Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter egg hunt

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Easter preparations

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: ChadLeoSimonDannySammyParker and Tristan (click for pictures)

I had prepared everything for a nice Easter themed party in German tradition: nice, old-fashioned wicker baskets filled with bright green, artificial grass and a variety of coloured hard-boiled eggs, chocolate eggs and jelly eggs were spread around our studio, with chocolate Easter Rabbits guarding them, and I had even baked a cake in the shape of a lamp. I was pretty satisfied with the results.

I had scheduled our party for 10 a.m. so we’d have a nice brunch – I had organized that, too – and a few hours of party time.

It didn’t take long for the guests to arrive. Unfortunately some of our models weren’t able to make it, so we weren’t as many people as I had hoped we’d be.

My cameraman Chad was there, dressed in jeans and a shirt, looking very handsome as usual, albeit a bit hung over. Apparently he had partied heavily with some girl yesterday night, so now he was quaffing off a few glasses of water and trying to look dignified… Actually he was looking even hotter in this state, with his three day stubble and the ‘I don’t want to be here’ expression on his face…

Black haired skaterboy Leo had brought two of his friends, blond Tristan and redhead Sammy. All of them were wearing their trademark sagging jeans, sneakers and t-shirts. Tristan’s t-shirt had a strange picture on it. Obviously it had been tempered with. It showed an eggcup, but instead of an egg it had one – slightly hairy – testicle in it. It looked outright bizarre. Next to the cup there was a metal spoon and above the picture a small writing read “Happy Easter!”

I pointed at the t-shirt and grinned at Tristan. “Custom-made?”

“Nah”, Tristan replied. “I bought it on the internet. But I bought it just for today… Like it?”

I laughed. “Yeah…”

Our actor Danny had apparently recovered from the severe ballbusting he had received when co-starring in the first episode of “Sammy the ball doctor”. He was talking to Leo and Sammy, and apparently there were no hard feelings between the ‘doctor’ and his first ‘patient’…

Unfortunately the twins Michael and Will weren’t in town today, but their hot gymnast buddy Parker was here, an indie boy with shoulder length flaming red hair, dressed in tight jeans and an equally tight t-shirt that showed off his lean but muscular body. He was talking to Simon, who was dressed – very conservative as always – in dark blue trousers and a light blue shirt with a dark blue slipover. They were an unlike couple, Parker and Simon, the unconventional nonconformist and the – at least outwardly – conventional nerd, but they seemed to get along very well.

After an hour of mingling and chatting, eating and drinking, I decided it was time for our first game.

I cleared my throat, prompting the guests to stop their conventions and turn to me.

“I hope you’re enjoying the party”, I began. “I have invited two more guests to get things going... Nate, Aaron, come in please…”

Everybody’s heads turned towards the door where Nate and Aaron had their grand entrance. Both of them were hot guys, dressed only in blue jeans, shirtless and barefoot, and they were greeted with wild cheers from the crowd.

Nate is 26 years old and has brownish-red hair and green eyes with a touch of grey. Aaron is 25 years old and quite tall. He has dark hair and dark eyes. Both of them were standing in front of us, casually showing off their lean, smooth bodies, their hairless chests, with muscles in all the right places, and smiling brightly.

I chuckled when I noticed Parker and Simon adjust their crotches simultaneously. I raised my voice: “The game is called ‘How many eggs are in the basket’…”

That announcement drew a few irritated laughs.

“This is Nate”, I stepped close to the hunky brown-haired guy. Nate grinned at the audience. “And this is Aaron.” I walked over to his handsome dark-haired companion, who grinned, too. “One of those two has just one testicle, while the other one has three testicles.” Both guys raised their eyebrows flirtatiously and held up their hands.

The crowd laughed.

”Now I want each of you to guess who is the one with the surplus of nuts. If you guess wrong you’ll get a nice little Easter surprise…”

Everybody’s gaze shifted from the naked chests to the jeans-clad bulges.

I chuckled. “To make it a bit more difficult we have supplied our one-nutter with two hen’s eggs that he has put into his briefs, so that there are three eggs in each of Nate’s and Aaron’s baskets. But only one of them has three babymakers… Oh, and by the way: No touching. You’ll each have a chance to get you hands on the guys after the game is over…” I looked at my watch. “You have ten minutes to make up your mind. Then we’ll collect the votes and unravel the big mystery…” I grinned at Aaron and Nate who smiled at the crowd. 
“And of course it won’t be just those two hen’s eggs that will get scrambled…”

Aaron and Nate both gulped comically, drawing cheers and laughter from the rest of the guys.

