Monday, December 15, 2008

Shakeout – task 4: The glass plates

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Vince and Zach (click for pictures)

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I was whistling happily, sitting on the passenger seat of the car.

My cameraman Chad was driving.

In the back of the car, Zach was flipping through the pages of a magazine.

We were heading for Warren’s warehouse.

Warren was the owner of, a website that shamelessly copied our skits and stole our members. He was an unpleasant guy, and there was no doubt that he thought that his site superior to ours and he, as a person, was superior to me. Warren had challenged us to a fight, a prolonged battle that was carried out in a series of tasks. Each task involved a threat to the manhood of either one of our models or one of his models or both.

After Warren’s team had scored two victories, our own Parker had defeated one of Warren’s trophy studs last week. Dima, a cocksure Russian with an arrogant demeanor, a humongous cock and two supersized gonads, had been crying like a girl when Parker had shown him who was better at containing his load.

Thinking back, I grinned. Today, we were going to beat them again. I looked into the rear view mirror and noticed Zach adjusting his crotch.

The 20 year old frat guy was staring at the magazine, licking his lips.

I chuckled. “What are your reading, Zach?”

Zach didn’t seem to hear me.

I tried again. “Hey, Zach, what are you reading?”

Zach continued staring at the magazine, rubbing the impressive bulge in his jeans.

“It’s an old edition of Fox magazine”, Chad grinned. “I think he is reading the double penetration special…”

I turned around and looked at Zach. His eyes were beaming and his huge cock was trying to burst through the denim fabric of his jeans. I grinned and looked at the street again.

I hadn’t told Zach what might be in store for him. We had seen nuts get crunched, cocks get violated and ass holes get savaged. I was quite sure he wouldn’t have agreed if I had told him.

Zach had a very special relationship with his cock, which was understandable since it was a very special cock. It had the shape of the perfect dick that every girl – and some guys – dreamed of. But it was three or four sizes larger than that. Accompanied by extra large, low hanging, sperm filled testicles, Zach’s cock was the Monument Of Manhood.

I had chosen Zach today, because I wanted to show Warren that we had a stallion in our stables, too. And I was sure Zach would do everything to avoid Dima’s fate…

We arrived at the warehouse and got out of the car. Reluctantly, Zach closed the magazine and stepped out, adjusting his crotch. The outline of his cock and his big, juicy balls were very apparent.

Chad and I chuckled.

“Let’s go”, Zach grinned.

I opened the door to the first floor and entered the room. It was dark and cold inside. I noticed that there were only three light bulbs hanging from the ceiling. Last week there had been four. I grinned when I imagined Warren smashing the light bulb while screaming at Dima for losing the challenge…

The room was empty except for Vince.

Vince was 20 years old. He was a shy boy, with a slim build. He had short brown hair, sideburns and something that might have been a beard if it weren’t for Vince’s very pathetic growth of hair on his face…

Vince was the mastermind behind the tasks in this competition. He had invented three very twisted traps already and I was sure he had thought of something brutal today, too.

“Hi, Vince”, I said cheerfully and shook his hand.

He was wearing a white lab coat and a pair of glasses.

“That’s Zach”, I said, pointing at our tall contestant.

Vince smiled and looked at Zach’s bulging crotch. “Good”, he said.

Zach raised his eyebrows but didn’t say a word.

“So, what is it today?” I asked, looking at the wooden chair that was placed in the middle of the room.

“Sorry”, Vince smiled sheepishly. “I’m not allowed to tell you, yet.”

I nodded. “Alright. Is it just Zach or will he compete against one of Warren’s guys?”

Vince shook his head. “Just him.”

I smiled. “Great.” I patted Zach’s shoulder. “I trust you, Zach.”

Zach shrugged and grabbed his crotch. “What do I have to do?”

“We have to wait for Warren”, I said. “He’ll---“

The door burst open and Warren entered the room, followed by his cousin Rex.

Both of them had serious expressions on their faces.

Rex was tall, but not as tall as Warren. His head was shaven and he had a wiry body. He was shirtless, even though it was pretty cold, with the tattoos on his shoulders and a hairless chest.

“Hi, Warren”, I smiled. “Hi, Rex. How are you doing?”

Rex growled.

