Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ben’s wrestling match

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Featured in this story: Ben, Danny, Kev and the twins (click for pictures)

I walked into the gym and immediately spotted Ben. He was talking to a couple of guys and smiled, when he saw me. He rushed over and shook my hand. “Hey, Alex!”

“Hi, Ben”, I grinned. “Ready for the fight?”

“Oh, yes”, the 20 year old jock giggled with child-like glee. He ran his hand through his black hair and nodded. “I’m ready! I’m ready!”

I chuckled.

In the middle of the gym, a couple of wrestling mats were lying on the floor. Maybe fifty people were sitting on the benches, most of them young guys, Ben’s buddies from his dorm.

I looked at my watch. “The fight is going to start in fifteen minutes.” I turned to Ben. “Shouldn’t you change your clothes?”

“Oh, yes, sure, thanks!” He turned around and ran into the locker rooms.

I chuckled.

Last week, Kev had told me about his idea. Ben was fascinated by wrestling, and he had been pestering Kev with his boasting about winning a wrestling tournament. Kev had grown tired of his friend’s ramblings, so he had arranged a fixed fight, a tag-team match with him and Ben on one team, and the twins Michael and Will on the other one. The ‘referee’ was going to be cute actor Danny.

I walked over to Chad who was standing behind the camera.

“Hey”, I said.

“Hi”, Chad mumbled.

“Everything alright?”

Chad nodded. “Ben doesn’t know?”

I grinned and shook my head.

“Boy, he’s gonna get his nuts cracked”, Chad chuckled.

“Oh yes…”

“Is it true that he has a date tonight?”

I smiled. “Not just any date… He has a date with the hottest girl in college. And he is sure he is gonna fuck her brains out after the fight…”

Chad grimaced. “I doubt that…”

“Me, too…”

We both laughed.

I turned around and walked into the locker room.

The twins were sitting on a bench. At 22, they were two years older than Kev and Ben.

Michael was wearing a blue singlet. The blond gymnast was rubbing some lotion on his muscular arms and legs. His crotch was bulging with his very impressive package. He had a thick, fat cock, and a pair of large, low hanging balls.

His twin brother Will’s singlet was red. His muscular body was glistening and his crotch was bulging with his genitals that were pretty much identical to his brother’s.

“Hey”, Will said and winked at me. “I hope we’ll win…”

I nodded.

Ben was sitting next to Kev. He was wearing a colorful leotard that seemed like it had been left over from the Eighties, with bright neon colors and green letters that spelled ‘ELIMINATOR’ just above Ben’s bulging package. His junk looked like a nut or two might roll out the leg opening any minute.

I raised my eyebrows. “Custom-made?”

Ben beamed with joy. “You like it?”

I nodded slowly. “I think I do…”

Kev laughed. “It’s perfect for you, Ben. You are the Eliminator. With you on the team, we can’t lose!”

Ben grinned and massaged his calves.

“Man, I’m a bit jealous of you”, Kev said, winking at me. His muscular, smooth chest was naked, and he was wearing some skimpy, green shorts that looked like bathing trunks.

Ben lifted his head and grinned at his buddy. “You are?”

Kev pretended to be contrite. “A bit.”

Ben chuckled.

“You know, your muscles are much bigger than mine”, Kev said slowly.

“They are?” Ben said, sounding surprised. He looked at his arm and flexed his biceps. Then he looked at Kev. “They are!”

“Yeah, I know”, Kev nodded. “With your wrestling skills and those muscles, you could win all by yourself…”

Ben chuckled. “Don’t worry, I’ll leave something for you…”

Kev nodded. “Good.”

Danny entered the locker room. The strawberry blond boy was wearing a black and white referee outfit.

“Okay, guys. We’re ready”, he said.

He turned around and walked into the gym.

Kev and Ben followed him and were met with thunderous applause from the audience.

I tapped Will’s shoulder and said in a low voice, “Do you think Michael is gonna go through with it?”

Will grinned at me. “We had a couple of beers.” He turned to his brother and smiled. “You ready to bust some balls, Mikey?”

Michael grinned and flexed his muscles. “Oh yes, I’m gonna crack his nuts…”

Will laughed and patted his brother’s shoulder.

I chuckled.

We walked into the gym.

When the applause had died down, Danny raised his voice, “Okay, guys, tag team number one: Kev and Ben.”

Kev nodded and smiled.

Danny turned to him and smiled, “Any words for your opponents?”

“Well, with Ben on our team, they’re gonna lose big time! Ben, the Eliminator!” Kev announced.

Ben beamed with pride.

The audience cheered.

“He’s got balls of steel, the biggest balls in the room”, Kev continued, causing Ben to grab his package and squeeze lightly.

