Saturday, February 28, 2009

Top trumps: Logan, Kev, Parker and Phil

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Featured in this story: KevLogan, Parker and Phil (click for pictures)

I looked at our new crew member Vince.

“So they are playing a game of top trumps, right?” he said, smiling.

I nodded.

“I guess the categories are, well, uh, sexual in nature?” Vince said, blushing.

I chuckled. “Sure they are.”

Vince nodded slowly.

“You will operate the second camera”, my cameraman Chad chimed in. “I’ll show you what to do.”

The two of them walked away and I turned to the four boys who had were sitting on the floor.
All four of them had stripped down to their underwear.

Kev was 20 years old, one of the veterans on our site, working with us since the very start. Recently, he had caused us some trouble, but at the end of the day he was a reliable and very hot model with a huge fan following among our subscribers. He had brown hair and brown eyes that went perfectly with his smooth, muscular body. His white boxer briefs were bulging with the impressive equipment that Kev was blessed with.

Next to him was Logan, the most recent addition to our team of models. The 18 year old high school wrestler had defeated a couple of tough opponents in a series of fights. Ultimately, he had proven to be the guy with the toughest nuts. Right now, those nuts were hidden inside his tight blue briefs that left very little to the imagination. A glimpse of his pubic hair was visible above the waistline. Logan was a sweet guy, with blond hair and deep blue eyes.

Opposite Logan, Phil was sitting cross-legged on the floor. The 18 year old redhead, while born from England, had come to the States to pursue a career in professional soccer. We were lucky to have him, because his tight schedule – when he wasn’t on the field, he had more than enough advertising contracts – didn’t allow him to come by very often… He had a pale body and was wearing plaid boxers.

Opposite Kev was Parker. He was 21 years old, the oldest of the bunch. His hair was dyed flaming red, and his briefs were rather extravagant: They were as red as his hair, hugging his endowment tightly, with yellow seams and a little, yellow drawing of two walnuts and a nutcracker right where the head of his cock was outlined in the fabric…

“So, Logan”, Kev grinned and turned to the young high school senior. “Do you think you’ll walk away from here with your balls intact?”

Phil and Parker chuckled.

Logan shrugged and winked at Kev. “We’ll see…”

Kev laughed. “Alright…”

“Guys”, I said. “Let’s start.” I placed a deck of cards in the middle between the four boys. I had prepared them earlier and I hoped that they’d provide a nice evening of entertainment… “The rules are easy”, I explained. “First you challenge one of the other guys. Then you draw a card and compete in whatever category is written there. What do we want to do with the penalty kicks? Either we wait until the end of the game or the winner kicks the loser in the nuts right then.”

Kev grinned. “Kick them right away”, he said.

The rest of the guys shrugged.

“Alright”, I said, grinning. “Have fun…”

The guys chuckled.

“Who wants to start?” Parker asked.

“Logan”, Kev said, turning to the 18 year old newbie. “Why don’t you start?”

Logan shrugged. “Sure. Okay. I have to challenge someone, right?”

Kev nodded.

Logan looked at the other guys. “You”, he smiled, pointing at Phil.

The cute red-haired soccer pro smiled. “Alright, bring it on…”

Logan chuckled and drew a card. He looked at it and read, “Muscle size.” He winked at Phil. “I bet you would like to compare our legs, huh? I’m sorry, it says ‘biceps’.”

Phil grimaced. “Let me see…” He grabbed the card and sighed. “Alright.”

The two boys stood side by side.

Logan started posing, holding his right arm in front of Phil’s face. He flexed his biceps, and Phil’s eyes widened.

“I guess I lose”, he whispered, holding his own arm against Logan’s.

Phil was by no means unathletic. After all, he was a professional sportsman. But in this particular comparison, he fell significantly short.

“We can compare our left arms”, Logan suggested, grinning, “but, frankly, I don’t think it makes much of a difference…”

Phil glanced at Logan’s muscular left arm and nodded, letting out a deep sigh.

“Yay! Logan, you’re off to a good start”, Kev laughed. “Spread your legs, Phil, and let him kick your little Brit balls…”

Logan looked at Phil expectantly.

“Hike your boxers”, Kev grinned. “We want to see those marbles smashed…”

Logan and Parker chuckled.

Phil grimaced and stood in front of Logan with his legs spread wide apart. He grabbed his boxers and pulled them up gently so that his nuts were clearly outlined in the fabric.

Logan looked Phil in the eyes and winked at him. Then he brought his leg back and sent it smashing into Phil’s balls with all the force he could muster.

The instep of his bare foot connected perfectly with the twin bulges in Phil’s boxers, driving both of his testicles into his pelvis with a dull thud.

Phil’s eyes widened and his lips started trembling. “Bollocks”, he croaked before reaching for his crotch and cupping his balls with both of his hands. He slowly sank to his knees and doubled over, groaning miserably.

“Wow”, Kev chuckled. “Nice kick.”

“Ever thought about taking up soccer?” Parker chimed in. “I’m pretty sure those balls went into the goal.”

