Wednesday, February 25, 2009

One on one: Parker vs. David – the rematch

Sequel to One on one: Parker vs. David.

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: David, Parker and Alex (click for pictures)

Parker was sitting on the couch. The 21 year old gymnast was wearing a tight-fitting yellow shirt that advertised his muscular upper body. The top buttons were open, revealing a glimpse of his smooth, muscular chest. His green jeans were skin-tight, putting his ample junk on display. He was sitting with his legs spread apart, his black boots resting on the ground.

“Remember the last time I fought against him?” Parker grinned at me, running his hand through his dyed red hair.

He was a cute boy with a great body. Working as an aerial gymnast for a circus, he knew how to keep his body in shape. I had never seen one of his performances at the circus, but I knew he was good.

“It’s been a month since that fight, right?” I said.

Parker nodded, a dreamy expression on his face. He ran his hand over the bulge in his jeans. “He busted my balls pretty good”, he chuckled. “Phew. I couldn’t jerk off for three days…”

I laughed. “You like him, huh?”

Parker turned to me, squeezed his junk, and grinned. “Does it show?”

I shrugged.

“I’m getting hard just thinking about him”, Parker chuckled.

The door opened and David walked into the room.

He was dressed all in black – black leather shoes, black trousers, black shirt, and pitch-black hair – looking like the Darth Vader of professional dancing. He was 19 years old, a successful ballet dancer with a perfect body and a not-so-perfect attitude. Maybe it was because he was a man in what was arguably a women’s profession, maybe it was because he was a straight man in what was arguably a gay men’s profession, or maybe it was because he was an asshole, plain and simple… The look on his face spoke volumes.

He looked at Parker and snorted.

“We were just talking about you, dream boy”, Parker grinned, standing up and walking towards David.

David stopped and shot Parker a disgusted look.

Parker smiled. “You look hot!” He walked up to David and extended his arms to give him a hug.

David brought his leg back and unceremoniously kicked Parker in the crotch.

Parker’s eyes widened as the tip of David’s leather shoe connected with the bulge in his jeans. It dug into the soft mound with a dull thud, causing Parker to stop dead in his tracks.

“Hi”, David said, taking a step back.

Parker coughed and doubled over, grabbing his groin. “Hi”, he whispered.

“I hope it hurts”, David smirked.

Parker nodded slowly. “Right on target”, he said hoarsely.

David grinned. “Good.”

I turned to my cameraman Chad. “Camera rolling?”

Chad grinned and nodded. “Sure.”

I sighed and turned to David. “Hi, David.”

Parker was doubled over, his hands cupping his junk, breathing heavily.

David watched him, grinning. “Hi, Alex”, he said, ignoring me, keeping his eyes on Parker who was moaning in pain.

“I guess you want to start right away, huh?” I said.

David chuckled. “I guess I already started… This is gonna be easy…” He put his hand on his hips and smirked at Parker. “How are you feeling, punk?”

“Thanks for asking”, Parker whispered. “You got them both dead-on, you know, both of them…”

David laughed. “Good…”

Parker straightened, groaning. He extended his hand and said, “Nice to meet you again.”

David eyed Parker’s hand suspiciously. After a few moments of hesitation, he shook hit, mumbling, “Likewise.”

Parker smiled weakly and limped over to the couch. He sat down and started unbuttoning his shirt.

David watched him take off his shirt, his boots and his jeans.

Parker looked up at him and grinned, “You want to have a clean shot at my nuts, don’t you?”

David chuckled. “I can’t wait to turn them into pulp…”

Parker smiled. “Okay. Let’s take off our clothes and fight like men.”

David rolled his eyes. “Like men in underwear…”

Parker grinned. “Exactly.” He was naked now, except for a pair of bright blue briefs that hugged his nuts and his cock that was half-hard and pointing to the side.

David turned his back to Parker and shook his head slowly, stripping down to his black boxer briefs. He had a muscular, smooth body, tanned all over.