“Yeah, Ben, show ‘em your muscles”, Kev shouted.

Ben grinned and walked to the center of the mat.

He flexed his muscles, grinning at the audience.

The guys on the benches clapped and cheered.

“Show us your nuts!” someone shouted, drawing cheers and laughter from the audience.

Ben smiled and grabbed his package. “Biggest balls in the room!” he screamed.

Danny, Kev and the twins chuckled.

Ben lifted one side of his leotard and let his naked nuts dangle out of the leg opening.

The audience went wild.

“Biggest balls in the room!” Ben screamed again. He flexed his muscles and looked at the audience, intoxicated by the applause and the cheers.

“Okay, okay”, Danny said.

“Biggest balls---“

“Thanks”, Danny grinned.

Ben smiled and walked back.

He turned to Kev and grinned, “Cindy is gonna love me for this! The king of manhood! She’s gonna let me do everything I want…” He chuckled and adjusted his crotch in his tight leotard.

Kev grinned. “Yeah!”

“Tag team number two: Michael and Will, the twins”, Danny shouted.

The applause was polite, not enthusiastic.

Will smiled and shrugged. “I guess we won’t have a chance against the Eliminator. But we’re gonna fight!”

The crowed clapped and cheered.

Danny smiled. “Let’s go!”

Ben and Will stood on the mats, circling each other.

Ben’s upper body was low, his arms outstretched.

He clenched his teeth. Then he opened his mouth and let out a roaring growl. He lunged at Will, but the blond gymnasts just lifted his foot, making Ben run into him and crunching his nuts with all his body weight.

Ben’s roar was cut short and he let out a tiny whimper.

The audience cringed in sympathy.

“Fuck!” Ben whispered in a high-pitched voice. He grabbed his balls and grimaced in pain.

“Oh, sorry”, Will said, looking concerned. “That’s--- I’m sorry.”

Ben doubled over, whimpering in pain and clutching his crotch.

Danny walked up to them and put his hand on Ben’s shoulder. “Everything alright?”

“I’m sorry”, Will said. “He ran into my foot.”

Danny looked at Ben.

Ben tried to laugh it off. He straightened and rubbed his thighs with his hands, trying to look casual. “Nothing”, he said hoarsely. “Nothing.”

Will smiled. “I’m sorry.”

Ben smiled weakly. “You know, I have a date tonight. You should be more careful…”

Will nodded. “As I said, I’m---“

Ben nodded. “Alright. It’s nothing.” He stretched his legs and inhaled deeply.

Danny turned to Will. “Do that again and I’ll have to deduct a point!”

Will looked at the floor and nodded.

“Okay”, Danny said. “Go on.”

Ben took a deep breath and tried to smile, but the look on his face indicated that he was feeling the pain that was radiating from his nuts.

Will smiled at Ben.

Ben gathered his strength and grabbed Will’s shoulder.

They struggled for a moment, then Will powered his knee into Ben’s nuts three times in rapid succession.

Ben screamed from the top of his lungs and collapsed on the floor, cupping his crotch and whimpering in pain.

The audience was going wild, laughing at Ben’s pain and clapping wildly.

I turned to one of the guys in the audience “Do you know what’s going on?“

He grinned, “Ben’s in for a beating…”

I raised my eyebrows. “So you know---“

“Sure”, he interrupted me, watching Ben and laughing. “Kev told us. We all know…”

I chuckled and turned to the match again.

Taking his time, Danny was walking towards Ben.

Ben’s was breathing heavily, his face contorted by anger and pain.

“I guess I’ll have to deduct one point”, Danny said calmly and pulled out a small note pad.

“Fuck! He kneed my fucking nuts three times!” Ben spat.

Danny looked at him and raised his eyebrows. “And now I have to deduct one point from you for indecent language”, he said and wrote something down.

“Actually”, Will grinned. “Two points.”

Danny looked at him. “Two--- ah, yes. Thanks, Will.”

Ben whimpered in pain. “This is not---“

“Fair is fair, Ben”, Danny said and turned around.

Ben moaned.

Quickly, Will stomped on Ben’s balls with the heel of his foot.

Ben cried out in pain.

Danny turned around.

“Nothing”, Will smiled.

Ben whimpered and nursed his battered balls. He crawled to the side of the mat and reached for Kev’s hand.

“My nuts”, he whispered.

“Don’t worry, we’ll win”, Kev said cheerfully.

In the meantime, Will and Michael had changed positions.

Will was standing at the sidelines.

Kev and Michael circled each other and put on a show, going through the motions, while Ben was lying at the side, clutching his aching balls.

His face was beet red and he looked like he was ready to kill someone.

