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One on one: David vs. Ben - the fourth match

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“It’s been quite some time since I crunched your nuts”, David grinned at Ben. “Let’s see if I remember correctly… You were standing right there”, he pointed at the middle of the room, “your cock spurting cum like a fountain.” David chuckled. “I bet you couldn’t get it up for a few weeks…”

Ben tried to stay calm. He was 20 years old, with short black hair and brown eyes. He was wearing sweat pants, a wide t-shirt and sneakers. He shifted his weight, grabbed his junk and shrugged, smiling casually. “Don’t worry about me, my cock is working just fine. And it’s bigger than your pathetic worm, remember?”

David smirked. “Whatever, dickhead.”

Ben raised his eyebrows. “Wanna compare again? I don’t think your little dickie has grown since the last time…”

David ignored him. He was a professional dancer with an overblown ego and an arrogant, snotty demeanor. I had learned the hard way to not get into his way: He had busted my balls on numerous occasions, and he took great delight in mocking my German accent (which isn’t nearly as bad as David made it sound…).

David was 19 years old, but he thought of himself as the king of the world. He was one of the hottest guys I had ever seen, and he knew that he was hot. His body was perfect, formed by years of dancing lessons and hard physical training. He had a handsome face with black hair and green eyes, wearing black leather shoes, elegant black trousers, and a black shirt that looked great on him.

“Wanna compare again?” Ben grinned, slipping his sweat pants down to his knees and revealing a pair of light blue boxers. At the same time, Ben lifted his shirt, exposing his hard abs. Ben had an impressive body. He worked out on a regular basis, and it showed.

David snorted. “Fuck you”, he said in a low voice.

Ben chuckled. “I thought so…” His boxers were tenting with an massive erection. Obviously, Ben got off on being superior to David.

I cleared my throat.

Both of them turned to me.

“We’re ready to start”, I said.

David smirked at me. “Thanks.”

In the first fight, David had been humiliated and defeated by Ben after learning that his balls were a tiny bit smaller than Ben’s, and his cock was smaller, too. One week later, David had evened the score and wreaked havoc on Ben’s testicles. Then, in the third fight, David had managed to take the lead and quite literally kick the cum out of Ben’s balls. Since then, there hadn’t been any fights between Ben and David – and they had caught me by surprise when they had shown up at the studio today to have another fight.

Apparently, the had exchanged emails, and David had managed to retrieve a rather humiliating photograph showing Ben in a compromising position. Anyway, the two of them were eager for a fight, and, although we had plenty of work to do, my cameraman Chad and I had been wise enough not to object. After all, we didn’t want Ben and David to team up on us…

Chad was standing behind the camera and I watched as Ben and David stripped down to their underwear.

David was wearing black boxer briefs and black socks. After he had taken off his trousers, he put on his leather shoes again. He looked slightly ridiculous, wearing his underwear with his shiny, elegant shoes, but I was pretty sure he knew what he was doing…

Ben didn’t bother to put his shoes back on. He was stark naked, wearing only his boxers. The head of his hard cock looked like it was trying to drill through the light blue fabric. In fact, his erection strained his boxers, producing a gap between his trained abs and the waistband of his boxers. A glimpse of his pubic hair was visible.

“I can’t wait to kill that boner”, David smirked. “I’m gonna bring you to your knees, dickhead.”

Ben laughed. “Yeah, sure, fucker.”

“Okay, let’s start with a short statement for the camera, alright?” I suggested.

Ben grinned. He turned to the camera, showing off his muscles. “Hi, I’m Ben. As you already know, I have bigger balls than the pretty dancer boy over there.” He grabbed his junk and wiggled his hard cock through his boxers. “And I have a bigger cock than him, too. I’m gonna wipe the floor with his ass. He won’t be able to walk for a week! When I’m done with him, he’ll be wishing he had never been born with a set of nuts – however tiny they might be…”

David smirked. “Dream on, dickhead…” He turned to the camera. “I’m David. Remember last year? I busted his balls twice. The second time, I made him eat his cum. That stupid fucker is thick as a brick, and I guess it’s my duty to make sure that he doesn’t spread his seed…” David grinned and lifted his foot, pointing at the underside of his heel. “His manhood is gonna end right here. I’m gonna walk out of here with his nuts sticking to my heel.” He turned to Ben and winked, “Say goodbye to having kids, dickhead…”

Ben laughed.

