Saturday, October 25, 2008

Auditions – round 2: Milosh vs. Xander

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Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Xander (click for pictures)

“Hi”, Milosh said, entering the room.

I returned his smile. “Good to see you.”

The 23 year old was wearing jeans and a shirt. I wasn’t absolutely sure, but I though I remembered seeing him in exactly the same clothes a couple of weeks ago when he had defeated Clay in the first round of the Auditions. His shirt was dirty and there were some tears in it that I didn’t remember, one in particular, that let me catch a glimpse of his left nipple. He was wearing brown leather shoes that looked like they were about to fall apart.

Milosh was a Romani, a gypsy, as he called himself. His skin was very tanned and he had thick, black, unkempt hair. His eyes were a very dark shade of brown, almost black.

He scratched his neck and grinned. “Who is going to be my opponent for today?”

I smiled. “Remember the guy at the first meeting? The one whose girlfriend gave you a blowjob?”

“The rich kid?” Milosh’s eyes lightened up.

I nodded. “Xander.”

“That’s gonna be fun!” Milosh grinned.

I shrugged. “You’ll have to win this one. If you don’t, you are out of the running…”

Milosh cracked his knuckles. “I know. It’s gonna be fun.” He nodded at Chad who was fumbling with the camera. Then he looked at me again. “Where is he?”

“I’m here.”

We turned our heads and saw Xander enter the room, accompanied by his lover Shorty.

Both of them were wearing white clothing that looked like it was quite expensive. It made Milosh’s shabby outfit look even shabbier…

Xander grinned. “Hi!” He was wearing tight white trousers and an unbuttoned white shirt over a white tank top, shiny, new sneakers and a pair of elegant sunglasses I had seen in an advertisement in a magazine. His blond hair was accentuated with a couple of highlights.

His platinum blond companion was wearing white short shorts that clung to his body like a second skin, and a white tank top. He had a cute face, but sported a bored expression and didn’t bother to smile at us.

Xander looked at Milosh and sighed. “Okay. Here’s the deal. You look like you need some new clothes. Desperately.” He chuckled and produced his wallet. He took a couple of bills out and waved them in front of Milosh’s face. “One hundred dollars.”

Milosh raised his eyebrows.

Xander sighed again and took another bill from his wallet. “Okay, one hundred and twenty.” He looked at Milosh expectantly.

Milosh shrugged. “Yes?”

Xander sighed deeply. “Take the money and go home.”

Milosh chuckled and looked at me.

“He’s trying to buy his way out of the fight”, I said.

Xander glared at me.

Milosh grinned and shook his head. “I’m gonna kick your ass…”

Xander rolled his eyes and put the bills back into his wallet. “Alright.” He turned to Shorty. “Sit down on the couch. It’s not gonna take long…”

Shorty nodded and walked past us.

Milosh scratched his head.

I looked at Chad who nodded at me.

“Okay”, I said. “Let’s start.”

I took a couple of steps back and stood next to my cameraman.

Xander and Milosh looked at each other.

Milosh grinned. Suddenly, his fist sliced through the air, stopping short of Xander’s groin. “Boo!”

Xander winced and covered his crotch.

Milosh laughed.

Xander frowned at him.

The two boys began circling each other.

Xander looked tense.

Milosh, on the other hand, seemed perfectly relaxed. Occasionally, he pretended to lunge at his opponent, making Xander wince and back away, which seemed to be of much amusement for Milosh.

More than five minutes passed without either guy landing a punch.

Xander didn’t even try. Whatever his strategy was, apparently it did not include attacking his opponent.

Milosh had fun scaring Xander, pretending to kick his balls and laughing when Xander gasped and winced.

After a while, Milosh started to get bored. He scratched his neck and shook his head slowly, grinning at Xander. “Are you gonna just stand there or do you plan on doing something?”

Xander’s eyes narrowed. “I will strike when the time is right.”

Milosh stared at him for a moment before he let out a roaring laugh. “That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard! After five minutes of doing nothing!”

Xander bit his lower lip. “You may think it’s ridiculous, but you’ll---“

Suddenly, Milosh got down onto his knees. He threw a vicious uppercut that connected perfectly with Xander’s well-presented package in his white trousers, crunching his jewels hard.