After a couple of minutes, while Kev was in the middle of applying a fake chokehold on Michael, Ben shouted, “Kev, let me in!”

Kev let go of Michael and walked to the side. “Good luck”, he said and touched Ben’s hand.

Ben grunted and walked towards Michael.

Kev began talking to Danny.

Michael waited patiently, lying on the ground.

When Ben kneeling down, preparing to apply a hold on Michael, the blond gymnast’s fist shot out and landed in Ben’s crotch, crunching his vulnerable testicles with a resounding thud.

Some of the guys in the audience cringed in sympathy, others laughed at Ben’s comical expression.

His eyes were wide open and his cheeks puffed. He blinked a couple of times, then he let out an ear-piercing wail.

He collapsed on top of Michael, his ass sticking out, his hands clutching his newly inflamed balls.

Michael crawled away from under him, grabbed his legs and applied a legsplit, making Ben groan in pain. He held Ben’s legs apart and called for his brother. “Will, come on!”

Danny and Kev were talking, pretending to be oblivious to what was happening.

Will rushed over and jumped into Ben’s wide open crotch, planting his knee right on his testicles and making Ben open his eyes wide and let out a hoarse groan.

Will tagged Michael, and Michael walked to the side.

“Hey, what happened?” Danny said sharply, winking at Michael.

Michael winked. “Uh, nothing. We tagged.”

“Alright”, Danny nodded. “It seems like his balls are hurting.”

Michael shrugged, smiling. “I guess he is looking forward to his date tonight…”

Danny and Kev chuckled.

Danny cleared his throat. “Probably.”

Will was playing with Ben.

The young, muscular jock boy was stumbling across the mats, holding his groin, while Will circled him, moving quickly.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, he got behind Ben and slammed his bare foot into Ben’s aching gonads.

Ben screamed in pain.

“Hey!” Danny shouted. “I saw that! Another point deducted!”

Ben groaned and doubled over.

“Sorry”, Will grinned.

Ben’s face was pale and he looked like he was about to puke.

Will slammed his foot into Ben’s nuts again, connecting perfectly and making the poor jock leap forward like a limping frog.

“Damn! I’m sorry”, Will shouted.

The audience laughed.

Will grinned. “I promise it won’t happen again…”

Ben groaned in pain. He glared at Will and nursed his battered balls. “You bastard”, he growled. With all the force he could muster, he lunged at the blond gymnast and grabbed his singlet, trying to rip it apart.

Will reached around and grabbed a good hold of Ben’s singlet at his backside. He yanked up, giving Ben a major wedgie and making him squeal in pain. The fabric ripped and Ben’s plump, swollen testicles popped out into the open.

Will grinned and slammed his knee into Ben’s nuts, catching both of them dead-on and ramming them into his pelvis.

Ben’s eyes went wide and his nose twitched. His mouth formed a silent O, but no sound escaped his lips.

Suddenly, he started to retch.

Will backed away, letting Ben collapse on the floor, clutching his naked nuts.

He walked to the side and tagged Michael.

“Yeah, good idea”, Kev said. “Ben! Come here!”

Ben groaned in pain.

“Come here”, Kev repeated.

Michael waited, grinning.

Ben managed to crawl across the mat and tagged Kev.

Kev nodded. He patted Ben’s shoulder and grinned. “We’re gonna win this thing.”

Ben whimpered. “But Cindy---“

“Don’t worry”, Kev interrupted him. “Your balls are made of steel…”

Ben groaned and doubled over. Curling up in a little ball, he moaned in pain and clutched his aching gonads.

This time, it took longer for him to recover.

Michael and Kev had to pretend to fight against each other for almost ten minutes.

Finally, Ben looked at them and grunted, “Kev!”

Kev chuckled and winked at Michael. He turned around. “Huh?”

Ben waved at him and Kev walked towards him, tagging him.

“I worked him over”, Kev whispered, glancing at Michael who was curled up on the mats. “You can finish him!”

“Yeah!” Ben roared, infuriated and in pain.

He limped towards Michael, trying successfully to ignore the pain in his babymakers, and let out a loud, menacing roar that was reminiscent of the scream he had used to intimidate his opponents in the Olympics – with questionable success.

“Primal scream therapy”, Danny mumbled.

Kev and Will laughed.

Michael didn’t move. He pretended to be tired and in pain.

Ben circled him, his naked nuts hanging out of his leotard, swollen and red. He flexed his muscles and stood in front of the audience, shaking his fists and screaming.

The guys in the audience cheered and clapped.

Behind him, Michael slowly got up and sneaked up to him.

Some guys in the audience laughed, guessing what was about to happen, but Ben was oblivious of them.

