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Always the Thorn in My Side: Part 6 The Championship Tournament Conclusion written by Jimmy


Always the Thorn in My Side: Part 6 The Championship Tournament


By Jimmy





Warning: Includes ballbusting, traces of cum. underage characters.  You have been warned.





This was not part of Sam Hell’s plan, not even close.



 They were fucking late and Sam Hell aka the Devilboy is furious.

“Hurry up!” Sam barks, a scowl etching now into his forehead.

He’s in the car. Angry. Sam Hell’s dark red eyes seem to sizzle as he grips the steering wheel, white knuckled and fuming. Revving the engine, Sam Hell gnaws on his teeth as tirelessly look, Jake, and Doug sit idly in the vehicle looking for a parking spot. The group has been doing so for almost an hour. If they did not find one soon, Sam is afraid that they might miss the tournament entirely.

A few agonizing minutes later, Sam parks in a handicap space saying “Fuck it. Let’s go.”

The group exits, but Bill mumbles “Hope we don’t get towed. Dad will kill us.”

“At this rate, we will barely be in there a half-hour, it’s almost over,” Doug explains.

Sam Hell silently agrees as they make a mad dash to the arena. By the time the group makes it to the building, gets through the crowd, goes through the screening process, and entering the front doors they can see that they indeed have missed most of the event. Only one match is left between the two teams with the most wins of the day and Sam Hell curses upon seeing who is on the mat.

It’s fucking Jayden Gomez.

Jayden made it.


Sam Hell wants to murder someone. The group eyes him warily as they make their way to the front of the arena pushing past anyone that gets in his way. As Sam gets closer, he easily muscles his way into seats near the front literally pushing some younger students out of their seats with a growl and a menacing look of his Devil eyes Sam can finally see Jayden properly. He’s in the third row, but his eyes miss nothing.

Jayden looks, well not in great shape. Jayden has a definitive limp as he gets ready on his side. Logan Krueger his coach is talking with him, while his older brother Gino is massaging his shoulders. His hands are kneading into Jayden’s bare next while Jayden is nodding his head, one hand wrapped protectively around his waist, almost hugging his abdomen. Jayden’s short hair is plastered to his skull, his sweat drips down near his eyes and he halfheartedly tries to wipe his brow.

Sam Hell overhears Logan saying “…be careful of this one, you saw how he picked off the kids from the other school. He goes low, without the ref seeing. I swear we always seem to get the blind ref…”

Jayden nods, but winces as he tries to laugh it off one hand still protectively clutching at his middle.

“Logan’s right,” Gino agrees. The bruise along his face is colorful, and he has a nice shiner now next to the temple that was hit so spectacularly yesterday. “But you have this. If you win this, Bartlet wins the tournament exclusively. So no pressure, bro.” Gino gives him a friendly wink, and gives his shoulders a squeeze as he ends the massage.

“Heh.” Jayden mumbles, looking sideways at his brother.

“He looks like shit,” Bill says to Sam, clapping his shoulder. “He should lose easily.”

“He made it to the finale.” Sam counters.

“Only to lose, he won’t scrap across the finish line,” Doug says. “He’s finished.”

Jake nods his head. “First to three falls, and he is already swaying on his feet. Look at him.”

Sam Hell silently agrees, but he should not have made it this far. Looking at the scores above him, he can see out of every wrestler here Jayden Gomez has not lost a single match. Not one. Pulling out his phone, he curiously looks up Jayden Gomez’s stats and sees that this season, he has been undefeated. That is unheard of in his age bracket, and as he eyes the crowd looking at the scouts they all seem to be eagerly pointing and discussing Jayden.

“Fuck,” Sam growls. “He’s always the thorn in my side that I can’t seem to get rid of.”

Bill looks up at him, “You did enough yesterday, he will lose. Just look at his opponent.”

Sam turns his head and takes in the boy at the other end of the mat. He is not speaking with his coach, his team is not huddled around him, and in fact the boy seems more man, than boy. Tattoos streak his corded arms from fingertips to shoulders covering him in full sleeves on both arms. His stance is shoulder width apart and he easily takes in Jayden’s form with his bright yellow eyes, his bushy dark brown eyebrows are narrowed as he examines Jayden squinting thoughtfully. His singlet top is down around his waist revealing his heavily muscled chest, each pec seems to be built of pure stone. The skin here is also heavily tattooed. And judging them each tattoo seems to be of a different predator. A green serpent is around his left arm devouring a screaming howler money. The right arm features a scorpion piercing the skin of a bright blue exotic toucan. The destruction on his chest is more vivid with violence. His left pec features a cheetah ripping the head off of a gazelle, with bright red drops of blood dripping onto his abdomen. The right pec is not any brighter but features a hammerhead shark cutting in half a swimming dolphin. His tattoos seem to scream out: Beware.