Ten minutes later the guys had made their choices.

“Okay”, I said, “why don’t you just stand next to the guy that you think has more eggs in his basket?”

I looked at Nate’s and Aaron’s bulges. Both of them looked huge. I knew which one had the artificial enhancement – but I wouldn’t have been able to tell from the sight.

The skaterboys apparently were in complete agreement: Leo, Tristan and Sammy had assembled next to Nate as well as Simon and Danny, while Chad and Parker were outnumbered counting on Aaron to be the guy with three nuts.

“Anyone want to give a reason for their choice?” I asked.

“Well”, Simon grinned at Nate, “I think he’ hot. He looks like he is fucking day and night.”

Nate chuckled. “You don’t have to have three nuts for that…”

“Yeah”, Simon smiled at him. “I just think you do…”

Nate smiled back at him and shrugged.

Parker cleared his throat. “I think this” – he tapped Aaron’s shoulder – “is the one…” The other guys laughed, prompting Parker to chuckle and explain. “No, I think he is the one with not one but three balls because – well, I don’t know – he looks like a three-nutter to me…”

Aaron grinned.

“Okay, guys”, I smiled. “Show them what you’ve got…”

Both Nate and Aaron unbuttoned their jeans and let them drop to the floor, each one revealing their tightly packed white boxer briefs. Their nice sized cocks were clearly outlined beneath the fabric as were three big bulges underneath.

“Why don’t we find out ourselves?” Parker interrupted them. “If we kick their packages the false eggs will break…”

The rest of the guys cheered and Aaron and Nate – although not exactly jubilant – didn’t seem to be too upset by the idea. Not that I was giving them a saying in this, anyway…

“Okay”, I nodded. “Go for it. Parker and Simon, you do it.”

Parker and Simon positioned themselves in front of Nate and Aaron.

“Oh, I don’t know if I already told you – those who have guessed wrong: your balls will be the object of our Easter egg hunt…” I grinned and noticed the guys getting a bit uncomfortable at the prospect of having their nuts crunched as well. “I’ll count to three…”

Parker gulped. He looked at Aaron. “I sure hope your eggs won’t break…”

“One… Two…”

When Aaron smiled at him apologetically, Parker knew the answer and grimaced. “Fuck.”


Simon and Parker kicked simultaneously. Their feet sank into the two well-filled pouches accompanied by the sound of two eggshells cracking, their toes smashing the contents of Aaron’s and Nate’s boxer briefs and making both of the handsome guys moan in unison, double over and grab their crotches.

The guys in the audience winced in sympathy.

“Okay, let’s have a look”, I said and told Aaron and Nate to stand up straight and move their hand away from their groins.

They groaned and complied.

All of us looked at their groins.

Nothing unusual – except of course for the three healthy, big orbs that crowded his briefs – was visible in Nate’s crotch and he smiled weakly through the pain.

Aaron’s white boxer briefs on the other hand were starting to soak with egg white and yolk. He grimaced in pain, raised his eyebrows and smiled. “Sorry”, he said hoarsely and looked at Parker who shrugged grumpily. Realizing his nuts were in for a beating, too, Chad grimaced and looked at Parker.

“Bad luck”, Parker mumbled.

Nate rested his thumbs inside the waistband of his briefs. Showing a bit of a exhibitionistic attitude and obviously trying to ignore the pain that Simon’s well-placed kick caused him, he slowly peeled off his white boxer briefs and gave us a glimpse of pubic hair. He smiled at us with a “You want do see more, don’t you?” expression on his face, drawing some wild cheers from the crowd, mainly from Leo and Tristan who were more than happy that they had betted on the right horse…

With a wink and a slutty grin, Nate dropped his briefs so that they hung around his ankles on top of his jeans and revealed his possessions: a beautiful, big cock that was half-hard (apparently he really got off on showing his assets) and a smooth, very impressive, rosy sac filled with three plum-sized testicles. The right one was on a level with the left one, while the middle nut was hanging a bit lower.

The audience was impressed, silently gawking at Nate’s bizarre and fascinating genitalia. I had seen – and copped a feel of – Nate’s extraordinary valuables a few days ago when I had talked to him and Aaron about today’s party, so I shouldn’t have been as stunned as the others.

Nevertheless I caught myself staring at Nate’s bulging nutsac…

I dragged myself away from Nate and noticed Aaron standing aside, looking rather uncomfortable, the pain of his nutkicking still visible on his face, and the splintered eggshells causing additional itching for his sole nut inside the soppy white briefs.