He let out another roar that was brutally stopped when Michael kicked Ben’s vulnerable balls from behind.

His naked foot connected with the two dangling fruits and crunched them hard.

Ben coughed and his face turned pale.

Again, Michael brought up his foot, hitting both of Ben’s precious nuggets dead on and slamming them into his crotch.

Ben’s cheek puffed and his eyes turned inwards.

Another hard, relentless kick found its way into Ben’s crotch. Michael’s instep flattened Ben’s big, ripe plums like pancakes.

Ben coughed and retched and fell to the ground, letting out a tiny, wheezing moan before he passed out.

The audience went wild, clapping and cheering.

Danny walked over to Ben and knelt down next to him.

Ben wasn’t moving.

“Wait!” Kev shouted and ran into the locker room. He returned with a small trophy the size of a soda can. “Here”, he grinned and handed it to Danny.

Danny chuckled. He slapped Ben’s face a couple of times until he regained consciousness.

Ben moaned miserable and looked around.

The twins were standing right in front of his face.

Ben stared at their feet, then he looked up and saw the twins smiling at him.

Will pointed at Ben’s crotch.

His naked nuts were swollen and bruised.

Will chuckled. “I guess, now, your nuts are bigger then ours…”

The audience laughed along with Danny, Kev and the twins, while Ben groaned and turned to Danny.

“Here”, Danny said, trying to keep a straight face. He handed Ben the trophy and said, “This is for you and Kev. The twins lost. Too many points deducted…”

Ben groaned and accepted the trophy. He smiled at the audience and waved it.

The audience cheered and clapped, laughing at him.

Somehow, Ben started to realize what was happening. He grimaced in pain. Then he stared at Kev and growled, “You fixed the fight, didn’t you?”

Kev grinned.

Ben turned to Danny and the twins. “Didn’t he?”

Michael, Will and Danny chuckled.

“No”, Will said.

Then they all burst out laughing.

Ben closed his eyes and grimaced in pain.

“I’ll call Cindy. I guess you won’t make it tonight, huh?” Kev chuckled.

Ben groaned. “Man, you are dead!”

Kev grinned and slapped Ben’s nuts with the palm of his hand.

Ben wailed in pain.

“Not yet”, Kev grinned.


Anonymous said...

Wow. One of your best stories so far.
I hope we will see more stories like this...when a guy gets busted but then recovers and fights on.
I would love to see Ben challenge Kev to a Roshambo match. Maybe modify the rules so it lasts longer. For example you could impose a maximum time between kicks (maybe 2 minutes). It doesn't matter if one guy falls to the floor, but he must get up in time to take his kick or he loses.
And of course the loser gets a free kick in the balls !

Alex said...

Thank you! I'll think about your idea! At the moment I'm quite busy with the Auditions stories, so it might take a little time...

Anonymous said...

Ben is a great childlike and easy to manipulate. Also he's got a big ego and pretty tough jewels so he's not beaten too quickly ! It's great that the twins resisted the temptation to compare balls. I guess Ben still believes he's the "biggest in the room" so hopefully there will be more humiliation to come ! Thanks!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I love the character of Ben, too. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to follow up this story. Maybe there will be a rematch... ;-))

Anonymous said...

Some kind of rematch would be fun, but I think Ben will really want to get revenge on Kev first. Ben and Kev should remain friends because the wrestling match is the kind of joke they play all the time. I really like the Roshambo challenge because (a)Ben wants to prove he is more of a man, (b)he is "unlucky" in one-on-one fights (c) He got a Silver in Olympics and could have won if he had kicked better.

Alex said...

You are right. I'll think of something that includes Roshambo. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Just took your survey. My "Other" is competitive roshambo, but minus the rock paper scissors...just get to it. I have a fantasy of naked male wrestlers in no holds barred matches. That's my warped mind, I guess. Anyway, just found this and look forward to reading more.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback!

There's a sequel to this story that involves Roshambo:

I hope you'll like it. :-))

Anonymous said...

I ha like a sotey like my own one with more if the real stuff
One day me and my sister who is 16 and I'm 17 watched a couple of moves a women made in a movie when she was fighting a guy she was clever and made him hurt in those nads.
We argued for a while and started wrestling afterwards i wore briefs white while she was in her tight pants and a bra. I pushed her in one corner felling proud of my power she just smiled and kicked my balls with her toe it hurt alot i got up soon but I was feeling really weak and my balls hurt. She went down to her knees gave me a uppercut to the balls from behind smashing both of my balls, she pinned me one two three and won.
After that I understood the seriousness of having low hanging big testicles. I have stayed away from arguments with her since

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! It sounds like you learned your lesson. :-))