Parker rubbed his crotch, his eyes focussed shamelessly on David’s butt. He let out a whistle and grinned when David turned around quickly.

“Okay”, David said. “You like looking at my body, right?”

Parker grinned.

“You know, I’m a dancer. I don’t mind people watching me. What I do mind is people wanting to fuck me.” David glared at Parker.

Parker grinned. “Okay, what if I don’t want to fuck you but I want you to fuck me? That is, if your cock is as large as your ego… I’ve heard that you have a tiny, little---”

David rolled his eyes. “Okay, smartass.” He slipped his boxer briefs midway down his thighs, exposing his impressive set of genitals.

He had a nice, large cock that hung limply in front of his big, plump balls. His sac was shaven and his pubic hair was neatly trimmed. “Have a good look at my stuff”, he said slowly before pulling up his briefs again and hiding his equipment again. “You will never ever see it again…”

Parker’s cock was hard as a rock, tenting his briefs. “Oh, David, you tease”, he grinned.

David rolled his eyes again and adjusted his junk.

“We could skip the fight and move right to the make-out sex”, Parker winked at David.

David laughed. “Yeah, sure, dream on, punk… When I’m done with you, you won’t have sex for a month! I’m gonna kick the cum right out of your nuts…”

Parker chuckled. “You can’t stop teasing me, can you?”

David growled and lunged at Parker. He drove his knee into Parker’s crotch, ramming his precious gonads into his body, causing Parker’s briefs to lower and the head of his cock to slip out through the waistband.

Parker screamed and reached for David’s nipples. He grabbed hold of the two pink nips and squeezed them between his thumb and his forefinger.

David let out an angry grunt and drove his knee up again, deflating the bulge in Parker’s briefs once again, and flattening his testicles against his pelvis bone.

Parker shrieked from the top of his lungs and let go of David nipples. As he doubled over, his hands slid down David’s body, running over his pecs and his muscular abs. When they touched the thin fabric of David’s black underwear, Parker’s finger quickly closed around David’s bulge.

David blinked.

Then Parker squeezed with all the force he could muster. Both of his hands were wrapped around David’s gonads, squishing his nuts and twisting them around.

David let out an agonized yelp.

He tried to knee David in the nuts again, but he cought him in the abs, and Parker didn’t seem to be afflicted at all.

Parker’s hands readjusted on David’s genitals. Through the fabric, Parker was holding on to

David’s meaty cock with one hand while kneading David’s balls with his other hand.

David’s eyes were wide open as he was screaming in pain. He tried to pull Parker’s hands away from his crotch, to no avail. Parker held on to David’s junk for dear life, squishing and squashing David’s poor babymakers and twisting his dick at the same time.

David let out an anguished roar, lifted his hand and brought his fist down on Parker’s head.

Parker screamed and let go of David’s nuts.

The two boys collapsed on the ground, howling in unison.

David curled up in a ball, cradling his balls, while Parker was rubbing the back of his head where David’s fist had hit him.

“Fuck you”, David whimpered, cupping his balls. “Fuck you!”

Parker had his eyes closed, both of his hands covering his head. He groaned and looked at David. “That was a cheap shot…”

David grimaced. “What do you think you were doing?” he snapped. “Exchanging pleasantries?”

Parker moaned. He moved his head and blinked a couple of times. Then he reached out and grabbed the back of David’s briefs. He yanked on the waistband, giving David a picture-perfect wedgie, making the black-haired dancer scream in pain.

Parker was breathing heavily. He got up and grabbed David’s waistband with both of his hands.

“Fuck!” David screamed as his body was lifted off the ground by his underwear.

Parker had a determined expression on his face. Grunting, he pulled on David’s underwear until it ripped apart. After taking a brief look at the shredded fabric, Parker threw it away.

David was stark naked now, facing a way from Parker. He was curled up in a ball, his hands buried between his legs. One of his nuts was sticking out between his thighs, right below his ass cheeks, looking plump and shiny.