“Wanna show us your nut, too?” I grinned at him.

He looked embarrassed. Perhaps he was feeling inferior to Nate with his overproductive equipment – or to anyone of us, who were having twice as much balls between their legs… On the other hand he had known what he was getting into in the first place, so I decided not to spare him.

The other guys turned their attention toward Aaron as well.

“Come on, show us”, Parker said.

Aaron blushed and looked down at his feet.

Nate walked over to him. He had stripped off his jeans, briefs, sneakers and socks and was completely naked now, his proud, hard rod swaying from side to side with every step. He patted Aarons shoulder. “Come on, Aaron, show them your ball.” He grabbed his own full sac of nuts and smiled.

Aaron cleared his throat. “Okay”, he said softly.

All eyes were on him.

Although he did look slightly ridiculous with his soggy white boxer briefs that were clinging to his sizeable meat and one veg, he was very handsome with his smooth, muscular chest, his adorable six pack and his boyish face that was even more attractive with the slightly sheepish expression.

He sighed and pulled down his boxer briefs. His cock sprang up, half hard.

“So that single nut is fully functional”, Parker observed to the laughter of the other guys.

Aaron’s genitals were sticky from the slimy eggs and pieces of egg shell were glued to his dick and his sac. Inside the scrotum was Aaron’s single nut, quite a big one actually, the size of a hen’s egg, hanging directly beneath the base of his dick.

“God, that sac looks pretty empty”, Nate grinned while playing with his own balls.

Simon raised his eyebrows. “Nate, please”, he said and looked at Aaron’s crotch. “Granted, that nut looks a bit lonely. But it’s huge! And I bet it’s able to produce quite a load…”

Aaron smiled proudly. “Yeah, it is, actually.”

Nate shook his head. “Okay. A big load for a single nut maybe – but not if you compare it to a normal load…” He wiggled his junk. “Much less an above-normal one…”

Aaron shrugged and smiled. “It can hold its own – even in comparison…”

Nate laughed. “No way…”

“Guys, guys”, I said. “There’s only one way to find out.”

Nate and Aaron looked at me quizzically.

“You mean”, Aaron said slowly, “you want us to jerk off?”

“No”, Leo grinned. “We’ll do that for you…”

I noticed with a smile that the two hard dicks twitched in anticipation.

Leo looked at Tristan and noticed the picture on his t-shirt. He walked over to the table and grabbed a white porcelain eggcup. He held it up like a trophy and smiled: “It’s Easter after all…”
The rest of the guys chuckled while Nate and Aaron didn’t understand what Leo was up to.
Leo placed the eggcup on the edge of the table and beckoned Aaron to come closer. Aaron complied reluctantly and stood in front of the table, his sole nut dangling above the eggcup.

Smiling brightly Leo grabbed three more eggcups and placed them on table as well.

Now it dawned on Nate and Aaron what Leo had in mind.

“Erm, okay…” Nate said, slowly shaking his head. “You want us to…”

“…put our eggs into the eggcups…” Aaron continued.

“…so that you can crack them…” Nate looked horrified.

“…and make us cum?” Aaron’s eyes were wide open.

“Exactly”, Leo grinned. “Then we’ll compare the loads. We have done that a few months ago. It’s fun!”

Nate and Aaron were silent.

The rest of the guys seemed genuinely interested. Simon was licking his lips while Leo’s skater buddies Tristan and Sammy were grinning and mocking Nate’s and Aaron’s dumbfounded facial expressions. Parker and Chad were shaking their heads in disbelief – but they were smiling nevertheless. Danny was grimacing in anticipation. During his career at our website he had endured quite some pain and he knew what was going through Nate’s and Aaron’s heads at the moment…

“Come on”, Leo said, “put your eggs into the cups…”

The two naked guys didn’t move.

“You want to know who shoots the biggest load, don’t you?” Leo grinned.

Aaron shrugged and stuffed his large, sole nut into the white eggcup. His dick was fully hard and sticking out above. His testicle fit perfectly into the cup and it looked almost exactly like the picture on Tristan’s shirt.

Nate followed Aaron’s example reluctantly. He positioned the three cups so that they were touching each other and let his full sac dangle above. With a deep sigh he lowered his equipment into the cups. Fortunately his sac skin was very loose so that he didn’t have to squeeze his three balls apart. Each nut was resting in one of the eggcups and Nate looked at Leo with a mortified look on his face.

“I’m not sure if I like this…” he mumbled.

