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An ordinary day at school (4)

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Ben, DannyLeo and Simon (click for pictures)

George and Simon were standing in the locker room of the gym (which stood in for the high school locker room), wearing glasses and school uniforms that consisted of blue trousers, white shirts and blue ties.

They were both 23 years old, but they looked younger, and – taking into account the willingness of our members to suspend their disbelief – they were able to pull off their roles as high school seniors…

We had already filmed three parts of our high school saga. George and Simon had taken quite a lot of bullying: In the first part, Leo and his skater buddies had humiliated them in geography class; in the second part, Ben and his jock friends had bullied them in gym class; and in part three, Danny and the twins had busted their balls on the school yard.

Now, in part four, it was time for the revenge of the nerds.

Earlier in the day, we had filmed three expository scenes.

In the first scene, Leo gets an instant message on his cell phone: “Wanna fuck? I’m gonna make you happy... Boys’ locker room. 5 o’clock. Darlene.” Leo tells his buddies Sammy and Tristan about the message and that he expects Darlene to finally put out for him…

In the second scene, Danny opens one of his school books and finds a scribbled message: “Wanna fuck? I’m gonna make you happy… Boys’ locker room. 5:15. Darlene.” Danny is enthusiastic and tells the twins that he won’t make it to the movies because he’ll be busy making Darlene happy…

In the third scene, Ben finds a piece of paper in his locker: “Wanna fuck? I’m gonna make you happy… Boys’ locker room. 5:30. Darlene.” Just like Leo and Danny, Ben is more than happy about the message and tells his friends Kev and Colin that he’ll fuck Christine’s brains out…

We had set up the cameras and I gave some last instructions to our actors.

Leo, the 19 year old skater boy, looked hot in the school uniform. His curly black hair was hidden by the baseball cap on his head. His shirt was hanging out of his trousers and he looked like he didn’t give a damn about dressing appropriately for high school…

20 year old jock Ben had opened the top buttons of his shirt. His tie was hanging loose around his neck. He ran his hand through his black hair and adjusted his crotch.

Danny, the 21 year old actor, grinned as he glanced at Ben. He had strawberry-blond hair and the school uniform fit perfectly to his lean, trained body.

“Alright”, I said. “Leo, Danny and Ben, you’ll wait outside the door. Remember that you expect to meet a hot girl. Before you enter the room, be sure to get your dicks hard…” I grinned.

Leo, Danny and Ben chuckled and walked out the door, leaving it open.

I turned to George and Simon. “You can do whatever you want to them…”

George nodded and adjusted his glasses.

Simon smiled. “Oh, yes.”

The two geeks had suffered quite a lot of pain in the first three installments of this series, and I was pretty sure they were eager to get revenge.

I lowered my voice. “There are some ropes in there”, I pointed at the first locker, “just in case…”

Simon chuckled. “Alright, thanks, I guess we’ll find a good use for them…”

George laughed. “Time for payback, huh?”

Simon grinned. “Oh, yes.”

I smiled and turned to my cameraman Chad. “Ready?”

“Ready”, Chad said.

“Okay”, I said. “Action!”

George sat down on one of the benches. He ran his hand through his curly blond hair and looked at Simon.

Simon looked at his watch. “Leo will be here any moment”, Simon grinned. “Anything you’d like to do to him?”

George grinned. “Well, there are a few things…”

Simon chuckled.

Footsteps and a happy, whistled tune indicated Leo’s arrival.

Simon grinned and pointed at the door.

George nodded.

“Let’s hide”, Simon whispered.

They hid behind the door just as Leo walked into the locker room.

Apparently, he had taken my advice and worked on his cock, because his trousers were tented with a nice boner.

“Darlene?” Leo shouted, smiling in anticipation.

He noticed that the room was empty and raised his eyebrows. “Darlene?” he repeated.

Simon grinned and sneaked up behind Leo.

