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Always the Thorn in My Side: Part 5 My Final Revenge written by Jimmy


Always the Thorn in My Side: Part 5 My Final Revenge


By Jimmy





Warning: Includes ballbusting, traces of cum. underage characters.  You have been warned.





This was not part of Sam Hell’s plan, but it is close enough.


Spread out before Sam Hell, aka the Devilboy is Jayden. Laying like a plump turkey for Thanksgiving Dinner, Jayden is wrenched into a tight pretzel and looking worried as he stares at Sam crouching before him. Jayden is naked as the day he is born, with his underwear and shorts just below his hanging nutsack looking plump and inviting. If his boynuts could tremble, Sam is sure that they would be.


Sam poses the question once again, because he did not get a very satisfactory answer. “Do you have any requests?”


“I have one,” Doug says. “Punch him as hard as you.”


Jayden does not react to Doug’s suggestion his muddy browns have never left Sam’s. “Dealers choice,” he finally answers indignantly.


A deadly smile creeps over his face, like the falling sun behind him dying in the soon to be evening sky. Sam can already tell it will be a starless night, the city casts too much light even in the darkness and not one star will dare to come out. Not while he is here.


“My choice then.”


In recognition, Sam nods once and gets closer so that he can smell Jayden. A slight breeze blows across the boy’s chest, and abdomen causing his limp cock to roll to the left; but the smell that hits him is recognizable from living with Jayden, even if it was such a short amount of time. The mixture of sweat, coarse vanilla scented soup, that rolling deodorant that he always uses with a hint of something deeper: fear. Sam drinks it in, and inhales loudly licking his lips as he does so. “You’re scared.” It was not a question.


Jayden tilts back his head, as much as he can exposing the throat. Sam eyes it suspiciously as he gulps.


“No. Never.”


“I don’t believe you.”


Sam moves in lightening quick, and Jayden tenses for a blow in Doug’s hold but all Sam does is tilt his head back where it had turned away.


“There is it, your fear. I see it.”


Jayden breathes harder, his fingers itching to get freed.


Sam leans in leering, as he comes up so close to Jayden that it looks as if he might give him a lover’s kiss. Instead, he trails one finger down the center of his torso ending in his inner belly button, and hooks his fingernail giving it a tentative scrap southward.


His smile widens as his fingernail scrapes through the short, small nest of tiny black pubes the patch barely big enough to cover the base of the cock below. The trip down does not end in Jayden’s patch of hairs, but continues down his penis, swooping along vein in the center until he gets to the bell end of Jayden’s cock. Sam gives that the tiniest of flicks with his finger. Jayden winces, but barely.


“I’m going to have fun, getting my revenge on you.” Sam explains tracing his finger still feather light around Jayden’s limp tip.


Doug chuckles behind him, and Sam wishes that he didn’t break the intensity of the moment.


“You can try to hold it back, to be a man about it…but in the end I’ll show everyone that you are still very much a boy.”


Jayden’s brown eyes narrow, and only his black pupils are visible as he snarls back his retort. “You can certainly try.”


It’s Sam Hell that laughs now, “Yes, in fact I think I will.”


Finally he reaches a bit further his fingers spreading wide to encompass the full scrotum. Sam finally has his hands on Jayden’s nutsack, and it feels good but as he tries to squeeze the twin pair, both slip free on either side, leaving him only holding the skin in between.


Sam chuckles, “I forgot how big these are.”


Jayden sends in a dig that he knows will leave a mark, “Not sure how you could when every time you look in the mirror you see an inferior set. Just like both of your brothers.” Jayden adds, his smirk wide and knowing.


Doug laughs loudly behind him, and Jayden rolls his eyes. “Don’t know why you are laughing, you are smaller than I am too, Doug.”


That stops the laughter immediately.


Sam decides to knock that smirk right off of his pretty face.


Using both hands this time, Sam Hell grabs Jayden by the roots of his groin: his pride and joy his boynuts. Jayden gasps feeling Sam Hell’s hands unfamiliar and foreign on his most valuables clamp around his balls. Sam Hell wanted to wipe the smile off of Jayden’s face, and of course with this most intimate of moves he succeeds. Jayden’s balls, as he gloated earlier are one of the heaviest and biggest sets that Sam has ever encountered. The nuggets, in Jayden’s nutsack were a little bloated from earlier, Sam discovers at he feels around the outer shells touching the smoothness of the sack as well the small cords coming from either side of his scrotum.