“Thanks”, I said quickly. “We can---“

“You think you will crack my nuts?” Ben said, grinning.

“I did it twice, didn’t I?” David smirked.

Ben took a step towards the attractive dancer.

David took a step back and covered his balls.

Ben laughed.

David glared at him and put his hands on his hips.

“Wanna see my nuts?” Ben grinned. “Wanna see those big nuts? I bet you do. I bet you want to have a nice look at my nuts and see what balls are supposed to look like…” He chuckled and pulled his testicles out through the leg opening of his boxers. They looked like ripe plums, dangling inside their shaven sac. “Here, have a good look at them…”

Ben took another step towards David.

David didn’t blink. He didn’t cover his nuts, either. His hands remained on his hips and he smirked at Ben, letting him know that he wasn’t afraid of him.

Suddenly, David’s hand shot forward and reached for Ben’s dangling fruits.

But Ben had expected that. He dodged and reached out himself, grabbing David’s nuts in a vice like grip.

David’s left eye twitched. His mouth opened and his hands grabbed Ben’s wrists, trying to pull his hand away from his balls.

“You think I’m stupid, huh?” Ben’s nose was inches from David’s.

David groaned.

“Well, I’m not that stupid, Sugar Plum Fairy!” Ben grinned, twisting his hand.

David yelped.

“How does that feel?” Ben chuckled, squeezing David’s gonads through the fabric of his boxer briefs, moving his fingers like he was holding stress relief balls.

David gritted his teeth. “Fuck you, dickhead”, he hissed.

Ben twisted his hand, causing David to yelp in pain.

Ben grinned, squashing David’s nuts in his palm. “Well, Sugar Plum Fairy, how much do you think your little boy balls can take before they pop, huh?”

David’s eyes widened.

The muscles on Ben’s arms contracted as he kneaded David’s balls in his hand.

“Fuck you”, David whispered.

Ben laughed and yanked upwards, causing David to stand on his tiptoes. “Yeah, dance for me, Sugar Plum Fairy, show me what you got!”

David screamed in pain as Ben took a step back, yanking on David’s nuts, causing David to stumble forwards.

Ben laughed. “Yeah, that’s it…” He smirked and started walking back, his hand wrapped tightly around David’s testicles, leading him across the room by his balls.

“Fuck you!” David screamed. “You fucking--- Ahh! Fuck you!”

Ben laughed. Suddenly, he stepped onto his sneakers that were lying on the ground. He tripped and lost his balance, falling to the ground and pulling David with him, holding on to his nuts.

Ben grunted and David screamed in pain as they both landed on the ground, Ben on his ass, David on top of him.

“You fucking moron!” David yelled and rammed his elbow into Ben’s face, catching his nose and making Ben cry out in pain.

The grip on David’s balls loosened, and David grabbed Ben’s nipples with both of his hands.

Ben let out an anguished scream as David twisted his nips. He let go off David’s nuts and grabbed his wrists.

David’s eyes were filled with anger. “You fucking dickhead”, he hissed, lifting his leg and bringing his knee down hard between Ben’s legs. His bony kneecap connected with Ben’s plump balls and rammed them into his thigh.

Ben screamed in pain.

David twisted Ben’s nipples and brought his knee into Ben’s testicles once again, making Ben throw his head back and shriek in pain.

“Fuck you!” David grunted and drove his knee into Ben’s crotch a third time, catching both of Ben’s testicles dead-on and ramming the meaty globes into his thigh.

Ben coughed and moaned. He grabbed David’s neck and pushed him to the side.

Both of them were panting heavily, lying side by side, cupping their balls.