Leo was oblivious to him. “I’m here. We can---“

He was interrupted by a hard, well-placed kick from behind. The instep of Simon’s leather shoe connected with the soft bulge just below Leo’s erection, ramming his testicles into his body and making the cute skater’s eyes turn inward.

Leo let out a hoarse moan. His knees met and his hands reached for his crotch. He slowly sank to his knees, with Simon standing behind him, smiling proudly.

George walked up to Simon and patted his shoulder. “Well done”, he smiled.

Simon chuckled and adjusted his glasses.

Leo was doubled over, moaning in pain. He turned his head and looked up at Simon and George.

“You?” he whispered. “But---“

“I’m sorry”, Simon said softly. “Darlene couldn’t make it.”

Leo whimpered.

“You’ll have to make do with us”, George added. He brought his leg back and sent his foot crashing into Leo’s nuts from behind, making the poor skater scream in pain and fall face down on the floor.

He curled up in the foetal position, cupping his balls with his hands.

“Funny”, Simon said, smiling at George. “Remember when he stuffed his socks into our mouths and stepped onto our cocks and balls with his stinky feet.”

George grimaced. “Oh yes, I do…”

“When was the last time you changed your socks?” Simon asked, grinning.

“Let’s see”, George said slowly, pretending to think hard. “I didn’t change them yesterday, I didn’t change them last week – gosh, I think I forgot to change them for more than two weeks!”

“Ew”, Simon chuckled. “They gotta stink…”

George shrugged. “You think?” He looked down at his feet. “Maybe---“

“Please, guys”, Leo interrupted him, moaning in pain. “I’m---“

“Shut up!” Simon said sharply. He turned to George and smiled.

“Maybe we should have a look?” George continued.

Simon grinned. “Good idea, George.”

George sat down on the bench in front of Leo while Simon remained standing behind the skater.

“Look”, George said, untying his shoes and taking them off. “These socks sure look disgusting, don’t you think, Simon?”

Simon sighed. “Very disgusting, George. What do you want to do with them?”

“I don’t know”, George said, looking Leo in the eyes.

Leo groaned and tried to get up.

“Don’t!” Simon said sharply and placed his foot on Leo’s ass, pushing him down again.

Leo whimpered.

“I don’t know”, George repeated, taking off his socks and dangling them in front of Leo’s face.

Leo grimaced as the smell hit his nose.

“You got any idea, Leo?” George smiled.

Leo opened his mouth but before he could say a word, George stuffed both of his smelly socks into Leo’s mouth, making Leo let out a muffled yelp.

George grinned and lifted his foot. He brought it up to Leo’s nose and ran his toes over Leo’s face.

Simon chuckled and adjusted his glasses. “Don’t be too gentle with him…”

George grinned. “Why don’t you give him another kick in the nuts?”

Simon shrugged and took a step back.

Leo’s eyes widened.

Simon brought his leg back and delivered a picture-perfect kick between Leo’s legs. The instep of Simon’s shoe connected with Leo’s nuts and drove them into his body.

Leo screamed through the socks in his mouth and curled up on the floor.

George and Simon chuckled.

Simon looked at Simon’s crotch and noticed that Leo’s erection hadn’t gone down. “Look, George”, he grinned. “I think he may be in love with your stinky feet…”

“Ugh”, George chuckled. “You think so?”

“He’s got a boner”, Simon shrugged. “That’s a pretty good sign, isn’t it?”

”Fucking pervert”, George said, grimacing. “Let’s strip him naked.”

Simon laughed. “Oh yeah…”

Leo moaned in pain as Simon and George took off his clothes, leaving the lanky skater lying on the ground stark naked. He was lying on his back, his hands cupping his balls, his big, hard cock protruding above his fingers.

Simon looked at his watch. “Danny will be here soon”, he said slowly.

George turned around and opened the first locker. Grabbing a couple of ropes, he winked at Simon.

Simon chuckled and nodded.

Leo spat out the soaked socks in his mouth. “What are you gonna do to me?” he whispered.