Logan laughed.

“We’d have to ask Phil”, Kev suggested.

The cute soccer player was rocking back and forth, cupping his balls, groaning in pain.

“Phil?” Logan grinned.

“It was a goal alright”, Phil moaned.

“Both balls in?” Kev chuckled.

Phil nodded, holding his breath. “Yup.”

“Congratulations”, Parker laughed and slapped Logan’s ass.

Logan smiled and sat down again.

“My turn”, Kev said. He looked at Phil. “I guess he’s out for now.” He turned to Logan. “And I wouldn’t want to be the next one to get his balls kicked out of their sac…”

Logan chuckled.

Kev pointed at Parker. “You.”

“Alright”, Parker grinned. “But I got a killer kick myself…”

Kev chuckled. “I don’t think you’ll get a chance to show it…”

Parker laughed.

Kev drew a card and grimaced. “Testicle toughness”, he read. “Isn’t that everyone’s favourite category?” He smiled at Parker.

Parker shrugged. “I don’t know about yours, but mine are pretty tough…”

“It says ‘punching’”, Kev said.

“Okay”, Parker grinned, cracking his knuckles. “So let’s go.”

Kev laughed. “You can’t wait to get your balls busted, huh?”

Parker grinned.

Logan cleared his throat. “Guys, why don’t you let me do it? It’s ‘testicle toughness’, not ‘strongest punch’.”

Kev raised his eyebrows.

“Okay”, Parker said. He grabbed his crotch and looked down his body. “Come on, boys, I’ll give you some fresh air…”

Kev chuckled.

Parker slipped down his briefs and threw them away. He had a nice set of genitals, with a semi-hard cock and a perfect pair of low-hanging balls.

Kev shrugged and took off his boxer briefs. His cock was a bit larger than Parkers, and his heavy nuts were hanging low in their hairy sac.

“Okay”, Logan said, kneeling in front of Kev and Parker who stood side by side. “Get your cocks out of the way.”

“No prob”, Kev grinned and lifted his dick up.

Parker did likewise.

Their balls looked like a pair of punching bags as they dangled between their legs, waiting to get smashed by Logan’s fist.

Logan looked up and grinned. “The loser is the first one to touch the ground with his hands. Ready?”

Both Kev and Parker nodded, holding their breath, their teeth clenched.

“Alright, here we go”, Logan said and slammed his right fist into Kev’s nuts.

His knuckles hit both of his dangling nuggets dead on, flattening them against his pelvis.

Kev’s eyes bulged and he let out a miserable groan.

Parker watched him, biting his lower lip.

Quickly, Logan turned to Parker and punched his balls with a powerful upper-cut.

Parker wailed in pain as his nuts were rammed into his body. “Fuck!”

Logan chuckled and turned to Kev again. He balled his fist and punched his nuts with a resounding slap.

Kev let out an ear-piercing scream.

Apparently, Logan was a veritable all-round, a wrestling champion with a soccer player’s kick and a boxer’s punch…

By now, Phil had recovered a bit. He was breathing slowly, his eyes half-open, and watched as Logan brought another hard upper-cut into Parker’s poor babymakers.

The red-haired indie boy coughed and doubled over, stumbling, but managing to stay on his feet.

Kev was groaning in pain.

Logan kept his eye on the balls and drove his fist up into Kev’s meaty nuts, smashing them hard and making Kev squeal and wail.

The next punch hit Parker’s testicles. Logan’s fist collided with the two precious testicles and rammed them into his pelvis.

Parker’s eyes crossed and his mouth opened slightly as he let out a throaty groan.

Logan turned to Kev again and punched his meatballs with all the force he could muster.

Kev screamed in pain.

Logan turned to Parker and brought him down to his knees with a perfect punch. His knuckles dug into the soft flesh of Parker’s balls, making Parker’s eyes roll back in his head.

With an agonized wail, the cute redhead fell down to his knees, doubled over and rolled on his side, curling up in a foetal position.

Logan turned to Kev who quickly turned away and cupped his balls with his hands. His eyes were filled with tears and he was breathing heavily. “Wait, it’s over”, he croaked, pointing at Parker.

Logan looked at Parker and raised his eyebrows. “Do you give up?”

Parker whimpered. “Yeah”, he whispered.

Logan looked up at Kev who doubled over and tried to walk the pain off, pacing the room, moaning in pain.

“Okay”, Logan said. “We have a winner…” He turned to Parker. “And a loser”, he added, grinning. “Come on, stand up for your kick…”

Parker groaned. Slowly, he got up. He looked down at his crotch. His balls looked swollen and slightly red. He grimaced and fondled his nuts with his hand. “Fuck”, he whispered. Despite the pain he was in, his cock was rock hard, glistening with precum, pointing at the ceiling.

Kev groaned and stood in front of him. He brought his leg back and kicked Parker’s nuts hard, sending the poor boy down to the ground again, wailing from the top of his lungs.

