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Shakeout – task 8: The funnel

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Cal, DannyKev, Parker, Vince and Zach (click for pictures)

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Last week, we had been duped by Warren and his team. Warren was the owner of rival website, a ruthless tyrant who bullied his models and was unapologetic about stealing our members and our ideas.

Some time ago, he had challenged us to a series of tasks that were designed to determine who was going to keep their website. The loser was going to shut down his site.

Right now, with seven out of nine tasks completed, Warren had a narrow lead: His team had won four points while my team had won three.

Today, it could be over. Everything was on the line. If we lost, we lost everything.

This morning, Warren had sent us an email. “Bring 6 models, loser. Warehouse. Today. 7 p.m.”

My cameraman Chad and I had been arguing all day.

After last week’s defeat – someone had poised Brandon’s soda with a substance that caused him to lose control of his cock, resulting in two impressive, involuntary, incredible ejaculations that left poor Brandon humiliated and groggy – Chad had urged me to think of a way to pay Warren back.

“Why don’t you see it?” he had fumed. “That fucking bastard isn’t playing by the rules. Why should we?”

“Because we are better than him”, I had responded for the 600th time. “We can win against him without using dirty tricks.”

Finally, Chad had given up. “This is ridiculous. You are stupid.”

Now, we were standing in front of the warehouse.

Six models.

We had decided to ask big balled blond frat guy Zach, indie gymnast Parker, brown haired jock Kev, black swimmer Cal, curly haired cutie George and strawberry-blond actor Danny.

All of them knew what awaited them.

I inhaled deeply and opened the door to the first floor of the warehouse.

We entered. The room was dark, with just two naked light bulbs hanging from the ceiling. I had the feeling that the room grew colder and darker every time we came here.

In the middle of the room, Warren had assembled six of his models.

I recognized all of them from our previous encounters: Harley, a lanky geek with curly blond hair, Harry-Potter-glasses, and a long, fat cock, who had played a part in Brandon’s defeat last week; Scott, a muscular jock, who had been defeated by Kev in a humiliating spectacle of homoeroticism; Andrew and Brett, two handsome, black-haired identical twins with an identical set of impressive sex organs; Itsuki, a tough Japanese hunk with black hair and a goatee; and Dima, the most impressive of the bunch.

Dima was a real stud., tall and muscular, with a weightlifter’s arms, and a prizefighter’s eyes. When he spoke he had a thick Russian accent. All of Warren’s models were well-endowed, but Dima easily was a stallion among ponies. He had a fat, thick cock and a pair of heavy, plump nuts. Ironically, it had been cheerful gymnast Parker who had managed to defeat Dima and cause incredible pain for the Russian stud.

All of them were stark naked, their hands on their hips, their cocks hard, with the notable exception of Scott who seemed to be a little nervous.

Warren and his cousin Rex grinned as they noticed the expression on my face.

“Ready to lose, boy?” Warren chuckled.

I swallowed. “I---“

“We’re gonna win, asshole”, I heard Zach shout.

I turned around and glared at him.

Warren and his team laughed.

“You think so?” Warren smirked. “Want a glass of soda before we begin?”

Rex chuckled.

I frowned at him. “No, thanks.” I turned to my models. “Take your clothes of. We’re gonna show them what we are made of…”

Warren shrugged.

I turned my head and noticed Vince standing at the side.

“Hi, Vince”, I said.

Vince nodded. He was 20 years old, a young scientist, shy and friendly, but he knew how to use his knowledge to inflict pain on guys, and he took great delight in inventing merciless machines that were a threat to the unfortunate candidate’s manhood.

Last week, he had told us about the cheating, and I was very grateful for that.

On either side of Vince were similar constructions: A wooden chair with something lying on the seat, and a rusty metal block that was about waist-high right in front of it.

By now, Zach had finished undressing and took a step forward, grinning proudly, fondling his king-sized testicles, his big, hard cock pointing up to the ceiling and dripping with precum.