Aaron nodded.

Leo grabbed four metal spoons and handed one to Tristan, one to Sammy and kept one himself.

He held up the last spoon and grinned. “We’ll crack Nate’s eggs. Who wants to go for Aaron’s nut?”

Parker held up his hand.

“Alright”, Leo said and gave the spoon to him.

The skaterboys and Parker placed themselves on the opposite side of the table and leaned over, spoons in attack position.

The rest of us, Danny, Chad, Simon and me, watched from the sidelines.

“It’s best if you hold your cocks to the side so that they don’t get in the way”, I told Nate and Aaron. “And tell us when you’re close so that we can give you some glasses that you can shoot your loads into…”

They nodded and grabbed their stiff dicks.

“Okay, let’s scramble some eggs”, Leo grinned. He was standing in the middle between Sammy and Tristan so naturally he went for the middle egg and whipped down with his metal spoon, hitting the poor, soft nut hard and bringing a loud moan from Nate. Sammy sent his spoon down on Nate’s right egg, while the left one was left for Tristan. Soon the three skaterboys were pounding their spoons down on Nate’s precious testicles with concentrated looks on their faces.

The look on Nate’s face told a different story, though: He was grimacing in pain, clenching his teeth, alternately holding his breath and panting heavily. He was moaning and groaning while the three cute skaters tapped his three large orbs with their hard metal spoons. Suddenly remembering the purpose of the whole thing, he started to jerk his rod that was standing hard and proud and starting to leak precum.

Parker grinned and looked Aaron in the eyes.

Aaron looked back at him with a miserable expression on his face. “Let’s get it over with”, he sighed.

Parker nodded and sent his spoon crashing down hard on Aaron’s big, single nut inside the porcelain eggcup. Aaron shrieked, causing Parker to grin and hit his ball once more, then again and again, slowly picking up pace and smashing Aaron’s nut into the cup with increasing force.
Both of the guys were moaning loudly, occasionally screaming when someone had scored a particularly good hit…

Chad grinned, turned to me and whispered: “They could have just jerked off…”

I smiled and nodded. “But where’s the fun in that?”

Chad chuckled and we turned to poor Aaron and Nate again. The constant attention that was being paid to Aaron’s and Nate’s unequal equipments started to achieve success. Both of the guys were sweating and panting heavily, moaning and groaning in pain and pleasure as the four guys at the other end of the table were pounding their nuts into the hard eggcups with fierce determination.

“I’m close!” Nate screamed hoarsely, jerking his cock with a grimace of pain on his face. Sammy, Leo and Tristan tapped down on his three nuts with renewed frenzy while I hurried to give Nate a glass. He grabbed it and aimed the tip of his thick cock at the glass, screaming in agony and pleasure as his tormented sperm factory started producing. His three nuts started to contract, lifting from the eggcups towards his body – only stopped by the constant hammering of the three devoted skaterboys. Three large spurts of thick, creamy cum landed inside the glass, followed by more juice dribbling out the slit.

“Fuck!” Nate screamed and jerked his cock until it stopped twitching. Sammy and Tristan stopped their constant pounding of Nate’s poor, empty nuts, but Leo continued tapping his middle nut with his spoon. 

“Stop it!” Nate shouted. Leo looked up at him and grinned. He let go of the spoon, balled his fist and hammered down on Nate’s junk, catching all three of his balls and squashing them down into the eggcups, making Nate stop his screaming. He paled and gulped.

The rest of us stared at him.

Then he grunted and coughed. Slowly reaching for his poor possessions, getting them out of the eggcups and grabbing them tightly with both of his hands. With a mournful look on his face, his eyebrows raised, his mouth dribbling with spit and his cock dribbling with cum, he whispered “Ow.” and collapsed on the ground, rolling around, cradling his reddened sac and moaning softly.

I looked at Leo and raised my eyebrows. “That wasn’t fair…”

Leo shrugged. “I thought it was fun…”

Tristan and Sammy grinned. “Yeah, it was…”

I rolled my eyes. “At least say that you’re sorry!”

Leo shrugged again and walked around the table. Getting down on one knee he patted Nate’s naked back. “Sorry, Nate, I didn’t mean to---“

“It’s okay”, Nate whispered. “My nuts have suffered a lot…” He groaned. “But that was definitely in the top five…”

Leo grinned proudly. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome…” Nate managed a weak smile. “How did I do?”

Leo looked at Aaron who was still getting his nut pounded by Parker.