Logan inhaled sharply and smiled in sympathy. “Ouch…”

Phil, Kev and Logan sat down and waited for Parker to recover.

Both Phil and Kev were grimacing and rubbing their crotches.

Kev didn’t bother to put his underwear back on. His cock was half-hard and he was stroking it absent-mindedly while nursing his swollen balls.

A few minutes later, Parker was able to crawl back to his place. His muscular body was glistening with sweat as he groaned and sat down, spreading his legs wide apart, his swollen nuts resting on the floor between his thighs, his rock-hard cock pointing north like the unusually meaty needle of a well-calibrated compass.

“I challenge you”, Phil said casually and drew a card from the deck.

Parker groaned. “Nothing with nuts, please…”

Kev and Logan chuckled.

Phil looked at the card. “You’re lucky. Foot size.”

Parker looked at his feet.

“That’s easy”, Kev grinned. “Come on, hold them against each other.”

Phil moved on his ass until he was sitting opposite Parker and their feet touched.

Parker’s eyes lit up as he saw that his feet were larger. He wiggled his toes and grinned. “Seems like I get to kick you in the nuts, Phil…”

The 18 year old soccer player groaned. “Yeah…”

Parker chuckled and got up, the glistening head of his cock slapping against his abs.

He lifted his foot and brought it to Phil’s face. He wiggled his toes, causing Phil to grimace in disgust.

“Come on, pal, give ‘em a quick kiss before they pulverize your nuts”, Parker said cheerfully.

Kev and Logan laughed.

Phil looked up at Parker. “No way.”

“Oh, come on”, Kev said, grinning. “Do it if he wants it…”

Phil rolled his eyes and puckered his lips. He gave Parker’s big toe a quick kiss before wiping his mouth with his arm.

He got up and spread his legs.

“Hike your boxers”, Kev grinned.

Phil sighed and spread his legs, lifting his boxers up, giving Parker a good look at his bulging nuts.

Parker inhaled deeply. He took a step back, grimacing as his balls bounced against his thigh.

Then, with a running start, he delivered a picture-perfect kick to Phil’s balls, lifting his body off the ground and making him shriek like a girl.

Phil fell to his knees, clutching his balls, wailing in pain, while Logan, Parker and Kev were laughing their asses off.

“Well done”, Kev grinned.

“That’s another goal”, Logan chimed in.

Parker grinned and patted Phil’s head.

“My turn now”, he said and sat down. “And I’m choosing you, Phil.”

Phil turned to Parker and whimpered. His eyes were filled with tears and he was panting heavily.
“No”, he croaked. “Why don’t you choose someone else?”

Parker shrugged. “Well, it worked perfectly, didn’t it?”

Phil groaned, rocking back and forth as waves of pain were washing through his body.

Parker reached for the deck of cards and drew one. “Oooh”, he grimaced. “This is gonna be painful for both of us…”

”What is it?” Phil asked, his eyes widening with fear.

“Amount of cum”, Parker said. He looked down at his raging boner. “Well, seems like I’m ready to shoot my load, so…”

Phil groaned.

“I’ll go fetch some glasses”, Kev said, getting up and walking into the kitchen. “Phil, you better work on your boner…”

Phil grimaced and stood next to Parker. He reached inside his boxers and pulled out his cock without letting his balls slip out, too. It was limp, and Phil grimaced in pain as he started to jerk his dick, tentatively rubbing up and down the shaft.

When Kev returned with two glasses, both Phil’s cock had grown fully hard.

Both boys were stroking their cocks.

Kev handed one glass to Logan, keeping the other one for himself.

Logan and Kev held the two glasses at arm’s length.

More than five minutes passed.

Parker and Phil were breathing heavily, feverishly stroking their cocks. Their bodies were glistening with sweat.

“Come on, shoot your loads”, Kev said in a bored voice. “We don’t have all day…”

“Fuck, I’m cumming”, Parker whispered. He looked down at Logan and aimed his cock at the glass. “Fuck!”

His cock erupted with a series of thick ropes of sperm that found their way into the glass.

Without spilling a drop, Parker squeezed an impressive load out of his cock and into the glass.

“Fuck”, he whispered, panting. His body shook and he closed his eyes. “Fuck.” He blinked a couple of times, then he smiled proudly. Taking the glass from Logan’s hand, he ran the rim of the glass over his cock head, getting every last drop out of his shaft.

Parker licked his lips and looked at Phil. “I’m done”, he smiled.

Phil didn’t pay attention. He was busy stroking his dick.

“Come on”, Kev said impatiently.

Phil glared at him. “Shut up”, he panted, “I’m close…”

Kev rolled his eyes and pulled down Phil’s boxers, exposing his dangling nuts and grabbing Phil’s nutsack.

Phil winced.

“I’m just trying to help you”, Kev said, gently fondling the redhead’s balls. “Wow, those suckers feel like they are bursting with cream…”

Logan laughed. “You can tell just by touching them?”