Warren smirked.

“Dima”, he barked.

The Russian stud took a step forward.

Zach and Dima approached each other while the rest of us watched in silence.

I felt like I was in the middle of some “High Noon” rip-off.

Dima’s weapon pointed right at Zach. It was a heavy, thick, veiny monster that looked way too big to be comfortable when inserted into a human orifice.

I remembered something Dima had said when I met him the first time. He had referred to the women he had sex with. “They scream for mercy. Sometimes there is blood…”

I grimaced.

They stood opposite each other, their dicks almost touching each other.

A small drop of precum dripped down from Zach’s cock onto Dima’s.

Both rods were gigantic. I had expected Dima to trump Zach in every way imaginable, but up close it was almost a tie.

Dima’s fat member was a lot thicker than Zach’s, but on the other hand Zach’s was longer. And, frankly, Zach’s rod looked better… It had the right proportions while Dima’s monster looked … well … just monstrous.

“Impressed?” Warren grinned at Zach.

Zach looked down. He shrugged. “Well, yeah”, he said casually. “I’m pretty impressed by its ugliness…”

Parker and Danny started laughing, and the rest of the boys joined in.

I bit my lower lip. I knew that both Dima and Warren were unstable – to put it mildly – and I was afraid there was going to be a bloodbath.

Dima stared at Zach.

“Dima!” Warren shouted.

The Russian stallion turned his head.

Warren glared at him and pointed at his feet.

Like a well-trained attack dog, Dima lowered his head and walked back to his team.

Zach grinned.

“Those are the two”, Warren said to Vince.

Vince nodded. He cleared his throat and said, “Would you come over here, please?”

Zach looked at me.

I shrugged.

Both Dima and Zach walked up to Vince and stood next to him.

“Sit down, please”, Vince said and pointed at the two chairs.

They took their seats, picking up the thing that was lying on the seats.

When Zach realized what it was, he groaned. “Fuck…”

I looked at him.

He held the thing up and I realized that it was the very same contraption that Zach had encountered when he had been here for the fourth task: two glass plates that were connected to each other with a long cable attached that disappeared into the metal block.

Zach fondled his balls and grimaced.

“You have already done it”, I said. “You can do it again…”

“Excuse me”, Vince said, smiling, while he was tying Dima’s body to the chair with a couple of leather belts, “but this is a bit different. The last time, the participator had to fill a bowl with his ejaculate in order to stop the glass plates from flattening his testicles.”

Rex chuckled, apparently remembering the sight of Zach’s juicy testicles between the plates.

Warren shot his cousin an angry look and Rex stopped.

“This time”, Vince continued, walking over to Zach and fastening his body to the chair, “the participants are going to rely on the help of their team mates.”

Vince pulled on the leather belt that was holding Zach’s muscular chest. Zach winced, and Vince smiled, satisfied.

He applied the glass plate contraption to Zach’s genitals, trapping his big balls between the glass plates. After he had done the same thing to Dima – who watched Vince with a sceptical expression on his face as his large testicles were shoved between the plates – Vince said, “Obviously, the glass plates are designed to afflict pain to the testicles.”

Zach cleared his throat and shifted on his seat. There was little room for shifting as the leather belts held his body in place, and Zach bit his lower lip, looking at Vince.

Vince stood next to Zach’s metal block and pointed at the upper surface that had a hole in it. “The opposing team mates are going to gather around the funnel and ejaculate into it. The more semen they are able to scrape together, the more pain their opponent is going to feel.” Vince smiled and turned to Zach and Dima. “You should know that there’s no emergency stop. If your opponents accumulate enough sperm, your testicles will be as flat as---“

“Pancakes”, Rex chimed in, grinning at Zach. “Two big, meaty pancakes…”

Vince smiled and nodded. “Of course, you can give up before that.”

Dima and Zach looked disheartened. Both of their cocks were rock hard, towering in their laps, both of them glistening with precum.