It’s then that Sam Hell realizes that this wrestler is displaying his chest and his tattoos on purpose, he wants his opponent to see him. Sam can’t help but feel impressed. He also now wants a tattoo.

“His name is…” Bill starts reading “Zagan…”

“Zagan? What kind of name is that?” scoffs Sam.

“I don’t know Devilboy,” Doug jumps in. “Tell us all about how weird is name is Hell.”

Sam Hell rolls his shoulders, but his cracks a smile. “Point.” Sam gives in a smile creeping up his face. “Go on Bill keep reading.”

“Zagan Keller, is not new to wrestling. Been on the circuit since he was of age and been doing so for years. He is looking at the Olympics and has an impressive win streak…apparently both he and Jayden are going into the match undefeated. This should be a good one,” Bill says putting the pamphlet down. “Oh yeah, he’s seventeen and in the twelfth grade. This will be his very last High School match.”

Sam moves to pick it up the pamphlet, but Jayden starts to move entering the wrestling mat and Sam disregards the idea wanting to concentrate on what is about to go down.

The two wrestlers have their eyes locked, and Sam enjoys seeing Jayden outclassed in height, and size. Zagan Keller, has some advantages before the match even begins. Sam is going to enjoy watching this Olympic prospect destroy Jayden.

Zagan Keller stays shirtless as the pair approach each other meeting in the middle before the match officially begins.

“So you’re Jayden Gomez,” Zagan Keller begins. His dyed blue and black red hair falls into his eyes, and he does not move the strands away but continues to look through the wave. “At last we have the chance to meet. I have heard a lot about you…you, well…look like shit hoenestly. What the fuck happened to you?”

Jayden sighs, “Long story. Nice tattoos.” Jayden eyes them, and moves around to see Zagan’s back, “Any back here?”

“Not yet, but you should see the one on my ass.”

Jayden laughs, but Zagan does not with him. The laughter stops and Jayden clears his throat. “I’m with…”

“That was not a come on.”

Zagan steps up to Jayden, towering above him and looks down at the shorter, younger, and smaller opponent. “You’ll get a chance to see it when I sit on your face through the white fabric of my singlet. I’m going to beat you today Jayden Gomez. I don’t know how a rookie like you got as far as you did, but that winning streak ends with me.” Zagan smiles then, and gives him a distinctive wink and a flash of bright yellow as he pulls up the singlet straps, the tattoos still barely visible through the white material nearly sheer stretched over his skin.

Jayden clears his throat and gets to his side of the match.

The referee comes between them, giving them brief instructions on the first to three falls wins policy and blows his whistle.

Zagan Keller does not run forward, but seems to come at Jayden Gomez carefully almost as if he knows how bigger opponents have both tried and failed to use their larger mass to overwhelm him early. Zagan is treating the threat that Jayden is with respect, something that the younger wrestler does not usually have in his challengers.

Sam’s eyes narrow, hoping for a mistake. Jayden seems off his game, he is tired, and the beating that his boynuts took yesterday should make this match even more one sided. Sam starts to gnaw on his teeth, when Jayden makes a move. In all the time that he has observed Jayden, he recognizes how quick and spry the boy is. He’s light on his feet, almost featherlike and he always moves quicker than one expect. He almost surprises Zagan Keller. Almost.

Jayden moves in, as if to spear him in the gut, but switches tactics and comes in at Zagan’s left flank. The move should not be one that could be countered easily because of Zagan’s feet positioning are the wrong way, his body weight leaning in the other direction. He carefully steps back at the last possible opportunity as Jayden comes in. While Jayden is stepping forward, Zagan swipes out with his other foot he was leaning on moments before hitting Jayden low at the ankles and Jayden moving forcibly forward miss stepping and unsure as expression of confusion crosses his light brown face as he lets out a quiet “Whoop,” and lands ungracefully on his ass.

Zagan moves in quick, taking the opportunity presented and steps in grabbing Jayden’s exposed position and drops down as if to try and put him in a upper body hold, but the attack is lower…much lower. Zagan’s knee drops purposely on top of Jayden’s bulge crashing full force into his plump scrotum and squishing the contents with a slight mushing thud.

Jolting in the embrace, Jayden comes off the mat his brown eyes bulging, his mouth opening in a perfect ‘O’ shape as Zagan smiles slightly grappling with him, while his knee starts to twist and turn rolling his hardened bone against Jayden’s boynuts smooshing them beneath.