Kev grinned, rolling Phil’s nuts between his fingers while Phil was stroking his cock, moaning in pleasure. “Sure. And I tell you, our little soccer star is gonna unleash a flood. Aren’t you, Phil?”

Phil didn’t respond.

“Come on, Phil, let go of that superstar load”, Kev whispered. “Give it to us. Show us what’s inside those juicy cream balls…”

Phil inhaled sharply and let out a guttural groan. His cock twitched violently and the first spurt of cum missed the glass.

Logan and Parker watched as Kev quickly adjusted the position of the glass.

Jet after jet of creamy, white spunk came flying out of Phil’s cock. Within seconds, the glass was half-filled with his spunk.

Parker stared at it.

“That was impressive”, he said slowly.

Phil closed his eyes, pulled his boxers up again and sat down, sighing with exhaustion, his face glowing with post-orgasmic bliss. He shot at Parker a dreamy-eyed smile and whispered, “I guess I won?”

Parker bit his lower lip and nodded. He spread his legs and pointed at his emptied babymakers. “Have a go…”

Phil chuckled and wiped his forehead. “Phew”, he said. “Okay.” He stood in front of Parker and smiled.

“No running start, please”, Parker smiled nervously.

Phil laughed. “I don’t need a running start to kick your balls into next week…”

Parker swallowed. “Okay”, he whispered.

Phil brought his leg back and sent it flying into Parker’s crotch. His instep connected with Parker’s balls and drove them into his body.

Parker’s eyes twitched and he let out a long, guttural moan that turned into a full-blown screech when the full force of the pain hit him.

He jumped up and down, cupping his crotch, throwing his head back, wailing in pain. “Fuck!” he screamed. “Fuckfuckfuck!”

Kev and Logan chuckled. “Ouch”, they said simultaneously before bursting out laughing.

Phil grinned and adjusted his crotch. “I planned to save that load for my girlfriend, but I guess this was a pretty good investment, too…”

Parker collapsed on the ground, kicking his legs, screaming in pain.

“My turn”, Logan grinned.

Parker was whimpering in pain, clutching his aching nuts.

“I guess you need a break, pal”, Logan chuckled. He turned to Phil who was sitting down, his eyes closed, smiling happily. “And you, too. Which leaves us with you, Kev.”

Kev shrugged. “Alright. Clash of the titans, huh?”

“You’re a titan?!” Logan laughed.

Kev grinned. “I sure am…”

Logan chuckled and drew a card. “Oh, okay”, he grinned. “Ball size. Let’s see who’s the bigger titan…”

Kev grinned and got up. He wiggled his hips, causing his half-hard cock to slap against his thighs. “Alright, buddy…”

Logan grinned.

Kev stood next to Logan, touching Logan’s hip with his loin.

The two of them looked down at their junks.

Logan held grabbed his sac, stretching them down to the limit of their sac. “They look pretty big, huh?”

Kev chuckled. “Yeah, they do. But I think mine are just a little bit bigger…”

“I guess we need a referee”, Logan said, looking at Phil and Parker.

Phil sighed and smiled, “Okay, what do you want me to do?”

Logan shrugged. “Compare our nuts. Touch them, fell them – and tell us who’s got the bigger set…”

Phil grimaced and crawled in front of the two boys. Tentatively, he grabbed both of their sacs in his hands and weighed them. “Hmm”, he said slowly. “Logan’s nuts are heavier than yours, Kev…”

Kev raised his eyebrows. “I guess I shouldn’t have beat the monkey this morning…”

Logan laughed.

“Yup”, Phil said, giving both sets of testicles a firm squeeze. “And they are bigger, too.”

“Fuck”, Kev grimaced.

“Thanks, Phil”, Logan grinned and grabbed his balls. “They are bigger, Kev, you know what that means…”

Kev groaned. “Yeah, smartass, I do. Okay, kick me.”

Kev spread his legs, holding his hands behind his back.

His balls were resting low in their sac, dangling between his thighs below his half-hard cock.

Phil chuckled and lay back on his elbows, watching the show.

Parker had slightly recovered by now. His body was sweaty and hot, but he was able to breathe normally again. He sat up straight and whimpered, cupping his nuts with his hands.

Logan grinned. “Okay, Kev. Three… two… one.”

He delivered a hard kick to Kev’s precious family jewels. His toes smashed into Kev’s manhood, flattening his big orbs into his pelvis.

Kev’s eyes opened wide and he let out an agonized yelp before doubling over and letting out a stream of obscenities.

Logan grinned and patted Kev’s back.

Kev groaned in pain.

“Your turn, Kev”, Logan smiled.

“Fuck”, Kev whispered, straightening and looking down at his crotch. “Man, are my nuts still there? They feel as if you pulverized them. I bet they are a bloody pulp inside my sac…”

Logan laughed. “Don’t worry… They are still there. In fact, I think now they are bigger then mine…”
Phil and Parker laughed while Kev doubled over, moaning in pain.

“Let’s take a break”, Kev said, slowly sitting down.

