Saturday, December 20, 2008

An ordinary day at school (2)

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: BenBrandonCalColinDannyKevLeoParker, SammySimon, the twins and Tristan (click for pictures)

Last week, we had filmed the first part of our little school drama: Skaterboys Leo, Tristan and Sammy had shown geeky Simon and his big-balled friend George that being clever could lead to serious pain.

Today, we were going to continue with the second part. Set in the college gym (standing in for the high school gym), George and Simon were going to be bullied by jock boy Ben and his lackeys Colin and Kev.

We had invited the rest of the guys to be on the set as extras. Twins Will and Michael had been eager to join the cast, anticipating their turn as the two geeks’ tormentors in the upcoming third part of the story. Strawberry haired actor Danny, black swimmer Cal, his Asian-American friend Brandon, the twins’ buddy Parker and the three skaters were standing with the twins, all of them wearing colorful sportswear: t-shirts, shorts and trainers.

My cameraman Chad was setting up the camera while I was talking to the three jocks. Ben, Colin and Kev were wearing sweat pants, sneakers and t-shirts.

20 year old Ben ran his hand through his short black hair and grinned. “So I’m the leader of the pack, right?”

I nodded. “You are the super bully.”

Ben chuckled. “I’m gonna enjoy this…” He adjusted his crotch and looked at Kev. “Bossing you around.”

Kev shrugged. The brown haired stud cracked his knuckles. Usually, Kev was in charge. But he seemed not to mind Ben taking the leading role.

Colin turned his head and looked at George and Simon. Colin was 20 years old, just like his buddies Kev and Ben. At 5’9” he was the smallest one of the trio. He had dark blond hair and was just a bit less muscular than his friends.

George and Simon were talking to each other. They were wearing the clothes I had given them.

I had made sure that their blue shorts were one size too small, causing their butts to press against the shiny fabric. On the front side, the shorts looked seriously crowded.

Simon was very well endowed, with a large cock and a pair of nice, plump nuts. But George took the cake. His equipment bulged inside his shorts, his fat cock pointing to the side, and his oversized balls being outlined in the skimpy clothing. His nuts were separated by the crotch seam of his shorts, and George looked like he wasn’t feeling very comfortable…

I clapped my hands and raised my voice. “Guys! Let’s start. You are in gym class. You’re gonna play basketball. The teacher has gone away and he won’t be back for fifteen minutes. Ben is in charge. When it’s time to stop, I’ll give Parker a sign and he’ll make sure that everybody know that the teacher is coming back. Alright?”

Parker nodded along with the rest of the boys.

I looked at Chad.

Chad nodded.

“Alright”, I said. “Action!”

The guys split into two teams and started playing basketball.

Ben, Kev and Colin were in one team and dominated the game while George and Simon looked like they weren’t able to tell the ball from the basket.

Suddenly, Ben shouted, “George!”

As soon as the curly haired blond had turned around, Ben threw the basketball at his groin. It connected with the big bulge in George’s crotch, making the poor boy cough and double over as the ball rolled away.

“Bull’s eye!” Kev laughed. “Right in the double-yolker…”

The rest of the boys laughed as George moaned, grabbing his balls with both of his hands and grimacing in pain.

“That was a three pointer!” Colin quipped, high-fiving his buddy.

Ben grinned and grabbed the ball.

Walking towards George, he dribbled the ball slowly. “Hey, George”, he grinned. “Stop playing with your balls. Try getting your hands on this one…”

The rest of the boys watched as Ben approached George, holding the basketball in his hands.

George looked up at him, grimacing in pain.

“Damn, that hurt,” he whispered.

“It was supposed to”, Ben chuckled. “Come on, let’s see if I can score another hit.”

George blinked.

Suddenly, Kev and Colin lunged at the poor boy and grabbed his arms, pulling them away from his crotch.

“Fuck you”, George whimpered. “That’s un---“

Ben fired the basketball at George’s crotch with all the force he could muster.

The two big orbs inside George’s shiny blue shorts were visibly flattened by the blow.

George shrieked and struggled, finally being able to break free and collapse on the ground.

Ben, Kev and Colin grinned as George whimpered in pain, writhing on the ground and cupping his balls.

He was lying face down on the ground, his ass sticking up into the air, his legs kicking as he moaned and groaned and tried to ease the pain that was radiating from his meaty, throbbing balls.