Warren walked up to me until my nose was almost touching his chin. “In a good mood today, huh?”

I smiled. “Well, last week we defeated you. Parker showed that Russian what it means to be a man…”

Warren looked down at me. “Be careful, boy…”

I chuckled. “Well, I think I know perfectly well what---“

Warren interrupted me with a vicious knee to the nuts. His kneecap rammed my balls into my pelvis, making it painfully clear that I had stepped over the line.

I stumbled backwards and coughed, doubling over and cupping my crotch.

Rex and Warren grinned while Vince, Zach and Chad cringed in sympathy.

“Warren”, I moaned. “That was completely---“

Warren turned to Vince. “Are we ready to go?”

Vince nodded.

I groaned. “Zach”, I whispered. “Undress, please.”

Zach hesitated for a moment.

“Undress!” Warren barked.

Zach raised his eyebrows. “Hey, don’t talk to me like---“

“Undress!” Warren repeated. “Or I’ll tell Rex to help you.”

Rex smiled.

Quickly, Zach took off his jacket, his t-shirt, his shoes, socks and his underwear. He stood, smiling proudly, letting everyone get a good look at his possessions. His hands were behind his back and he grinned when he noticed that Warren and Rex looked at his crotch.

I rubbed my aching balls and tried to look dignified.

Zach’s cock was rock hard, pointing to the ceiling. Obviously, the images in the magazine had been a lasting impression. The tip of his cock was shiny and moist with precum and his gargantuan gonads were hanging low in their sac.

Zach grinned and bent his cock down with his thumb. When he let go, the meaty schlong slapped against his abs with a wet slap. That seemed to be some kind of rite of manhood for him, showing the rest of us that he was more of a man than us. He repeated this exercise a couple of times, with precum spraying from the tip of his cock, until Warren interrupted him, “Quit playing games, fucker. Don’t think we are impressed…”

Zach looked at me, an irritated expression on his face.

I remembered last week. Dima had been as confident in his virility as Zach was now. And he had been defeated brutally.

I grimaced and looked at Chad.

Chad seemed to think the same, biting his lower lip.

“Come here, please”, Vince said and pointed at the wooden chair.

Zach grinned and walked across the room, his hard cock swaying with every step.

“Sit down, please”, Vince smiled.

Zach frowned at him. “What are you going to do?”

Vince smiled and pointed at the chair.

Reluctantly, Zach sat down.

“Sit on the edge, please”, Vince said.

Zach moved forward a bit.

Quickly, Vince tied Zach’s legs to the chair spreading his legs very wide apart.

Zach stared at him. His nuts were hanging low in their sac, dangling between his thighs while his cock was hard as a rock, with a little drop of precum running down the shaft.

“It’s gonna be okay”, I said hoarsely. The pain in my nuts was slowly starting to go away.

Zach looked at Vince.

With gloved fingers, Vince attached a device to Zach’s manhood, suspending it with a wire on the base of his cock. Zach’s big balls were placed between two glass plates that were connected to each other. A long cable ran to a switchboard.

“This one is easy”, Vince said, looking at Warren and me. “As soon as I switch on the power, the two glass plates will start moving towards each other.”

Rex grinned. “And we’ll get two nice, meaty pancakes…”

Vince ignored him. “Of course, there’s a way to stop them.” He turned around a produced a large glass cylinder that looked like it could contain one liter (or two pints) of liquid. Vince pointed at a mark on the glass. “As soon as he has filled half of this cylinder with his semen, the plates stop. If he doesn’t, well…” Vince smiled weakly.

Rex chuckled. “We’ll have two nice, meaty pancakes…”

Zach looked at Vince, his eyes wide open.

“But there’s an emergency stop, right?” I said quickly.

Vince smiled. “Sure. The plates will stop at 0.3 inches.”

Zach’s jaw dropped. He looked down at his humongous nuts. “0.3 inches”, he whispered, imaging the shape of his nuts when they were reduced to 0.3 inches of width.

Warren chuckled. “Wow, I guess the nut meat will spill right over the sides of the plates, huh?”

Vince looked at Zach’s crotch. He seemed to think about the laws of physics and nodded slowly. “I guess that’s quite possible. I didn’t know that the objects would be this big. The plates might be a little small for those...” He stared at Zach’s crotch. “But that doesn’t make a difference in the end.” He turned to Warren and me again. “If he manages to stop the plates before they stop by themselves, Alex gets a point. If he doesn’t, Warren gets a point.”