Sam notices that Jayden gulps, his throat contrasting as he clenches his muscles in preparation for what he is about to endure.


A wide grin spreads upon the Devilboy’s face as he leans in. “Get ready Gomez, I have you now…by the balls.”


Sam Hell starts to squeeze.


Jayden freezes, grunts and then incomprehensibly his body shudders. Sam Hell pushes back against the waistband of his thin shorts revealing the entirety of his groin for both Sam Hell and Doug to see as he puts Jayden on full display for them both enjoy.


Grinding his fingers deeply into Jayden’s ballbag, each separated nut becomes deformed by the sheer force of Sam’s squeezes sending shockwaves of pain throughout Jayden’s groin and into his lower abdomen. Jayden moans starring resolutely down at his testicles as Sam Hell destroys his family jewels.


“Eyes on me,” Sam Hell demands, his low voice gruff and deep. “I want to witness your suffering.”


Doug chuckles. “When he is weak enough, I want in Sam. I want to dish some out some blows too. I want him to know and remember what we are going to do.”


“Oh I think he will, especially when we force him to cum.”


Jayden’s eyes widen, and his bottom lip trembles but he manages to groan out. “I will never…cum…for you.” Jayden manages to utter, as Sam crushes his balls, the fingers curling the nutmeat between his fingers feeling the flesh bend to his will.


Sam and Doug’s eyes meet and the two burst into fit of laughter.


“Yeah okay, try your best to do that.”


“We will beat it out of you.” Doug adds, tightening his hold on Jayden’s arms.


”Or I could help.”


Bill now stands next to the three boys all focused in on Jayden’s big nuts.


“Help, how Bill?” Sam asks, already knowing the answer but playing at the moment.


Bill gets down on his knees and lightly runs his hands along Jayden’s torso feeling his muscles, tense and jittery before he lowers them down to Jayden’s limp dick curled and sleeping on his left thigh.


“I’m not sure,” Bill says with a sigh, giving Jayden’s appendage a few quick tugs.


“I could always try and figure it out.”


Doug chuckles, and whispers in Jayden’s ear. “Would you like that, Jayden? Bill sucking on your cock?”


Jayden licks his lips as Bill toys with his limp penis, and his eyes fall back onto Sam’s. Sam stares at him intently, his desire to see Jayden suffer and bust a nut so clear.


“I could do that…” says pondering this out loud. He does curiously look back at Sam Hell, and the pair share something unspoken. “But I think instead once I get you nice and hard…I’m going to finish your brother. He does have the bigger dick.”


“Gi…no!” Jayden gasps. “No, Bill. Donnn’t!” he groans as Sam gives his ballsack a wicked twist.


Bill spits on Jayden’s cockhead, ignoring him. “I think I’ll see if I can rouse the sleeping giant. I’ll be careful not to nip him,” jokes Bill as he speeds up. Jayden starts to unwillingly thicken his cock slowly being manipulated under Bill’s small handlings.


Jayden shakes his head. “Leave him…alone!”


Jayden twists, and moves in trying to get freed but Doug’s grasps him harder than ever before as Bill and Sam work him over. He’s got to stop this.


Sam bunches Jayden’s nads together in one cupped palm, and rears back his other hand, fist clenched and slams him in the scrotum as hard as he can.


Jolting in Doug’s hold, Jayden seems to writhe in Doug’s tight embrace, fully coming off the ground with a grunt. Jayden’s bare chest rises skyward, his clenching abdomen tighten and Jayden fights all the while, as the deadly pain starts to sink in.


Sam punches him twice more, and Jayden finally spent falls back down with a grunt. He’s breathless and gasping and no longer struggles. The defeat in him seems absolute as his limbs go limp.


Jayden is fully erect now, and starting to leak. The crown of Jayden’s thickened shaft gleams, fully expanded and trembling under Bill’s careful, measured strokes. Jayden’s head lulls on Doug’s chest as his sore balls throb wildly in Sam’s cupped hand.