Ben handed the ball to Kev and stepped between George’s legs. Then he brought his leg back and sent it crashing into George’s nuts from behind, catching both of George’s fat danglers dead on with the tip of his sneakers, ramming them into George’s pelvis and pushing George’s body a couple of feet forward.

George screamed from the top of his lungs, closing his legs and curling up in a ball, whimpering in pain.

The rest of the class cheered and clapped, laughing at George as was dealing with the pain.

“That’s gotta hurt”, Kev grinned.

The three jocks looked down at George, smiling in satisfaction.

Ben turned around and faced his class-mates who were standing behind him. Ben eyed everyone of them, searching for his next victim.

Simon looked down on the ground, blushing.

His shorts tented, indicating that he might have enjoyed seeing his buddy’s nuts get crunched a bit too much…

Ben’s eyes lowered and he grinned when he saw Simon’s erection.

“Simon”, he said softly.

The bespectacled boy winced and held his hands in front of his crotch, causing his class-mates to laugh.

“Hey, buddy”, Ben said, chuckling. “Got a boner?”

Simon cleared his throat.

“Nothing to be ashamed of”, Ben grinned. “Come on, let us see the monster.”

All eyes were on Simon as he bit his lower lip and slowly moved his hands away, his face beet red with shame, revealing the impressive erection that tried to break through the flimsy fabric of his too-tight shorts.

“Wow, look at that”, Ben chuckled. “The little nerd has a big joystick…”

His class-mates chuckled as Simon’s head turned crimson.

“I bet you could make a lot of women happy with that thing”, Ben grinned. “Too bad that you’re looking like a fucking retard.”

Simon grimaced. His dark blond hair was neatly parted and the horn-rimmed glasses made him look like an intellectual.

“Do you play with your dickie a lot?” Ben grinned, walking up to Simon.

Simon’s dick twitched inside his shorts. A little wet spot had appeared where the outline of the head of his cock was visible.

“Oh”, Ben grinned, spotting the moist stain. “I guess something is wrong with you. Your cock is leaking.”

Simon looked down at his crotch, an embarrassed expression on his face.

Unbeknownst to Simon, Ben nodded at Colin who snuck up behind Simon, a big grin on his face.

“Poor fucker”, Ben sighed, grinning at Simon. “Such a big, nice cock and nobody is there to suck it for you.”

Simon blinked.

Suddenly, Colin reached between Simon’s legs from behind and grabbed hold of his fat nuts. He wrapped his finger’s around the meaty bulge and squeezed hard, digging his fingernails into Simon’s meaty jewels.

Simon let out a high-pitched shriek, causing his class mates to laugh and clap their hands.

“Yeah, squeeze ‘em”, Ben grinned, watching Simon’s face as it contorted in pain. “Show him what he gets for having a boner.”

Colin chuckled and twisted his hand, kneading and grinding Simon’s large balls between his fingers, making Simon whimper and moan. His dick twitched violently.

Suddenly, Simon’s cock erupted in a wet explosion, spurting his cum inside his shorts.

Ben and the rest of the guys watched in amazement as Colin continued to squash poor Simon’s balls while the geeky boy screamed in pain.

Jet after jet of sticky cum splashed against the fabric, creating a large wet stain on the front of his shorts. A thin line of cum started trickling out of the leg opening of Simon’s shorts, running down his naked thigh and his knee until it reached his white socks, soaking them. Another line, then a third line of cum trickled down, like a waterfall of thick, white cum that made it’s way down Simon’s leg.

The guys’ reaction was divided. Some guys laughed and cheered while other cringed or shook their heads in disgust.

Simon was panting heavily as Colin continued to squish his busy balls in his hand.

“Ew”, Ben grinned. “What a mess!” He nodded at Colin who let go of Simon’s nuts.

As soon as Colin’s hand was away from Simon’s crotch, Ben’s foot came flying in, crunching both of Simon’s nuts with the tip of his sneaker, ramming the two drained orbs into Simon’s pelvis and making the poor boy let out an agonized wail.

He grabbed his wet crotch, doubled over and collapsed on the ground.

Ben and his friends laughed.

Ben turned around and spotted George lying on the ground.

The curly boy was grimacing in pain, rubbing his aching testicles.

“Back to you, George”, Ben smiled and walked towards him.

George whimpered, looking up at the muscular jock.

“Get up”, Ben said and grabbed George’s neck, pulling him to his feet.

George stumbled and stood bow-legged, looking at Ben with fear in his eyes.

“What do you say, George”, Ben said slowly. “We let your class-mates have a bit of fun, huh?”

George blinked.