Five minutes later, he was back to normal, except for his big, red, swollen balls…

“My turn”, he said. “And I challenge you, Logan. You cant always win…”

Logan shrugged. “Okay…”

Kev drew a card, read it and raised his eyebrows. “Sexual performance”, he said slowly, a puzzled expression on his face. “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

The four boys turned to me.

I shrugged. “Well, it’s pretty simple. Who’s better at fucking. It’s one of our subscribers’ suggestion.”

The boys stared at me.

I smiled.

Finally, Logan said, “But how are we gonna find out?”

I grinned.

Kev chuckled. “Alright. We need a hole. Who wants to volunteer?”

“No way”, Phil said sharply. “No way!”

Kev looked at Parker. “You are gay, aren’t you?”

Parker grimaced. “I don’t believe in labels so---“

“But you get fucked by guys, right?” Kev interrupted him.

Parker chuckled. “Ocassionally…”

Kev looked at Logan and grinned. “That’s our guy…”

Parker sighed. “Alright. Let me see if I understand what you want to do.” He paused. “You want to fuck my hole, right?”

Kev nodded, grinning.

“And you want me to judge who is better”, Parker continued.

Kev nodded again, smiling brightly.

Parker rolled his eyes. “Alright.” He got up and walked to the couch table. He stood in front of it, bent over, put his hands on the table top and spread his legs. “Who wants to go first?”

Kev shrugged. He was leisurely jerking his cock and looked at Logan. “It’s your turn. You go first.”

Logan grimaced. “I’ve never fucked a guy before…”

“It’s a hole”, Kev shrugged. “Pretend that it’s a girl’s…”

Logan stepped up to Parker and grabbed his ass cheeks.

“I like it hard”, Parker said, turning his head and winking at Logan.

“Okay”, Logan chuckled. “I’ll see what I can do…” He jerked his cock with his right hand and spat into his left hand. Slowly, he inserted one finger into Parker’s butthole.

Parker moaned.

I looked at my watch. “Let’s set a time limit. Five minutes.”

“Alright”, Logan said and lubed up his cock with his spit and aimed it at Parker’s hole. “You like it hard?”

Parker moaned affirmatively.

Logan inhaled deeply and shoved his cock into Parker’s ass.

Parker yelped.

Kev chuckled.

“You got a tight hole”, Logan whispered. “Nice…” With one hand, Logan reached around Parker’s chest. The other hand held on to Parker’s hips. He started fucking Parker hard, at a steady pace. His loins slapped against Parker’s ass cheeks that wobbled back and forth with every thrust.

Parker moaned in ecstasy, arching his back and throwing his head back. “Oh, yes, fuck me!”

Logan increased the pace, fucking Parker’s ass at lightning speed.

“Fuck!” Parker shrieked. His cock was rock hard once again, pointing at the ceiling, dripping with precum, and slapping against his abs with every thrust. “Fuck me harder!”

Logan was sweating heavily. His trained body was glistening as he hammered away at Parker’s butt.

“One minute left”, I announced.

Logan grabbed both of Parker’s hips and pulled him onto his big cock, meeting every thrust of his own hips.

“O god, o yes”, Parker shrieked, moaning.

The sound of Logan’s body slamming against Parker’s echoed through the room.

“Fuck yes!” Parker whimpered.

Logan was panting heavily. He was concentrating on the motions, staring down at Parker’s ass where his big cock disappeared into Parker’s tight hole.

“Oooooohhhh”, Parker moaned. His body convulsed and his cock let go of a fountain of jizz that splattered all over the couch table. “Fuck me!”

Logan kept going, fucking Parker hard.

“Okay, time’s up!” I said.

“No!” Parker yelled. “Please, don’t---“

“Sorry”, Logan pulled his cock out of Parker’s ass and jerked it a couple of times. “Time’s up.”

Parker was breathing heavily, his body glistening with sweat. His cock was rock hard and covered in cum.

Kev slapped Parker’s ass, making him turn around, his mouth hanging open.

The athletic jock grabbed Parker’s shoulders and inserted his cock into Parker’s hole with one swift motion.

Parker gasped.

Kev grinned. “You like that, huh?”

Parker moaned.

“I’ll fuck you good and hard”, Kev whispered. He drove his cock in and out of Parker’s hole, making the red haired boy moan in pleasure.

“You like that, huh?” Kev grinned. “You like my big dick in your asshole, huh?”

Parker moaned.

“Fuck, you’re a tight little bitch”, Kev chuckled. “Let’s see if I can stick my finger into your butt while I’m fucking you. Want me to try that?”

“Yes”, Parker moaned.

Kev nodded. “I thought so…” He licked his forefinger and lined it up with Parker’s hole. “Okay…” Slowly, he managed to slip the tip of his finger into Parker’s ass alongside his fat cock.

Parker closed his eyes and moaned.

“Oh yeah, feels great, huh?” Kev whispered, fucking Parker slowly.

“One minute left”, I said.

“Fuck me hard”, Parker moaned. “Please…”

“Man, you need it, huh?” Kev chuckled. He pulled his finger out of Parker’s ass and started fucking Parker with steady thrusts.

