Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sammy the ball doctor: Treating Danny

Featured in this story: Danny and Sammy (click for pictures)

Chad and I arrived at the practice at quarter to ten p.m. A friend of mine had lent us his rooms as a location for our little series of “Sammy the ball doctor”. Chad had brought the gynaecological chair and we placed it in the middle of the room.

The walls and the furniture were white and there were framed art prints on the walls – everything looked perfect.

Our protagonist, cute redhead Sammy, arrived a few minutes later and we gave him the white lab coat. He put it on and while he didn’t look very doctor-like – at 18 years he was far too young for that – he looked positively hot in it with a stethoscope around his neck and a determined look on his face.

He watched himself in the mirror and was beaming with joy.

“This is gonna be fun”, Sammy grinned, posing in front of the mirror. He was the equivalent of the cliché nurse fantasy, caressing his body and looking lasciviously at his reflection. “Wanna see my license?” he aspirated at himself, unbuttoning his coat. “I do home visits…”

Chad and I chuckled.

“Hey”, Chad said suddenly. “Why don’t we shoot a short introduction? You know, close-ups, some cheesy one-liners, that sort of stuff?”

“Good idea”, I nodded.

Chad grabbed his camera and filmed Sammy smiling, Sammy frowning, Sammy grabbing and squeezing his bulge, Sammy turning around to face the camera and so on.

“Get your junk out”, Chad said after a few minutes.

Sammy didn’t have a problem with that. He opened his fly and showed the camera his impressive cock and the two big, juicy, hairless plums below. Chad shot some close-ups of Sammy’s equipment while the cute skater displayed his nuts.

Then Sammy improvised a few lines.

He winked into the camera: “Trust me - I’m a doctor.” – “It’ all about the nuts and balls.” – “I’ve graduated from the Institute of Testicular Agony.”

Although the lines weren’t that original Sammy seemed to have a great time. I was sure that with some good editing we’d get a nice opening credits montage.

Finally Danny arrived.

He was wearing a green short and black jeans and his strawberry blond hair was slightly tousled. He introduced himself to Sammy whose genitals were still on full display. Danny raised his eyebrows and grinned. “Nice to meet you…”

We were all eager to begin the shooting because we didn’t want to spend the night here…

I had prepared five envelopes and Danny drew one of them while Sammy stuffed his equipment back into his jeans. Every envelope contained a problem or a list of symptoms that were the reason for ‘the patient’ to see ‘the doctor’.

Danny opened the envelope and took out a piece of paper.

I looked at Chad.

“Camera rolling”, he shouted.

When Danny had finished reading, he grinned at me. He grabbed his crotch, turned around and left the room, closing the door behind him.

I smiled. “And action.”

Sammy pretended to read a medical chart, making a thoughtful expression and scratching his head.

Danny knocked on the door.

“Come in”, Sammy shouted, looking up and putting the chart aside.

Danny closed the door behind him. “Good morning. I’m Danny.”

Sammy shook his hand. “Hello. I’m Dr. Tuffnutz. How can I help you?”

I rolled my eyes. I opened my mouth to intervene when I saw Chad chuckling behind the camera. 
Apparently he thought Sammy’s name was funny. Okay. ‘Dr. Tuffnutz’.

I sighed.

Danny looked at his feet. “I have a… very intimate problem…”

Sammy smiled. “Just tell me.”

“I have a 24-hour-boner”, Danny mumbled and blushed.

I was impressed. He looked genuinely embarrassed. Perhaps he wasn’t that bad of an actor after all…

“Oh”, Sammy said, still smiling.

“It won’t go down”, Danny explained. “It’s--- I can’t do anything about it, Doctor.”

“I see. That’s a serious problem.”

“Yeah”, Danny said. “Please help me, Doctor Tuffnutz.”

“I’ll see what I can do. Let’s have a look at it. Please take off your pants, Danny.”

Danny nodded and took off his shoes, jeans and boxer briefs so that he was naked from the waist down. His nice, big balls hung below a mighty erection. Now I was even more impressed with his acting abilities...

Sammy hunkered down in front of his patient so that his eyes were on one level with Danny's stiff cock.

"Mmmm-mmm", Sammy nodded and nudged Danny's dick with his index finger. It twitched and slapped against Danny's belly.

Sammy straightened himself. "We have to do something about that."

"Yes, please, Doctor", Danny said.

"Sit down in this chair, please", Danny said and pointed at the gyneacological chair in the middle of the room.

While Danny got into the chair, Sammy put on a pair of rubber gloves that he had found in one of the drawers.

Danny’s legs were spread apart with his knees supported by the attachments of the chair. His plump nuts were hanging low in their sac while his proud rod was pointing at the ceiling.

Sammy grabbed a stool and sat down between Danny’s legs.

“We’re gonna get that thing down, Danny”, Sammy smiled. “I promise.”

Danny looked uncomfortable. “Okay, Doctor.”