Jayden groans loudly, his upper body offering no resistance as Zagan puts him into a pretzeling hold, twisting him until he is close enough to whisper in his ear a “Gotcha.”

Zagan slams Jayden down on the mat, pinning him as his body engulfs the younger body. He takes his time to rise, watching Jayden curl to one side grasping onto his dented ballbag, his eyes squeezed shut wincing as his fingertips touch his singlet pouch. Zagan heads back to his corner as the referee asks.

“You alright, son?”

Logan pushes past him, telling the referee “We are using our five minutes” and bring a cold icepack in hand and sliding it between his legs and gently putting it on top of sore scrotum.

“Take deep breathes,” Logan encourages.

“My boynuts…” moans Jayden, his eyes flashing open as the coldness awakens in him the utter destruction that occurred below his waist.

“That must have hurt,” Bill says gleefully. Sam notices one of his hands has dipped below his waistband. He appears to be playing with himself. A sly smile creeps over his face, as he slides his right hand between Bill’s legs and cups his balls so tight against his cock and gives the twin raisins a squeeze. Bill sighs.


Sam chuckles. “Careful, we all know how much you squirt.”

Bill grins, and puts his arm around Sam Hell’s waist snuggling in.


“Well, alight then.” Sam squeezes harder, giving the lad what he wants. He might be squeezing too hard because Bill whines low, his hand freezing on the quickening up and down thrusting as he gasps.


The Devilboy smile widens and he continues to grip the olives in hand, squishing them easily in one fist as Bill moans alongside him.

Jayden starts to stir as Logan moves his knees up and down, followed by a back and forth swing encouraging him with gentle words. “You got this, in a minute you are going to get up and make him regret going low.”

Jayden barely nods, but his face is scrunched up, as he cradles his balls protectively. Near the outside of the mat, Gino paces back and forth wanting to get in on the action at hand.

Quickly, the time starts to run off the clock and Logan bends down offering Jayden his hand. “I’ve got you.”

Taking the offered hand, Jayden comes off the mat handing Logan back the icepack. He folds at the wait a moment afterwards, seeming to gather himself before standing back-up and heading to the center of the mat. Waiting for him is Zagan Keller, his yellow eyes are slit like taking in now Jayden’s exasperated walk towards him and the referee who is eyeing his stop watch.

“Just in time,” says the referee. “Any longer and you would have forfeited.

Jayden scowls at Zagan, “That would never happen.”

“It won’t matter, one more fall and you lose.”

Zagan’s words hit Jayden, and his fingers itch by his sides curling and lengthening as again the referee asks for a clean match. “I’m sure what happened before was an accident. Just be more careful.” He warns.

“Next time I will hit you harder,” Zagan says under his breath.

Jayden says nothing but when the whistle blows, he’s already on the warpath and he uses his speed to fly at Zagan going low. Zagan attempts to step back again, but this time Jayden hits his ankles and the bigger wrestler falls over, and Jayden is climbing him.

Chaos hits the center of the mat as hands, legs, and the snarling pair battle for dominance. Jayden is like a fire cracker on top of Zagan, hitting him with quick jabs to Zagan’s abdomen as he Jayden growing angrier now tries to hit him with a knee. Zagan’s thighs manage to prevent the knee, but he is unable to stop the incoming fists hitting his abs left and right. Jayden fires punches, left and right between them and close up pounding away at Zagan’s middle a determined look of vengeance in his dark eyes.

Finally, Zagan releases a grunt and thrusts Jayden off of him, grabbing his aching abs with one arm.

Jayden rolls back to face him, but Zagan grabs his shoulder with his free hand and brings up another knee. Jayden’s eyes widen in alarm and looks up meeting Zagan’s gaze as the offending same knee strikes him dead-on in his bulge.

“Yes!” Bill swoons, his hand rocking quicker beneath his shorts. Sam briefly looks down and sees Bill’s exposed cockhead just barely escaping the top of his shorts peeking out and glistening with pre-cum. The reddened helmet of Bill’s little shoulder seems to be pulsing and Sam recognizes the signs of Bill’s upcoming eruption. He twists Bill’s marblebag a quarter turn loving the quiet whimper that comes from his parted cherry lips as he bends own as if to tie his shoe but licks Bill’s lollipop head and gives the redden cap a quick suck.