“Harder”, Parker moaned.

Kev increased the pace.

“Harder!” Parker whimpered.

Kev was panting heavily. He tried to increase the pace but he didn’t reach Logan’s energetic level.

“Oh fuck – I’m gonna cum again!” Parker moaned. Amazingly, his cock was rock-hard, ready to explode for a third time. “Harder!”

Kev was panting. “Yeah, I’m gonna pound that load right out of you…”

Parker whimpered.

“Sorry, time’s up”, I said.

“What?!” Parker shrieked.

Kev turned around, his hard dick slipping out of Parker’s hole, leaving it gaping open. “Fuck”, he said, jerking his cock.

Parker groaned and turned around. His cock was beet red, twitching wildly. “Damn”, Parker whispered. “I was so close…”

“Sorry”, Kev mumbled.

“So”, Logan grinned. “Who’s the winner?”

Parker licked his lips, slowly running his hand over his sweaty, muscular chest. “Well”, he said, turning to Kev. “I liked your dirty talking. That was really hot…”

Kev grinned. “It works for the girls…”

Parker smiled. “Yeah, well, but Logan had the better rhythm. He really fucked me good. So – this round goes to Logan…”

“Yes!” Logan laughed. “Great! Looks like I’m on a winning streak…”

Kev sighed.

“Spread your legs, Kev”, Logan winked at him.

Kev looked down at his crotch. His big balls were bulging inside his sac below his hard cock that dripping with precum. “Sorry, boys”, he said with a comical expression on his face. He lifted his head, staring at the ceiling, closed his eyes and clenched his teeth. His arms were behind his back. His defined chest and sixpack abs were glistening with sweat. “Go”, he whispered.

Logan chuckled and brought his leg back. He kicked Kev’s nuts like he was trying to score a penalty shot in soccer. His instep connected perfectly. Both of Kev’s ripe, plump balls were smashed into his pelvis, and Kev screamed from the top of his lungs as his body was lifted off the ground. He let out an agonized shriek and collapsed on the floor, moaning and whimpering in pain.

Logan turned to Phil and said casually, “Your turn, Phil.”

The red haired soccer player cleared his throat and nodded. He though for a moment.

Apparently, he didn’t want to fall prey to another one of Logan’s kicks, and he was a bit weary of Parker’s sexual energy… “I choose you, Kev”, Phil said quickly.

Kev groaned.

Phil reached for the deck of cards and drew one. “Cock length, erect”, he said slowly, adding in a low voice. “Thank God I didn’t choose Logan…”

Logan chuckled and looked down at his rock-hard member.

Parker raised his eyebrows. “Well, thank God you didn’t choose me, too, for that matter… But I don’t think Kev is smaller than you, either…”

Phil looked at Kev who was writhing on the ground.

“Didn’t you see his cock when he fucked my ass?” Parker asked, smiling.

Phil grimaced. “I didn’t look…”

Parker shrugged. “Well, I’m pretty sure that all of us are bigger than you… Come on, let’s have a look… I think Kev needs another moment of privacy…”

Logan chuckled.

The three boys stood in a circle.

Phil grimaced and slipped down his boxers. It took him a couple of seconds before his dick was as hard as Logan’s and Parker’s.

Neither of them said a word. It was plain to see that Phil’s cock – while beautiful to look at and presumably highly effective – was smaller than either Logan’s big dick or Parker’s member that ranked somewhere between Logan and Phil.

Phil sighed. “Okay…” He turned to Kev who was writhing on the ground. “Quick, let’s get it over with… Show us your dick…”

Kev moaned. He got his hands away from his crotch for a moment, letting Phil get a good look at his hard cock.

Phil sighed again and nodded slowly. “Okay. You win… At least you won’t be able to kick me full force…”

“Wait a moment”, Kev groaned and slowly got up. “Trust me, I’ll do my very best…”

Phil smiled nervously.

Kev groaned and took a couple of steps back. Then he ran towards Phil and launched a hard kick at his groin, ramming his precious jewels into his body and making Phil groan in pain and double over.

Kev grinned weakly.

“Okay”, Parker said, chuckling. “It’s the last card. It’s my turn.” He looked at Logan and winked. “I really liked how you fucked me… Do you have a girlfriend?”

“On and off”, Logan shrugged.

Parker bit his lip. “Maybe you and me could, you know…”

Logan smiled and put his hand on Parker’s shoulder. “Sorry, Parker, but I’m into girls. It was nice to fuck you but I just did it because it was part of the competition.”

Parker shrugged, glancing down at Logan’s hard cock. “Okay… Well, I choose you anyway…” He took the last card and read it. “Testicle toughness.” He turned to me. “But we had that already.”

I shrugged.

Parker looked at the card again. “Oh, this time it’s kicking. Fuck.”

Logan grimaced comically. “Well, I guess we need help again, don’t we?”

Parker sighed and looked at Phil who was a whimpering mess on the floor. “Okay, let’s wait until he has recovered.”

