Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Note: There's no girl present, but there's alot of dialogue focussing on a girl. In addition to that, this is the lead-up to a story that includes not only a girl, but also graphic heterosaxuality. So if you don't like that, you might want to skip this post...

Danny was sitting with me at the kitchen table.

The handsome actor with the strawberry blond hair was scratching his head.

“What is it?” I said, sensing that something was wrong.

We had talked about a movie that he had seen with his girlfriend, but I knew he wasn’t here to talk about romantic comedies starring Dane Cook.

“Lauren”, he said in a low voice.

I nodded and waited.

“I think she’s…“ he sighed. “I think she’s sleeping with another guy.”

I was silent.

Danny looked at me, his eyes filled with pain.

“You sure?” I said.

Danny shrugged and gave a bitter laugh. “No, I’m not.” He threw his head back and closed his eyes. Then he looked at me again. “I’m not sure. But I think--- oh, this is so stupid!”

I shrugged and smiled. “What is?”

Danny sighed again and smiled weakly. “I think--- God, this is so--- You know, sometimes Lauren and I do some things that--- Well, you know---“ Danny sighed deeply and closed his eyes. “I have a bottle of lube in the nightstand. It’s in the top drawer. Yesterday, when I came back home, it wasn’t there. It was in the second drawer.” He looked at me.

I thought for a moment. “In your apartment?”

Danny nodded. “We usually meet at my apartment. She has the keys.”

“You think she’s cheating on you in your apartment? In your bed?”

Danny winced. “I don’t know what I’m thinking.”

I nodded. “Maybe she just, well, masturbated?”

Danny looked at me. “No.”

I raised my eyebrows.

“She doesn’t masturbate. She told me.”

I smiled. “Well, maybe she---“

“I know she doesn’t masturbate, okay?” Danny said sharply.

“Okay”, I said. “So you think she’s cheating on you.”

Danny winced again. Then he nodded.

We were silent for a moment.

“I thought, maybe you could help me?” Danny said in a low voice.

“Sure”, I said. “Whatever you need.”

“Maybe I can borrow one of your cameras”, Danny said without looking at me.

I bit my lower lip. “You want to spy on---“

“Listen, Alex”, Danny interrupted me. “I know this isn’t nice, but she’ll never know, okay? If she doesn’t cheat on me, she’ll never know. And if she does, I’m pretty sure I don’t mind if she’s offened…”

I shrugged. “I don’t know. That’s a bit---“

“Can I borrow your camera?” Danny interrupted me again, looking desperate.

I nodded. “Sure.”

“Thanks”, Danny said.

“I might need it this week”, I said.

“Just drop by and I’ll give it to you”, Danny replied.


We walked into the studio and I gave him the camera.

“I hope you’re wrong”, I said when he walked out the door.

“I hope so, too”, Danny mumbled and walked down the stairs.


Anonymous said...

Nice set-up ! I love the way you take a reader's idea and turn it into a story. Can't wait for part 2.

Anonymous said...

Can you arrange for Danny to wear some heavy boots for the main story? The thought of David getting a real boot in the balls ! If not, can you consider for a later story?

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments!

@ anonymous (1):
Most of the recent stories are based on readers' ideas (like "Auditions", "Ben's wrestling match", "The coach disciplines the water polo match" etc.). So if you have any ideas, just let me know!

@ anonymous (2):
I have alrady completed the second part of this story, so I won't be able to include your idea. I'll make sure to include it in a later story, though...