“He’s finished now. Bill go see about Gino and bring him a finishing suck. We will take good care of Jayden.”


Bill smiles at Sam and leans in whispering something in his ear.


Sam smiles and hushes him. “Later Bill, first Gino. Eventually the wrestling team will come looking for the Gomez brothers. I have the perfect way to arrange them to be found.”


Bill nods with a knowing smile as if he has read his mind. “I’ll see what I can do.” Bill gets up skipping over to Gino and pulling down his shorts with one quick pull. He whistles upon his discovery. “Now this is going to be fun, he is bigger than you Jayden if you were wondering.” Bill looks back at Jayden and winks quickly before leaning down, mouth open and taking Gino’s limp dick into his wide open jaws.


Jayden moans then and Doug reaches over and pounds a fist, quick as lightening into Jayden’s balls cupped and vulnerable held by Sam Hell.


Jayden gasps, eyes widening and his one free hand reaches up to stop Doug but Sam Hell takes it by the wrist and pins it to the ground.


“He’s still with us, but barely.”


“Not after a few more of these!” Doug says and punches Jayden twice more, with quick efficiency. Jayden’s light brown ballsack a few degrees darker than the rest of his skin bulges and swells in Sam’s cupped hand. The fat nuggets do not fit in one hand and sway precariously over the sides as Jayden breathes in quick rapid breathes his boynuts being owned by the pair.


“My boynuts…ughh, oh god.”


Finally he speaks, and its music to Sam’s ear. But he wants more. He wants him to scream.


A loud, hungry slurp brings Jayden back and he turns his head seeing Bill, moving very quickly up and down Gino’s cock while he sleeps. Gino’s face seems serene, besides the bruise on his temple where he was kicked and the dirt from the soles of shoes that had trotted on his face.


Bill’s hand, one holding the base of Gino’s cock helps to control the rigid erection poking deep in Bill’s throat. The other hand is squishing Gino’s nuts against the ground so Bill can at times squeeze both before one wiggles free.


Jayden, now failing to protect his brother moans “My…boynuts…ugh, ugh, ughhhhhhhh!”


Doug reaches into Sam’s palm and grabs the right testicle and Sam understanding where he is going with this grabs the other. The two start a quiet countdown:


              “Three, two…one!”


Jayden is wracked with pain. He has had his balls busted, and quite often but never before by a pair of fiends so intent on causing him this much pain. At least, that is Sam’s sumation.


Sam loves to picture himself as the villain. He feels the darkness within himself, and never before has he been so satisfied to grind a pair of balls in his hands.


Unfortaunelty, Jayden’s once rigid erection is starting to fade and he says. “Jayden, I told you that you were going to cum. I guess I must do everything here.” Reaching back in his pocket, the prepared bully shakes a small bottle of lube in front of Jayden’s face. “I can fix this.” Turning the bottle over, the warm liquid from his back pocket begins to dribble out falling over Jayden’s stiffy; coating him from tip to base. Sam does not plan on needing to reapply the liquid and tosses the bottle to the side before taking Jayden’s dick in hand ready to finish the dark deed and take Jayden’s seed by force.


“No, Sam.” Jayden’s voice pleads. He hates the sound, almost as much as hearing Bill suck on his brother Gino’s cock barely five feet away.


Sam’s only anwser is the wet slick fist moving up and down Jayden’s boyhood, in one steady beat getting the full measure of the powerful cock in his fist.


“Force it from him, Hell.” Doug encourages, and squeezes the nut hard in his trapped hand.


Sam matches him and squeezes the other.


“Don’t worry, Doug. I will.”


Sam starts to pick up speed, as Jayden’s thickness and girth rigidify once more, and Jayden’s cock springs out fully formed once more trembling and leaking from the tip of his now fully puple cockhead.


Jayden’s breathing continues to be laborous as Sam works on buffing his knob, while he and Doug squish and squash the contents of Jayden’s nutbag each trying to outdue the other to cause Jayden the most amount of pain and discomfort in his young loins.