Parker bit his lower lip and kicked David’s exposed nut hard. His big toe connected perfectly with the trapped testicle, making David let out a high-pitched shriek.

His body convulsed and he rolled onto his back, cupping both of his balls with his hands, his limp cock pointing up at his navel.

Parker reached down and grabbed David’s dick.

David’s eyes widened in horror. “Fuck you”, he whispered.

Parker winked at him, closed his fist and twisted and yanked on David’s cock at the same time.

David arched his back, threw his head back and screamed from the top of his lungs. His hands let go of his balls and he tried to pry Parker’s fingers off of his cock.

Parker seized his opportunity and reached for David’s bouncy balls. He didn’t manage to get hold of both of them, but, settling for the next best thing, he grabbed David’s right nut in a vice like grip.

David screamed from the top of his lungs as Parker squeezed and pulled, yanking his cock and his balls in opposite directions.

“Fuck you!” David yelled, his eyes filling with tears, “Let go! Fuck you!”

Parker was panting heavily. He let go of David’s cock and reached for his own dick. His hand disappeared inside his briefs and he started jerking his cock.

“Fuck you!” David whimpered, squirming on the floor as Parker kneaded his precious right nut between his fingers.

“Wanna give up?” Parker whispered, stroking his cock.

“Fuck you!” David yelled.

Parker moaned. He slipped his briefs down to his knees. His cock was rock hard and shiny with precum. He swallowed hard and spat on his hand before continuing to jerk his cock.

David’s body was bucking. His face was a mask of pain.

Suddenly, Parker let go of David’s nut.

David whimpered and rolled to his side.

Parker straightened and looked down at his naked opponent, jerking his cock and fondling his balls.

David got on his knees and started to get up. His body was wet with sweat, and he looked like he wanted to kill Parker with his bare hands.

Parker smiled and quickly drove his foot between David’s legs. His instep connected with David’s balls, making the dancer wail in pain and collapse on the ground again.

He struggled to get up again, but Parker simply drove his foot into David’s nuts once more, causing him to scream in agony, his eyes watering as the pain washed through his body.

He was on all fours now, his aching balls dangling between his thighs.

Parker didn’t think twice. He brought his foot back and let it sail in between David’s thighs. His instep connected perfectly, ramming both of David’s juicy balls into his body.

“Fuck! I give up!” David screamed, rolling to his side and curling up in the foetal position.

“Yes!” Parker moaned and threw his head back. His cock exploded in a fountain of thick, white cum that rained down on David’s sweaty body. Jet after jet of creamy jizz splattered onto David’s side, running down both sides of his body, covering his back and his ass, his chest and his abs.

David screamed in disgust and pain as his body was coated in a shiny layer of Parker’s jizz.

“Fuck you, pervert!” David yelled and balled his fist.

He aimed a powerful uppercut at Parker’s nuts, but Parker managed to jump away, his cock dripping with cum.

“Sorry”, Parker chuckled, breathing heavily. “You’re not ruining this orgasm…” He wiggled his cock, causing the last drops of cum to fly through the air, before pulling his briefs up again.

David was whimpering. He curled up in a ball, clutching his aching testicles, his body smeared with Parker’s cum.

“Phew”, Parker grinned, wiping his brow with his forearm. “We have to do this again…” He grabbed his emptied balls and grimaced as he fondled them with his fingers. “You really had some good shots, but I guess it was my lucky day…”

“Fuck you”, David whimpered, his eyes closed.

Parker sighed and smiled. “Thanks. Maybe we can fight for a blow-job next time? If you win, I’ll suck your cock, if I win, you’ll suck mine…” He chuckled. “That way, I win either way…”

David groaned and rolled to the other side, curling up in the foetal position again.

Parker looked at his hand and licked his fingers clean. He was breathing normally again. “Want to cuddle a bit?” he grinned. “I always like to---“

“Fuck off!” David wailed.

Parker chuckled. “Alright.” He turned to me and winked. Then he walked to the couch and started putting on his clothes.

