Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Top trumps: Ben, Danny, David and Tristan

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: BenDannyDavid and Tristan (click for pictures)

“And you don’t have a problem with being in the same room with your brother?” I looked at Danny and smiled sympathetically. “After all he did to you?”

Danny sighed. The 21 year old actor was standing in front of me, naked except for his tight blue boxer briefs. He had a great body, with muscles in all the right places. He ran his hand through his strawberry blond hair and scratched his head. He looked at me and said in a low voice, “You mean the thing with… you know…”

I raised my eyebrows. “You caught him fucking your girlfriend.”

Danny winced.

“And he busted your balls pretty bad!” I added. “It would be completely understandable if you didn’t want to see him again.”

Danny grimaced and sighed again. “He has a couple of very convincing arguments…”

I looked at him. “You mean the pictures?”

Danny looked miserable. “And the videos.”

“But you can’t let him---“

“It’s okay”, Danny interrupted me. “You don’t have to---“

“Hey! Womanizer!” David shouted, standing at the other end of the room.

Danny rolled his eyes and turned around.

His brother was 2 years younger than him, a professional dancer and an amateur asshole, tall and handsome, with black hair and a perfect body. He was sitting on the ground, wearing nothing but a pair of black briefs and black socks.

“Come over here”, he said, smirking at Danny. “I can’t wait to beat your ass in this game…”

Danny shrugged and walked over to his brother. He sat down opposite him.

“So how does this work?” David asked, looking at Tristan.

The lanky skater with the dusty blond hair was sitting between the two brother, with muscular jock Ben sitting opposite Tristan.

Ben had a dumb grin on his face. He was naked, wearing a pair of plain white briefs that were bulging with his cock and balls. He had a tanned body, with defined pecs, strong arms and six pack abs. He adjusted his crotch and ran his hand over his muscular chest, looking down at his own body with unabashed admiration.

Tristan wasn’t very muscular. He was wearing dirty white socks and a pair of plaid green boxers. His body was pale and skinny, and he looked fragile and even a bit vulnerable in the company of these boys. He turned to David and smiled. “It’s called Top Trumps and---“

“I know what it’s called”, David said. “How do you play it?”

Tristan looked at him. “Well, top trumps in this---“

David smirked at Tristan. “Thank you very much, Einstein.” He turned to Ben. “Maybe you can explain it to--- Oh, sorry, I forgot, you are as smart as a piece of garlic.”

Ben looked up, an irritated expression on his face.

David looked at Danny. “Oh, fuck, I guess I need you to explain it to me.” He sighed. “Why don’t you give it a try, Casanova?”

Danny inhaled deeply. “You challenge one of us and draw a card that determines the category. Say for instance you challenge Ben and you draw the category… I don’t know… Foot size. Then you compare your feet and determine the winner. In the end, you get a kick in the nuts for every challenge you lost.” Danny turned to me. “That’s right, isn’t it, Alex?”

I nodded.

“Wow”, David grinned. “That was a coherent explanation. I’m proud of you, Danny.”

Danny smiled weakly.

“Let’s start”, Tristan said.

David looked at Ben who was playing with his nipples, fascinated by them as if he saw them for the first time.

“Hey, dickhead”, David nudged Ben’s shoulder. “We’re gonna start now.” He turned to Danny. “You go first.”

Danny shrugged. “Okay.” He looked at Ben. “I challenge you, Ben.”

The muscular jock grinned. “You sure you wanna do that?”

Danny raised his eyebrows.

Ben chuckled. “I mean, well, I guess I’m better in every department.” He looked down his body and smiled. “You can’t compete against this.”

Danny rolled his eyes.

Ben grinned. “Why don’t you pick the skinny boy or the asshole?”

“Shut up, dickhead”, David said casually.

“I pick you”, Danny said firmly and drew the first card. He read what was written on it and muttered, “Fuck.”

“What does it say?” Ben grinned.

Danny grimaced. “Muscle size.”

Ben, David and Tristan burst out laughing.

“Biceps”, Danny added, sighing.

“You mean we’re gonna compare our biceps?” Ben laughed.

“That’s what it says on the card”, David said. “Come on, let’s see it.”

Danny shrugged and threw the card away. “Everybody can see that his biceps are bigger. Ben wins.”

“Compare them”, David said. “That’s what the game is about.”

Ben stood and flexed his muscles, grinning proudly.

Danny rolled his eyes and got up, standing next to Ben. Danny had a trained body, but he wasn’t able to hold a candle to Ben.

The muscular jock enjoyed the attention that the rest of the guys were giving him and put on a little show, posing and letting his muscles dance.