“We have to wait until the results are in”, Leo chuckled. “I guess it won’t be long, though…”

He was right. Parker was very dedicated, pounding down on Aaron’s nut with his spoon, the business end of it digging into the soft flesh of the poor testicle, bringing loud shrieks and screams from Aaron. Suddenly Aaron let go of his cock and it slapped in Parker’s direction, twitching violently. Parker continued hitting Aaron’s egg and looked up at his face that was contorted in a mask of pain. Parker grinned and turned his attention to Aaron’s nut in the eggcup again. Aaron’s screams grew louder and louder and – having a hunch of what might happen next – I grabbed another glass to catch Aaron’s load. Before I could give it to him, though, his cock started shooting. A heavy splatter of jizz landed right on Parker’s face, dribbling down his nose and lips. Involuntary Parker licked his lips, catching a good taste of Aaron’s salty goo, and backed away in disgust. I quickly took hold of Aaron’s massive cock and aimed it at the glass.

While he was shooting some more jets of white, sticky semen into the glass, Parker wiped his face with his arm and frowned at Aaron.

Simon, Chad, Danny and the skaterboys were laughing their asses off.

Aaron continued screaming and shooting, filling the glass with his cum while the rest of us was watching in amazement. This guy sure was a shooter!

When he was done, he grabbed his sore nut with his right hand and fondled it.

“Fuck”, he said, spent and exhausted.

Parker nodded. “Right!”

Then Aaron looked at the two glasses. His load was clearly bigger than Nate’s. He grinned proudly and looked at his rival who was still lying on the ground, cupping his three nuts and looking defeated.

“I guess I beat you…” Aaron smiled, nursing his spent ball.

Nate shrugged. He grimaced in pain and continued rubbing his well-stocked sac. “I still got more balls than you…”

Aaron rolled his eyes while the others laughed.

We let the two exhausted guys put their clothes back on again and started feasting on chocolates and the cake I had baked, talking about this and that and the possibilities of turning our little Easter get-together into an annual tradition.

“Perhaps we can get a four-nutter for next year”, Simon smiled.

“There is no such thing as a four nutter”, Nate said in a paternal voice. “Having three nuts is pretty rare, especially when they are all fully functional. But four nuts?” He shook his head.

“Then perhaps a no-nutter”, Simon grinned.

Danny shrugged. “No nuts, no fun…”

“Hear, hear”, Aaron grinned and grabbed his clothed crotch.

“You have to be careful with that nut”, Leo smiled. “You wouldn’t want to lose it, too…”

“Don’t worry”, Aaron patted his crotch lightly. “It’s a strong little thing. And apparently it does hold its own even when there is tough competition…” He grinned at Nate who smiled weakly.

From my place at the table I could see the table where Nate and Aaron had competed against each other. The two glasses that hat contained the guys' jizz were empty now.

I raised my eyebrows and looked at Simon.

Simon smiled at me and shrugged. "Sorry, needed my protein for today..."

I chuckled and shook my head.

Half an hour later, Leo suddenly exclaimed suddenly: “Hey, we haven’t had our Easter egg hunt, yet!”

“Right!” Simon said.

Everybody looked at me. I walked over to the desk and took out a few glasses with food colouring. I placed them on the table and grinned. “Okay.” I pointed at Parker and Chad who had lost the bet earlier. “There are the eggs. Whoever finds them first gets to paint them…”

Parker and Chad looked at me with blank expressions on their faces.

Suddenly all hell broke loose. Everybody snatched at Parker and Chad, knocking down their chairs and reaching over the table.

Parker and Chad were horrified. They ran for their lives, trying to get out of the room and to save their balls from getting stripped and dyed.

“Hey!” I shouted. “Please be careful with---“

My worries were drowned out by the noise in the room. I just hoped that they’d catch Chad and Parker before the studio was razed…

“I got them!” I heard Leo shout, followed by a shrill scream.

I looked at Leo who had a firm grip on Parker’s clothed crotch. The tight jeans did nothing to save his balls from Leo’s fingers and Leo squeezed hard, so nobody could take his prize away from him. Aaron was hot on his heels, though, punching Leo’s groin and making him loosen his grip on Parker’s balls. Aaron slapped Leo’s hand away from Parker’s crotch and grabbed his junk.

“Bastard!” Leo moaned and grabbed his own balls.

“Not so fast!” Danny shouted and kicked at Aaron’s poor ball – that had suffered enough for today, honestly – from behind, causing Aaron to collapse on the floor, sobbing. Danny grabbed Parker’s nuts with his right hand and guarded his own crotch with his left. He squeezed Parker’s balls and grinned.

