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Shakeout – task 9: All or nothing


Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Chad (click for pictures)

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Today was the day.

It was the final day for one of our websites.

Someone was going to win today, and the loser would have to pack his things, admit defeat and close down his website.

It seemed like years ago when Warren, the owner of, had challenged us to this series of tasks. His website was a thinly veiled carbon copy of our site, and he had stolen our members and copied our ideas for the last months.

Today, either one of us was going to go offline.

I looked at my cameraman Chad.

We were standing in front of the door to Warren’s warehouse.

Two hours ago, we had received an email. “7 p.m. today. You and your little boyfriend.”

I sighed and bit my lower lip.

“Let’s go in”, Chad said.

I sighed again.

“And if we don’t win, I have a job for you”, he added.

I stared at him.

Chad shrugged. “I have to think of my future”, he said. “I know someone who does lesbian porn. You know, hot girls kissing, strap-ons, dildos, that sort of thing. He wants me as his cameraman.”

“Chad”, I said in a toneless voice.

“And you can be my assistant”, he said casually. “I don’t know if you like lesbian po---“

“Let’s go in”, I said and opened the door.

It was dark inside, dark and cold, with only one lightbulb right in the middle of the vast room.

I thought about what Chad had just told me. I trusted him! Now he told me that he was going to do lesbian porn. And he wanted me to go with him.

I looked around, searching for Vince.

Vince was 20 years old, a young scientist with a strange fondness for twisted games. He had masterminded all of the tasks so far, and he had caused everybody involved a lot of pain. He was a nice guy, I liked him, he was friendly and shy, but the thought of what he might have in store for us tonight made me shiver.

Usually, Warren had asked for one or more models. But today, Chad and I were on our own. I ran my hand over my crotch and grimaced.

“Vince?” I shouted.

Chad and I. Of course he wasn’t my boyfriend, that was just a way for Warren to make fun of us. But he was a friend. He hadn’t told me that he had been looking for a new job just in case we were defeated today. I sure hadn’t looked for a job. And I didn’t see myself as a cameraman’s assistant on a pseudo-lesbian porn set, thank you very much.

“Vince?!” I shouted again.

“He’s not here”, Chad said.

I turned to him, suddenly furious. “Really?” I snapped. “Thank you, smartass.”

Chad raised his eyebrows. “You picking a fight now, Alex? I don’t think this is the right moment to---“

“But it’s the right moment to tell me that you don’t care about this, huh?” I yelled.

Chad rolled his eyes.

“It’s the right moment to tell me that, if it’s up to you, it doesn’t matter if we win?!” I screamed.

My voice echoed in the empty room.

“Alex”, Chad said calmly.

“Fuck you, Chad!” I yelled and turned away from him.

Chad said, “Alex, I---“

“Chad”, I interrupted him. “Don’t talk now, please, okay?”

He was silent.

I looked around the room. By now, my eyes had adjusted to the darkness and I noticed that the room wasn’t completely empty.

On the left side was a metal chair, complete with leather straps and chains. On the right side was a similar chair. They were facing each other, maybe 15 yards apart from each other.

I couldn’t believe that Chad had been looking for a new job. It wasn’t right. Or at least he should have told me about it. I inhaled deeply and turned around.

Chad looked at me, smiling sheepishly.

“Listen”, I said slowly. “I’m really upset---“

The door opened and Warren and his cousin Rex entered the room. “Are we interrupting something?” Warren grinned.

I glared at Chad. “Of course not, we have been looking forward to this”, I said.

Warren chuckled. He was 32 years old, a big and tall guy, with black hair and dark eyes.

His cousin Rex was a bit younger and a bit smaller than him, lean and wiry, with a shaven head, a couple of tattoos on his body, and a pierced eyebrow.

Both of them looked menacing and mean.

Behind them, Vince walked into the room. He was wearing glasses and a white lab coat. He knew that he looked younger than he was, and he tried to make up for it by growing sideburns and a goatee. Ironically, that made him look like a schoolboy who wanted to pass for 16…

“Great”, Warren smirked. “Ready to lose all you have, boy?”