As quickly as he had launched his attack, Milosh was on his feet again, even before Xander’s brain had processed the incoming information from his testicles.

Milosh grinned and rubbed his hands as Xander doubled over, slowly grabbing his crotch and moaning in pain.

Shorty looked at his boyfriend and ran his hand over his bulge.

“Fuck”, Xander whispered as he struggled to remain standing.

Milosh grinned with pride. He balled his fist, looked at his knuckles and chuckled. “I’m a boxer…”

Xander groaned. “Fuck”, he whispered again. Then he lunged at Milosh, headbutting the young gypsy in the groin and causing him to stumble backwards. Seizing his chance, Xander threw all his body weight at him, pushing Milosh to the floor and landing on top of him.

The two boys struggled, grunting and panting.

Suddenly, Xander grabbed hold Milosh’s hair and pulled.

Milosh screamed from the top of his lungs and tried to pull Xander’s hand away.

Xander’s other hand grabbed Milosh’s t-shirt, ripping it apart and exposing the gypsy’s hairy chest.

Milosh lifted his knee, catching Xander in the crotch. It wasn’t a very hard hit, but it was hard enough for Xander to lose the grip on Milosh’s hair.

Milosh shoved Xander away and got up, rubbing his head and examining his shirt. “Fuck you”, he cried. “Why did you do that?” He stripped of the remains of his t-shirt and threw them to the ground, revealing his broad back and a muscular chest.

Xander got up, too, rubbing his crotch and grinning at his opponent. “You should have taken the money”, he smirked. “You could have bought a new shirt with it…”

Milosh frowned at him. With a deep grunt, he jumped forward, grabbed Xander’s snow-white shirt with his right hand and tore it off his body. His left hand grabbed the neck line of Xander’s tank top and yanked down, making Xander gasp as his upper body was exposed.

Shorty was sitting on the couch, rubbing his crotch. He had gotten his nick name because of the awkward size of his cock. Now, the small dick was fully hard and pointing to the side, clearly outlined in his tight short shorts.

Shorty’s fingers were massaging the head of his cock as he watched Xander and Milosh fight each other. He reached inside one of the leg openings of his shorts and pulled out his sac. In contrast to his cock, his testicles were quite big. They rested on his thighs. Shorty massaged them between his fingers, rubbing his large nuts in their shaven sac and licking his lips.

In the meantime, Xander had managed to take Milosh’s shoes off. He pulled down his jeans, exposing his boxers. He dug his finger nails into his opponent’s thighs, leaving red marks and making Milosh scream in pain.

Milosh punched Xander’s face, causing the blond boy to cry out.

Milosh quickly got up. His jeans were hanging around his ankles, restricting his movement.

“You fight like a girl”, he grunted, taking off his jeans and throwing them across the room.

He was wearing boxers and socks, now.

Xander rubbed his face and looked up at Milosh. He groaned and stood. Biting his lower lip, he launched a mean kick into Milosh’s boxer-clad bulge, connecting with both of Milosh’s gonads and making the gypsy’s eyes bulge.

Milosh let out a miserable groan and doubled over.

“I fight like a winner”, Xander growled and walked behind Milosh.

He kicked Milosh’s nuts from behind. His sneaker collided with the soft bulge in Milosh’s boxers, causing him to stumble forward and collapse on the ground.

“Like a winner”, Xander repeated. His face was filled with rage. He stood next to Milosh and started throwing hard kicks to his side, making Milosh curl up and scream in pain.

Xander chuckled.

Suddenly, Milosh’s heel collided with Xander’s shin.

The blond boy shrieked in pain and jumped up and down.

Milosh was panting heavily. His dark eyes turned to Xander’s midsection. He balled his fist and threw a vicious uppercut into Xander’s crotch, connecting perfectly, his knuckles slamming into the soft pouch.

Xander whimpered in pain.

Another uppercut met its target. Milosh’s fist dug into the tender meatballs, flattening them and driving them into his pelvis.

Xander coughed and his eyes clenched shut.

Groaning, Milosh got up and lunged at Xander, driving his knee into Xander’s testicles and lifting him off the ground.