Rex grinned. “And we’ll have two nice meaty pancakes for dinner…”

Warren turned to his cousin and frowned at him.

Rex shrugged.

“Okay”, Vince said and smiled at Zach. He gave him the glass cylinder.

Zach took it and stared at it. The prospect of having to fill half of it with his spunk seemed to be slightly intimidating for him. His big cock was glistening all over with precum. At the moment, his balls were hanging freely between the glass plates. But as soon as those plates moved towards each other, Zach’s nuts would get flattened. The two globes were roughly the same size, with his left nut being a little bit bigger and hanging a little bit lower in their hairless sac.

Vince grabbed a remote control and smiled at Zach. “Let’s start.”

Zach looked at him, his big blue eyes filled with confusion. “Wait!” he said.

Vince smiled. “Yes?”

Zach blinked. “I--- erm--- well, I--- ugh---“

Vince shrugged and pushed a button on the remote control.

Zach looked down at his crotch. The little engine that was connected to the glass plates let out a constant buzzing sound.

“Fuck,” Zach whispered.

The movement of the glass plates wasn’t visible yet, but Zach knew that they were moving, threatening to squash his wonderful nuggets between them until the shape of his balls was more like two CDs than like two lemons.

“Start jerking your cock”, I suggested.

Zach stared at me. Then he hazed down at his lap. His monumental dick was rock hard, moist and ready.

And by now, the glass plates touched the skin of his left nut on both sides. Soon, Zach would be starting to feel the pain…

“Jerk it!” I shouted.

Chad chimed in “What are you waiting for?“

Zach was staring at his crotch. His left nut was pressing against the glass plates, creating a rather bizarre sight.

Zach bit his lower lip and grabbed his cock with his right hand, holding the glass cylinder with his left. He ran his hand up and down his glistening cock, closing his eyes and breathing heavily.

Within seconds, he shot his load.

I chuckled and looked at Chad.

“The double penetration special”, Chad grinned. “Always does the job…”

Zach’s sperm splattered into the glass cylinder.

Sweat was running down Zach’s face as the bottom of the glass was coated with his spunk. Jet after jet of sticky white sauce landed in the cylinder – and he wasn’t finished yet.

I glanced at Warren.

Even he seemed to be impressed by the amount of cum that came flying out of Zach’s cock.

I grinned proudly.

The last drops of Zach’s impressive load dripped into the glass and Zach sighed in relief.

Suddenly, Zach’s facial expression changed.

The glass plates had moved. By now, both of his balls were pressing against the glass. The two meaty orbs were wedged between the two plates, and the longer Zach waited the more painful it would get.

Zach looked at the glass cylinder. It had been a very healthy load, but he had some work to do before the cylinder was half filled.

Zach whimpered and jerked his cock again.

It hadn’t softened, and Zach continued where he had stopped, stroking his cock in fluent strokes, running his hand slowly up and down the glistening shaft. His eyes closed again and he tried to concentrate on the images in the raunchy magazine.

The electric buzzing of the moving glass plates was drowned out by Zach’s moans of pleasure.

But he pressure on his nuts seemed to disturb his efforts. He grimaced in pain and groaned.

I looked at the glass plates and cringed in sympathy. Things didn’t look very good. Zach’s tender testicles were trapped between the glass plates, pressing against them and bulging where they weren’t hindered by the glass.

Thankfully, Zach’s cock remained hard. He started increasing the pace of his strokes. From the look on his face, we could tell that he was the pain in his nuts was starting to grow.

Warren smirked. “He’ll never make it. Those plates are gonna crush his nuts!”

“Pancakes”, Rex chuckled. “I told you. We’ll have pancakes…”

I ignored them and turned to Zach again. “Come on”, I shouted. “You can do it!”

“Yeah”, Chad yelled, clapping his hands. “Come on, Zach, squeeze out another load!”

“Think of the girls!” I shouted.

“Yeah! One cock in each hole!” Chad chimed in.

That evoked some images in my head that I didn’t like very much, but they seemed to work for Zach.