The suction of Sam’s mouth is inviting, and hot and Bill’s little cocklet strums in his mouth as he tastes Bill. The drippings of his pre-cum quickly gets swallowed as he sucks hard and long on Bill’s little head, before he slides all the way down the short pole and buries his nose in Bill’s bare pubis smelling the boy sweat and desire.

Bill gasps, not expecting the hard suck or the mouth from his stepbrother as he rides Bill’s three incher and bobs up and down.

“The…the match!” Bill gasps and Sam groans, adding a little musical flavoring as he squeezes and rolls Bill’s tight nutbag in his other hand. Jayden’s already lost, ‘Why bother checking on things?’ Sam thinks as concentrates on bringing Bill to an orgasmic finish.

Sam notices something immediately, Bill’s three-inch cock fits so easily in his mouth and he could suck on the joystick all day and never tire. His jaw fits nicely around it and he can easily suck the whole shaft, plus the head at the same time his tongue when used can lick the entire trembling erection. But of course Bill won’t last that long. Already Sam can feel Bill’s rigid stiffy throbbing, and as he moves lower while squeezing the lads tight nutsack he realizes something and sucks in each ball at the same time. Bill’s entire package fits snuggly in his mouth and with an almighty suck he covers all of Bill in hot saliva his tongue lapping all around Bill’s equipment.

Instantaneously Bill’s whole body starts to stiffen, he grabs the back of Sam Hell’s head and starts to thrust and he’s getting louder and Sam reaches up covering his mouth as he groans against his palm, his mouth wet and needy. Sam slides in a finger and then two, Bill suckles them the need only growing down below as Sam polishes Bill’s pole concentrating on Bill’s red and exposed cocklet tip.

When Sam sucks again, Bill’s balls start to contrast, and Sam with Bill’s nads in his mouth feels the pressure building and Bill getting even unbelievably firmer as all boys do before he starts bucking with wild relinquishment. Bill can’t seem to get enough of Sam’s mouth as he suckles the boy, his tongue rounding the head once more and Bill loses it completely. The cocklet spasms in Sam’s mouth and hot, wet liquid shoots straight down the back of Sam’s throat as Bill cums.

Bill whines into Sam’s hand which he keeps held in place. Shuddering as he pumps his load into Sam, Bill digs his fingers into the back of Sam’s scalp. Sam opens his eyes staring at Bill’s navel and watching as he clenches his abs. Sam adds a moan of his own along Bill’s thickened tool and Bill trembles as the dregs of his semen are pulled out of him as Sam sucks hard. Bill’s nuts seem to twist at the end and release loosening now in the Devilboy’s jaw. Bill falls prone against his seat and Sam toys with his cock a few moments more, and gently chews on Bill’s nuggets for one brief moment causing a strong reaction in Bill as he gulps mouthing “Sam!”

Sam chuckles, and releases his hold and comes up. His mouth feels puffy and he is breathing hard as he stares into Bill’s blue eyes. Bill leans forward and this time, he kisses him. It’s not a peck. Not on the cheek. Bill’s mouth takes his own, and his lips are soft as Sam slips a little of Bill’s semen into the boy’s mouth. Bill freezes surprised tasting his own juice, and groans. Sam pulls up Bill’s shorts covering his naked genitals.

The crowd erupts around them, and Sam thinks ridiculously that it’s for them. But then he remembers the match. He pulls away from Bill, who looks content and the boy grabs and holds his hand as he spins back to face the match.

It’s not what he expects to see, not by a longshot.

This was not part of the plan.

Jayden’s hands are on Zagan Keller’s chest and the referee is shouting that the second round falls to Jayden.

Jayden has won a round. Realization has just kicked in for Sam Hell. He’s tied now. Both have earned a fall. The next person to pin the other wins. ‘Jayden could win this. Fuck!’ Sam squeezes Bill’s fingers, and the boy whimpers. Sam releases him quickly, his hands balling into fists at his sides. Anger flares in him, and his devilish red eyes bore into Jayden Gomez as he stands up and offers his hand to his opponent to help him up.

Zagan Keller takes it allowing, Jayden to pull him up. As he gets to his feet, he does so rather quickly and his knee knocks into Jayden’s crotch rather hard knocking Jayden back a step. Jayden goes down to one knee immediately, and Zagan grins saying condescending way “He’ll be fine,” as he turns and walks over to his corner to grab his water bottle.

Coach Krueger is at Jayden’s side “You alright? Shit. Don’t you know any better? You never let your guard down!”

Logan spins around calling for the ref.

“Did you see that?”

“See what?” the referee asks, pushing his fogged up glasses up his nose and blinking rapidly up at Logan.