A groan rocks through Jayden, and the sweaty boy unwillingly starts to hump along with Sam Hell’s constant stimulation. The Devilboy marvels at Jayden’s size, while he jacks him off feeling the quivering throbbing member curving up to his belly botton past his few dark pubes. Jayden shudders, as his cock betrays him and soon enough his balls begin to rise to the base of his fully engorged erection.


“He’s getting closer,” Sam Hell explains.


“Yeah, he is. He won’t be able to hold back much longer, Sam. Keep it up,” Doug advocates.


Sam smiles, and his red eyes look back upon Jayden. He’s grunting now, almost continously. His mouth, red hangs ajar and his brown eyes so dark and focused in on his cock as Sam guides his hand up and down, paying close attention to the rigides around the head and gives his purple tip a few squeezes every now and then. Sam uses the thick vein along the shaft, while he travels up and down like a roadmap showing him the way.


Beside them Bill is waving his arms and its obvious as to why. Gino’s faced is creased, and he is breathing harder as he unconsciously thrusts deep in and out of Bill’s mouth as he unrestradiantly starts to pump volleys of goo into Bill’s awaiting mouth, the sides of his mouth leak some of the white liquid out dripping down to his chin. Sam and Doug cheer at Bill milking the eldest Gomez brother dry in front of them.


Jayden seems to sag upon hearing of his brothers forceful orgasm, and he grits his teeth in protest. “I’m. Not. Going. To…to…” but Jayden’s body starts to betray him and it takes everything in him to hold back, to not let out out the pent up release that his body so desires.


“Damn…I wanted the brothers to cum together. Oh well, next time.”


Sam Hell’s joke making Jayden shudder, his body growing taut, his loins begging for release as the Devilboy polishes Jayden’s rigid hot dick.


“Not…cumming. Won’t cum…”


Doug annoyed, tells Sam. “I’ve got his balls, let them go. I’ll get it out of him. Bill come here and take over. I’ve got some unfinished buisness to attend to.”


Bill gleefully runs the back of his hand over his mouth, taking in the rest of Gino’s pluge. He is careful not to leave any traces left on his face as he licks the back of his hand..


Sam notices that he leaves Gino pantsless and naked on the ground, even removing his shoes. The Devilboy smiles at his protégé as Bill shoos Doug away and takes over the duties of holding Jayden’s arms back.


Doug stands up now, moving in front of Jayden and kicking his dull legs apart. “I’m going to enjoy this…far more than you will!” Doug no longer having to hold Jayden back can focus in on his real intended targets: Jayden’s testicles.


Doug’s sneaker rears back, and up as he kicks forward right into Jayden’s brown bloated, slightly red nutbag. The deadly accurate snapkick hits Jayden perfectly nailing his nuts between his buttcheeks.


Jayden gasps and tries not to scream, as his naked bloated balls slam into him with a terrible whack!


“Got them both!” Doug boasts with a laugh, and to add insult to injury he steps on Jayden’s balls and presses his foot as far down as it will go so that Jayden’s nuts are squished flat onto the green blades grass leaving their lined imprints into his scrotum.


In his ear, Bill begins to taunt Jayden. “I made your brother cum so good, and now your going to shoot.” Bill hacks up a loogie and dribbles it onto Jayden’s neck, so that it spools in the crevise of his throat. “I saved you some. Thought you might want some of his seed.” Bill teases, as the liquid drinks down Jayden’s neck and onto his chest.


Jayden’s body lurches up, his muscles straining, and his face shakes as his balls pulse in agony beneath Dougs merciless crushing shoe.


Sam does not slow down, but starts to speed up feeling the finish coming. The orgasm is right there, the Devilboy can feel it. Jayden writhes underneath his strong fist as he pumps him. Jayden’s cock is fully engorged, the head flared out and leaking constantly. He is so hard, despite Dougs best efforts to squash Jaden’s balls.


“M… my…my boynuts!”


Jayden’s cry of angony rips into the dying light just as the suns final rays begin to fade in the sky, the darkness fully taking hold.


Jake wanders up, slow and groggily from his fall and Sam smiles at his appearnace. He’s won. Jayden can’t possible overcome this. He will not be able to…


Jayden sucks in a haggard breath, his beating heart, matching that intensity of his throbbing dick. With one final full lurch, his body shakes in the air at his last attempt at escape. Jayden falls back to the grass his dark eyes lost in the semidarkness roll back in his head and he grunts his cock starting to throb.