I looked at David. He wasn’t moving, lying curled up on the ground, whimpering and sobbing in pain.

Before Parker left, he walked up to David and patted his head. “See you, dream boy”, he chuckled.

David groaned.

Parker left and closed the door behind him.

I looked at Chad.

My cameraman shrugged.

I sighed and walked up to David.

Kneeling next to him, I said softly, “David?”

He groaned.

I sighed. “David? Are you okay?”

No reaction.

I put my hand on David’s shoulder. “You will be---“

Suddenly, David hand shot out, aiming a punch right at my crotch.

I back away just in time to avoid getting his.

“David?!” I said sharply. “I want to help you, so---“

David’s eyes opened. They were filled with hatred. “You want to help me?!” he hissed. “Fuck you, I don’t need your help!”

I looked down at David’s crotch. His cock was limp, his balls were sweaty and red.

David smirked at me. Despite all the pain he was in, he still managed to make me feel inferior. “You’re a faggot just like---“

I reached for David’s nuts and grabbed them in my hand.

David’s eyes opened wide.

I felt his sweaty balls rub against my palm and clamped my hand shut.

David let out a throaty noise that sounded like a surprised donkey.

I looked at him and started to squeeze his nuts in my hand. My fingertips dug into the soft flesh of his agonized testicles, and he let out a hoarse groan.

“Maybe”, I said softly, squeezing his nuts as hard as I could, “if you were just a little bit nicer, people wouldn’t take such delight in seeing you suffer…”

David whimpered.

I twisted my hand, feeling his sweaty, plump nuts in my hand. I squeezed hard.

David screamed in pain. “Let go!”

I smiled and squeezed even harder.

“Fuck!” David yelled. “Let go!”

I raised my eyebrows and dug my fingernails into his meaty gonads.

David shrieked from the top of his lungs. “Let go!” he whispered. “Please…”

I smiled and opened my hand.

David whimpered and curled up in a ball, moaning in pain.

I stood and looked at my hand. My palm was moist from David’s ball sweat. I wiped it on my jeans and turned to Chad.

Chad grinned at me.

I blushed and smiled sheepishly.

“I didn’t know you could be so mean”, he grinned.

I looked down at the floor, feeling as if my head was about to explode.

Chad chuckled. “Well, I won’t tell anybody…”

“Well, thanks”, I mumbled and quickly went to the bathroom.

When I came back, David was gone, leaving behind a puddle of Parker’s cum on the ground.

Chad handed me a beer and grinned.

I tried to avoid his eyes.

“He wasn’t in a very good mood”, Chad chuckled.

“I bet”, I said.

“But he’ll be back. He promised to bust Parker’s balls”, Chad said. “If I were you, I’d make sure to wear a cup the next time he is around…”


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Anonymous said...

Good one Alex. Glad you taught David a lesson after Parker did a job on him. Would love to see David giving Parker a blow job! I think Chad is right - better wear a cup next time or have Chad help you with David.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I'll think about including a blowjob in the next story.. :-))

Anonymous said...

This story is just too perfect! David is a great love/hate character and I like the way he was both humiliated and worshipped. 2 of my favourite models in one glorious encounter. I hope there's more to come (sic) in this series !

Alex said...

Thank you! I'll put "David vs. Paker 3" on the "One on one wish list", including a blowjob by David... It'll be interesting to see what happens...

Anonymous said...

Parker and David are possibly my 2 favourite characters. Similar in some ways (smart, athletic, good looking, tough, smart, self-confident) yet totally different in others (attitude, sexuality). These one-on-one matches should stay evenly matched. If Parker wins another round, you know David will be desperate for revenge.
I hope we find out who has the biggest nuts in the next fight (I vote for David). It's time for David to get the chance to flaunt his superiority again and try to humiliate his opponent (as he does with Danny), except I think Parker may enjoy it too ! And, of course, Parker will show us that having the biggest nuts isn't always an advantage.

Alex said...

Thank you! I'll keep your ideas in mind for the next story...