“What do you say?” Ben grinned.

“Well”, George said with a hoarse voice. He cleared his throat.

Ben raised his eyebrows. “Fun is good, right?”

George nodded.

“You love a bit of fun, right?”

George nodded again.

“And you’d love your class-mates to have a bit of fun, right?”

George hesitated.

“Oh, don’t be a spoilsport”, Ben chuckled and patted George’s curly head.

George grimaced.

“Come on guys”, Ben grinned at Kev and Colin. “Grab him.”

George eyes opened in panic.

He turned his head, looking for the exit, but Kev and Colin quickly grabbed him and lifted him off the ground.

Kev was holding George’s left wrist and his left ankle, while Colin had grabbed George’s right wrist and his right ankle. They both pulled and turned him so that he was in a horizontal position, spread-eagled, his ass dangling inches over the ground, his legs spread wide apart.

He was kicking and screaming, but Kev and Colin managed to hold him.

“Come on”, Ben chuckled, waving at the rest of the guys. “One kick for everybody. Let’s play some football.”

The crowd erupted in cheers and lined up in front of George.

Sweat was running down George’s face and he grimaced in anticipation as he saw nine guys standing in line to kick his bulging balls that were held in place by his tight shorts. The uncomfortable position and the skimpy, tight shorts caused his extralarge balls to peek through the leg openings, separated by the crotch seam of his shiny blue shorts. He wasn’t wearing any underwear, and the skin of his sac was clearly visible for the whole class.

First up was Danny. The cute actor smiled at his friend and stood between his legs.

“Please, Danny, no”, George whispered.

Danny shrugged and planted a well-placed kick between George’s thighs. The tip of his trainer connected perfectly with both of George’s oversized testicles, ramming them into his pelvis and making him scream from the top of his lungs.

George writhed and struggled, making it difficult for Colin and Kev to hold him steady. He was screaming and moaning.

The crowd cheered and clapped. Danny turned around and took a bow, grinning.

Now, African-American swimmer Cal took his position between George’s legs. He looked at the two meaty globes that were located right in front of him.

“Come on, kick him”, Ben encouraged the muscular black swimmer.

Cal nodded and brought his leg back. His kick landed with painful accuracy, hitting George’s nuts dead-on and making George let out a shrill wail.

The rest of the guys roared with laughter.

“Good one”, Ben commented. “Next.”

Cal’s friend Brandon walked up to George, a malicious grin on his face. Without further ado, he delivered a strong, hard kick into George’s manhood, crunching both of his nuts and making George’s eyes bulge.

The curly boy coughed and gagged.

“Look at that”, Kev laughed, looking at George’s crotch.

The struggling and writhing had caused George’s t-shirt to expose his muscular abs. Below, George’s cock was straining against the fabric of his shorts.

“Another boner”, Ben chuckled. “My, my.”

“And a big one”, Colin added, grinning.

Indeed, there was a massive erection inside George’s shorts. His cock was way larger than average, and the flimsy fabric made every vein on the meaty schlong stick out. It was pointing to the left, with the large mushroom head threatening the fabric to its limits.

Now, skaterboy Leo was standing in position to kick George’s balls. He took a few steps back and came running towards George.

The hapless boy’s eyes widened as Leo lunged at him, drop-kicking his nuts and making Kev and Colin stumble from the force of the blow.

George wailed in pain while the crowd went wild with cheers and applause for Leo’s impressive manoeuver.

Cute redhead Sammy grinned at Leo as he walked past him. “That was nice. I think I’ll treat him to an old-fashioned kick, though.”

He sent his foot flying into George’s crotch. The tip of his trainer caught both of George’s traumatized testicles, flattening the two orbs and causing George to let out a long, wheezing scream.

Now, it was Tristan’s turn. The blond skater waited until George’s screaming had died down. Then he delivered a nice, hard kick that landed right on target. George’s nuts were crunched into his pelvis and the poor boy retched and gagged.

The crowd clapped and cheered as Will walked up to George.

The blond gymnast looked at George’s crotch and grimaced in sympathy.

His balls had swollen considerably and their color had turned reached an unhealthy shade of red. His dick was twitching violently, trying to burst through the fabric of George’s tight blue shorts.

Will cracked his knuckles and brought his leg back. With a little running start, he kicked George’s balls hard.

George screamed from the top of his lungs.

“Aw, fuck”, Will said, turning to Ben. “I missed.”

Ben grinned.

“I didn’t get his right nut”, Will said, with disappointment in his voice. “Can I try again?”