Danny stood next to him, looking lost.

“Okay, show me your muscles”, Ben grinned, holding his arm next to Danny’s.

Reluctantly, Danny flexed his muscles.

It was plain to see that Ben was the winner.

“You lost”, David grinned.

Ben nodded, smirking.

“You lost to the dumbest guy in the room”, David chuckled. “Congratulations. I guess you earned your kick
in the nuts.”
“It wasn’t about intelligence”, Danny muttered.

Ben frowned at him. “What’s that supposed to---“

“You’d have lost anyway”, David shrugged.

Danny sighed and sat down again.

Ben looked at him, then at David. “Hey, Sugar Plum Fairy, what did you just say?”

David raised his left eyebrow. “That you are the most stupid individual I’ve ever met. And I’m including my mother’s cat in that.”

Ben stared at him.

“Oh, and the two mice I had when I was little”, David said, grinning. “They were pretty smart.”

Ben took a step towards David, glaring at him. “You motherfucking---“

“Hey, guys”, Tristan said, “calm down, okay?”

Ben frowned at him. “But he---“

“Why don’t you settle this another time?” Tristan suggested. “Now it’s my turn and I challenge you, David.”

David grinned and shrugged.

Ben sat down, growling.

Tristan drew a card and grimaced. “Foot odor.”

“Ew”, Danny said. He pointed at his brother. “You’ve got a winner over there. His feet stink!”

Tristan raised his eyebrows and chuckled. “Well, you know, I think I have some heavy competition for him…”

“We need a judge”, David grinned and looked at his brother. “Come on, Danny, take a noseful and tell us whose feet smell worse.” He grabbed his feet and took off his socks, exposing his large bare foot.

“No way”, Danny said, shaking his head.

David chuckled.

Tristan took of his dirty white socks and glanced at David’s feet. “My feet are larger”, he grinned.

David shrugged. “So what?”

Danny looked at the two pairs of big, smelly feet and shuddered. “Why don’t you ask---“

Before he could finish, Leo brought his right foot up to Danny’s face, wiggling his toes and running his sole over Danny’s nose and mouth.

Danny grimaced and backed away.

“Take a good noseful”, Tristan grinned and brought his left foot up as well, rubbing his feet into Danny’s face.

Danny looked mortified. “Hey, get those---“

As soon as he had opened his mouth, Tristan inserted the big toe of his right foot into Danny’s mouth, making Danny groan and spit.

He grabbed Tristan’s ankles and shoved his feet away from his face.

Tristan chuckled.

“Okay, now smell on mine”, David said, getting up and walking towards his brother. He lifted his right foot and let it dangle in front of Danny’s face.

Danny blinked. Then he started coughing and turned away. “We have a winner”, he croaked, holding his hand in front of his mouth. “Fuck!”

David chuckled and brought his foot down right on Danny’s crotch, stomping down hard on Danny’s nuts inside his boxer briefs.

Danny yelped in surprise and pain.

“Oops”, David grinned. He turned around, twisting his foot on Danny’s nuts and eliciting a high-pitched scream from his brother’s mouth. “Sorry.”

Danny grabbed his nuts and moaned in pain.

“My turn, now”, David said cheerfully, sitting down and reaching for the deck of cards. “Hey, dickhead, I challenge you.”

Ben shrugged.

David picked a card and looked at it. He was silent for a moment.

Tristan and Ben looked at him. Danny was busy nursing his balls.

Finally, David said, “Ball size.”

Ben grinned. “Sounds familiar.” He stood and took off his white briefs, revealing his fat, semi-hard dick and the pair of hefty balls that dangled low in their sac. “In case you don’t know it yet – I have the biggest balls in the room…” Ben grinned and grabbed his genitals, wrapping his fingers around the base of his sac, making the two big orbs bulge at the bottom of it.

Tristan grinned and looked at David. “Come on, time to let us see your assets.”

David rolled his eyes. He knew the outcome. A couple of months ago, he had compared his balls to Ben’s and Ben’s were a tad bit bigger.

“Let us see your nuts”, Tristan repeated, grinning.

David got up and unceremoniously dropped his black briefs, revealing a nice, big cock and two low-hanging nuts that were big – but not as big as Ben’s.

Ben grinned. “My point.”

David shrugged and pulled his briefs back up.

Ben decided to stay naked. He smirked at David. “My point.”

“Yeah”, David said sharply. “We got it.”

“Those are big, beautiful balls, aren’t they?” Ben chuckled, looking down at his nuts. His cock was rock hard by now, pointing straight up at his face.

“You are next”, David said.