Logan rolls his eyes, and turns back to Jayden putting an arm around his shoulders. Jayden is moaning, but his back is to Sam Hell and he cannot quite see what he is sure to be a painful expression.

Trying to help Jayden up, the boy leans heavily against Logan as he musters the boy against his side and maneuvers the two of them to their side where again a waiting icepack is applied against Jayden’s crotch.

“What the hell happened?” Sam asks.

Doug raises an eyebrow at him, “Well…if you weren’t…”

“Shut up and fill me in.”

“Jayden put him in some fancy holds, and pinned him. Basically.”

“No nut shots?”


Sam Hell glowers feeling annoyed. He’s counting on Zagan Keller to finish Jayden off. He needs to get back into the game.

Kneeling on the mat, Jayden is holding his balls. Sam Hell can see that he is doing so gently, rolling around the big plump eggs in his ballsack as he applies the ice. Jayden winces and his brother is massaging his shoulders talking soothingly at him, words he cannot hear.

Logan Krueger, new to his coach position is arguing for more time. The referee will hear nothing of it.

“You already took the five, I saw nothing below the belt the whole match!”

“It happened after!”

“Nope! I saw nothing like that, now go get your wrestler over here or he forfeits!”

Logan looks murderous at the old referee, and he grumbles something sour under his breath and heads over to tell Jayden. “It’s time.”

Jayden nods, and stands up. He’s even more uncertain on his feet than he was before. Zagan Keller must have gotten a really good hit in.

Jayden makes it to the center of the mat before the referee can count him out. He nods approvingly and goes over the rules again, especially emphasizing “No low blows, nothing below the belt.”

Zagan Keller nods approvingly. “No, never.”

Rolling his eyes, Jayden gives a curt nod of his head in acknowledgment.

The referee starts the match and backs up, immediately he turns his back on the match to wave to a friend in the audience, who is trying to point out to him that he should return to his duties.

“The boys are fine, no need to worry. How’s the kids?” 

Jayden huffs out a breath in announce as Zagan Keller, seeing the referee distracted kicks out right in between Jayden’s open legs. The foot almost clips him as he stumbles backwards narrowly avoiding the surprise nutkick attempt.

“Almost,” Zagan teases.

Jayden growls and launches a kick of his own, but much higher. The full roundhouse kick nips Zagan on the chin, spittle flying from his now parted lips. He was not full able to get out of the way. Although, Jayden’s kick is also illegal the referee is still too busy gabbing to notice so the match continues.

The smile from Zagan’s face retreats, as he grabs his chin fingering the skin at the edge.

Jayden half-smiles and says “That seemed to wipe the smile from your face.”

Zagan moves in, and Jayden appears ready for him.

The two combatants clash in the dead center of the ring, the white lights flashing in on them as the pair snarl with arms locked looking for an advantage.

Jaden Gomez, is still the disadvantage one. He’s tired, he’s hurt, and he’s smaller than Zagan in almost every way possible.  Jayden ignores all of this as he launches an illegal knee up into Zagan’s midsection. After already softening his abs early Jayden’s knee plunges straight into Zagan’s guts knocking the wind from his larger opponent. Jayden takes the initiative to wind back up and knee him again in the same spot. Zagan coughs, his hands clutching Jayden’s forearms slacken and Jayden comes in for a third knee this one knocking Zagan off his feet pushing him skyward. Jayden’s boney knee lifts him up, Zagan’s legs dangling for a moment as Jayden gives a battle cry that seems to invigorate him.

Zagan’s feet land back on his mat, as Jayden’s determined dark muddy eyes stare resolutely into his foe as he pulls Zagan towards him rearing back to launch a fourth knee but Zagan with some fight still in him gets to Jayden first and hits him full force with his own knee. Jayden’s eyes widen, and the knee smooshes Jayden’s boynuts between his thighs rather spectacularly as one nuts squishes between his buttcheeks the other gets stuck and crushed against his taint.

“UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUgggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Jayden grunts loudly, his body going slack.

Zagan smiles now and shoves Jayden roughly off of his knee, and Jayden stumbles backwards and grabs his groin sinking to his knees, his chest puffing up along with his cheeks as he seems to crumble before him like an old Greek statue left to wither and turn to dust.

“My boy…nuts….oh fuck, oh good god!”

Jayden’s gloomy eyes crisscross, and he whimpers as his balls pulse underneath his fingertips.

Zagan is holding his middle, trying to regain his breath just as the referee finally turns around. He rolls his eyes and casually says over his shoulder “That one is always touching himself!” he laughs, shaking his head.