“You’’ll see”, George said and put the two socks back into Leo’s mouth.

Simon and George tied Leo’s hands to the feet of the benches. Then they lifted his legs, spread them wide and tied them with long ropes to the hooks on the top of the benches. Usually, those hooks held coats and jackets. Now, they caused Leo’s naked ass to be lifted off the ground a few inches, with his feet hanging over his head.

It was an uncomfortable position, and Leo moaned in agony. His hard cock was resting on his abs and pointing at his face.

Simon grinned and slapped Leo’s balls, making the lanky skater shriek in pain.

George looked out the door and whispered. “It’s Danny!”

Simon turned around and nodded.

The two boys hid behind the door again.

Danny entered the room, instantly spotting Leo who stared at him, his eyes wide open.

Danny’s jaw dropped. “What the fuck?!”

Obviously, Danny had prepared for a hot date with Darlene. His cock was rock hard, clearly outlined through the fabric of his trousers. It looked like a snake, running down his left leg. It was so hard that you could almost make out the outline of its mushroom head…

“What the fuck?!” Danny repeated.

Quickly, George stepped behind him and snuck his hands between Danny’s legs.

“Surprise”, George cooed and clamped his fingers shut.

Danny’s eyes widened as his testicles were squashed in George’s tight grip.

George grinned and squeezed hard, squishing Danny’s testicles in his palm. Suddenly, he twisted his hand, making Danny let out a high-pitched scream.

Simon stepped in front of Danny and smiled.

“Hi”, he said.

Danny stared at him.

“Forgot your manners?” George whispered and twisted his hand, making Danny gasp in pain.

“Hi”, he said quickly, grimacing in pain.

“You expected to see Darlene, didn’t you?” Simon smiled, looking at Danny’s crotch where his cock twitched inside his trousers.

George tightened his grip, making Danny groan in pain.

“Well, Darlene isn’t here”, Simon said slowly. “And, believe me, we don’t want to make you happy…”

George dug his fingernails into Danny’s precious testicles, making the tall, strawberry-haired boy’s eyes water.

Simon nodded at George.

George winked back at Simon. Quickly, he let go of Danny’s balls and got down on his knees. He balled his fists and sent his right one crashing into Danny’s manhood in a nut-crunching uppercut that made Danny’s eyes cross. Without missing a beat, George’s left fist slammed into Danny’s nuts, flattening his balls into his pelvis. Another hard punch from George’s right fist, and Danny was done.

He let out an ear-piercing shriek and collapsed on the ground, writhing around, moaning and groaning in pain.

Simon looked at George and chuckled. “Nice technique.”

George smiled. “Thanks. It’s pretty simple. Right, left, right – and his briefs are filled with peanut butter.”

Simon laughed. “You bet…”

The two geeks looked down at Danny who was panting heavily, writhing on the ground, holding his precious testicles with both of his hands.

“Let me have a try”, Simon said.

George shrugged and lifted Danny up, standing behind Danny, wrapping his arms around his chest and holding him tight.

Danny’s face was beet red and he was sweating profusely. He had his eyes closed and was grimacing in pain.

Simon knelt in front of him and balled his fists.

“Careful”, George said, glancing down. His crotch was right behind Danny’s. “We don’t want four nuts worth of peanut butter, alright?”

Simon chuckled. “Relax, I’m gonna crack Danny’s nuts, not yours…”

George grinned. “Go for it…”

“Please, don’t do it”, Danny pleaded, his eyes filled with tears.

Simon sighed and stood in front of Danny. “You know what”, he said slowly, “I’m sick and tired of being treated like shit by you and your friends! Who do you think you are? You think you are better than us because you don’t need glasses?”

Danny whimpered.

“Because you are better-looking? Because you sleep around and shove your cocks inside every slut’s hole?”

“I’m sorry”, Danny whispered.