The Russian looked down at his fat, thick member with a loving expression in his eyes.

“Okay”, Vince said. “Let’s start.”

Warren looked at his team.

His boys had started stroking their cocks.

“Alright”, Warren grunted. He walked up to the Andrew and Brett and grabbed their sacs, squeezing gently. “Full?”

The twins nodded.

“Good”, Warren said. He grabbed Itsuki’s and Harley’s balls and raised his eyebrows.

“Full”, Itsuki said.

Harley nodded. “Full to the brim.”

Warren nodded. “Good.”

He turned to Scott who blushed and avoided Warren’s eyes. His dick was the only one that wasn’t fully hard.

Warren grabbed the jock’s big testicles, one in each hand. “What about you, Scott?”

Scott bit his lower lip. “You see, I have this new girlfriend, and yesterday, she---“

Warren’s eyes narrowed. He squeezed hard, causing Harley to whimper in pain.

“Warren, please---“

“What have I told you?” Warren hissed, squishing Scott’s balls in his large hands.

Scott moaned. “I’m sorry, Warren, I promise that I’ll contribute my---“

“You better!” Warren barked, squeezing hard and making Scott howl in agony.

Warren let go of Scott’s balls. “Start!”

Scott whimpered, cupping his balls.

The five models walked up to Zach and gathered around the funnel, paying no attention to Zach who was grimacing in anticipation.

I turned around and looked at Parker, Kev, Cal, George and Danny. All of their cocks were standing at attention.

I was glad I had brought Cal and George. The two boys’ babymakers were almost as big as Zach’s.

“I believe in you”, I said, smiling as confidently as I could. “I believe in you.”

The boys nodded.

“I’m not gonna check the inventory”, I continued. “I hope you haven’t been too active recently…”

Kev grinned, fondling his low-hangers. “Three days of pent-up spunk. This is gonna be a jizzfest…”

Parker chuckled, weighing his balls in his hand. “Five days.”

George blushed. “Two days…”

Cal grinned. “Six days.”

Danny looked down at his cock. “Three hours”, he said, smiling sheepishly.

I sighed. “Nevermind. I hope it was worth it…”

Danny grinned, a dreamy expression on his face. “Oh, yeah, it was.”

I chuckled. “Okay, just do your best…”

The boys nodded.

The gathered around Dima’s funnel and started stroking their cocks.

“Hey, Dima”, Parker said, smiling at the Russian hunk. “You look so hot…”

Dima grunted.

“Remember when I ruined your cock?” Parker said cheerfully.

Dima stared at him.

“Today I’m gonna be ruining your nuts. Funny, huh?” Parker chuckled.

Vince leaned over Zach’s funnel and looked into the hole. He pushed a button on the side of the metal block, starting a low mechanical buzzing sound. After he had done the same on Dima’s side, he looked up and nodded. “Go.”

All ten boy started jerking their cocks furiously, running their hands up and down their hard dicks.

Almost all of them were right-handers. Only Parker and Harley stroked their cocks with their left hands while Kev was using both hands and Scott switched occasionally, looking extremely nervous.

He seemed to be the only one who had trouble getting an erection.

Zach started encouraging his team mates. “Yeah, shoot that load, come on, make me proud, shoot that load right into the funnel!”

Less than a minute later, Kev started moaning louder and louder. “Yeah! Here it comes”, he whispered and aimed his cock at the funnel. He closed his eyes, smiling lazily, as his cock erupted with a first spurt of thick, creamy jizz that splattered right into the funnel, hitting the hole and landing inside the metal block with a resounding splat.

The boys on Warren’s team turned their head, looking envious, as Kev’s cock let go of a massive load of sperm. Jet after jet of sticky goo made its way into the funnel, running down the metal surface into the hole.

Kev’s team mates moaned in approval.

Suddenly, Dima let out a yelp.