“God, I love you babies”, Ben grinned, patting his spuds. A drop of pre-cum oozed out of the tip of his cock. Ben smiled and ran the tip of his index finger over the fat head, playing with his homemade juice.

After three rounds, Ben was leading. He hadn’t lost any challenge so far. He sat down, his legs spread wide apart, letting his meaty balls rest on the floor, his big cock hard as a rock and pointing at the ceiling.

He thought for a moment and looked at Danny who had slightly recovered. Danny frowned at his brother and ran his hand over the bulge in his boxer briefs.

David looked back at his brother, smirking.

Both brothers were trained and muscular. The only one of the four guys who didn’t look like he exercised regularly was Tristan.

“I think I’m gonna play it safe”, Ben announced. “I challenge you, Tristan.”

The lanky skater sighed. “Alright.”

Ben drew a card and read, “Testicle toughness, glass plate.” He chuckled. “Toughness, huh? I have balls of steel, so why don’t you give up right now?”

Tristan shrugged. “Let’s battle it out.”

“Fine with me”, Ben said, smiling. He grabbed his nuts and grinned. “Glass plate.” He looked around the room and saw the two large glass plates leaning against the wall, the case with the weights right next to them.

The four guys moved into the kitchen.

Tristan and Ben looked at each other.

Ben looked confident of victory while Tristan smiled weakly.

The skater boy slipped down his boxers, revealing his limp cock and the pair of fat danglers that were almost the size of Ben’s big balls.

They stood at opposite ends of the kitchen table, facing each other, holding their cocks against their bodies, their nuts resting on the wooden table, while Danny placed the two glass plates on top of their tender testicles.

“Oh man”, David grinned. “This is gonna hurt so much.”

The two brother’s fetched the weights and David looked at his brother. “Why don’t you do Tristan and I make sure that Ben’s nuts are flattened?”

Danny shrugged.

Both of them reached inside the case and produced two identical weights.

David grinned at Ben, weighing the heavy cube in his hand. “Your balls will be crushed like nut paste”, he chuckled. “Any last words?”

“Fuck you.” Ben looked straight ahead, focussing on Tristan.

“Alright”, David chuckled, looking down at Ben’s nuts. They were plump and round below the glass plate. Soon their shape would change a slight bit…

David grinned. “Three, two, one.”

Simultaneously, both boys placed the heavy weights on the two glass plates.

Ben and Tristan inhaled sharply as their nuts were slowly flattened under the weight.

David looked at Ben who tried to look relaxed and casual.

The brothers grabbed two more weights and placed them on the plates.

Ben’s left eye twitched.

Tristan groaned, his fists clenched, gritting his teeth, his limp cock resting on top of his glass plate.

Danny and David added another weight to the plates.

By now, both Ben and Tristan were grimacing in pain.

Ben’s cock was rock hard, pointing up, the tip glistening with precum.

Tristan’s dick was growing hard, too. Slowly, it rose from the glass plates like a gate going up.

Danny looked at Tristan’s crotch and chuckled.

“How are you feeling, dickhead?” David smirked at Ben, enjoying the sight of the muscular stud’s contorted face.

“I’m okay”, Ben said hoarsely. He was breathing heavily. A drop of sweat ran down his face and fell onto
the glass plate.

“Great”, David grinned and put another weight on the glass plate while Danny did the same to Tristan.

Ben let out a loud moan and his cock twitched.

Tristan was gritting his teeth, his eyes clenched shut.

Both Ben’s and Tristan’s balls were flattened between the wooden table top and the glass plates.

Tristan’s cute face was starting to turn red as he was holding his breath, trying to make the pain go away by thinking of something positive.

Ben’s eyes were wide open and he was panting heavily. His face was moist with sweat now, and he swallowed hard as he watched David grab another weight.

“What do you think”, David grinned. “Is this gonna pop your balls of steel?”

Ben grunted.

David put the weight down, making sure to place it directly onto Ben’s balls.

Ben screamed, his cock twitching violently.

Tristan moaned in pain, his lips trembling, his face red and sweaty.

Ben was shrieking and squirming, much to David’s delight. His naked body was covered in sweat and spit was drooling down from his mouth.

“Wanna give up?” David asked, smirking. “And admit that your balls are weaker than the skinny one’s?”

“No way!” Ben hissed, his eyes flickering.

David shrugged and unceremoniously put another weight on Ben’s glass plate while Danny added another one to Tristan’s plate.

Ben let out an ear-piercing scream. His sperm-filled nuts were red and flat, squashed beneath the glass plate.

Tristan’s body was bucking and he was groaning and moaning. His cock was rock hard now and the thin blue veins on his trapped nuts were clearly visible through the plate.