The blond frat guy jerked his cock feverishly, moaning with pleasure and groaning in pain. He gritted his teeth and clenched his eyes shut.

The moaning grew louder and louder, turning into screams and grunts as he jerked his cock, the glass plates crunching his nuts between them.

After what seemed like an eternity, Zach let out a throaty growl and his cock started spurting once more.

Zach’s eyes opened and he looked confused. He held the cylinder in front of his cock, just in time to catch the first jet of cum that dropped into the container with a wet splash. His spurts didn’t fly as high as they had the first time, but he managed to shoot another very impressive load of cum.

The sticky jizz inside the cylinder was white and gooey, the sides of it smeared with thick drops of spunk that ran down slowly, joining the rest of his sperm in a thick, sticky soup.

Zach’s eyes were glassy and his face was contorted in pain as he realized that he had to shoot at least one more load to avoid getting his balls squished to a meaty mess.

“Come on”, I shouted. “You can do it!”

Zach groaned and looked at his red, hot cock.

I wondered how many times he had shot two loads in a row.

“Third time’s the charm”, Chad yelled. “Come on, jerk it!”

“If anyone can do it, you can!” I screamed.

Zach whimpered and looked at his balls. They looked decidedly unhealthy, pressed against the glass plates, almost twice their usual diameter.

“Fuck”, Zach sobbed and started jerking his cock again. There was no pleasure in his moans as his cock seemed to be sore and aching from the constant jerking. Zach switched hands and started stroking his cock with his left hand while holding he glass cylinder I his right.

He grimaced and screamed in pain, stroking his cock, his head thrown back, his nuts under severe pressure.

The glass plates moved mercilessly, compressing his balls and making Zach shriek from the top of his lungs.

Chad and I tried to encourage Zach by complimenting him on his huge cock and cheering him on.

“Jerk that thick rod!”

“Show us what you are capable of!”

Zach screamed and moaned, writhing on his chair, jerking his enormous schlong that was remarkably willing to stay hard and busy.

With an ear-piercing shriek, Zach shot another load. His cock erupted with a steady stream of milky white goo that ran into the glass cylinder. No spurts this time, no jets, but a nice, healthy load oozing out the tip of Zach’s cock.

But it wasn’t enough.

Zach’s nuts were in a dangerous state, shining brightly and pressing tight against the glass plates.

But Zach needed to cum once again to stop his balls from being annihilated.

“One more time!” I screamed. “Just one more time.”

Zach’s eyes were filled with tears. He looked at the glass cylinder. One more time. That would be enough. The cylinder was filled with an impressive amount of jizz. One more load and it would be filled up to the mark.

Zach whimpered and groaned, changing hands again. He started stroking his cock with just his index finger and his thumb. His meaty schlong looked bruised and sore.

Chad and I grimaced, imagining what Zach was going through.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck”, Zach whimpered, tears running down his face as he stroked his cock. His balls looked like they were close to popping. Two big, flat, red orbs compressed between the glass plates. “My nuts!” Zach wailed, jerking his cock with two fingers of his right hand.

“Ignore your nuts!” I screamed.

“Concentrate on your cock!” Chad added.

Zach was screaming from the top of his lungs. His nuts were flattened and spread between the two glass plates. They looked horrifying, fiery red, the thin blue veins clearly visible.

Rex’ pancake analogy wasn’t very far off. Indeed, Zach’s nuts looked more and more like to giant meat balls pressed thin.

Zach’s eyes were clenched shut and he was screaming and screaming. He jerked his cock like there was no tomorrow.

Finally, with an agonized roar, he unloaded for the fourth time. A thick stream of cum ran into the glass cylinder, filling it up, drop by drop.

Zach stared at the container, his eyes wide open. He wouldn’t be able to squeeze another load out of his agonized cock, that was certain.

But again, it wasn’t enough. The soupy jizz didn’t reach the mark he had missed only by the width of a hair.

“Squeeze your cock!” I screamed. “Squeeze every last drop out of your shaft!”

Zach sobbed and moaned. He grabbed the base of his cock and squeezed upwards like he was trying to empty a tube of tooth paste.

Slowly, a thick drop of cum oozed out of the tip of his cock.

Zach whimpered and squeezed harder.