I ignored him. “Hi, Vince”, I said.

Last week, Vince had told me that he wanted to join our team work for us. As if that mattered, now.

“Hi, Alex”, he said cheerfully. “How are you?”

I sighed.

Vince walked past Warren and Rex and winked at me

“Okay, could we get this over with?” Warren barked.

Vince nodded and turned around, facing us. “This is the final task”, he said. “we---“

“We know that”, Warren said, rolling his eyes. “Come on, tell us what to do. I guess we’ll have to do the dirty work ourselves tonight, huh?”

Vince smiled and nodded. “Yes, that’s right. You and Alex will sit down in the chairs and---“

“Naked?” Warren asked.

“Sure”, Vince said.

Warren chuckled and looked at me.

I shrugged.

We both started taking our clothes off.

“You’ll have a milking device attached to your penises”, Vince continued. “I guess you remember the milking---“

“Sure we do”, Warren barked, taking off his black turtleneck and revealing his hairy chest. He was very muscular, with strong arms, defined pecs and six pack abs.

I sighed.

“There will be a ring around your testicles. Your respective cameraman will be tied to the ring by another ring around his own testicles”, Vince said, smiling.

“Sounds interesting, don’t you think?” Warren chuckled and looked at me.

“The two cameramen will have a rope and we’ll have a game of tug-of-war”, Vince smiled. “There are four possible endings.” He raised his hands and counted the four possibilities on his fingers. “One: one of you gives up. Two: either Warren or Alex ejaculates. Three: One of you passes out. Four”, Vince bit his lower lip and shrugged, “One pair of testicles disengages itself from its owner.”

I stared at Vince. “Do you mean---“

Vince nodded.

“The stakes are high”, Warren grinned. “I guess you are gonna leave this room without your nuts and without your website?” He chuckled. “Why don’t you give up right now and spare us all the blood…”

I gritted my teeth. “No way”, I said firmly. I turned to Chad and whispered, “Chad, I hope you won’t think about your new job while we do this.”

Chad stared at me.

I turned away and took off my briefs.

Warren chuckled and I glared at him.

Both of us were stark naked now, and I had to admit that Warren bested me in every category. He was taller than me. He was more muscular than me. His cock was thicker and longer than mine, and his balls were bigger than mine.

I sighed. My dick is average sized, maybe a bit above average, and by no means small. I jerked it a couple of times until it was fully hard.

Warren’s fat, uncut member was swinging between his legs, hard as a rock and glistening with precum.

He turned to Rex and grinned, “Now I know why he doesn’t star on his website. If I were him, I’d hide that puny cock, too…”

Rex laughed and started unbuttoning his jeans and taking off his clothes, too.

I rolled my eyes. “Could we start, please?”

“You are right”, Warren smirked, “Let’s get rid of your marbles as soon as possible…”

I sighed, turned away and walked over to one of the chairs. It looked decidedly uncomfortable. I sat down. The metal seat was ice cold and I inhaled sharply as my ass touched it.

At the other side of the room, Vince tied Warren to the chair and attached the milking machine.

Chad was standing next to me, taking off his clothes. “Listen, I’m not gonna let you down, okay?”

I looked at Vince who was fumbling with Warren’s and Rex’ crotches.

A few moments later, he came over to us.

He tied me to the chair with two leather belts around my chest and neck, and rusty metal chains that fastened my arms and legs to the chair.

My legs were spread wide apart. I looked at Vince.

“Don’t look at me”, Vince whispered, fumbling with the chains and grabbing the milking device.

“Hey!” Warren shouted from the other end of the room. “What are you doing?”

“Nothing”, Vince yelled. “I’m just trying to get the milking device onto his cock. It works better with big one like yours…”

Warren and Rex laughed.

“Listen”, Vince whispered. “I told you last week that I might be able to find out who sold you out. I’m on it. I’ll have the information by next week.”