Suddenly, Ben screamed, “I give up!”

David grinned at him. “Excuse me, what was that?”

Ben screamed from the top of his lungs. “I give up, I give up! Get those fucking weights off my nuts!”

David chuckled. He leaned onto the table, both of his hands on Ben’s glass plate, adding even more weight that squished Ben’s nuts, eliciting an agonized howl from his lips.

Unlike his cruel brother, Danny quickly took the weights off of Tristan’s plate.

Tristan took a step back, doubled over and grabbed his groin, comforting his nuts with his hands.

“Fuck”, the skater boy whispered. “Thanks.”

Ben was yodelling in pain.

David chuckled and pressed down on the glass plate.

Ben’s cock started twitching uncontrollably, and with a terrified expression on his face, Ben screamed, “Nooo!”

At the same time, his cock started erupting in a fountain of cum. The first spurt hit Ben’s chin, the second one hit his nose.

Ben screamed and wailed as the sticky semen dripped down from his face, his cock shooting jet after jet of hot, white jizz up into the air until Ben’s body, the weights and the glass plate were covered in milky white goo.

David grinned and freed Ben’s nuts, taking the weight off the glass plates and allowing his drained, aching balls to pop back into their natural shape.

Ben let out a throaty groan and collapsed on the floor, cupping his balls and moaning in pain.

David turned around, chuckling, and walked back into the studio again.

Danny and Tristan followed him.

Five minutes later, Ben came limping out of the kitchen, his face red with anger, humiliation and pain, his body smeared with drying cum, his hand cupping his testicles.

He sat down, groaning, and fondled his genitals.

“Balls of steel”, David chuckled, shaking his head. “And I’m the Queen of Scotland.”

Ben shot David an angry glance and moaned in pain.

“My turn”, Danny said calmly, adding, “I challenge…”

He looked at Ben who was in no position to fight. Danny, being a nice and caring person, shook his head and looked at his brother. Danny quickly turned to Tristan who was in pain but smiling back at him.

“Tristan”, Danny said, smiling.

The skater boy nodded.

Danny picked a card and read, “Weight lifting.”

Tristan grimaced. “Oh man, okay.”

Danny looked over to the weight bench that was standing in a corner of a studio.

It got used very rarely and there was a thin layer of dust on it.

Danny and Tristan got up and walked to the bench while David remained sitting down, watching Ben deal with the pain, teasing him with derogatory remarks.

Danny looked at the weights. There weren’t many of them. He put them all on the barbell and lay down on the bench.

“I go first”, Danny said.

He grabbed the barbell and started lifting it up and down, counting his lifts. “One, two, three, four …” Danny’s muscles flexed as he worked the weights, slowing down after a short while.

“… eleven … twelve … thirteen …”

The strawberry haired actor started panting heavily. He gritted his teeth and continued lifting the heavy barbell.

“… nineteen … twenty … twenty-one …”

His body was glistening with sweat, making all the muscles on his body shine as they contorted.

“… twenty-three … … twenty-four.” Danny groaned and stopped. “That’s it. I’m done.”

He got up and doubled over, catching his breath.

Tristan looked at the bench.

“Twenty-four?” he said weakly.

Danny nodded, panting.

Tristan inhaled deeply and positioned himself on the weight bench. His body was pale and skinny and he
didn’t loke very hopeful.

He grabbed the barbell and lifted it, groaning. “One”, he said hoarsely, lowering the barbell to his chest. Then he tried to lift it again, but the muscles in his arms weren’t strong enough. He groaned and panted, sweat starting to run down his face. Finally, he moaned, “Help me, please.”

Danny nodded and lifted the barbell off of Tristan.

The skater sat up straight and shook his head, grinning sheepishly. “I guess that’s a clear win for you”, he said, shaking his arms. “Wow.”

Danny smiled and the two boys walked back to join David and Ben on the floor.

Ben was nursing his balls, looking down at his limp cock and his swollen nuts with a sad expression on his face.

David grinned. “I would have loved to see those nuts pop…”

Ben was feeling too miserable to say something appropriate. He just sighed and grimaced in pain.

“Okay, my turn”, Tristan said and grinned at David. “I challenge you.”

David chuckled. “Okay. It won’t do you any good but – okay…”

Tristan drew a card and looked at it. “Cock length, erect.”

David grinned. He stood and reached inside his briefs, tucking the waistband under his sac and showing off his cock. The meaty thing was rock hard. Apparently Ben’s suffering had turned him on a great deal.

Tristan looked at David’s got and got up. “It’s gonna be close”, he mumbled, taking off his boxers and throwing them away. His cock was semi hard and he grinned at David and jerked it a couple of times.

