Saturday, January 31, 2009

Poll results: Favourite/least favourite character

Last month, we asked you to vote for your favourite and your least favourite character on this site.
122 people voted on their favourite character, 81 people voted on their least favourite character.

Unfortunately, I forgot to include an "I like every character" answer option in the second poll so I just assume that the 41 people who voted in the "favourite" poll but didn't vote in the "least favourite" poll don't have a least favourite character - which I'm pretty happy about... :-))

Here are the results:

Favourite characters
Logan, "the high school wrestler"   43%
Zach, "Big Balls"   37%
David, "the dancer", Danny's brother   30%
Danny, “the actor”   27%
Kev, “the jock”   25%
Michael & Will, “the twins”   25%
Leo, “the skater”   22%
Ben, Kev's dorm buddy   20%
Parker, "the indie boy", the twins' friend   19%
Phil, star soccer player from England   18%
Sammy, Leo's skater buddy   18%
Brandon, Cal's swim team mate   17%
Tristan, Leo's skater buddy   14%
Cal, “the swimmer”   13%
Xander, "the rich boy"   13%
Simon, “the geek”   11%
George, Danny’s actor friend   9%
Jimmy, "the soccer player", the twins' brother 9%
Colin, Kev's dorm buddy   7%

Least favourite characters
David, "the dancer", Danny's brother   56%
Xander, "the rich boy"   49%
Cal, “the swimmer”   27%
Brandon, Cal's swim team mate   22%
Sammy, Leo's skater buddy   18%
Danny, “the actor”   17%
Simon, “the geek”   17%
George, Danny’s actor friend   16%
Phil, star soccer player from England   13%
Parker, "the indie boy", the twins' friend   12%
Jimmy, "the soccer player", the twins' brother   11%
Zach, "Big Balls"   9%
Colin, Kev's dorm buddy   8%
Ben, Kev's dorm buddy   4%
Leo, “the skater”   3%
Logan, "the high school wrestler"   3%
Michael & Will, “the twins”   2%
Kev, “the jock”   1%
Tristan, Leo's skater buddy   0%

A few random thoughts:

For one, I'm surprised that Logan has such a big lead in the "favourite" poll, given that he hasn't appeared in that many stories. I sure hope that I won't fall short on your expectations... (By the way - the final fight between Ian and Logan will be published on Monday...)

I'm not at all surprised about the leaders in the "least favourite" poll. David and Xander are polarizing guys, I know, but I think the site would be a lot more boring without them...

I am surprised about Cal and Brandon making the top 5 "least favourite" guys. Is there anything in particular that you don't like about them?

Colin, Jimmy, and George (the bottom 3 in the "favourite" poll) are very sloppily-written characters, and I think that (apart from George's appearance in the last part of "An ordinary day at school") they won't come back in major roles again...

I'm really happy about Tristan getting not a single "least favourite" vote!

Thanks everybody for voting in the poll and giving me some numbers to think about... :-))


Chris said...

Y'know, I like Cal, but I just haven't seen enough stuff from him lately. I mean, it feels as if he's not showed his true colours as a buster. He gets busted a lot, though... which makes him look a tad weak.

Brandon... I don't really know Brandon's personality. You said he was asian, right? Is that Japanese? Or Indian? I can't tell.

But, yeah, maybe if they appeared more and did things as varied as all the other models, they'd be much loved. ^^

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't like David or Xander, they are major assholes (I even voted for them for least), but I have to agree with you, the site might get a bit boring without them, we all need someone to hate.

noname88 said...

I personally love David and find it very interesting that he was third in the most popular vote and first in the most hated vote as well. Its actually kind of funny that people love AND hate him. :)

Anonymous said...

I think the reason Logan is so popular, is that for a lot of us (well me at least) there's a lot of good bb memories associated with High School (horsing around in lokcer rooms, etc.), so naturally, a character still in High School would be popular, since it's a time when ball busting is common. (albeit in a non-sexual way to most) Not to mention, a lot of sexy ball busting fantasies include high school, and high school locker rooms ;)

Alex said...

Thank you, guys!

@ Chris:
I guess you are right. I'll try to do a better job with Cal and Brandon. I left Brandon's origin very vague but I guess I should go into more detail...

@ anonymous:
I'm really glad you agree with me although you don't like David and Xander!

@ noname88:
You are right, it is interesting that David ranked high in both of the polls! And I'm pretty happy to have a character who polarizes this much... :-))

@ guy787970:
Your comment made me think about the possibility to create a miniseries set at Logan's high school. Something like "Logan's high school diary", maybe 5 stories (not too long ones) that feature his friends and his teachers... What do you think?

Anonymous said...

I think that would be a GREAT idea Alex. a set of stories tailing Logan's high school day. (regular classes, lunch, and of course Gym)

Anonymous said...

ya, definitely a high-school serious. Most of it should be busting amongst friends, but maybe you should add an asshole bully in there, just to keep it balanced. Of course, only keep the bully in the high-school series. (and it would only make sense if Logan stood up to him)

Alex said...

Thank you for your ideas! I'll make sure to include them into the new story. I hope I'll have finished the first chapter by the end of February...

If there are any characters you'd like to see (besides the bully), please let me know!

Anonymous said...

what about the red-head kid with the piercing you already introduced? (You know how I love Fire Crotch's, just look at my name)
Also, how will you tell the story's? I assume that an unspoken rule with the stories is that Alex is there, and he doesn't necessarily have to film it either. (there have been stories when he doesn't) A simple solution is that through some sort of wacky happenstance, Alex becomes a sub for a few of Logan's classes. (I figured A different class a chapter) Of coarse, It still has to be decided weather Alex was trying to get the job in order to see Logan as an actual series, of if the job sorta just happened and he happens to view Logan and his friend sack-tapping....

Alex said...

I'll make sure to include the redhead... :-))

I like your suggestion about the substitute teacher although I planned on having Logan take a camera to film a video diary himself... I'll think about it... :-))