Vince grabbed my cock and jerked it a couple of times. He was wearing rubber gloves and there was nothing sexual about it. He had to make sure I was hard so that my dick fit into the milking machine.

He grabbed the mechanical milker and put it over my dick, shoving it all the way in. It felt strange. The inside was some rubbery material, while the outside was shiny metal. A wire led to a switchboard on the ground, next to my chair.

“You’ll be fine”, Vince whispered, grabbing my balls and pushing them, one by one, through a small metal ring that was attached to a rusty chain.

Vince pulled on the chain and I winced as my balls were yanked down to the bottom of my sac.

“You’ll be fine”, Vince repeated. “Good luck…”

I sighed.

“What’s taking so long? His balls aren’t that big!” Warren yelled.

Vince was kneeling in front of Chad, now, shoving his balls through the ring that was on the other end of the rusty chain.

Chad inhaled sharply as Vince pressed his thumb into the flesh of his nuts to push them through. “Ouch”, he whispered.

Vince looked up at him and yanked down on the chain, making Chad shriek in pain.

Vince nodded and walked away.

I looked at Chad. We were connected by the chain, now. It was maybe five feet long, and I shuddered, thinking about what would happen if Chad was pulled away from me…

Chad looked down at his crotch.

His cock was hard.

He tentatively walked backwards until the chain was stretched tight.

Our balls were stretched to the bottom of our sacs.

I grimaced. “It doesn’t work like that”, I said. “Turn around, straddle the chain, make it go back between your legs.”

Chad bit his lip and did as I had suggested.

Now, he was facing Rex and Warren and I was looking at his muscular back and shoulders.

His balls were pulled backwards below his ass cheeks.

I sighed.

Vince returned with a thick rope and tied one end of it to Chad’s wrist.

“You can’t let go”, he explained casually.

The he walked over to Rex and tied the other end to his wrist.

Then he stood in the middle of the room, reached inside a pocket in his lab coat and produced a remote control.

“I’m gonna switch the milking devices on, now. Good luck”, he said and pushed a button.

Immediately, there was a whizzing sound that came from my lap and I felt a strong tug on my dick. I looked down, grimacing. It felt as if my cock expanded inside the tube.

“Fuck”, I whispered. “This is---“

Suddenly, Rex gave the rope a sharp yank.

Chad lept forward and the chain between us stretched.

Both Chad and I screamed in pain as our nuts were pulled away.

“Chad!” I screamed.

Chad groaned in pain.

Another hard tug from Rex made Chad stumble.

“Fuck!” I screamed as my nuts were pulled away from my body.

I looked down in horror as I saw my sac stretched to its limit, with my two lumpy balls a the very end of it.

A slurping sound came from the milking machine and I realized that I had to concentrate on not shooting my load or it would be over very quickly.

I heard Rex laugh.

“Yeah, this is easy!” Warren yelled.

“Fuck, Chad”, I groaned, gritting my teeth. “Do something!”

By now, he had regained his balance. The chain was hanging down a bit between our bodies, giving our nuts some desperately needed relief.

Chad grunted and groaned, putting all his weight back, pulling on the rope.

I closed my eyes. My cock was on fire, as were my balls. The pain was mind-numbing. The constant sucking on my dick made me want to pass out. And the thought of having my nuts ripped off didn’t do me any good, either.

I grunted and opened my eyes in pain when I felt another hard tug on my balls.

Chad and I screamed in unison as Chad stumbled forward, coming to a sudden halt when the chain stretched to the limit, causing our balls to compress at the very bottom of our sacs. The rings dug into the soft, tender flesh of our testicles, making both of us scream at the top of our lungs.

My cock twitched and, for a short moment, I was afraid that the milking machine might suck the cum right out of my poor, trapped babymakers at the same time when they were torn clear off my body.

Fortunately, both my nuts and my cock didn’t let me down.

Strangely, I wasn’t feeling weak. I was feeling strong, adrenaline pumping through my body. I was in pain, yes, but I wasn’t willing to give up.

“Chad!” I yelled. Sweat was running down my face like a waterfall. “Chad! Come on! You can do this!”