David watched him closely. He hadn’t paid attention to Tristan’s genitals during the glass plate challenge, having focussed entirely on Ben’s misery. Now, his eyes were fixed on Tristan’s cock.

The lanky skater jerked it in long, fluent strokes, running his hand up and down his cock.

Danny grinned. “I guess Tristan’s cock is bigger than yours, David.”

David ignored him, watching Tristan jerk off.

Finally, Tristan looked down at his rock hard rod and smiled. “What do you say?”

His fat cock was pointing straight up, the veiny shaft glistening as Tristan fondled his low hanging balls.

It seemed to dawn on David that he might lose this challenge.

The two tall boys stood next to each other, their dicks rock hard.

Danny watched them and chuckled. “Tristan is bigger, David, there’s no denying.”

David looked down. “Fuck”, he muttered. His cock started softening while Tristan’s dick stood hard and proud. “Fuck”, he repeated, his flagging cock mirroring the expression on his face.

“Yeah!” Danny laughed. “Yeah! Congratulations, Tristan!” He turned to his brother and smirked, “Your balls are smaller than Ben’s, your cock is smaller than Tristan’s – tell me, where do you get your self-confidence, again?”

David glared Danny. “Well, at least it’s bigger than your dick, lady-killer.”

Danny blushed and stopped laughing.

Tristan chuckled and played with his hard cock, looking at David’s now flaccid member. “You’d love to have a nice, big cock like mine, wouldn’t you?” he grinned, teasing David.

The dancer looked at Tristan and raised his eyebrows. Quickly, he stuffed his limp cock back into his briefs. Then he turned to the skaterboy and brought his knee up, catching Tristan’s dangling plums dead on and making him double over and moan in pain.

“Yeah, I sure would”, David said with a sarcastic tone in his voice. He sat down and said sharply, “My turn.”

Tristan coughed and sank to the ground. He massaged his nuts, grimacing in pain.

David looked at his brother and smiled, “You.” He drew a card and looked at it. Raising his eyebrows, he read, “’Ability to seduce’. With ‘Erection’ in brackets.” He looked up and turned his head to me. “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

“Well”, I smiled. “It means than you and your brother will pick one of the other players and try to make him get an erection without touching his cock or his nuts.”

David rolled his eyes. “What a faggy idea.”

I shrugged. “The one who can make his subject sport an erection first wins.”

“Great”, David said, sighing.

Danny looked at Ben and Tristan. Both of them were nursing their nuts.

But Tristan’s cock was hard while Ben’s was soft and covered in cum.

“I’ll take Tristan”, Danny said quickly.

David raised his eyebrows. “No way. He’s hard already.”

“You won’t get him, either!” Danny replied. “Why don’t we both take Ben and do it one after the other?”

“Yeah, well, and who goes first?” David said. “No.”

They were silent for a moment.

Then David had an idea. He walked to the bathroom and came back with a bucket of water.

“Tristan, stand up”, David ordered.

Tristan slowly got up.

David grabbed Tristan’s erection and lifted the bucket, dunking the hard cock into the water.

Tristan yelped. “Fuck that’s too cold!”

“That’s the point”, David grinned, moving the hard cock around in the water, making Tristan stand on his tiptoes.

After a few seconds, Tristan’s lips were trembling and his cock shrank.

When it was completely limp, David let go, allowing Tristan to cup his crotch and try to bring his dick to a more pleasurable temperature.

Danny fetched two chairs and motioned for Tristan and Ben to sit on them, back to back.

Ben and Tristan did as they were told, their cocks hanging down flaccid and limp. Quickly, Danny tied their hands and their feet to their chairs. “Just in case you want to get away”, he grinned.

“Let’s go”, he said. Apparently he had something in mind.

David didn’t know what to do with Ben, so he watched his brother, trying to get an idea.

Danny turned around and bent over, showing Tristan his muscular ass. Slowly, he peeled down his boxer briefs, revealing his bubble butt inch by inch.

Tristan shifted on his seat but there was no sign of an impeding erection yet.

David grimaced. “Oh, that’s gross.” He turned to Ben who looked at him expectantly. “I will not strip for you, alright.”

Ben shrugged. “I’m into girls”, he muttered. “Your body does nothing for me…”

Danny was standing buck naked in front of Tristan, facing away from him, his boxer briefs around his ankles. Slowly, he spread his legs and reached for his ass cheeks.

“Oh, fuck”, David groaned. “That’s so gross. Don’t show us your--- Oh, fuck!”