“No, you are not!” Simon yelled. “You are not sorry! The minute we leave this room you will call your friends and you will make us pay! We are not stupid, we know that! That’s why we’ll enjoy every minute that we get to let you feel the pain that we feel all the time!”

Danny was silent.

Simon snorted and got down on his knee again. He clenched his fists and brought his right one up between Danny’s legs. It slammed into Danny’s soft bulge, crunching his delicate nuts and making his hard cock twitch inside his trousers.

Simon followed up with a hard uppercut with his left fist, once again ramming Danny’s testicles into his body and making the cute boy shriek in pain.

George had trouble holding Danny steady,

When the third punch hit the bull’s eye, Danny screamed from the top of his lungs. His voice cracked and his eyes twitched.

George let go, allowing Danny to double over and collapse on the floor.

George grinned at Simon and nodded. “Good job.”

Simon smiled. “Danny has a boner, too, just like Leo”, he said.

Leo had watched the two geeks bust Danny’s balls, grimacing in sympathy, his ass in the air, his legs spread apart, his hard cock pointing at his face.

George and Simon rolled Danny onto his back. A large sticky stain had appeared where the tip of Danny’s cock was straining against the fabric of his trousers.

Simon chuckled.

“I guess the peanut butter is trying to get out”, George mused.

Simon laughed. “Let’s have a closer look…”

They stripped Danny just as quickly as they had taken off Leo’s clothes.

Danny groaned in pain and whimpered as the two geeks tied him to the bench next to Leo.

They were suspended side by side, their heads and shoulders on the ground, their bodies bent, their asses sticking up in the air, their legs spread wide, their ankles tied to the coat hooks.

Despite the uncomfortable position and the beating their nuts had taken, both of them sported raging hardons that pointed right at their faces. Their swollen balls were bulging above.

George pulled one of the socks out of Leo’s mouth and stuffed it into Danny’s, muffling the poor boy’s screams of protest.

Simon knelt down in front of Danny and lifted his hand. “Let’s see if we can burst his bubbles”, he quipped.

George chuckled. “Oh, yeah, let’s bust their balls simultaneously… Let’s make them shoot their load right into their faces!”

“I bet I can make Danny shoot before you make Leo shoot!” Simon grinned.

George chuckled. “I don’t think so!”

“Wanna bet?” Simon suggested, smiling. “Come on…”

George shrugged.

“The winner gets to do Ben”, Simon said.

George licked his lips. “Deal.”

“On the count of three”, Simon said.

Both of them lifted their hands high, balling their fists.

“One”, Simon grinned.

Leo’s eyes widened at the prospect of having George beat the cum out of his nuts.

“Two”, Simon said, smiling at Danny.

Danny was on the verge of crying. His adam’s apple was jumping up and down and his lips were trembling.

“Three!” George and Simon shouted in unison.

A split-second later, their fists hammered down on their hapless bullies’ balls.

George went with a double-handed technique, interlocking his hands and getting both of Leo’s balls with every hit.

Simon concentrated on one ball at a time, hitting Danny’s left nut a couple of times before switching to Danny’s right nut, making sure to flatten the cum-filled orbs good with every hit.

Both Danny and Leo were screaming and struggling, wailing in pain, their faces beet red and sweaty, their eyes clenched shut.

Their cocks were quivering violently, oozing precum that ran down their abs and their chests until it formed puddles on their necks and dripped down onto the floor.

Suddenly, Danny’s balls drew close to his body. His cock was pointing straight at his open mouth.

“He’s close!” Simon yelled cheerfully, hammering down onto Danny’s left nut.

“Leo, too!” George shouted, bringing down both of his fists and nailing both of Leo’s balls dead-on.

“Darlene!” Ben’s voice came from the hallway.

“Fuck!” Simon whispered.

George and Simon got up and stumbled behind the door just as Ben walked into the locker room to see Danny’s and Leo’s cocks unload the first spurt of cum that splashed across their faces.

Ben blinked.