“Here he comes!” Sam Hell declares with great enjoyment and enthusiam, laughing while he pumps Jayden’s cock in his steady rythmic hand.


Groaning Jayden starts clenching and unclenching his fists, his abdomen taut and straining as his hips do one last thrust and lock. Shuddering all over, Jayden squints his eyes trying to hold back, to keep from letting the orgasm go but Doug meanly twists his foot with Jayden’s boynuts underneath and all that he can manage to not scream.


“He should be releasing right now!” Sam Hell says indiginantly.


“His cock is pulsing in your hand, I think…he’s trying to hold his breath to keep his orgasm from occuring!” Bill shouts dramatically.


Sam’s brow furrows, “He can’t keep it in much longer.” Sam’s pumps Jayden’s cock, the fully engorged glands seem to strum beneath his fingers as he glides up and down Jayden’s thick schlong. The rigid bastard’s sword sways and bucks and it’s all Sam can do to hold on. The opening of Jayden’s piss slit is fully opened and ready for release, but the stubborn kid won’t give in. Jayden is clenched up tighter than a clam, and Sam swears that the kid stopped breathing so he punches him right below the ribcage. Jayden’s abs rock hard bounce off the first blow, but Sam hammers at Jayden’s flexed stubbon abdomen with two more punches. The third blow hammers in, and Jayden’s flex abs cave in around Sam’s knuckles and Jayden is forced to take a long deep breath.


Then it happens all at once, Jayden bucks up coughing as Sam gives a twist at the top of Jayden’s cock and he can feel the throbbing, pulsating dick finally release. Jayden groans in sorrow as the pulsations run down his shaft and he begins to let loose. The first cum stream hits Sam in the shoulder, Jayden’s cock is so wild, seeming to jump on its own accord while Sam tries to hold on. The second volley lands just underneath Jayden’s chin and Sam keeps pumping knowing that there is more to come.


Jayden groans gutterally, while Doug meanly still squishes his furiously working boynuts under his heel giving him no repreive to enjoy this orgasm.


“There you go,” Sam says encouragingly. “Get it all out.”


Jayden gives one final pump, and cries out as the last stream so water shoots into his belly and rolls down his litle nub in the center. Spent he drops back to the ground huffing and puffing, his heart beating in his chest.


Doug leans in, his foot centers on both boynuts. “Finally got you, you little dickhead.”


Bill whispers in his ear, taking a pile of Jayden’s hot cum and mixes it with the watery jizz left over from Gino. “The Gomez special,” he jokes and taking a handful brings it up to Jayden’s mouth and shoves it in and down his throat.


Jayden’s brown eyes widen, and he gags as Bill forces it in laughing.


“Tie him to the tree,” Sam Hell says, dropping Jayden’s used cock back onto his stomach. Immedieately Bill and Doug do as their told dragging Jayden over between them, his limp feet trailing behind him.


Jayden hangs between them, head bowed and cock dripping with small tremors running through him.


Gino already tied, and gagged hangs from the branches, his head lolled to the side and he just starts to stir as Jayden approaches. Gino groans into his red hankerchief gag in his mouth seeing his younger brother covered in cum and beaten.


Jayden lifts up his head, his face a scowl of testicle agony. He tries to smile at Gino but Doug backhands him across his testicles and he cries out. The tiniest of touches makes his whole body shudder and that was no love tap. He gives no resistance as he is tied on the otherside of the tree the Gomez brothers finally defeated.


“Tomorrow in your matches, I am sure that you both will do well. Especially after tonights workout.” Sam glows in his smug happiness, the Devilboy finally satiated.


Jayden lifts his head, his mouth gaged. But his eyes, narrow in defiance.


Sam Hell grin widens as he steps forward, aware that Gino tries to get to him but is unable to do so.


“Tomorrow I will be watching you Jayden, and when you lose…” at this Sam Hell takes his half-cocked dick back in hand. “I will cheer for you, as it should have been me on that wrestling mat. At least I can take that from you.”


