wins ;)

(and maybe Alex vs. Rival for the last fight)

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I'm not quite happy with both Dean and Robin, and I guess it showed in the story...

@ guy787970:
I like your suggestion. I'll think about it. Don't expect it to come this year, though, there are so many things I have to write first... ;-)

Anonymous said...

If you do the rival story, the other site could even be from another country. Maybe they could be Russian (tall, pale, arrogant, very athletic) and they all speak really bad english. Sorry I have a thing about east europeans. A return to the Cold War !

Alex said...

I'll think about that. I'm not very good at doing accents, though. As you know, I'm not a native speaker of English, myself, and I have trouble writing stories in correct English (there must be countless mistakes in my stories). It's even more difficult for me to imitate accents... But I'll see what I can do...