Sweat beats down Jayden’s forehead, as his head bows. He’s gasping, trying to grit his teeth with shoulders shaking. Jayden bites his lip, and stares at the mat groaning out a steady stream of grunts “Ugh, ugh, ugh….oooooo.”

Jayden wheezes, his breath singing from between his clenched teeth, he’s hurting and it’s so plainly obvious to anyone watching. Sam Hell is loving it, and he grips the sides of his chair drinking in Jayden’s pain, wanting to have been the one to have delivered the blows. This detail so minor means little as Jayden tries not to keel over. If he does, Sam thinks he might not get back-up again. The thought tickles him, and he smiles at Bill.

Zagan Keller stands fully erect now and moves over towards Jayden, ready to finish the match and claim his victory.

Jayden hears his footfalls and glances up at him and takes a swing to knock him back but Zagan easily catches the offending his, plucking the fist from the air like one would catch a lazy floating bubble on a hot summers day and squeezes Jayden’s hand earning Zagan a hurtful wince from Jayden for all his efforts.

Zagan turns the fist around, and reaches down grabbing Jayden by the throat his fingers gripping the skin until he leaves imprints in his flesh. Jayden’s eyes bulge as Zagan drags him to his feet. Jayden struggles, and his hand holding his groin come off to clutch at Zagan’s hand trying to peel off the fingers that grip his breathing tube.

The yellow eyes delight in Jayden’s plight, and Zagan says “Now I want you to scream for me.”

Zagan twists Jayden around, until his back comes into contact with Zagan’s chest and he tosses Jayden’s fist aside to instead wrap his free hand around Jayden’s middle as his other hand that was squeezing Jayden’s throat turns into a choke hold. Jayden immediately reaches up and gets his fingers between Zagan’s offending elbow preventing the move from being fully applied.

Zagan growls into Jayden’s ear as he tries to tighten the hold. “You can’t win!”

The referee comes in to inspect the hold, and when he is looking the other way Zagan’s hand wraps around Jayden’s middle lowers until his offending fingers slip down further. Jayden gulps in dismay as Zagan’s handhold finds Jayden’s singlet pouch. Jayden shakes his head, trying to plead for his genitals as Zagan grabs Jayden’s balls. Unlike most hands, Zagan’s are bigger and unlike anyone that Jayden has faced before besides Jake; Zagan is able to grip both of Jayden’s large, plump, boynuts in one hand.

“See? I told you that you would lose!” Zagan mocks his fingers locking around Jayden’s scrotum in an unmistakable nutclaw. Immediately Zagan works in his fingers sinking them into Jayden’s nutbag and disappearing into Jayden’s fleshy pouch as he crushes the contents within his unbreakable devastating grip.

Everyone but the referee seems to notice Jayden Gomez’s troubles, and to add insult to injury Zagan lifts him by his lower handhold and swings Jayden around, thrashing him side-to-side like one would a newly formed apple tree sapling hoping for the fresh red fruit to fall.

Jayden moans, but is unable to speak his world lost in the tight ball crunching embrace of Zagan’s rough handheld grip.

Finally Zagan can carry him no longer and bring the two of them down to the mat, where he can really begin his torturous nutclaw to finish Jayden Gomez off. Not only does Zagan seem intent to win, he wants to end the match by destroying Jayden’s balls.

Zagan positions Jayden on his belly, with his nutclaw positioned below for no one to see but everyone knows is still there.

Jayden on all fours gasps, his first lungful of delicious air wetting the back of his throat and filling his lungs. He groans it all back out mere moments after.

“My boynuts…you’re crushing them,” Jayden lamely points out.

Zagan’s free hand roams Jayden’s body fully feeling up the youngster and comparing his own assets to that of the boy below him. It’s not until he gets to the dozing anaconda fixed along his left hip that Zagan pauses.

“Big boy, I see.” Zagan runs one hand along Jayden’s full length starting at the root, and ending at the top.

Jayden moans, a desperateness creeping into his mouthy response as his slack open jawed mouth turns sour at the corners.

“Don’t you…dare.”

Zagan Keller grimaces “I would never, I just like to know who is bigger. If you were curious, it’s me. Also, you know that I could, and that is enough for me.”

Jayden moans, Zagan’s grip is so tight and his balls, they pulse deep from within the clenched fist strangling the very core of Jayden’s boyhood.

“Now that I know that you are inferior here as well, I am going to squish a tap out from you.”

Jayden shakes his head about to speak as Zagan’s other hand meets his nutclaw and Jayden knows what is about to befall him before Zagan even begins it, but it is the dreaded nut squeeze but from each hand.