Xander wailed in pain.

The two boys landed on the ground, Milosh on top of Xander, driving his knee into Xander’s groin again and again.

Shorty was watching, kneading his naked balls in his hand, breathing heavily. His small cock was rock hard inside his shorts as he ran his hand over it.

Milosh’s knee connected with Xander’s balls again and Shorty moaned in pleasure.

“Fuck”, Xander whimpered.

Milosh grunted and opened Xander’s trousers despite Xander’s desperate attempts to prevent further damage to his nuts.

Reaching inside Xander’s briefs, Milosh found what he was looking for. He grabbed the two swollen orbs and squeezed them in his hand.

Xander’s eyes widened. “Shorty”, he whimpered.

Shorty watched him, panting, and slowly got up.

Milosh was squeezing the life out of Xander’s nuts, making the blond boy wail and whimper. The gypsy was kneeling right next to his opponent, a determined expression on his dace as his strong hand was crunching Xander’s nuts.

Shorty sneaked up to Milosh, his pendulous balls hanging out of his tight shorts, his small erection outlined in the fabric. He lifted his hand and prepared to punch Milosh’s head from behind.

Suddenly, Milosh’s free hand shot back and grabbed hold of Shorty’s naked plums.

Shorty inhaled sharply.

Milosh shook his head slowly as he increased the pressure on both boys’ jewels. “This is not going to work, ladies”, he said cheerfully.

Then he twisted both of his hands, squeezing both sets of testicles in the process, and making Xander and Shorty let out simultaneous wails.

The two blond boys screamed from the top of their lungs as Milosh ground their nuts in his hands.

Milosh’s eyes twitched as he tried to pulverize the two boys’ testicles.

Suddenly, Shorty let out a miserable moan and his dick started to twitch inside his shorts. A moist stain appeared where the tip of Shorty’s dick was wedged inside his shorts. As Shorty’s moans went on, the stain expanded until almost all of the fabric was moist.

Milosh twisted Shorty’s nuts one final time. Then he shoved the blond boy away.

Shorty stumbled and collapsed on the ground, moaning in pain and clutching his hurting testicles.

Milosh grinned. “Congratulations. Your buttboy is a great help…”

Xander wailed in pain.

“You know what?” Milosh grinned, pulling his hand out of Xander’s trousers and allowing the boy to curl up in a ball. “I think I want to see you shoot your load, too.”

Xander whimpered in pain.

Milosh looked at the camera and winked. “Give the audience something to see, huh?” He turned to Xander again. “What do you think?”

Xander coughed.

Milosh looked at his thigh where Xander’s fingernails had left a lasting impression. His facial expression darkened. He stood and kicked Xander’s ass.

Xander let out a miserable whimper.

Lifting his foot, Milosh stomped down on Xander’s nuts, crunching them underneath his socked foot.

Xander’s eyes crossed and he moaned in pain.

Milosh nodded, obviously satisfied.

He reached for Xander’s feet and pulled off his shoes. Then he stripped off Xander’s trousers and his boxer briefs, revealing the blond boy’s swollen nuts and his massive erection that was glistening with precum.

Grabbing both of Xander’s ankles, Milosh spread his legs apart, creating a V.

“No”, Xander croaked. “I give up. You win.”

Milosh shook his head. “I want to see you cum, rich boy.”

Xander whimpered.

Milosh lifted his large, socked foot and rubbed Xander’s cock that was lying on his abs, pointing at the blond’s chest.

Xander moaned.

Milosh gnashed his teeth. With lighting speed and painful accuracy, he stomped down on Xander’s hefty nuggets, driving them into the hard floor and flattening them like pancakes.

Xander screamed in pain and his cock twitched.

Milosh twisted his foot, grinding Xander’s nuts like he was stomping out a cigarette.

The noise that came from Xander’s mouth sounded like he had absolved a yodelling class.

His opponent didn’t hold back. He crunched Xander’s nuts like he was trying to pressing grapes, preparing for the wine to start pouring.

A couple of seconds later, it did.

Accompanied by an agonized scream, Xander’s cock twitched violently and started shooting his hot cum all over his body, coating his abs and his chest. A couple of jets even hit his chin and his neck.