“I could help out”, Kev suggested, rubbing his sore balls.

Logan looked at Parker. “Well, we have a professional soccer player in the room. Why don’t we make use of him…”

Parker nodded, smiling weakly. “Yeah, he’ll know how to kick our balls…”

Logan chuckled.

Five minutes later, Phil had sufficiently recovered. The cute redhead made Logan and Parker stand side by side.

They had their hands behind their backs, and their legs were spread slightly apart. Their cocks were pointing at the ceiling and their fat balls were dangling below.

Parker’s balls looked red and seriously swollen, while Logan’s plump low-hangers looked decidedly healthier in their hairy sac.

Phil inhaled deeply and stood in front of Parker. “I’m gonna start with you, okay?”

Parker nodded sharply.

“Do it”, he whispered, clenching his teeth in anticipation.

Phil took a step back and launched the first kick at Parker’s nuts.

The soccer player’s bare instep connected with the gymnast’s bare, sore balls with a sick slap.

Parker let out a soprano yelp and doubled over. His knees met and he whimpered in pain. “Fuck, you deserve a spot on tha national team”, he whispered, his eyes filling with tears…

Phil chuckled and took a step to the side. He stood in front of Logan and smiled.

Logan nodded.

With all the force he could muster, Phil kicked Logan’s nuts.

His foot crashed into Logan’s juicy testicles and smashed them hard.

Logan coughed. Then he groaned. Then the full force of the pain hit him. Slowly, he doubled over, grabbing his dangling babymakers and moaning in pain.

Phil stood in front of Parker again.

The red haired gymnast whimpered and tried to straighten. He didn’t manage to stand fully straight, but it was enough for Phil to see his dangling targets.

Parkers arms were straight down his sides, and he closed his eyes, his lips trembling.

Phil brought his leg back and delivered a straight, hard kick between Parker’s legs, hitting both of Parker’s reddened testicles dead-on, visibly flattening them and crunching them into his pelvis.

Parker opened his eyes and screamed in pain.

Phil watched him, biting his lower lip in sympathy.

“You sure you want to go on?” Logan asked, rubbing his own nuts.

Parker whimpered.

Logan and Phil stared at him.

“Yes”, Parker whispered. “Go on…”

Phil shrugged and took his position in front of Logan.

Logan smiled weakly and put his hands behind his neck.

Phil inhaled deeply and launched another kick at Logan’s meaty gonads.

His bare foot slammed the two tender nuggets into Logan’s pelvic bone, hitting both of them perfectly and causing Logan to groan and double over.

“Fuck”, he whispered. “That was a good one…”

Phil smiled sheepishly and looked at Parker.

“Okay”, Parker whimpered. “I’m ready…”

His cock was rock-hard and dripping with pre-cum which was rather impressive, considering that Parker had already shot his load twice today…

Phil waited for Parker to spread his legs. Then he kicked his nuts hard.

Parker’s sore, reddened balls were smashed into his body by Phil’s foot. His body was lifted off the ground and he screamed from the top of his lungs. His hard cock slapped against his abs, sending drops of precum flying through the air and leaving a wet stain on his sweaty body.

Parker had trouble staying on his feet. He tumbled forwards, then backwards, his eyes closed, his mouth wide open, screaming and panting. His hands cupped his sore balls and he whimpered in pain.

Logan watched him, doubled over, grimacing in sympathy.

Phil nodded at him.

Logan sighed and straightened. His balls were hanging low between his legs, below his hard cock.

Without further ado, Phil launched a devastating kick at Logan’s valuables. He smashed them hard, kicking them into Logan’s crotch and making the cute high school wrestler’s eyes bulge in pain. He let out a throaty groan and doubled over, clutching his aching testicles.

Now, Phil stood in front of Parker again.

The young gymnast looked miserable. His flaming red hair was wet and clinging to his face. His body was covered in a glistening layer of sweat. His eyes were red and filled with tears, and his lips were trembling.

It took more than a minute until he had his hands behind his back.

His rod was pointing at the ceiling, hard as a rock and dripping wet, with his juicy balls dangling below in their shaven sac, swollen and red.

Phil looked at Parker’s junk and chuckled. “Boy, those suckers look gruesome…”

Parker groaned. “Just kick me, Phil…”

Phil shrugged. He brought his leg back and looked Parker in the eyes.

The red haired gymnasts eyes were flickering.

With all the force he could muster, Phil kicked Parker’s nuts.

His instep collided with Parker’s nuts, ramming them into his pelvis.

Parker let out a guttural moan. His body was paralyzed by the pain, his hands behind his back, his legs shaking. His cock was twitching violently.

Suddenly, Parker’s third load of the day exploded out of his fat, hard cock.

Jet after jet of creamy spunk came flying out of the tip of Parker’s cock, spurting like a fountain and landing all over the floor.

Parker screamed from the top of his lungs.