Danny and Leo were groaning and moaning, their eyes clenched shut, their cocks coating their faces with jet after jet of creamy juice.

Ben opened his mouth to say something. Then he closed it again, watching the naked boys’ faces get splattered with their own cum.

George and Simon didn’t wait for the two boys’ orgasms to subside.

They jumped Ben from behind and pushed him to the floor.

Ben screamed in surprise.

Before he knew what had hit him, he was stripped naked and tied to the bench and the coat hooks just like Leo and Danny.

Danny was moaning softly, his cum running down his face into his hair.

Leo was sobbing. The sock in his mouth was covered in spunk, as was his nose, his cheeks, his eyes and his chin.

“You fucking bastards!” Ben yelled, struggling against the ropes.

“Shut up!” Simon said, standing in front of him, between his spread legs.

“You fucking bastards!” Ben screamed again.

George pulled the sperm-soaked socks from Leo’s and Danny’s mouths.

“Be quiet or we’ll squeeze another load out of your nuts”, he said cheerfully.

Danny and Leo didn’t react.

George dangled the wet socks over Ben’s mouth.

Ben’s eyes opened wide. “Fuck, what do you---“

George grinned and stuffed them into his mouth.

Ben grimaced as the taste of spit, cum, sweat and the indefinable flavor of George’s feet hit his tongue.

George turned around and looked at Leo and Danny. “Where’s the camera?”

“In my bag”, Simon said matter-of-factly, reaching between Ben’s legs and grabbing his hard cock. He jerked it a couple of times, licking his lips, while George fetched the camera.

He took a couple of photos, close-ups of Leo’s and Danny’s cum-covered faces.

“We’ll put them on the internet if you dare to bully us again”, George said, smiling.

Danny and Leo groaned.

George put the camera away and looked at Simon.

Simon he let go of Ben’s cock and the meaty dick slapped against Ben’s abs. Simon looked at Ben’s nuts and grabbed them gently.

“They’re almost too perfect”, he sighed, “don’t you agree?”

George shrugged.

“Well”, Simon said, sighing again, “anyway…”

He grabbed the neck of Ben’s sack, trapping his balls.

“Here”, he said, glancing at Ben’s nuts.

“Thanks”, George grinned and lifted his hand.

His fist came crashing down into Ben’s hefty balls.

Ben let out a gurgling moan.

George chuckled and punched Ben’s nuts again, eliciting a shrill shriek from Ben’s mouth.

Ben’s dick twitched, causing George and Simon to chuckle.

“Such a nice cock”, Simon said.

George grinned.

“You think he can suck his own dick?” Simon said slowly, his eyes fixed on Ben’s cock.

Ben’s eyes widened.

George shrugged and punched Ben’s balls again. “Maybe if we help him…”

Ben’s cock quivered.

George pulled the socks from Ben’s mouth.

Ben coughed and spat, grimacing in pain. “You fucking bastards! I will kill---“

Simon slapped Ben’s nuts, making him wail in pain.

“Do you want to suck your own cock, Ben?” Simon smiled.

“You fucking---“

Simon slapped his nuts hard.

Ben let out an ear-piercing scream.

“Do you?” Simon repeated.

Ben moaned.

Simon delivered another hard slap to Ben’s aching nuts.

Ben whimpered. “Okay, okay”, he whispered.

“Say it”, Simon grinned.

Ben groaned.

Simon lifted his hand.

“Okay, okay”, Ben said quickly. “I---“ He gulped. “I want to suck my own cock.”

“Do you want us to help you, Ben?” George chimed in.

Ben closed his eyes and moaned. Then he opened them again. He looked miserable. “Yes.”

“Beg us for help”, Simon grinned.

Ben groaned. “Please, help me.”

Simon flicked Ben’s nuts with his finger.

Ben yelped in pain. “Please, help me suck my own cock”, he croaked.

“Well, sure!” Simon said cheerfully. “We’d never let you down…”

George chuckled.