He was staring at his crotch. A screeching sound came from his lap as the glass plates moved, starting to crunch his nuts.

He cursed in Russian and turned to his team mates. “Hurry up”, he growled.

Dima’s friends nodded and turned their attention to their own cocks again.

Kev’s orgasm was finished, and he sighed, taking a step back and continuing to jerk his cock.

At Zach’s funnel, Scott was nowhere near getting an erection. He was tugging on his limp cock, and the fact that his team mates cocks were dripping with precum by now didn’t seem to encourage him.

“Go away”, Itsuki moaned suddenly, shoving the rest of the guys away as his cock quivered violently. The first spurt missed, causing Dima to curse in Russian, but the second, third and fourth jet of cum hit the mark. The Japanese hunk’s sticky juice ran into the funnel, triggering the glass plates that were trapping Zach’s nuts.

Zach inhaled sharply as the plates closed around his nuts.

Then, everything happened very fast.

Parker shot his load into Dima’s funnel, moaning in pleasure as an incredible fountain of jizz came shooting out of the red-haired boy’s cock.

At the same time, Andrew and Brett shot their loads simultaneously into Zach’s funnel.

Both Dima and Zach screamed in pain as the glass plates moved, crushing their nuts between them.

Maybe because he was turned on by Dima’s and Zach’s cries, George started moaning with pleasure and added a massive load of spunk that threatened to clog the funnel up. Ropes of cum flooded the funnel, faster than the sticky goo was able to flow down into the hole.

The rest of the boys watched in amazement.

George’s orgasm subsided, and the level inside the funnel sank as the white liquid slowly ran into the hole.

Dima’s eyes widened and he let out an agonized howl as his balls were flattened between the glass plates.

By now, his balls looked seriously unhealthy. The had a rather unnatural shape and pressed against the glass, unwilling to give in.

Zach was in similar trouble, but apparently George’s flood like load had caused Dima to fall behind.

Both hapless guys were moaning in pain, struggling against the leather belts as their nuts were crushed between the glass plates.

Zach’s cock was rock hard, dripping with precum and twitching, while Dima’s thick dick seemed to go down.

“Let me give you another one”, Kev whispered suddenly. He was standing behind Cal and quickly shoved him to the side, making his way to Dima’s funnel and dropping his second load of the day into the funnel. It wasn’t as big as his first load, but it was quite impressive nevertheless.

Dima screamed from the top of his lungs as his balls were crushed between the plates.

“Wow”, Kev whispered, his naked body shaking, sweat running down his muscular chest. “Wow, that was intense…”

At the other side, Scott was desperately trying to get his dick hard.

“Fuck”, he whispered in a whiny voice. “Come on, fuck it, come on!”

Geeky Harley announced his orgasm with a throaty moan. His fat, long cock was almost touching the inner surface of the funnel as the first rope of cum came spurting out of its tip. With a loud splat, the gooey spunk hit the metal and splashed in all directions before it ran down and disappeared into the hole. Harley was panting heavily as his cock let go of almost a dozen healthy spurts of cum that made Zach wail in pain as it triggered the glass plates.

Zach’s dick started twitching violently.

“I’m gonna cum”, he screamed.

“Do you have a cup?” Parker asked immediately.

The boys looked at him.

“Do you have a cup?!” Parker repeated, looking around frantically.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum!” Zach screamed again. His fat, glistening cock was quivering uncontrollably.

“Oh, what the hell”, Parker mumbled and rushed towards Zach, kneeling down between his legs and leaning over Zach’s lap. He managed to put his mouth on Zach’s cock just in time to receive the first spurt of jizz.

Zach was screaming from the top of his lungs, his hips bucking, as his shot his hot cum into Parker’s mouth.

Parker’s cheeks puffed as Zach’s massive load flooded his mouth. His eyes widened as he felt how Zach’s sperm filled his mouth to capacity. Finally, it started to run down the sides of his mouth.

Parker lifted his head, closing his lips immediately.

