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Snapshot: The Paperboy Fiasco written by Jimmy


The Paperboy Fiasco

By Jimmy

 Warning: Includes ballbusting and underage characters.  You have been warned.

“Dammit,” Jayden growls pulling himself up to his feet. His satchel is not going to magically come back to him. If he wants it back, he is going to have to go after it. That means, he has to get to Bill the one who took his bag…continually for the past few days.

Jayden wipes his mouth on the back of his hand, his sleeveless shirt riding up showing a brief hint of tummy and a slip of his underwear. Time to get moving.

Heading to the Bartlet Bulletin Garage entrance, he pauses taking a foreign satchel and putting it over his shoulder. He still has a job to do.

Moving through the archway Jayden is already planning on testing the locations of where his and Bill, the apparent new paperboys route intersects when a burst of air hits him below the waist and thump of pure agony as a boxing glove nails him directly in his scrotum.

“My boynuts!” Jayden gasps following to his knees next to the sprung boxing glove trap. The glove gently now still moves a bit hitting him on his right cheek, as Jayden cups his tender sore balls in both hands feeling his muddy brown eyes cross comically.

Laughter from nearby and Bill waves at him, giving him a salute. “Enjoy that bike ride!” Bill says, his ringing tone traveling with him as he pedals down the back ally and out onto the street. A hint of morning sun hits him in the face and his blue eyes, like ocean water twinkle as his brown mousy hair flies around his face as he turns his attention to the exit.

“I’m… oh shit!” Jayden pulls himself inwards and folds into the fetal position. He seems to be feeling these blows more than usual, which can only mean one thing…his cock and balls must have grown recently and he did not notice. They were always more sensitive when that happens: especially to ballshots.

Jayden stays on the ground for a number of minutes that seem lost to him as he cradles his sore, throbbing big nuts contemplating how best to get Bill back.

When he can finally stand up again, he bends over as a sudden throb between his legs hits him.

‘Fuck…he got me good.’

Limping over to his bicycle, Jayden is dragging his feet. He removes the kickstand but pauses at the last moment before lifting his left leg.

A mousetrap. A mousetrap sits on his seat, a dab of brown peanut butter sitting on the trap.

Jayden flicks it off of his bike, thinking ‘That was close.’

Tossing his left leg over, Jayden carefully sits on the bicycle seat warry of any other hidden traps. Thankfully he seems to be in the clear.

Sighing in relief, Jayden pulls away from the curb that he parked his bike on only to feel the seat underneath his crotch waddle. He stops the bike in one jerky move and the seat vibrates once beneath him and shoots straight up as if he was on a jack-in-the-box and the hard black leather beneath him hammers him straight in the junk. The soft undersides of his testicles takes the full hit and he spasms on the seat as it holds him aloft for a moment more before it drops back down.

Groaning Jayden, lumps in his seat putting his head on the bicycle bars only to feel the seat gyrate again and slam him even harder a second time.

Jayden gasps, and falls over the side groaning “My nuts, my nuts, my nuts.”

The repetitive spew is quickly followed by a full on moan, as he rolls onto his back grabbing his nuts in hand once more.

Snickering at the end of the alleyway, Bill rides his bike back down to clearly gloat.

“You certainly didn’t make it very far,” Bill says smirking down at Jayden at Jayden.

Jayden’s eyes are closed and he hisses “Fu…fuck you!”

Bill laughs, and spins the bike around. He is blocking the sun and casting a large shadow over Jayden on the rocky coarse cement of the thin alley.

Opening one eye, Jayden can see that Bill is shirtless now, his satchel…is almost half empty of newspapers. He must have been down for a long while. Bill’s chest is gleaming with sweat, his tiny pecs looking firm, with hardened dime sized nipples seem to be antagonizing Jayden as the boy’s heart beat visibly in his thin chest.

“You must really want this raggedy thing?” Bill teases, holding the bag out as he openly mocks Jayden’s possession.

Jayden growls out a groan, climbing onto all fours, and about to try and standup when an intense wave hit his lower regions and he stays firmly put grasping his still throbbing testicles. The pulsations running through his big nads keep him put as he moans low. “My…goddamn boynuts. I’ll…get you…Bill.” The threat turns out to be more of squeak, and it loses the intention. Bill just chuckles.

“Well, some of us have to finish their job…so I guess I’ll see you out there!” Bill turns to leave again and Jayden closes his eyes, unable to stand, unable to get back-up, and unable to stop him. He feels foolish, and lousy as Bill’s laughter grows distant before disappearing completely.

Again, Jayden is down for some time methodically rolling his balls gently in his ballsack trying to ease out the pain and achiness that plagues him. Being on the ground at least does one thing for him, it gives him plenty of chances to imagine what he might do to Bill when he catches him, and he knows that he will. He just has to get back-up.

Finally he does, his legs feeling rubbery. Jayden adjusts his bicycle seat back into place, screwing the seat back together with his nail and hating how long it took. Bill would most likely be done with his route by now and Jayden has to wonder if Bill is going to come after him again…to try to bust his nuts or is there other unknown traps waiting for him somewhere along either his or Bill’s route. The thoughts fill Jayden with dread but he kick starts his bike anyways and takes off, gaining speed and leaving the alley behind.


To be continued…




Anonymous said...

so first please ignore this post if this question is not something you want to answer. I like to write and would love to try my hand at ballbusting stories but I am having trouble coming up with characters who would regularly engage in ballbusting. my question is do you or anyone reading this have any advice on how to do that writing stuff like this is outside the realms of what I normally write but I do like ballbusting and have been a fan of this blog for years

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Anonymous,

I would love to discuss more if you would like! My email is or

I always suggest for new writers to write about past experiences in their own life for ballbusting. You know those moments so well, and intimately that those will also make for great reading. I am happy to discuss more through email, or on here. Maybe some of the other readers will have some other ideas!



Русский Парень said...

I would like to see someone's eggs caught in a mousetrap

TwistedTricks said...

I reported you underage stories to the FBI tip line. I hope your they get taken down. Pedophilia is wrong.