Danny ignored his brother, spreading his ass cheeks with his hands, the tips of his middle fingers touching the rim of his little pink hole. He turned his head and whispered, “Do you wanna put your big cock in here, Tristan?”

The skater boy cleared his throat. His soft dick showed a first sign of life, a little twitch that indicated that Danny might be on the right track.

David grimaced and looked at Ben. “Alright, I’m gonna win this thing”, he mumbled and reached for Ben’s nipples. He tweaked them tentatively, making Ben yelp in pain.

David tried again, harder this time, twisting Ben’s tender, pink nips hard and making Ben scream, “Fuck you! You are supposed to make me hard!”

David stared at him and let go of his nipples. Then he slapped Ben’s face.

“You fucking idiot!” Ben screamed struggling on his seat. “I’m gonna fucking kill you!”

David took a step back.

Ben tried to get up. He stumbled and fell do the ground, lying on his side, the chair tied to his hands and feet, screaming in frustration.

David looked at Danny.

By now, Danny had inserted his middle fingers into his hole, moaning in pleasure.

Tristan licked his lips, his soft dick twitching.

“Oh, I’d love to have your fat cock in my hole”, Danny purred, working both of his middle fingers deep inside. “You could ram me with that big, fat cock of yours. Would you like that?”

Tristan swallowed.

“Would you like to sink your cock into my hole and fuck the hell out of my tight ass?” Danny whispered.

“Um, yes”, Tristan said in a low voice.

“Oh, I’d love it”, Danny moaned seductively. “I’d let you fuck my all day and all night…”

Tristan moaned.

Danny turned his head and glanced at Tristan’s cock that started to grow, slowly rising in his lap.

Danny smiled. He moved towards Tristan so that his ass was inches from the boy’s face.

“Look at my hole, Tristan”, Danny purred. “It’s yours.”

David had a disgusted expression on his face. He looked down at Ben who was struggling on the ground. He lifted his foot, and with a grimace, he ran his feet over Ben’s face, trying to be gentle but failing miserably. The sole of his stinky foot rubbed Ben’s nose and his cheeks, and Ben shifted his head, trying to get away.

“What are you doing?” he screamed.

David shouted back, “I’m caressing you, you moron! Now get a fucking boner, you miserable fuck! Now!”

Ben inhaled sharply. “Are you fucking nuts?!”

David screamed in anger. “Get hard, now! Fuck! I can’t be that difficult!”

“I’ll get a boner if and when I like it!” Ben yelled. “You’re not telling me what to do!”

“You miserable fuck!” David screamed and stuffed his big toe into Ben’s mouth.

Ben closed his mouth, biting David’s toe and making the dancer scream in pain.

Withdrawing his foot, David jumped up and down. “I’m a dancer, you moron!” he wailed. “I have a performance tonight! Don’t you fucking bite my toes!”

“Well, then don’t fucking stuff them into my mouth!” Ben yelled.

“I’ll do whatever I fucking please!” David stared at Ben, his face contorted with anger and rage.

Meanwhile, Tristan’s cock was almost fully hard.

Danny was speaking softly, making Tristan moan in anticipation while he was looking at Danny’s ass.

Danny pulled his fingers out and spread his cheeks, letting Tristan get a good look at his gaping hole.

“Ooh”, Danny sighed, “I’m ready for you, Tristan, I’m ready for you.” He reached between his legs with one of his hands and slapped his hole with two fingers, eliciting a dull, hollow sound. “I need your cock inside me!”

Tristan moaned and threw his head back.

Danny glanced at Tristan’s lap. His cock was hard as a rock, with a drop of precum glistening at the tip.

Danny turned around, grinned, and pulled up his boxer briefs. “Done”, he said. “Mission accomplished. Thanks, Tristan.”

David looked down at Ben. He brought his leg back and kicked the jock’s nuts hard, crunching his fat balls with his toes. “Stupid fucker!”

Ben wailed in pain.

Tristan swallowed and smiled at Danny who started untying his hands and ankles. “I’m gonna fuck you right now, Danny”, he whispered, stroking his cock after Danny had freed one of his hands. The fat mushroom head was coated in a moist layer of sticky precum.

Danny grinned. “I thought you were straight…”

“Well, I am”, Tristan said quickly, continuing to jerk his dick. “But that hole of yours…”

“Well”, Danny said matter-of-factly. “I’m not into getting fucked at the moment. I’m sorry.”

Tristan blinked. His large cock was rock hard, oozing precum and twitching violently. “But you said---“

“Sorry, Tristan”, Danny smiled. “You didn’t really think I meant it, did you?” He walked around Tristan and untied Ben from his chair.

Tristan looked down at his raging, red boner. “Fuck”, he moaned and jerked it a couple of times.