Milosh grinned and continued squishing Xander’s testicles under his socked foot until the last drop of cum had left Xander’s twitching dick.

Grinding his heel into Xander’s swollen meatballs, Milosh chuckled. “Thanks”, he said matter-of factly and took a step back.

Xander curled up in a ball, crying and sobbing, clutching his agonized babymakers. His semen was running down his chest and his abs, creating an impressive puddle on the floor.

Milosh looked at me. “I guess that’s it, huh?”

I looked at Xander and Shorty, both of whom were writhing on the floor, moaning and groaning in pain.

I nodded. “Welcome to the semi-finals…”

“I could use a cigarette”, Milosh said, rubbing his thigh where Xander’s fingernails had left their marks.

“You can get one from me”, Chad said.

They walked into the kitchen, giving me a chance to admire Milosh’s very tanned, muscular body.

Half an hour later, Milosh was ready to leave. He was shirtless. His jeans were torn in places, but his t-shirt was literally torn apart.

He glanced at Xander, who was lying on his side, curled up, sobbing silently. One of his balls were was wedged between his thighs, sticking out beneath his ass cheeks. It looked bruised and swollen.

Milosh brought his foot back and kicked the poor, trapped nut hard. His dirty leather shoe connected with Xander’s ripe plum, causing the blond boy’s body to jump. He whimpered in pain.

“That’s for my old shirt”, Milosh said. He looked around and spotted Xander’s white trousers. He reached inside and grabbed the wallet. Taking one of the bills, he grinned. “And that’s for the new one.”

Xander and Shorty left a couple of minutes after Milosh. Neither of them said a word.


Anonymous said...

Seeing Xander thinking he's all high and mighty getting paulverized when he finnaly has to fight fair, and even when he tries to cheat he still looses. HOT!!!
and I love the clothed-busting before nude-busting, although the cum was a bit much

Anonymous said...

Ya, I totaly agre with annon 1.

Anonymous said...

ya, me 2, but I was thinking about Logan, it would be hot if the next story he was in, he had major 5-o-clock shadow after just a few days of not shaving, and that became his new look
(well, major-stubble around mouth and chin, not full-blown beard, since he shaves that)

Anonymous said...

Ya, Logan strikes me as the type who's been shaving since 7th grade, wich is also the year he probably lost his virginity.

Anyway, it would be hot if , if he won (hopefully he sill), he'd have to face off against one of the regular models, who completely under-estimated him, and assumed he was just some high-school punk, but he shows them by beating them in a ballbutsing fight,(and probably having a bigger dick). And every one gains mutual respect.
IF HE WINS!! wich i hope he does.

Anonymous said...

ya, well I think WHOEVERS the winner should have to go through an "initianon" from the other models. Like having to bust Zach's balls.

(it seems like he gets his balls abused by everyone, so it would be a cool initaion that the other models set up, because like, they've all busted Zach at one point or another)

(and of corse Zach is totaly unaware of this procees)

WHOEVER wins should have to do that

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I'll think about the 5-o'clock-shadow for Logan.

The initiation idea is fantastic! All of you will decide who will be the new model. But I'll make sure that whoever that is, he will get a nice welcome by the other models... ;-))

Anonymous said...

Yeahhh! I loved the foot shout-out, thank you very much for that. 'twas true cum-stomping goodness! ^^

I'm kinda glad Xander went down. Too many Davids will spoil the broth, you know? I liked the fact Milosh was able to bust both Shorty and Xander to the point of them cumming... very hot... ^^

Alex said...

Thank you, Chris, I knew you'd like it... ;-))

Anonymous said...

Great story. Also I hope that we see more of Xander again!
It seems the uppercut is Milosh's main weapon. I think it's good for characters to have different specialities. Like Phil and his deadly kicks.

Alex said...

Thank you! I'm glad you like the story. With Milosh having some experience in boxing, I thought that the uppercut specialty would be quite nice... :-))

Anonymous said...

I love the creaming the shorts scene, make more!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I'll make sure to include that in another story... :-))

Carter said...

Great way to kick off round two.

Alex said...

Thank you, Carter!