George and Simon knelt on either side of Ben.

George grabbed Ben’s glistening cock and stroked it a couple of times.

It was glistening with sweat, its shiny head oozing precum.

George pointed Ben’s dick at his mouth.

Ben squinted at his cock head, looking disgusted.

“Stick out your tongue”, Simon said.

Ben coughed.

“Stick out your tongue and move your head!”

Ben hesitated.

Simon grabbed Ben’s nuts and squeezed hard.

Ben yelped.

“Stick out your tongue and move your head!” Simon repeated.

Ben moaned and did what he was told.

His tongue touched the tip of his cock, lapping up the drop of precum.

Simon and George laughed.

“Perfect!” Simon exclaimed. “How does it taste?”

Ben grimaced. “Delicious”, he whispered, but his facial expression told an entirely different story…

“Suck on it”, Simon said softly. He licked his lips.

Ben inhaled sharply and bent forward. His lips parted and the tip of his cock slipped into his mouth. Ben closed his lips around his dick, moaning miserably.

“Wow”, George whispered.

Ben’s head bobbed back and forth as he sucked on his cock.

By now, both Simon’s and George’s cocks were rock hard, threatening to burst through the fabric of their trousers.

Holding Ben’s cock with one hand, George massaged his massive erection with his other hand.

Simon moaned in pleasure, watching Ben suck on his cock, running his hand over his boner.

Ben’s cock twitched. His hard member was enjoying the blow job, even though his mouth probably wasn’t…

After two minutes of heavy sucking, Ben’s breathing grew louder and louder.

“Oh fuck”, Simon moaned. “He’s gonna cum.”

George was panting, too.

“And I’m close, too”, Simon whispered.

George reached behind himself, his hand shaking, and grabbed the camera.

“Smile”, he whispered and held the camera in front of his face.

Ben’s eyes widened as George took a couple of pictures of Ben’s gymnastic performance.

They all shot their loads at the same time.

Ben, Simon and George moaned in unison as Ben’s first spurt of cum entered his mouth.

Simon’s body shivered as he creamed his pants, his eyes closed, his hand wrapped around Ben’s balls.

George let go of Ben’s cock and leaned back as his own dick shot a massive load of cum inside his trousers.

Ben’s dick slipped out of his mouth, coating his face with jet after jet of creamy spunk.

“Fuck!” Simon moaned, squeezing Ben’s balls hard.

Ben yelped in pain as Simon’s fingernails dug into his busy balls.

George smiled at Simon and lifted his hand.

Ben’s eyes widened.

A heavy gob of his own jizz hit his nose and he winced involuntarily.

With a deep moan of pleasure, George sent his fist crashing down into Ben’s balls, nailing both of Ben’s babymakers dead-on. Ben’s nuts flattened against his pelvis, causing another big jet of spunk hit his face.

Ben was screaming from the top of his lungs, his body bucking, his face covered in cum.

Finally, George and Simon leaned back and Ben’s body relaxed.

After George and Simon had caught their breath, George gulped and smiled, “Let’s take some photos before we leave…”

Simon nodded.

The two geeks got up, big wet stains on both of their crotches.

Simon looked down at his groin and chuckled.

George took a couple of close-ups of the three bullies’ faces before pocketing the camera and straightening his clothes. He looked at Simon and smiled.

Simon turned to Leo, Danny and Ben. “Remember”, he said. “If you ever lay hands on us again or if you decide to pick another victim, those photos will be all over the net. And I bet they are gonna make headlines in the school paper!”

George and Simon turned on their heels and left the room.

“Cut!” I yelled. “Perfect! Thank you so much!”

Leo, Danny and Ben groaned.

“Fuck, this is uncomfortable”, Danny complained.

Ben nodded. The cum on his face was still wet.

I grinned and turned to Chad. “You need them for some more shots?”

Chad chuckled. “Couldn’t hurt, huh?”

Leo chuckled. “Bastards…”


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