Locking into position, Zagan gets ready for the holdout. Jayden has proven that he is a fighter, but his reputation leaves something to be desired. Zagan can taste the sweat pouring from the boy below him, his hips shaking as Zagan’s hands each grab a large nut and his fingers spread out wide, twisting around the fleshy plump orbs. Jayden shudders as the fingers one at a time along each fist sink and delve into the cores centers. Zagan ends with his thumbs jutting mercilessly into the dead centers. No one can resist this crushing move for long, Zagan’s hold is absolute and Jayden moans again his head kissing the mat as waves of nauseas agony riddle through his frame. He is breathing deep, trying to get used to this new sickening pain as Zagan attempts to smoosh his balls into soft doughy mush.

Jayden puts one hand on the mat in front of him, and the referee comes round asking “You give, boy?”

Resolutely Jayden shakes his head, and stubbornly grunts out a wounded “No.” While his balls are being turned into fresh peanut butter in his singlet pouch, Jayden arches his back up slightly pleading. Zagan meeting his efforts poised above him and weighs heavily on top of him his chest bearing down on his back.

“If you mean to give up, you have to tell me or tap out.”

“Do it Jayden,” Sam beckons. “Tap. Out!”

The Devilboy almost screams the words and it’s then that Gino notices him and he smiles at the eldest Gomez brother his red eyes shining bright.

Sam Hell starts a chant. “Tap out. Tap out.”

Bill, Doug, and Jake follow suit and soon a good quarter of the arena is calling for Jayden to give-up.

Briefly Jayden Gomez looks up, his face scrunched up in agony as his testicles are being destroyed from below. The jeers coming his way seem to be affecting him, and Sam, Doug, Jake and Bill start to chant louder and bang their feet after each phrase.

Dismayed Zagan Keller joins in, shouting the phrase in Jayden’s ear, forcing him to hear the resounding call for his conquest.

“They call for me Jayden to beat you, give up or you won’t have any balls left by the time I am done. My Ballcrusher has been known to end wrestler’s careers. Will you let it end yours?”

Jayden bites his bottom lip and stares back down at the mat as he releases a roaring battle cry and swings his left elbow up as hard as he can and strikes Zagan Keller directly in his left yellow eyeball.

Zagan screams rolling off Jayden grabbing his face, prone on his back.

Jayden ignores the raging agony and rolls on top of Zagan pinning him to the mat and the referee does not quite know what to make of this ending as he declares Jayden Gomez the winner.

The Bartlet boys, all clad in red like Jayden go crazy jumping up and down and hollering at winning not only state now, but for the first time being crowned victors of the country. This is the first in Bartlet history.

Jayden rolls into the fetal position, but his team mates hoist the moaning boy into the air carrying him around, no matter how much pain he is in his teammates don’t seem to care. While Zagan Keller blinks up stupidly at the lights wondering what the hell just occurred.

Sam Hell is on his feet, fuming. Bill stands up by his side putting a hand on his shoulder comfortingly whispering while the cheering crowd shouts Bartlet.

“I’m so sorry, Sam.” Bill gives his shoulder a squeeze.

Murderous Sam Hell breathes in and out, trying to clear his mind.

“What do we do now?!” demands Doug totally exasperated.

“I don’t know,” says Bill.

Finally Sam Hell clears his throat. A new plan coming into focus. “I have a new plan. If we can’t beat him, then we join him.”

“Join?” All three say in unison in complete shock.

“Yes… tryouts are happening soon. We join the team. Then no matter what happens Jayden won’t be able to get away. It’s time for us to take the fight to him, to invade. Call the Midtown team Doug, we are gathering the boys together and coming for Jayden on his home turf. Bartlet High Wrestling Team will soon be mine.”






In the car, the scenery blends together as Sam Hell drives away. He has a lot to think about and mostly ignores the chatter in the car. He drops off Doug first, and the two fist bump an old score now safely settled between them.

It’s only a few minutes until the three get home. Bill is happily filling the air, chatting away with. “I’m going to join you guys, that’s all there is to it. Jayden won’t see it coming when I get to be wrestler. I look good in a wrestling singlet too. Makes my dick look big.” Bill gives his groin an appreciative tap.

Sam Hell chuckles once but is silent afterwards. Bill continues talking until they get home.

Bill is out first pulling his suitcase from the back, as Sam readjusts the mirrors on the vehicle to situate the best angles for Bill’s Dad Will Brady.

Grabbing the handle of the door, Sam begins to open it hearing Bill shout “I get the shower first!”