“It may hurt a bit, though.”

Danny gulped.

“Let’s see…” Sammy grabbed Danny’s ample sac with both of his hands and rolled the precious orbs between his fingers. Then he tugged down on his sac, lightly at first, then with more force.

Danny moaned.

Now Sammy grabbed Danny’s jewels with his right fist and squeezed them hard.

Danny shrieked and his dick twitched violently.

Sammy’s head bobbed up and he looked Danny in the face. “Everything alright?”

“Yes”, Danny whispered.

“Good”, Sammy smiled and gave Danny’s balls another hard squeeze, making him shriek again.

Sammy disappeared between Danny’s thighs again and clenched his fist. He raised it so that Danny could anticipate his next move.

Danny paled. “What---“

“Sorry”, Sammy grinned and punched Danny’s nuts hard.

Danny groaned loudly.

Sammy punched Danny’s nuts again, hitting them both dead on, his knuckles digging into the soft flesh, trapping the two balls between his fist and Danny’s own body.

“Ow”, Danny moaned hoarsely.

The third punch was even harder, another direct his followed by a few seconds of merciless grinding. Sammy twisted his fist so that his knuckles were squashing Danny’s balls into his crotch.

Danny coughed.

“Ow, that hurt my fist”, Sammy grimaced and rubbed his hands. He looked at Danny’s cock that was still pointing north and glistening with pre-cum.

Sammy grinned and shook his head.

Danny’s eyes were clenched shut and he was moaning loudly. He opened his eyes and looked at the ‘doctor’ with a painful expression on his face. “Are we done?” he whispered.

Sammy nodded his head, causing Danny to close his eyes again in relief.

“Were done… with the squeezing”, Sammy explained. “But the problem is still there. I think we’ll have to tray a different line of therapy…”

Danny nodded weakly.

“Stand up, please”, Sammy smiled and took off the rubber gloves.

“Yes, Doctor”, Danny moaned and got out of the chair.

He stood in front of Sammy.

“Grab your member, please”, Sammy said. “I don’t want to hurt it…”

Danny nodded and grabbed his stiff cock.

“Now spread your legs, please.”

Danny complied. His ample walnuts were dangling between his legs.


Without warning Sammy brought his knee up into Danny’s crotch, crushing his nuts with his kneecap and sending Danny to the floor screaming in pain.

Sammy waited a few moments and looked down at his patient. “How was that?” he finally asked when Danny’s screaming had died down.

Danny coughed. “Good.” He coughed again and propped himself up. “Very good”, he moaned. “I think I’m healed, thank you very much, Doctor.”

Sammy clicked his tongue. “Danny. I can see your erection. You can’t leave in the middle of the treatment…”

Danny groaned.

“Get into the chair again, please”, Sammy smiled, ever the patient doctor.

Danny slowly climbed into the gynaecological chair and put his legs into the holders, leaving his bruised equipment vulnerable to Sammy’s manipulations.

Sammy took a step back and looked at Danny’s exposed crotch.

Danny was breathing hard.

Then, with a quick running start, Sammy send his foot crashing into his patient’s wide open crotch, catching both nuts perfectly and crunching them hard.

Danny let out a bloodcurdling scream and brought his legs together, his feet held apart by the chair. His rock hard cock stuck out in front while his poor right nut was wedged between his thighs and his left nut was bulging between his ass cheeks.

Never one to pass up an opportunity, Sammy grinned and launched a kick at Danny’s exposed left nut. It connected perfectly, the tip of his shoe poking deep into the soft nut flesh.

Danny’s scream was cut short and he looked at Sammy with an incredulous expression, his eyebrows rising and his eyes losing focus.

“I think this works”, Sammy attested and kicked at Danny’s trapped left nut again, once more scoring a direct his and bringing tears to Danny’s eyes.

Sammy looked at Danny’s boner that was starting to deflate. He nodded and aimed a third, hard kick at Danny’s poor, tenderized left ball.

The second his shoe made contact he knew that his therapy was successful.

Danny screamed hoarsely, struggled to get out of the chair and collapsed on the floor. He curled up in a ball, his hands cupping his agonized testicles and his shrinking cock.

Sammy smiled. He took a pencil and a prescription pad from the pockets of his white coat and scribbled something on it while Danny was moaning and groaning on the floor.

“Here, your prescription”, he told Danny, “if you have any more problems, just come by again…”

“Thank you, Doctor”, Danny moaned, staying in character. “I’m starting to feel better…”
Sammy grinned.

“Cut”, I shouted and gave our two actors a round of applause.

Chad joined in.

I walked over to Danny. “Everything okay?”

Danny moaned.

I patted his shoulder. “You were wonderful, both of you!”

“Thanks”, Sammy smiled. “I really like acting…”


Carter said...

Ah priapism. How embarrassing.
Personally, it's a bit of a turn on for me when guys have problems with their equipment.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I'm glad you like the story!