Monday, October 17, 2022

Snapshot: The Paperboy written by Jimmy


                   Snapshot: The Paperboy

                                           By Jimmy


Warning: Includes ballbusting and underage characters.  You have been warned.

Again. This is the second time in a row that someone took his favorite newspaper bag to deliver The Bartlet Bulletin.

“Damn,” Jayden says taking one of the others. Whoever the new paperboy is, he gets up even earlier than Jayden.

The Bartlet Bulletin garage where he picks up the papers each day is dry and warm from the heat lamps placed intermediately around the room. Apparently the garage has flooded on more than one occasion, and now the common practice is for the paperboys to turn them on along with the lights when they first get in, in the morning. Jayden usually does this job. Someone beat him to it. Along with taking his favorite bag…again.

Bringing the satchel over his shoulder, the strap cuts into the bare skin of his shoulder, his sleeveless red swim team shirt providing no buffer. Cursing Jayden promises himself to get here even earlier tomorrow morning at the newspaper office garage before the mystery paperboy gets in.

Setting his alarm on his phone, he takes off ready to start the route.

The next day

Sunday morning was the busiest time to be a paperboy. Everyone always got the Sunday edition, mostly for the weekly coupons and the comics.

When Jayden enters the garage of The Bartlet Bulletin he is the first to flick the lights on. A sly smile plays on his face as he spots it. His favorite satchel.

The satchel, unlike any of the others was outfitted to his needs. Over the past year of taking over the job after he stopped babysitting, he made some slight modifications to the bag. One of his favorite parts was the comforting pad that his mother had sewn into the strap to prevent the heavy bag from leaving scars across his shoulder blade or cutting his skin. Jayden had also added a water bottle pocket along the side after his mother taught him how to sew. Later on he started added small patches like his name, the Bartlet swim team logo, next to that one the Bartlet wresting team logo, and underneath was his family crest from his mother’s side of the family. The bag held a lot of sentimental value.

 Whoever took the bag from him might have been making a mistake. Three times in a row was not a mistake. Someone was doing it on purpose, and this time he beat the culprit at their own game.

Bending down Jayden grabs the handle, feeling the old familiar grip that he added and placed his water bottle in the holder.

“There you are,” he says taking a good hold on the satchel and moving to lift it onto his shoulder.

A noise makes him pause, and a shift of the light near the entrance of The Bartlet Bulletin garage makes the feint blonde hairs at the nape of his neck stand on end.

Jayden is not alone.

Moving to stand up to face whoever it is, he does not quite get there.

A thud echoes between his legs as a foot hits him from behind. Only red and white converse sneaker tip is visible digging into his nuts. The bulge in his basketball shorts offer no protection, and his balls are crushed in one quick strike.

Jayden coughs, dropping the bag to his side from the surprising blow as he drops until he is starring at the grey cement floor of The Bartlet Bulletin groaning as nausea threatens to come up from his recently eaten breakfast.

“That’s my bag,” says a familiar voice scooping up the satchel over one shoulder.

“No,” Jayden squeak reaching behind him to grab the bag and staring in surprise to perpetrator.

A second kick hits Jayden, even harder than the first and Jayden’s muddy brown eyes cross and he falls back to the cement and this time goes down his forehead kissing the floor.

Jayden balls pulse between his two handed grip as he clutches his ballsack, moaning low. The second blow, coming so quickly after the first is crippling and Jayden groans out a one worded weak response “B…Bill.”

In his peripheral vision he can see Bill smiling as his blue eyes shine taking in Jayden on the floor. One hand is on his shorts and he is clearly fiddling with his erection and moving it out of the way. The stubborn little crayon appears no bigger than Jayden remembered, and he hates the way that Bill gets off torturing him.

“Like I said, that’s my bag. Have a great day, Jayden,” Bill says as he turns on his heel and steps outside in the morning sun just beginning to awaken. The bright orange light colors Bill’s skin and he climbs happily onto his bicycle humming a tune and it’s not until he is pedaling away that Jayden recognizes it. The song is ‘Anything you can do, I can do better.’

Jayden swears under his breath as he slowly climbs onto all fours. Jayden is not going to let Bill get away with this, he cradles his fat nuts carefully and moans again. Thinking of standing up is not in the cards at the moment and he sinks back to the floor still holding his privates.

“I’ll get you back for this,” says Jayden to himself as he closes his eyes his nuts throbbing in both hands as he nurses himself and starts to plot how best to get back at Bill.




Anonymous said...

I love how Bill doesn't even hide the fact that he loves busting Jayden's balls but he still goes with that whole "Innocent little kid" act, I love the resentment Bill holds on Jayden, like stealing his satchel, although I know he did it because he wanted to make Jayden mad/bust his boynuts, I have a feeling Bill also stole it for... Sentimental purposes, it's clear that Bill still hasn't moved on from Jayden, that last Thorn story confirmed it with him telling Jayden he chose wrong by picking Chase instead of him, so maybe he stole the satchel because he misses Jayden and the satchel reminds it of him, his scent, the way strap may feel like the way Jayden wrapped his arm around his shoulder... Or then again, maybe I'm reading too much into it and Bill just wanted to be an asshole to Jayden and bust his nuts

Cute story, Jimmy, I can't wait to see Jayden finally stop holding back for Bill

Ps. I know it's a bit too late for it since I assume your stories do take some time to make... But have you ever considered making a Halloween special on the Jaydenverse? I would love to read what your characters would wear for the festivities

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for writing in!

You seem to have a really good read on Bill, I would even go so far as to say that Bill loves busting Jayden. That finally having the opportunity and resolve to go after him is something that he has been waiting on the opportunity to be able to do. The next part to this will be really fun and really a (Alex-like story). I'm excited when I get the chance to do it.

I have indeed thought of a story for Halloween (but its sadly June in the Gino and Jayden stories right before summer, but I am still trying to see how to work it into the storyline. I can't even do one in the past since this whole story really started in December... but I will think of a reason to somehow make it happen!

P.S. Jaydenverse? I love it! LOL!