Slowly, he doubled over. His cock was still pumping spurt after spurt of jizz out of his sore, swollen nuts. Wailing in pain, Parker tentatively grabbed his aching plums, touching them with his fingertips while his dick continued coating the floor and Parker’s body with his hot cum.

Parker’s eyes rolled back into his head and he fell to his knees, whimpering in pain.

Logan, Kev and Phil watched him, grimacing in sympathy.

Parker curled up in a ball, sobbing and moaning, cupping his aching balls, while the last ropes of cum shot out of his cock.

“His hands touched the ground”, Phil finally said. “You win, Logan.”

Logan smiled weakly, rubbing his own testicles. “Does that mean I get another kick at his nuts?”

Phil and Kev looked at him.

“Well”, Kev said, shrugging, “sure. You win.”

Logan grimaced and walked up to Parker who was lying on the ground, sobbing in pain.

“Parker?” he said softly.

Parker looked at him, his eyes filled with tears.

“Yes”, he whispered.

“I win”, Logan smiled.

Parker nodded.

“I get to kick your balls”, Logan added, smiling.

Parker closed his eyes and groaned. “Do I have to stand up?” he whispered.

Logan chuckled. “No. Just spread your legs a bit so I get a good kick at them.”

Parker groaned. Slowly, he rolled onto his back and spread his legs. He bit his lip and whimpered. His hands, smeared with his cum, moved away from his balls. They looked bruised and swollen.

Parker whimpered and nodded at Logan.

“Oh, man”, Logan chuckled. “Your balls look like they need a rest…”

“Yeah, they will be out of commission for a while”, Kev chimed in, grimacing in sympathy.

Parker whimpered.

Logan shot Parker an excusatory smile, stood between Parker’s legs and brought his leg back. Then he sent it crashing into Parker’s nuts.

Parker’s body convulsed and he let out an ear-shattering scream.

Logan took a step back and grimaced sheepishly while Parker curled up in a ball, moaning and groaning, clutching his balls and rocking back and forth.

Half an hour later, when the four boys were gone, Chad, Vince and I had a look at the video footage.

“Great”, I said. “You got all of the cumshots from two angles.” I turned to Vince. “Have you done camerawork before?”

Vince shook his head, smiling.

“Well, I guess you will be our second cameraman”, I said, looking at the computer where Parker’s third orgasm filled the screen. “Do you like working on the set?”

Vince shrugged. “Well, is it always like that?”

I smiled. “Sometimes.”

Vince grinned. “It’s okay…”


guy787970 said...

GREAT! I was wondering when I would see another Top Trump story, and when I'd see a story with Logan. I am very satisfied ;) The busting was very hot (although i did skip over the gay sex) and I REALLY like how you've developed Logan's character, and am looking forward to seeing Vince again. AWESOME STORY! =-D

Anonymous said...

very hot. do you think we'll ever see more of Logan's high school life? I think that might be very hot.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback!

@ guy787970:
I'm glad you enjoyed the story despite the sex thing! It really is a long, long story (in fact, it's the longest one I've ever written, closely followed by the last "Top trumps" story...) but I had a lot of fun writing it and I'm happy you enjoyed it!

@ anonymous:
I hope I'll be able to post the first chapter of "Logan's high school diary" next week. It's gonna be a series of short stories and I hope you'll enjoy them...

Chris said...

^ High School? With teenagers? Teenagers who are going through puberty and realizing their armpits and, more importantly, their feet smell? Wow. Those will be some gooooood stories, even without foot action, XD.

I liked this one. In fact, I like all the top trumps. Yay Parker, keeping the spirit alive! :P

Very nice~ ^.^

Anonymous said...

Best Top Trump story so far !
Parker is just awesome. If I remember he lost to Kev at ball-punching in the last he must be frustrated by his own weakness. It seems his nuts aren't quite the toughest, but he does seem to recover faster than most. On a good day do you think he could beat Kev or Logan ?
That gives me a thought...what if Parker comes to the studio and asks you (and Chad and Vince) to help toughen his nuts in training for the olympics ? This could even be a short series with different training methods !
I think Parker really WANTS to be a champion and he's always willing to put his balls on the line.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback!

@ Chris:
I'm not sure whether I'm gonna include foot action in Logan's high school diary... We'll see...

@ anonymous:
That's a GREAT idea! Parker was pretty successful at last year's Olympics (1 gold medal + 1 bronze medal) - but there's always room to be better, I guess...
I was searching for a nice lead-up to the Olympics and that's it! I'll start working on the first part right away...

Anonymous said...

great one..

Alex said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I really don't think that's what High School is, it's very irregular to see a high school student who hasn't finished puberty, in fact, most aren't virgins anymore. (freshman included)

Alex said...

Well, acurate or not, I think Chris' idea is pretty hot... :-)))

Carter said...

I was a little worried Logan would get off scott free, glad he got his nuggets crushed at the end.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the story!

Ballbuster said...

This story is fantastic, I loved when Logan and Kev fucked Parker

Alex said...

Thanks for yozr feedback, Oscarmau! :-))