Ben curled up in a ball and cupped his crotch.

David stood next to him, his hands on his hips. “Moron!”

Ben moaned and writhed on the ground.

Danny turned around and looked at Tristan.

The skater had a pleading expression on his face as he ran his hands up and down his erection. “Please, Danny”, he moaned. “I’m so close…”

David grabbed Ben’s ankles and spread his legs. “Moron!” he hissed and stomped down on Ben’s nuts with his bare foot.

Ben screamed in pain.

Danny looked at Tristan and sighed. He walked over to him and said, “Listen, I’m not in the mood right now.” He glanced at David who was squashing Ben’s testicles with his bare foot. “My brother is here, you know”, he added, lowering his voice.

Tristan smiled weakly. “But---“ He moaned, jerking his cock. “Okay, what about this: I’m gonna fuck you some other time. But right now you let me have another look at your hole, okay? Please?”

Danny sighed.

Meanwhile, Ben was shrieking in pan as David twisted his foot and ground Ben’s balls into the hard wooden floor.

“Please?” Tristan repeated, shivering with lust.

Danny sighed again and pulled down his boxers, throwing them away. He turned around and got down on his knees. Lowering his head until his nose touched the ground, he arched his back, sticking his ass up. His hands reached around and spread his cheeks, exposing his hairless, gaping hole. Below, his balls dangled low in their shaven sac.

Tristan swallowed. He was panting heavily. His cock was twitching and he looked at Danny’s hole, his lower lip trembling. He let go of his cock and let out a long, throaty groan as the orgasm rocked his body. His cock shot thick spurs of jizz that landed on Danny’s ass, running down his leg and over his gaping hole.

Danny grimaced while his back was being coated in Tristan’s cum.

The skater’s eyes were closed and he was panting heavily as his cock bucked and unloaded an incredible load of hot, white spunk, aiming for Danny’s hole.

Jet after jet of cum splattered against Danny’s ass and onto his back.

“Thank you”, Tristan moaned, his eyes closed. “Thank you…”

A few feet away, Ben’s eyes were wide open and he was screaming from the top of his lungs. “No! Please don’!”

David sent a vicious kick into Ben’s crotch, ramming his testicles into his body and making Ben retch and gag.

Danny got up and shook his hands that were sticky with Tristan’s juice. He grimaced and looked at Tristan. “Man, what a load.”

“Thank you”, Tristan whispered, his face glowing with post-orgasmic exhaustion.

Danny chuckled and walked past him, playfully slapping Tristan’s fat, drained nuts with his palm.

Tristan shrieked and opened his eyes in pain.

“Come on”, Danny grinned. “Last round.”

Tristan moaned and grabbed his balls. “Okay, I’m coming”, he whispered and followed Danny.

David was already waiting for them. By now, he was the only one who was wearing underwear, the rest of the boys were stark naked.

Tristan looked happy and satisfied, his big cock covered in his cum.

Ben’s face was contorted in pain. His balls had taken quite a lot of abuse today.

Danny looked at his brother, realizing that David had already lost three rounds and would get three blows to his balls.

David was pouting, angry at Ben for not obeying him. “Your turn, dickhead”, he barked. “Let’s get this over with. It’s ridiculous!”

Ben groaned and grabbed the last remaining card.

“Hey!” Danny said. “You have to determine an opponent first.”

Ben moaned. “I don’t care…”

Danny raised his eyebrows.

“I challenge you”, Ben sighed and looked at the card. He paled and let out a whimper.

“What is it?” Danny asked, grabbing the card. “Oh”, he grinned. “Alright.”

“What is it?” David and Tristan asked simultaneously.

Danny chuckled. “Roshambo.”

Tristan laughed.

David smirked at Ben. “Oh, I guess your balls of steel are nice and tenderized by now, huh?”

Ben moaned, fondling his nuts.

“Okay, let’s do it”, Danny said. “You go first.”

He got up and spread his legs apart, letting his fat balls dangle freely between his legs.

Ben closed his eyes and sighed. Then he got up and faced Danny.

He inhaled sharply and brought his leg back. Then he launched a well-placed kick at Danny’s balls.

Danny’s eyes bulged.

Even in the miserable state he was in, Ben had a very strong kick. His instep crunched Danny’s nuts into his pelvis, making the strawberry haired actor double over and groan.

Ben didn’t look like he enjoyed Danny’s pain. His own balls were sending waves of agony through his body.

When Danny had recovered, he looked at Ben and said, “Okay, my turn.”

Ben bit his lower lip and spread his legs. His balls were swollen and red.