Chad grunted. “My nuts!”

“I know! Come on! Hurt them! Rip their balls off their bodies!” I screamed.

Chad groaned and leaned back.

I heard both Warren and Rex scream in pain.

“Yes!” I yelled. “Yes! Come on!”

Rex was stronger than he looked. His wiry body was strong and tough.

But Chad was stronger.

He pulled on the rope, causing Warren and Rex to shriek in pain.

I imagined Warren’s big, tough, juicy balls stretched by the metal chain. That fucking bastard!

I was gritting my teeth. The milking machine was sucking on my cock. I felt the head of my dick get sore and I wondered how long it would take until my cock was back to normal again. I had seen what the machine had done to Parker’s and Dima’s cocks. They had been red and swollen, and I was pretty sure that my dick would look the same way. I felt the cum boiling in my abused testicles, waiting to be sucked out into the open. I tried to think of something else and focussed on Warren and Rex again.

Warren was moaning in pain. He had been rather cocky at the beginning. Right now, he didn’t look like he was in the mood for a joke.

“Hey, Warren!” I yelled. “How are your nuts feeling, huh?”

Warren grunted.

Maybe the smaller size of my cock and balls was an advantage? Maybe his fat cock and his two big, juicy balls were gonna give before mine?

“Finish them!” I hissed, grimacing in pain.

Chad grunted.

He gave the rope a sharp tug, causing both Rex and Warren to scream in pain.

“Yes!” I whispered. My balls were burning. My cock was aching for release. “Yes!”

Chad tugged on the rope again.

Rex and Warren wailed in pain.

Chad groaned and, with all the strength he could muster, pulled on the rope.

Rex screamed and stumbled, his upper body leaning forward as his nuts were pulled back between his legs.

Warren body bucked as his big balls were pulled away from him.

Suddenly, Rex fell down, causing a bizarre chain of events that happened within only split-seconds.

Rex fell flat on his body, right on his hard cock. He screamed at the top of his lungs as his dick folded like an accordion.

Chad was pulled forward. I saw his balls bulge obscenely between his ass cheeks. They were red and swollen, trapped by the ring at the bottom of his sac.

My balls were yanked forward. An explosion of pain erupted in my nuts and I felt as if they had been replaced by hand grenades. The pain washed through my body, my stomach turned and my vision blurred. I felt a bitter, metallic taste on my tongue, and I though I was about to puke.

Warren’s nuts were pulled away from him and he opened his mouth in a silent scream as his precious testicles were viciously yanked down. His eyes crossed and his body bucked. The milking machine was dancing in his lap. Suddenly, there was a deep, loud slurping sound and a fountain of sticky white sperm came shooting up from the machine.

Warren found his voice and screamed miserably as his tortured nuts let go of all the cum that was stored inside. Jet after jet of juicy cream sprayed out of the milking machine, accompanied by bizarre mechanical slurping sounds. The gooey jizz came raining down all over Warren and Rex, like snow rain falling on a cold day in fall. Tiny flakes of cum rained down on Rex’ and Warren’s naked bodies, covering them in a glistening layer of spunk.

All four of us were screaming in pain.

“No!” Warren yelled. “Noooo!”

I was crying in pain, tears were running down my face.

“Stop it!” I whimpered. “Vince, turn the fucking things off.”

Vince looked at me. He turned to Warren.

Warren’s body was spazzing. The last spurts of cum sailed through the air.

“Vince!” I yelled.

Vince nodded and pushed a button.

The mechanical noise died down instantly.

What was left were the anguished screams of Warren and Rex, and the moans and sobs of Chad and me.

Vince reached inside his coat pocket and produced a big knife. He grabbed the rope and cut it, allowing Chad to sink down to his knees, cupping his balls.

“Fuck”, I whimpered. My cock felt as if it had been shredded to tiny pieces.

Vince walked up to us and freed our balls and my cock. Then, he undid my leather straps and the chains that were around my legs and arms.

I looked down at my lap. My dick was red and swollen.