We had a winner.

In the meantime, Sammy, Tristan, Simon and Nate were fighting to get hold of Chad’s babymakers. My camerman screamed in pain as various hands grabbed at his nuts, pinching them and punching other hands – and occasionally Chad’s poor pouch as well. In the end Simon’s tactic was the best. He was standing behind Chad and while Sammy, Tristan and Nate were hitting each other in the balls trying to reach the Chad’s eggs he was waiting until the three guys were exhausted. Then he reached through Chad’s legs from behind and grabbed hold of the two nuts. Sammy, Tristan and Nate were lying on the ground in various stages of pain and recovery, while Simon grinned proudly.

The room was filled with the moaning of the fallen guys.

I grinned at Danny and Simon, the winners of our egg hunt. Parker and Chad looked mortified, their faces contorted with pain as Simon and Danny were still squeezing their precious nuts.

“We can have it the hard way – or you just drop your pants and let Simon and Danny colour your eggs”, I said to Chad and Parker. “Your decision.”

Simon and Danny gave an additional squeeze to emphasize my point.

Parker and Chad moaned in unison.

“Fuck”, Parker croaked. “Okay, okay, let go…”

Danny released Parker’s balls and the cute indie boy with the flaming red hair unbuttoned the fly of his skin tight jeans with a pained expression on his face.

Chad sighed. When Simon increased the pressure on his balls, he gave up. “Okay”, he whispered. “Stop, I’ll--- Ow!”

Simon and Danny grinned and watched as their victims dropped their pants, revealing two nice and slightly red sets of balls. Danny opened a glass of blue paint and grabbed a brush. Simon grinned and opened a glass of yellow paint.

Meanwhile, the rest of the guys had slightly recovered – except for Aaron and Nate, who were still writhing on the ground. The last assaults appeared to bring back the pain they had endured earlier…
The skaterboys were standing, though, rubbing their sore nuts inside their baggy pants, and watching the show…

“I think I’ll go with a black and blue theme”, Danny smiled and painted Parker’s sac in dark colours.
Simon was in the mood for a more cheerful combination and painted Chad’s large sac with stripes in yellow, red and green.

The two guys that provided the canvasses for Simon’s and Danny’s works of art were looking humiliated and embarrassed. The gleeful comments provided by the skaterboys didn’t cheer them up, either…

A few moments later Danny and Simon were finished and watched the results with satisfied grins.

The skaterboys admired the pieces of art. Chad’s sac was glistening with wet paint, the colourful stripes on his skin waved by the two large orbs inside. While Simon had painted only Chad’s ballsack, Danny had incorporated Parkers penis into his work. It was painted in a clear, bright blue while his sac was dark blue with black dots. Parker’s large nuts stuck out as Danny had drawn hallucinatory circles in a dark red colour on them.

“Beautiful”, Sammy grinned.

“You should hang them in a museum”, Leo mused.

“But you’d have to cut them off for that”, Tristan observed in a serious tone.

Chad and Parker looked at him in horror.

“Just kidding”, Tristan grinned.

Simon and Danny got up and stepped back to get a view of their work.

“You know what’s missing?” Danny said with a sly grin.

“It’s very static…” Simon nodded, winking at Danny.

“Let’s give it a bit of movement…”

Simon laughed and with a precise, concurrent motion both artists drew their legs back and kicked the colourful nuts that lay in front of them. Both shoes connected perfectly, digging into the meaty balls and smashing them into Parker’s and Chad’s crotches with a satisfying, wet slapping sound.

Chad and Parker shrieked and grabbed their balls.

Simon and Danny grinned at each other and said simultaneously: “Happy Easter.”


Anonymous said...

Weird... and hot!

Anonymous said...

lol, Leo cheated!!

(this is a quote from "Volunteer)

"“Nice. I mean, I would really like to meet that Nate guy with his three balls… But Jesid sounds interesting, too”, Leo said,"

lol, only one option, chad and Parker must get revenge, haha

Alex said...

Hey, guy787970, you are right! I hadn't noticed.
I have arranged for Parker and Chad to get their revenge. You'll read about it tomorrow...

Carter said...

Wow that was hot, thanks for recommending this. The game sounded great and I love shirtless guys. (I know I'm probably alone but I prefer shirtless dudes wearing underwear/shorts/pants over nudity.) So this was a total bonus.
And I love stubble. It's really hot.
And rhe ball painting is a delight.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Carter! I'm glad you liked the story!