Sam’s red eyes, so bright in the darkness seem to glow with an inner fire as he leans in his lips pale and thin brush against Jayden’s ear “Tonight, when I’m in bed I’ll think of you and what I have done.”


Jayden’s eyes widen, and Sam gives him a half-hearted jerk of the hand causing Jayden to moan into his gag when Sam toches the sensitive tip. Sam finds it still leaking, as he pulls back and turns to go.


Bill tosses Jayden’s phone between his legs and steps up grabbing Jayden’s shoulder and smiles the whole time as he knees Jayden’s sore bloated ballsack, hard and fast. The blow was enough to dim the lights from his eyes, as his head droops down utterly conquered.


Skipping back, he takes Sam’s hand giving it a squeeze. “We did it.”


“Yes,” Sam agrees as the four of them begin to walk away from the Gomez brothers.


Gino’s muffled yells for “JAYDEN!” play muscially in the background.

Sam pulls Bill to his side, one arm falling lightly on his thin shoulders.


“No going back now, Bill.”


Bill grins up at him, giving him a light push. “You don’t need to explain that to me, Devilboy.”


Jake stiffens on the otherside of him and Doug is still happy in the afterglow of their combined victory.


“I’ve been waiting a long time Sam to get Jayden, and now I finally have.”


Bill puts one hand on the center of Sam Hell’s chest pausing. Bill stops him from walking as he gets up on his tippy toes and kisses him briefly on his left check. “Thank you, brother.”


Sam Hell gives him back a crooked grin, “Anytime, bro.” Sam grin down at him his white teeth flash in the darkness as his red eyes glow. “Today we have won, and tomorrow we will win the final battle when Jayden loses his match.”




To be concluded in: Always the Thorn in My Side Part 6: The Wrestling Tournament.


Anonymous said...

Awesome story again, Jimmy. I'm glad Sam and Doug finally have something to celebrate, but i suspect the Gomez boys will not let them enjoy it for too long. Reg

Dagan said...

Jayden got his ass handed to him. I wanred to see him win, but he lost big time. No ressue from Gino. Sam, Doug and Bill really put the hurtin in Jaydens boynuts. Great story. When is the conclusion coming?


Anonymous said...

I know Doug and Sam are the biggest antagonists right now, with Bill and Jake serving as more of a side threat, but I don't know why, but the one I ended up hating the most is probably Bill, and not in a bad way, I love how much of a villain Bill has become, like Sam Hell unlocked that part of him that was that sadistic brat he's always been inside.

Jayden seemed to always hold back when it came to busting Bill, maybe because they had been in a relationship before, but now? I NEED a one on one story where Jayden turns those tiny little peanuts into smooth peanut butter, it makes me think that Chase went a bit too soft on Bill when they fought on the king of the ring arc, but I'm sure that if he found out what happened that night, he'll make sure Bill wouldn't be able to nut for months.

Also, just a side note, but I wished they could have explored their new location a bit more, since we barely see the characters in a new environment like this, but other than that, I'm really enjoying this so much

-anon 1

Anonymous said...

Hi Jimmy,

This one was rough! My main man Jayden’s boynuts went for a bad ride. So hot to see him cumming like that. Bill did it to his bro too while he watched. Hot. Two for one special!

Can’t wait for more of those brothers


GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi everyone thanks for writing in! On to the comments:

*Reg, yes they got a win here. And poor Jayden and Gino might lose the tournament because of it. We will see how things play our next week!

*It's always hard for me to write Jayden losing too, but it does happen from time to time. Although more so in recent stories. Hopefully he can pull through in the next one Dagan! Thanks for writing in!

*Dear anon1, I always love reading your insights into the characters. I agree I should have spent some time exploring the new enviorment. I will try to do so in later chapters. Bill has certainly been going down a very different road, and I think his character hits harder to you and the other readers as he used to be "one of the good guys." He was boyfriends with Jayden, a friend to Gino, and his betrayal cuts deeper. Chase will indeed not be happy to hear what has befallen his boyfriend. Bill better be careful if he finds out. A story featuring Jayden VS Bill sounds really intriguing. I will see what I can do, Anon1!

*Hi BBfan, happy to hear that you enjoyed it! You will see more of the two brothers next week. thanks for writing in!



P.S. Thank you all for commenting!