Ben shrugged. “Knock yourself out…”

Will chuckled. He looked at George’s pain-contorted face.

George’s eyes had filled with tears and he was wet with sweat.

Focussing on George’s groin again, Will launched another kick at George’s big balls. This time, he hit both of them dead-on. George’s body convulsed and he let out a retching moan.

“Thanks”, Will grinned. “That one was better.”

The rest of the guys chuckled.

Now, Will’s twin brother Michael prepared for his kick.

He didn’t look as enthusiastic as his brother and delivered a half-hearted kick into George’s nuts that made him scream but didn’t bring any extraordinary sounds from his mouth.

Will smirked at him. “You need to work on your kicks, Mikey.”

Michael rolled his eyes. “Yeah, I’ll start practicing with your nuts…”

Will chuckled.

Next up was Parker. The cute gymnast with the dyed, flaming red hair looked at George and grimaced in sympathy. But when it came to his kick, the sympathy was gone. Parker delivered a hard, precise kick to George’s crotch that smashed his tender nuts into his body and made George wail in pain.

Ben looked around the gym.

Everyone had taken their turn.

He chuckled and stood between George’s legs. “Alright”, he grinned. “My turn.”

George’s eyes were red and filled with tears. He whimpered in pain.

Inside his shorts, his big erection was straining the fabric.

Ben inhaled deeply and closed his eyes.

After a few seconds, he opened his eyes and winked at George.

He brought his muscular leg back and sent it crashing between George’s spread legs. The tip of his sneaker connected with the two big, meaty balls, digging into the tender flesh and making George let out a soprano wail.

His dick started twitching uncontrollably.

“No!” George screamed.

Accompanied by the cheers and the applause of the crowd, his cock started shooting. His creamy white spunk splattered against the fabric of his blue briefs until they were soaking wet. Spurt after spurt of hot jizz came shooting out of his cock as George’s body convulsed and he screamed in pain and humiliation.

Kev and Colin let go of George’s wrists and ankles, sending him crashing to the floor while his cock was continuing to unload inside his shorts.

George’s body bucked and he whimpered and moaned.

Finally, he curled up in a ball, cupping his balls and groaning in pain.

I looked at Parker.

At first, the red haired gymnast didn’t see me as he was too fascinated by the action inside George’s shorts.

When he looked to the side, I nodded at him.

Parker nodded back. “Hey”, he shouted. “He’s coming back!”

Quickly, the guys resumed their basketball game, leaving Simon and George writhing on the floor.

“Hey, coach”, Ben shouted in the direction of the camera. “Simon and George have wet their pants!”

The crowd laughed and cheered while Simon and George were moaning in pain.

“Cut!” I yelled. “Thank you!”

I walked over to the two hurting boys.

The rest of the guys watched, grinning, as I asked them if everything was alright.

Both of them grimaced in pain.

“Fuck”, Simon whispered. “I need a bag of ice.”

I grinned.

“Me too”, George moaned, his eyes closed.

“Chad”, I shouted. “Bring two bags of ice.” I turned to the rest of the guys. “In January, we will film the last chapter, alright?”

The guys nodded and walked towards the locker rooms.

“I can’t wait”, Will grinned.


Chris said...

Verrrrry hot! Ben's taunting of poor Simon as he was drained of his cum was suuuuuuuuper sexy! The 'line up for your kicks' idea was a new-ish one, and I think it worked well. It had a little bit for everyone~

I must say though, I'm impressed Simon stayed vertical when Colin latched onto his balls and squeezed out all the poor geek's jucies~ Colin must have a vice grip, XDD.

Anonymous said...

Any chance for the geeks to get their revenge in a final act ? Maybe they could attack the bullies in the weights room after a hard workout when their strength is drained ?

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments!

@ anonymous:
I like your idea! I'll think about adding a fourth chapter where George and Simon get revenge... Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I guess you'll have to find a believable way for the geeks to defeat the jocks. Will they rely on superior numbers (a geek army!)or superior intelligence ?

Alex said...

This is what I've been thinking about: George and Simon find a way to jump the "leaders" of the three bully groups (Leo, Ben and Danny). They tie them up in the locker room and get revenge... What do you think?

Anonymous said...

I love the story and love the revenge idea (brains beating brawn). Maybe all three bullies get vague notes that lure them into the locker room one by one, where they get jumped, tied up, and busted.

Nice work once again Alex!

Alex said...

Thanks, bbmal! Great idea!