The drop splashed into the container. It was just the little drop had had been missing. Now, the thick, white fluid in the cylinder reached the mark and the glass plates stopped.

“Yeah!” I yelled, lifting my arms high above my head. “Yes! You did it!”

Zach’s face was beet red. He was sweating all over his body. All the muscles on his body were contorted as he looked down on his red, sore cock, grimacing in pain.

With a sudden motion, the glass plates returned to their initial place, allowing Zach’s nuts to pop back into their usual shape. They had swollen considerably, and both of his giant balls were pressing against the glass plates even now that they should be relaxed.

Vince knelt in front of Zach and took the device away. Untying Zach’s legs, he allowed the poor, victorious boy to slide to the floor and curl up in a ball.

“Yes!” I shouted, hugging my cameraman Chad.

Chad grinned at me. “He did it!”

“Yes, he did!” I smiled.

I turned to Warren and smirked. “Well, I guess that’s another point for us.”

Warren growled.

“We’re tied now”, I grinned. “Two points each!”

Warren took a step towards me and I held my hands in front of my crotch protectively.

“We’ll win”, he whispered, glaring at me.

I was silent, not wanting to spoil this glorious moment of victory by letting him give me a pair of aching testicles.

Warren turned around and looked at his cousin.

“Rex!” He barked.

Rex looked at him, obvious disappointment in his eyes. No pancakes for him…

Warren walked out, with Rex following him. “See you next week”, he said without looking at me. “Bring a model.”

They closed the door behind them.

I walked to Zach who was lying on the floor, cupping his crotch, nursing his agonized testicles and his red, sore cock, and sobbing in pain.

“You were fantastic!” I said, rubbing his shoulders. “Fantastic!”

Chad nodded. He was kneeling next to Zach, looking at the glass cylinder that was filled with Zach’s spunk. “A pint of your juice”, Chad said slowly, grimacing. “Incredible…”

Vince took his white lab coat off and smiled at Zach. “Congratulations. You were very good. I never thought you’d make it…”

Zach whimpered. “Thanks”, he said hoarsely.

“His balls are bottomless”, I grinned, looking at the two bright red plums.

Vince chuckled.

“See you next week”, Vince said and left.

Zach needed another hour until he was able to put on his clothes again. His cock looked miserable, and his balls didn’t look much better.

I was very proud of him.

When we sat in the car, Chad pointed at the magazine. “Do you wanna take it home? You can have it. You know, have a nice, relaxed evening after working so hard…”

Zach turned pale. His lower lip twitched and he whispered, “I think I’m gonna puke…”


Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm not a huge fan of Zach but that story was great. It looks like you chose the right model again! I love the way you added the remarks about Dima's humiliating defeat. Still hoping we see Dima again in the future trying to win back some pride.
Wondering who has the bigger manhood Zach or Dima ?

Anonymous said...

Great story. But I'm wondering who can cum more, you or Zach ;).

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback!

@ anonymous:
I'm thinking about bringing both Zach and Dima back for a face-off in another "Shakeout" task. Maybe we'll see who is bigger... :-))

@ JP:
Thanks you very much - but I'm pretty sure that I'm not able to hold a candle to Zach. He's a much bigger shooter... :-)))

Anonymous said...

Great story Alex! Where do you keep getting these ideas from? Thank you for all your hard work!

Alex said...

Thank you, bbmal! Actually, most of the ideas in "Shakeout" haven't sprung from my twisted mind but from JP's. He mailed me with the story idea and we worked on it together...

I'm really happy you like the story!

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to like Vince more and more, when he was first introduced in that Rocks/Off story, I didn't think much of him, but he's growing on me. He should join "The Team" with Alex and Chad, he's a perfect "Behind-the-scenes" character.

Alex said...

I'm thinking of that myself. We'll see how he can fit into our team...

What is it hat you like about Vince? I'm not entirely sure about his character and I don't wanna risk losing the very quality that you liked in him... :-))

Anonymous said...

I like him just just because of that sorta shy, brilliant, innocent demeanor. And at the same time takes massive pride in his work, and loves to see it in action. Like I said, a perfect behind-the-scenes guy.

Alex said...

Great, that's exactly how I pictured him! Once the "Shakeout" story is finished, I'll talk to Vince about future collaborations... ;-))