Danny took a step back, and, with a running start, delivered a powerful kick into Ben’s nuts. His bare instep connected with Ben’s big, swollen nuts, ramming them into his pelvis and flattening them against his body.

Ben gasped for air. Then he started shrieking like a girl. He grabbed his balls and collapsed on the ground.
“I’m done”, he whispered, sobbing. “I’m done.”

“Wow”, Tristan said, smiling at Danny. “Down in one kick.”

Danny shrugged. “Yeah, nice, isn’t it?”

“Okay, this is it, right?” David said, looking bored. He stood and started putting on his shirt.

“Wait”, Danny grinned. “We have to deal out the penalties.”

“No way”, David said, buttoning his black shirt.

“Oh yes”, Danny said, glaring at his younger brother. “You won’t get away!”

“You are not telling me what to do!” Danny said.

“You lost three rounds. You’ll get three kicks!” Danny said, walking towards his brother. He looked at Tristan. “I guess you owe me a favor…”

Tristan smiled and nodded. He lunged David and twisted his arm onto his back, holding him tight.

Danny acted quickly. He brought his leg back and kicked David’s nuts. His instep connected with David’s nuts inside his black briefs.

“Fuck you!” David screamed, grimacing in pain.

The second kick hit his balls. Danny’s does dug into the soft mound in his briefs, crunching both of his nuts hard.

David screamed from the top of his lungs.

Danny kick his brother’s nuts a third time, making sure to hit both of his arrogant brother’s fat gonads dead-on.

David shrieked in pain.

Tristan let go and David collapsed on the ground, cupping his balls, shouting obscenities at Danny.

Danny turned around, grinning, as his brother groaned and moaned in pain. “That’s that”, he smiled. “Okay, Ben, now it’s your turn.”

Ben was lying on the ground, curled up in a ball, moaning in pain.

“Tristan?” Danny said.

Tristan chuckled and rolled Ben onto his back. He grabbed Ben’s ankles and lifted them up, spreading them and bending them so that Ben’s knees almost touched his shoulders. His naked balls were exposed, and Danny looked down with a smile.

“You lost two rounds, right?” he asked.

Ben whimpered.

Danny lifted his foot and brought it crashing down onto Ben’s swollen, aching nuts. He twisted his foot, eliciting screams of pain from Ben.

Then he lifted his foot again and brought it down once more, flattening Ben’s nuts, ramming them into his body and making Ben’s eyes roll back into his head.

Tristan let go of Ben’s ankles, allowing the muscular jock to assume the foetal position again. He cupped his balls, whimpering and sobbing.

Tristan looked at Danny.

“How many rounds did you lose?” the skater asked.

Danny shrugged. “Just one. You?”

“Two”, Tristan said. He grinned and spread his legs, letting his heavy balls swing between his thighs. “Come on. Kick me.”

Danny chuckled. “Do you mind if I squeeze those fat suckers?”

Tristan bit his lower lip. “I don’t know.”

Danny got down on one knee and grabbed Tristan’s dangling fruits. He wrapped his hands around Tristan’s nuts, holding them in a nice, tight grip.

Tristan inhaled sharply.

Danny looked up at him, smiling. Then he started squeezing, digging his fingernails into Tristan’s tender globes.

Tristan shrieked and squirmed.

Danny looked at his nuts, chuckling. He twisted his hand, making Tristan scream in pain. Holding Tristan’s balls tightly in his right hand, Danny balled his left fist and sent it crashing into Tristan’s meaty nuggets, slamming them against his palm.

Tristan screamed. His knees started trembling.

Danny let go and Tristan fell to his knees, moaning in pain.

Danny looked at him and chuckled. His naked genitals were dangling between his legs. “I guess there’s nobody to give me my kick, huh? Oh, well…”

Suddenly, a black leather shoe crashed into his nuts from behind, ramming Danny’s nuts into his pelvis and making him wail in pain.

He sank to the ground, his eyes clenched shut..

Behind him, David smirked at him. “Moron”, he whispered and limped out the door.


Anonymous said...

Great story. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Really hot story. I love anything with David and I loved this one especially because Danny had some good things going for him in it which he totally deserves. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, and David trying to turn Ben on and just ending up hurting him more was really funny as well. :)

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I really like the "Top trumps" set-up and I'm glad you like the stories!

Anonymous said...

A perfect story !!! Well almost :-)
I only wish you had added a little more humiliation for David when he compared ball size with Ben. Would have been cool if one of the other guys had insisted on a closer inspection (even if the result was clear). Maybe you can add to next story with comparing balls !

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I guess you are right about the humiliation... I'll try to think of your thought when I'm writing another scene like this...