“Wait up a minute, I have to talk to you.”

Sam turns back around glancing over his shoulder at his faithful companion, his number one soldier in arms. His personal demon.

“What’s up Jake?”

It seems to take Jake a moment to form the words in his mind, or maybe the courage to do so. Finally he speaks “What’s going on with you, and Bill?”

Sam Hell says automatically “Nothing.”

“Bullshit.” Doug unbuckles his seatbelt and leans into the front seat, coming right into Sam’s face. “You told me not to get involved with him, you warned me that it would mess this up.” Jake points to the house. “What about that, Sam? Are you allowed to fuck it all up, but I am not?”

Jake is seething, he is breathing so hard that his stale breath hits Sam in waves.

“Jake…I’m just fucking around with him. It’s nothing. We are not in a relationship. It’s just sex.”

“I don’t believe you.”

Sam shrugs his shoulders, “Alright I will make it super clear to you that that is all that is happening between us.” Sam puts one hand on Jake’s shoulder, and the muscles tense beneath his touch. “Bill is with someone else, he was nervous to tell you because he thought that you would be jealous.”

“I don’t believe you.” But this time, Jakes voice catches.

“Why don’t you just ask him? After all he lives on Jayden’s street, a few blocks down.”

Jake freezes. “Who Sam, tell me.”

Sam Hell closes his red eyes, hating this. “Come upstairs…I’ll take care of…”

“No.” Jake pushes off of him landing hard in the backseat. “I don’t… want that.”

Sam Hell shrugs. “Fine.”

“I’ll be upstairs if you change your mind.”

Sam Hell opens the car door and heads to the house, his rucksack over one shoulder. The door behind him stays closed, clearly Jake is not ready to come in yet.

When Sam Hell sees the front door, it opens just as starts to contemplate his luck. It’s Bills Dad, he has two mugs of steaming hot coco with the tiny marshmallows.

“Hi Sam, come on in. Where’s Jake?” asks Mr. Will Brady, Bill’s father.

“He’s…on his way.” Sam takes one gratefully, this June night has a chill the warm cup feels good in his hand.

“Go freshen up in my bathroom, Bill has the other. I’ll go check on Jake. See if he needs any help,” offers Mr. Brady.

Sam nods his head, thanking him with a look. He has it good here. Too good. Any day he is sure that this will end, that he will be alone again. He pauses at the stairs, the bathroom door is opened a crack at the top of the stairs. The inviting steam and the not closed door is a tempting one, but Sam refrains. He is not dating Bill. It’s just sex. But still the saltiness of Bill’s last orgasm lingers on his tongue. He swears that he can still taste him.

The bathroom door closes behind him and Sam puts his phone on the bathroom sink. Sam starts to pull his shirt over his head, when his phone lights up.

It’s a single text from Bill:


Sam Hell grins, lowering his shirt. Grabbing his phone he can’t help but smile at his reflection as he leaves the bathroom.

He quickly texts back:

“Better save me some hot water.”



A devil emoji appears and Sam cant’s help but laugh as he heads to the stairs, ready to start something he is not sure if he can finish but is determined to try.




Anonymous said...

OmG that was one hell of a story.
And that Zagan sounds absolutely delicious...the tats, the muscles and a bit of mystery...what is he packing downstairs? Really bigger than Jayden or just a big mouth?
Really hope we see more of him. The cocky stud must be fuming after that match...will he partner up with Sam Hell and co? Damn would be quite a team!

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Good morning Anonymous,

I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the conclusion of The Thorn in My Side. I've been wanting to write this particular story since the spring and I am super happy to finally have the story out there for everyone to enjoy. Sam Hell is a major character in the series and it was really interesting to take a turn following him around as he tried to destroy Jayden and stop him from winning the competition.

Zagan is a character that I had in my head for a while, I don't have another story planned for him at the moment but I can see appeal of bringing him and Sam Hell together along with Jake, Bill, and Doug. That would be quite a group! He does say that he is bigger than Jayden...but is that truth? Maybe we can find out someday. If you have an idea for using him in another story please post it! Or send me an email at or



BBfan said...

Hell yeah!

I loved this epic story Jimmy. What a ride from start to finish. Although the ending wants me to know more about what is happening at Bill's house. I am looking forward to finding out. Bill is a dick, and I want to see his peanuts busted so badly. Jayden needs a revenge story, please write that one next!


Also, Zagan does sound hot. Can he transfer schools to Midtown or Bartlett? We would see more of him, wink wink.

Anonymous said...

You guys are a bunch of pedo bastards