Ben’s nuts were still hanging out of his boxers, and he held them with both of his hands, wailing in pain. His nipples were bright red, and his face was contorted in pain, his eyes closed, his mouth wide open.

David bit his lower lip, grimacing in pain, rubbing his balls. “You are stupid”, he whispered. “And you are gonna pay for this!”

Ben groaned. He looked at David and chuckled through his pain. “You think so?”

David got up and stood, doubled over.

Ben grimaced, clutching his nuts. “You think I’m gonna get beat by a girl like---“

He was interrupted by a vicious kick to his balls. David’s leather shoe connected with Ben’s fingers, driving them into his tender testicles.

Ben screamed in pain. He pulled his leg close to his body and sent it crashing into David’s crotch from underneath, knocking the wind out of David’s lungs and making David’s eyes bulge.

Ben groaned and curled up in a ball.

The handsome dancer stumbled backwards, an incredulous look on his face.

Then the full force of the pain hit him.

He let out an ear piercing scream and sank to his knees, cupping his precious nuts, wailing in pain.

Nothing happened for two minutes, as both the two boys were dealing with their pain.

David was on his knees, his hands were buried inside his boxer briefs, cradling his nuts, as he whimpered in pain.

Ben was moaning and groaning, rocking back and forth, clutching his nuts.

I looked at Chad. “Do you think it’s over?”

Chad looked at me. “A draw?”

I shrugged and turned my attention to Ben and David.

We waited for another minute, but neither of them did anything other than cupping their balls and moaning in pain.

“I’ll ask them”, I said.

Chad shrugged.

I cleared my throat. “Ben? David?”

They didn’t react.

I sighed and walked over to Ben.

I touched his shoulder. “Ben? Are you done?”

“Fuck you!” Ben whimpered and threw out his fist.

I jumped back, narrowly avoiding a hit to my nuts. I heard Chad chuckle.

I raised my eyebrows. “Okay.”

I turned to David.

The handsome dancer was on his knees, cupping his balls.

I decided to not get within arm’s reach…

“David? Are you done?”

David opened his eyes and glared at me. He slowly got up, groaning.

“I didn’t think so”, I mumbled and turned to go.

“Get out of the way, I’m gonna kick his nuts into oblivion”, David whispered.

I smiled nervously and walked back to Chad.

Ben looked up and saw David coming towards him. He groaned and grimaced. “What’s up, Tiny Balls?” he moaned, trying to sound cheerful.

David glared at him. “Stand up”, he hissed.

Ben chuckled. “What are you---“

“Come on, dickhead, stand up!” David repeated. “Let’s fight!”

Ben sighed. He started got up, getting on all fours, eyeing David the whole time.

David watched him.

Ben tried to act casual. Apparently, his boner had deflated, but his nuts were still hanging out the leg opening of his boxers. “So, what do---“

As soon as Ben was standing, David kicked his nuts hard.

The instep of David’s shiny leather shoe connected with the two dangling nuggets, lifting them up and driving them into Ben’s pelvis.

Ben’s eyes crossed as his nuts were crushed flat by David’s kick.

He let out a wheezing groan, his eyes twitching, his lips trembling. He was paralyzed in pain, his arms sticking out to the side, his balls swinging back and forth between his legs.

David grimaced and smirked at him. “Dickhead”, he chuckled. He brought his leg back and slammed his foot into Ben’s nuts again, ramming them into Ben’s body and eliciting a high-pitched scream from Ben.

He sounded like he was trying out for the soprano part in a church choir.

Chad and I winced in sympathy as Ben’s eyes rolled back in his head and he slowly sank to his knees and collapsed on the ground.

David chuckled. He circled Ben who was lying flat on his belly, moaning softly.

David kicked Ben’s legs apart.

Ben’s bare nuts were exposed conveniently between his legs, touching on the ground, looking swollen and red.

Chuckling, David turned his back to Ben. He stood between his legs and started whistling the famous tune of the “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” from Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker”. Then, in an admittedly very elegant motion, he lifted his right leg until it was at a right angle with his body.