“Fuck”, I whispered, staring down at the big, red rod between my thighs. My balls didn’t look any better. They had the same color, a deep red with shades of purple.

I threw my head back. “Fuck”, I whispered.

I tentatively grabbed my balls. As soon as I touched them, a wave of sharp pain made me let go immediately.

Groaning, I got up from the chair.

The metal seat was wet with sweat.

I limped over to Chad and looked at him.

“We won”, he whispered.

I nodded and looked at his nuts. They looked even worse than mine.

I grimaced and held out my hand.

“I’m sorry”, I said slowly.

Chad took my hand and I helped him stand up.

“No, I am”, he said, grimacing. “It was the wrong time to say a thing like that…”

I shook my head. “I’m sorry, I mean it.”

Chad nodded and smiled weakly. “Okay.”

We looked at Rex and Warren.

Vince was busy taking off the rings around their balls.

Rex was lying down on the ground, his hand cupping his genitals.

Slowly, we walked over, careful not to slip on the floor that was slippery with Warren’s cum.

Warren was sitting on the chair, his eyes glassy and red.

We watched him for a couple of minutes.

He was moaning in pain, unable to move his body. His balls were fiery red, his cock looked sore and bruised. It was half hard, milked dry, shrinking down quickly.

“Warren”, I said firmly.

He looked up at me.

“We won”, I said. “You close down your site today.”

He opened his mouth but I didn’t want to hear what he had to say.

“Fuck you”, I heard him whimper. “You cheated! You are in cahoots with Vince!”

I ignored him.

“Fuck you!” Warren screamed.

I turned around and looked at Chad.

Chad grimaced and turned to Warren. “Listen, fuckhead”, he said in a low voice. “You go offline today. That’s the deal.”

Warren looked at me, his eyes filled with hatred. “No way. This is not---“

Chad lifted his foot and stomped down on Warren’s sore, drained balls. He squished them under his bare sole, flattening the two poor testicles against the metal seat of the chair.

Warren’s eyes bulged and he let out an agonized wail.

“That’s the deal”, Chad said, gritting his teeth.

He lifted his foot off of Warren’s balls.

Warren slid down to the ground, wailing in pain, cupping his balls, rocking back and forth.

Chad looked at me. “This is it.”

I nodded.

We put our clothes back on. Stuffing our junk into our underwear was painful, but it was nothing in comparison to the agony when we tried to close the flies of our jeans. We decided to leave them open…

Before we left, I turned to Vince.

“I knew you’d make it”, he smiled.

I grimaced.

He pointed at Chad. “He’s a tug-of-war champion, I googled his name. That’s why I chose this game”, he smiled. “I knew you’d win.”

I turned to Chad.

Chad had a blank expression on his face.

“I googled you”, Vince said. “Olympic medal.”

Chad shook his head. “That was my great-grandfather’s uncle. He was part of the Milwaukee Athletic team and won in 1904 in St. Louis.”

Vince blinked. “Oh.”

I raised my eyebrows.

Vince smiled sheepishly. “Well, anyway, you won…”

I chuckled. “You know, Vince, when you join our team you’ll do anything but research…”

Vince grinned.

“We’re gonna have a victory party next week. I’ll send you an email”, I said, turning to go. “Welcome to the team.”

We left the warehouse.

We won.


Anonymous said...

wow, nice story, and that joke with Vince Googleing chad was hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Great story! Wonderful finish to it, as well. I REALLY look forward to Vince creating new contraptions to bust everyone's nuts. :D

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Chris said...

I liked it. Or should I say, I liked Chad. It was weird to see him kick/stomp someone's junk while not in shoes. Interesting.

Nice finish, XP.

Anonymous said...

Nice series, great ending. Thanks

Alex said...

Thanks, guys! I'm really happy that you enjoyed the stories. I had a great time writing them... :-))

Carter said...

Almost perfect, but Warren got off easy.
And nice joke at the end.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Carter! Yeah, maybe Warren didn't get what he deserved. But at least we won... :-))