Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sammy the ball doctor: Treating Parker

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Parker and Sammy (click for pictures)

“So what is this about?” Parker asked me.

The 21 year old gymnast with the dyed red hair was wearing tight green jeans, a colorful shirt and sneakers.

“Well”, I said, “it’s a little skit for our website. Sammy plays the doctor and you play the patient.” I showed him five envelopes that I had prepared. “These are five different ‘diagnoses’. You pick one and get an appointment with Doctor Sammy…”

Parker grinned and ran his hand through his bright red hair.

We were standing in my doctor friend’s practice.

Parker had arrived a little late.

Sammy was already sporting his white doctor’s coat. Underneath it, he was wearing an oversized white t-shirt, baggy blue jeans and sneakers. He was standing next to us.

Parker winked at Sammy. “That means you’re gonna bust my balls, right?”

Sammy shrugged. The 18 year old skater was a bit taller than Parker. He had natural red hair and cute freckles all over his face. “I’ll do my best”, he grinned.

Parker chuckled.

Then he looked at the five envelopes I was holding in my hands. He sighed and took one of them.

“Let the fun begin”, he grinned and walked out the door.

I looked at my camerman Chad.

“Ready to go”, Chad said.

I nodded at Sammy.

The red haired skater smiled and adjusted his crotch.

“Action!” I said.

Sammy was standing in the middle of the practice, reading something on a chart.

Parker knocked on the door and entered the room.

Sammy looked up.

“Hi, Doc”, Parker smiled.

“Hi, Parker”, Sammy replied and shook his hand. “How are you?”

“Well, Doc, I have a problem”, Parker said.

“How can I help you?” Sammy smiled.

“Well,”, Parker scratched his head. “I’ve been kicked in the---“ He cleared his throat. He did quite a good job looking embarrassed… “Well, you know, Doc, in the--- in the family jewels.”

Sammy nodded. “And now you want me to have a look to make sure that everything is alright?”

Parker shrugged. “Actually, it didn’t hurt at all. I didn’t feel a thing.”

Sammy tried his best to hide his amused grin.

“It didn’t hurt at all”, Parker repeated. “And I think, well, maybe that’s not right…”

Sammy nodded. “We’ll have to run a few tests…”

Parker smiled. “Sure. And by tests you mean…”

Sammy grinned. “Kicking your testicles.”

Parker shrugged. “Sure. That’s what I thought…”

Sammy chuckled. “Turn around and bend over, please”, he said casually, taking a step back.

“Sure, Doc”, Parker said. He bent over and put his hands on his knees.

Sammy looked at Parker’s ass. “Spread your legs a little bit more.”

Parker nodded. He had a big bulge in his tight jeans that made his genitals easily accessible.

Okay”, Sammy said and brought his foot back. “Let’s see.”

He powered his sneaker-clad foot into Parker’s crotch from behind. His toes slammed right into Parker’s vulnerable bulge, flattening his precious testicles into his pelvis.

Parker inhaled sharply as he stumbled forward. His hands clamped into his knees.

“Well?” Sammy said, grinning.

“Nothing”, Parker lied, trying to stay on his feet. His eyes closed and he tried to breathe slowly.

“Interesting”, Sammy said, trying to look concerned. “Let’s do that again.”

Parker nodded. His mouth twitched as he tried to remain calm.

With a little running start, Sammy kicked Parker again. The instep of his sneaker collided with Parker’s impressive bulge, slamming it into his crotch and making the poor boy let out a soft groan.

Parker’s fingernails dug into his knees and his face reddened.

“Nope”, he whispered.

Sammy nodded. “Maybe your jeans are absorbing most of the impact”, he said cheerfully. “Why don’t you take them off?”

Parker nodded slowly. “Sure, Doc, sure.”

He groaned as he took off his jeans.

“Oh, I have an idea”, Sammy said and walked towards Chad.

Chad’s camera was focused on Parker who was taking off his jeans, revealing his boxers.

Sammy silently pointed at Chad’s feet.

Chad looked at him.

“Take them off”, Sammy mouthed.

Chad shrugged and took off his heavy black boots.

Sammy grinned. “Thank you”, he mouthed and returned to Parker who had stripped off his jeans and his sneakers.

“I got these from my assistant”, Sammy said, showing Parker the boots.

Parker stared at them. “Great.”

Sammy grinned and knocked on the tip of the shoes. “Oh, steel caps.”

Parker bit his lower lip. “Great”, he whispered.

Sammy chuckled as he changed his shoes. “They are not quite my size, but I think they will do the trick.”

Parker nodded slowly. “I sure hope so, Doc…”

Sammy grinned.

The two boys were facing each other.

Sammy looked at Parker’s crotch. “Get your penis out of the way, please.”

Parker’s eyes twitched.

“We don’t want to hurt it, do we?” Sammy smiled.

Parker nodded and reached inside his boxers. He pulled his cock up so that its tip was held by the waistband. Then he spread his legs and looked at Sammy.

Sammy smiled and brought his leg back. With a sickening thud, his boot-clad foot collided with Parker’s crotch, landing right on target and crunching both of Parker’s nuts dead on.

Parker let out a hoarse cough and struggled to keep his hands behind his back. He doubled over slightly and closed his eyes. “Nothing”, he whispered.