Zach was screaming in pain. His cock looked like it had been coated with liquid sugar.

Parker stood and ran towards Dima’s funnel. Leaning over it, he opened his mouth and spat Zach’s cum into the hole, making Dima let out a high-pitched scream as his nuts were flattened between the glass plates.

I grimaced in sympathy. Dima’s nuts looked seriously deformed, pressing white against the glass.

Parker smiled, cum dripping from his lips.

“Good work”, Kev grinned.

Parker licked his lips and swallowed. “Thanks”, he smiled.

“Fuck”, Cal moaned and aimed his big, meaty cock at the funnel. It erupted with a series of big spurts, flooding the funnel again and making Dima shriek.

At the other side, Scott’s attempts at producing a boner grew more and more pathetic. Urged by his team mates, none of whom seemed to be able to shoot a second load, Scott had inserted two fingers into his asshole, trying to massage his prostate. But his cock remained semi-hard and he whimpered as he stroked it, desperately trying to make it hard.

Zach looked to the side.

Dima was grimacing in pain. The Russian’s face was beet red, tears running down his cheeks, his body covered in sweat.

“Give up, man”, Zach whispered, grimacing himself.

Dima cried out in pain.

“Give up, man”, Zach repeated. He glanced at Danny who was the last one who was jerking his cock next to Dima’s funnel. “Look at him. He’s gonna shoot his load and your nuts will be mush…” He turned to Scott. “And I don’t think that that one over there is going to cause much trouble for me. We have all the time in the world…”

Dima groaned.

“Give up, man”, Zach repeated again.

The Russian stud grunted.

“Your nuts are gonna pop”, Zach said.

Dima turned his head and stared at him.

“Seriously, man”, Zach said and pointed at Danny.

Dima blinked and slowly turned his head.

Danny was stroking his cock furiously. He winked at Dima and moaned, “This is it…”

Dima’s eyes widened as Danny aimed his cock at the funnel.

“No”, Dima whispered. “No, I give!”

At the same moment, Danny’s body bucked and he moaned in pleasure. With a throaty roar, he let go of his cock. A tiny, precious drop of cum dripped from Danny’s tip right into the hole of the funnel.

Dima screamed in pain.

The glass plates screeched.

“I give up!” Dima wailed. “I give up!”

Vince rushed over and released the glass plates from Dima’s lap, saving the Russian’s nuts at the last second.

Dima started crying as his balls popped back into their usual shape. They looked seriously swollen, red and bruised. His thick, fat cock was limp, and the Russian whimpered in pain.

Danny sighed and shook his cock.

The rest of the boys stared at him.

“Sorry”, Danny said cheerfully. “That’s all I had left.”

Parker chuckled. “Wow, your afternoon session must have been really exhausting…”

Danny grinned. “Oh, yeah…”

Vince was busy untying the leather belts, freeing Dima’s body and allowing the humiliated Russian stud to slide down to the ground and curl up in a ball. The muscular stallion was reduced to a sobbing mess.

While Vince freed Zach who grinned with satisfaction, Warren walked up to Scott who looked mortified.

He backed away and Warren grabbed his shoulder. “Do you realize”, Warren said slowly, “that you could have sealed the deal?”

Scott swallowed. “Warren, I---“

“Do you realize”, Warren interrupted him in a menacing voice, “that because of you we will have to do another task?”

Scott blinked. “How could I have known---“

Warren slapped Scott’s face, making the young jock gasp in surprise. Then he took a step back and brought his foot crashing in between Scott’s legs.

Scott howled in pain and doubled over.

Warren turned to me.

Scott sank down to the ground, clutching his crotch. His team mates glared at him.

“Next week”, Warren grunted, “we’ll have the final task. You and your pathetic assistant---“, he pointed at Chad, “---against me and my cousin.”

I looked at Rex who, along with the rest of Warren’s team – minus Dima, of course –, grabbed Scott and lifted him up.