Without stopping whistling, David let his leg swing back. His heel connected with Ben’s balls and rammed them into his ass cheeks.

Ben roared in pain.

Before he was able to curl up and get his nuts out of David’s reach, David placed the heel of his black leather shoe on top of Ben’s swollen, tender balls. Shifting his weight, David leaned in on Ben’s nuts, crunching them with his heel, flattening them like pancakes between his shoe and the hard wooden floor.

Ben let out an agonized squeal.

“I told you”, David said slowly, standing on one foot, lifting his other leg.

Ben’s body buckled and he shrieked in pain.

David grinned, twisting his heel, causing Ben’s voice to rise in pitch and volume.

It was amazing how David was able to keep his balance, considering he was standing on bumpy ground…

Ben’s face was beet red and he was wailing in pain, his big, juicy balls flattened beneath David’s heel. “I give up!” he shrieked, his voice cracking while his eyes were filling with tears. “Please, stop!”

David chuckled and twisted his heel one final time, making Ben scream from the top of his lungs, before he stepped away, allowing Ben to curl up in a ball.

Ben was whimpering in pain, his hands nursing his bruised balls, tears running down his face

David turned around and grinned. He grabbed his own junk, wincing when he touched his balls. “I guess you have reason to be proud of your balls, Ben… How do they feel?”

Ben moaned.

“Are they broken?” David grinned. “Please tell me they are broken…”

“Fuck you”, Ben sobbed, clutching his balls.

David laughed. “You’re such a loser, dickhead.” David lifted his foot behind his back and looked at his heel. “Well, it looks like your balls are still intact.” David looked a tiny bit disappointed. “At least they are not sticking to my shoe…”

Ben let out a miserable moan.

David laughed and put on his clothes, whistling happily.

Five minutes later, he was ready to leave. “Oh, dickhead”, he said, smirking, “if you want to have another go, just tell me. There’s nothing more relaxing than seeing you writhe on the ground and cry for your mommy…” He laughed and walked out the door.

I turned to Ben. “Need some ice?” I asked, smiling sympathetically.

”That stupid fucker”, Ben whimpered. “Stupid fucker!”

I nodded.

Ben groaned, massaging his testicles. “Next time, I’ll beat him!”

I helped him up and he sat down on the couch, his legs spread wide apart, his swollen balls resting on the cushion.

He was grimacing in pain, his body glistening with sweat. He looked down at his lap and his big, throbbing, red balls. A tiny whimper escaped his lips and he looked like he was about to cry again.

“Next time I’ll beat him”, he whispered.


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Anonymous said...

Great story Alex, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Damn ! That was an amazing story. Probably the best of this series...which is probably my favourite series ! David being dragged around the room by his "little boy balls" was awesome.
It's just a shame David prefers to keep his nuts hidden. I have a feeling he has the most beautiful set of all your models, if not quite the biggest :-) Maybe that is an idea for a new challenge or a poll ! Who has the crown jewels ???

Alex said...

Thank you! I can't believe you like this story so much... :-))

The crown jewels idea is great... I'll think about it...

Anonymous said...

I thought it was already stated that Zach was the biggest in all areas

Alex said...

You are right, he is. But maybe David doesn't know that?

Come to think about it, it is a bit like the "Top trumps" story idea... Well, I'll think about it.

Anonymous said...

There seems to be some confusion ! "Big" and "beautiful" are not the same least outside the U.S. :-)
A small polished diamond is more desirable than a lump of coal.
The Mona Lisa is not the biggest canvas in the louvre !
Form is sometimes more important than size or function.
Alex, this is a competition that even you could win :-)

Anonymous said...

And wouldn't it be humiliating if, during this challenge, Ben finds out his balls are
(1) not the most beautiful
(2) not the biggest in the room either!!!
I hope you like the idea.

Alex said...

Ahh, beauty... You are right! I'll see what I can do... :-)))