Sammy shook his head. “Amazing”, he said, grinning.

Parker was breathing heavily.

Sammy kicked Parker’s balls twice in rapid succession. The steel-toed boot slammed into Parker’s tender testicles, making the poor gymnast’s eyes twitch. His face was almost as red as his dyed hair, now. He whimpered in pain but managed to croak, “Nothing, Doc.”

“I see”, Sammy said and got down on one knee. He pulled Parker’s boxers down and Parker’s rock hard cock slapped him in the face with a wet slap.

Sammy quickly backed away and ran his hand over his cheek where a trail of sticky precum was running down.

“Sorry”, Parker whispered.

“That’s okay”, Sammy grinned and looked at his hand. He stuck out his tongue and licked his palm. “Your semen seems to be okay…”

Parker bit his lips. “Thanks”, he croaked. “That’s a relief.”

Sammy grinned and straightened. “Spread your legs.”

Parker moaned softly and did as he was told. His boxers were hanging around his left ankle. His big cock was pointing at the ceiling, its tip glistening and wet. His large balls were hanging low in their reddened sac, and they looked quite a bit swollen.

“That looks painful”, Sammy said, looking amused. “You should feel something.”

Parker looked miserable, but he stuck to his role. “I don’t feel anything”, he whispered.

Sammy nodded. “Alright.”

He brought his leg back and powered a hard kick into Parker’s naked nuts. The black boot slammed into Parker’s tender plums and flattened them with a loud slap that echoed across the room.

Parker whimpered and doubled over, placing his hands on his thighs. His fingernails dug into the flesh, almost drawing blood.

“Nothing”, Parker whimpered.

“Did you hear that sound?” Sammy grinned.


“Sounded like your nuts cracked.”

“They didn’t”, Parker moaned.

“Well, that’s astounding”, Sammy shrugged and kicked Parker’s nuts once more. The steel toed boot crashed into Parker’s tender babymakers, flattening them like pancakes.

Parker wailed and collapsed on the floor. He was lying on his stomach, his hands cupping his balls.

“That was painful, huh?” Sammy said cheerfully.

Parker groaned.

“Well, it’s a start”, Sammy grinned.

Parker’s rock hard cock was sticking out between his legs, peeking out between his ass cheeks, while he was covering his balls with his hands.

Sammy looked at Parker’s dick. Its moist tip was leaking precum.

Sammy chuckled. Then he took a step forward and stepped on Parker’s cock.

Parker wailed in pain.

“Oops, sorry”, Sammy grinned and took a step back. The sole of the boot had created a footprint on Parker’s hard member. “Seems to me that you are regaining your sensitivity down there, huh?”

Parker whimpered.

“Let go of your testicles, please”, Sammy said.

“Sure, Doc”, Parker whispered.

“Let’s finish this”, Sammy grinned and stomped down on Parker’s juicy nuts that were lying vulnerably on the floor between Parker’s thighs.

Parker shrieked in pain.

“Yeah, that’s right”, Sammy grinned and shifted his weight, grinding down on Parker’s nuts.

Parker’s cock began to twitch violently.

Sammy twisted his foot, stomping Parker’s poor balls into the hard floor.

Parker screamed from the top of his lungs.

Sammy lifted his foot and immediately brought it down onto Parker’s nuts with devastating effect: Parker’s cock twitched uncontrollably and started erupting with long spurts of thick, white cum that created a messy puddle of jizz on the floor.

Parker wailed and screamed while Sammy was squeezing the cum out of his nuts with his steel-toed boot.

When Parker’s orgasm subsided, Sammy brought his foot back and kicked Parker’s spent nuts one final time, crunching them hard and causing Parker to gag and curl up in a ball.

Sammy looked down at him and grinned.

He knelt down and dipped his index finger into the sticky mess that Parker had created. He brought the finger to his lips and licked it.

“Well, Parker”, Sammy grinned. “I guess you are cured. Are you feeling pain?”

Parker whimpered. “Yes, Doc.”

“Great. I’m happy I could help you…” Sammy slapped Parker’s naked ass and left the room, leaving the semi-naked gymnast lying on the ground, sobbing and writhing in pain.

“Cut!” I shouted. “Brilliant!” I walked over to Parker. “How are you feeling?”

Parker groaned in pain.

“You should get an Oscar for that!” I chuckled. “Thank you!”

“I won’t be able to fuck for a week”, Parker moaned.

I grinned. “Thanks for your commitment…”


Anonymous said...

Whooo! I didn't think I'd enjoy a story not about feet or socks. I was wrong! The stepping-on-his-cock thing was very cool, I'd like it if that spread around a bit, XP.

Sammy's a pretty cool character. I've never much cared for these stories, but this one... well, I'm definately a fan now. The idea of Parker having to stay completely indifferent was sexy too. XD

Anonymous said...

LOVED IT! Best sammy story yet, loved how you busted him before taking off his jeans, and again before taking off his boxers. It's so hot when you can fit in fully-clothed busting, half dressed busting, and naked busting all in one.And I loved the boot kick, and the ball stomp.
I don't care much for the cock-stomp thoigh.

Anonymous said...

LOVED the hot red-head on red-head action.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you like the story!