“Okay”, I said.

“Next week”, Warren said. “The final task.”

I nodded.

“We’re gonna win”, Warren added, smirking.

“We’ll see”, I said cheerfully and turned to Zach. “Everything alright?”

Zach grinned and nodded. He looked down at his crotch. His big balls were slightly red, but it was nothing in comparison to poor Dima’s bruised testicles.

My boys put on their clothes, grinning and trading good-natured jokes about Danny’s tiny load.

Danny chuckled and shrugged.

I looked over at Warren who was talking to Vince, Andrew and Brett.

Vince said something to the twins, causing them to walk up to the metal blocks. They lifted the top with the funnels and grimaced when they looked into it. They reached inside and produced two plastic containers that were filled with the combined juices of Warren’s team in one container and my team in the other.

I was impressed with my boys. They had managed to amass almost twice the amount of jizz that Warren’s boys had contributed.

I grinned.

Andrew and Brett carried the containers towards Warren.

Scott stared at him, his eyes filled with fear.

Rex handed Warren a plastic funnel.

“No”, Scott whispered.

Warren ignored him. “Open your mouth, Scott.”

Scott whimpered. “No, please---“

Warren grabbed Scott’s throat.

Itsuki and Rex opened Scott’s mouth and Warren placed the funnel between Scott’s lips.

Warren nodded at Andrew who grimaced and lifted the container that was filled with his team’s juice.

“Swallow it all”, Warren barked.

Scott groaned.

I turned my head. “Let’s go”, I said quickly.

We left the warehouse, leaving behind us the cruel laughter of Itsuki, Harley and the twins, the sound of Scott retching and gagging as his team mate’s sperm filled his mouth, and the moans of Dima who was in too much pain to take part in Scott’s punishment.

My boys were cheerful and happy.

Vince was coming with us.

“You didn’t cheat”, he said to me.

I nodded. “I don’t believe in cheating.”

Vince nodded. “You know that there’s a cheater in your team, right?”

I stopped and stared at him.

Vince stopped, too.

The rest of the guys continued walking.

“What do you mean?” I said.

Vince bit his lower lip. “I’d love to work for you, you know?”

I nodded. “We’ll find something when we win this thing…”

Vince smiled.

“Tell me about the cheater”, I said.

“You were wondering who told Warren about your ideas”, Vince said.

I nodded. “I have no idea who it is…”

Vince lowered his voice. “I think I might be able to find out…”


Anonymous said...

That was great. it was cool to have Dima and Zach in the same challenge. And Dima again humiliated by circumstances beyond his control.
Will we see Dima in a one-on-one match? I can't wait to find out how tough he really is.

Alex said...

Thank you!

I'm thinking about having Dima come back after the "Shakeout" story is finished, and a one on one fight (maybe a series of fights?) is a strong possibility although I'm a bit tired of fighting stories after writing all those "Auditions" fights...

At the moment, I'm trying to figure out a way to do it... :-))

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the twist ending. It's like an episode of 24 where you think that anyone could be the mole!

A great story, and I can't wait to see how the cheater on your team gets treated when everyone finds out.

Alex said...


Thank you! I feel a little bit like Jack Bauer, too... :-))

Anonymous said...

OMG! SUSPENSE! Can't wait to see the mole! And I do like Vince, I hope he does join the team, I'd like to see more of him, not necessarily just his inventions (but those are cool), I just wanna see more of his charter in general.

(and if he does join The Team, He should join as a technician/prop guy, instead of just a prop guy, you know; Chad films and Vince does all the programming an computer stuff as well. I'm only suggesting this so that Vince isn't confined to only appearing in stories with inventions, so that he'll be more like Chad, who constantly appears)

Alex said...

Thanks! I like your ideas about Vince and I'm sure he'll be happy to join our team... :-))

Carter said...

God this is super hot and really tense, and I can't wait for the final round.

Alex said...

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the story!