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Middle of the night
Committee meeting

A week ago I had met with Kev, the cocky college jock, and his good-looking dorm buddies Ben and Colin to discuss their ideas for “The Ballbusting Olympics”, an event that would consist of several competitions. They had been pretty vague about the shape of the contests, the only thing certain being that all of them would have the target of cracking the nuts of the athletes involved.

Kev and his buddies had suggested a nutball competition and a weightlifting contest. The object of the latter was that the contestants were hanging increasingly heavy objects at their genitals.
Since the last committee meeting several users of our website had committed their suggestions via email: a wrestling competition, a Roshambo match, a ballbusting tug-of-war and a game called “Ballbreaker” (the contestants try to break pieces of wooden crossbars by jumping on it nuts first).

Now I was on my way to the second meeting of the official Ballbusting Olympics Committee (BOC) at Kev’s dorm.

When I entered the basement of the dorm – the building’s leisure room that served as BOC headquarters – Kev, Ben and Colin were indulging in their usual horseplay. It was pretty warm in the room and all of them were shirtless.

Colin had Kev in a headlock while Ben was pulling down his loose sweat pants. Kev was yelling obscenities at them and tried to put up a fight but he had no chance against the combined efforts of his buddies. The sweat shorts were stripped of the cursing hunk and revealed his well filled jock strap that was bulging with Kev’s oversized equipment and especially his large, meaty nuts.

Ben laughed at Kev. “Oooh, big boy…” He slapped Kev’s bulge hard.

Kev yelled in pain. “Bastard!”

Colin grinned at Ben and encouraged him to pull down Kev’s jockstrap, too. “Let’s have a look at his meat and two vegs!”

“No!” Kev screamed.

Ben cuckled. He grabbed Kev’s jockstrap at the waistband and forcefully pulled the thing down. Kev’s naked dick and his juicy plums bounced up and down as he tried to free himself from Colin’s strong grip. His privates were completely smooth and hairless. I had seen a few pictures on the web: His buddies had taken the opportunity when he was lying on a couch, drunk and sleeping, to shave his genitals.

“Yay!” Ben cheered and slapped Kev’s naked goods a few times.

“Ow!” Kev yelled.

“Draw something on his sac!” Colin laughed.

“No!” Kev yowled.

Ben grinned and grabbed a black marker from the pocket of his shorts.

Kev couldn’t believe his eyes. He laughed incredulously “Fuck! You have planned this!”

“Of course we have”, Ben grinned.

Kev started to struggled even harder, using his legs and elbows to attack Colin and Ben.

“Easy, easy”, Colin grinned.

“Fuck easy!” Kev cursed.

Ben and Colin laughed and Ben removed the tip of the marker pen.

“Fuck!” Kev screamed and kicked in Ben’s direction. His sneaker-clad foot found its way between Ben’s legs and into his groin. It crushed Ben’s low hanging plums inside his shorts and made Ben lose his balance and drop to the side, clutching his crotch.

“Damn”, Ben moaned, “You really got them… I’m not wearing a jock today…”

“I know”, Kev laughed.

Ben rubbed his sore groin and straightened himself. “You’re gonna pay.”

“Uh-oh”, Colin grinned, tightening the headlock on poor Kev.

Ben looked at Kev’s naked, flopping goods and grabbed his bulging sac with his left hand. He squeezed hard and looked up into Kev’s eyes. “Stop struggling or I’m gonna press the juice out of those oranges…”

Kev’s face was a grimace of pain. “I give up.”

“Good decision”, Colin grinned.

Ben slightly released the grip on Kev’s nuts and took the marker with his right hand.

“Draw a smiley face on each of his balls”, Colin chuckled.

Ben laughed and nodded. “Yeah.”

Kev had to laugh, too. But made one last attempt and begged: “Please, don’t.”

Ben grinned at him. Then he drew a face on Kev’s left nut. Two points for the eyes, a short line for the nose and upward semi circle for the smiling mouth. “Happy face”, Ben grinned. Then he started to draw on Kev’s right nut.

“Ohh, it’s slipping away”, Ben commented and tightened his grip on Kev’s poor ball.

Kev winced.

Ben began to draw the second face. He made sure to add extra pressure for the two eyes, poking into the soft nutmeat and bringing a moan from Kev’s eyes. Ben grinned and drew the nose line. He decided to try a little variation and drew a downward semi circle for the mouth.

“And sad face”, he announced, proud of his work.

Kev looked mortified. Ben put the tip back on the marker and stuffed it into his pocket again.

Then he showed a mischievous smile and slapped the freshly painted nuts with his open hand, making Kev moan once again.

“Let’s have a look!” Colin grinned and let go of Kev. He walked in front of Kev and laughed out loud when he saw the drawing on his naked, hairless ballsac.

“It’s a work of art!” Colin laughed and patted Ben’s back.

Ben laughed to.

Kev walked across the room and looked at himself in a large mirror. He lifted his cock up to get a better view. Then he turned to his buddies with a wide grin: “Bastards!”

Ben and Colin grinned back at him.

“Do you think it suits me?” Kev turned to the mirror again and looked at his crotch, the faces on his nutsack looking back at him. He shifted his hips back and forth, causing his dick to slap against his thighs and his balls to bounce up and down happily.

Now Ben and Colin saw me. They grinned at me and put their index fingers in front of their lips.

“Kick him”, Colin mouthed silently.

I raised my eyebrows.

“Kick him”, Colin mouthed again.

Kev was standing in front of the mirror, oblivious of me and completely absorbed by the sight of the two faces that were drawn clumsily on his big eggs.

“Go on, kick him”, Colin mouthed again.

I shrugged and quietly walked behind Kev. He was so captivated by the look of his privates that he didn’t see my reflection in the mirror.

Without further ado I launched my foot into his juicy plums from behind. The tip of my foot crushed Happy Face and Sad Face with a loud, dull slap. Both of his nuts were caught dead-on by my toes and flattened against his pelvis.

The room was silent except for the echo of the impact.

I watched Kev’s facial expression in the mirror as it slowly changed from happy face to sad face as the realization and the pain set in.

Then Kev moaned quietly. He looked at me through the mirror with a mixture of accusation, appreciation and pain on his face. He coughed. “Good one”, he whispered hoarsely as his hands tentatively approached his throbbing balls. Then his expression changed. His eyebrows rose and a tear started to run down his cheek. “Very good one”, he whispered as his hands found the center of pain and carefully cupped his aching nuts. With a long, guttural moan, he squeezed his balls, trying to get rid of the excruciating pain, and sank to the ground.

I heard Ben a Colin laugh at the other end of the room.

“Happy Face or Sad Face?” Ben asked with mock-seriousness.

“Both of them”, Kev groaned.

“Yay”, Ben cheered and high-fived Colin.

They walked over to me.

Kev was lying on the ground, sobbing and moaning and cradling his broken balls.

“Good work”, Ben grinned as he patted my back.

“Thanks”, I smiled.

“Yeah, good work”, Colin chuckled.

I nodded and took a bow.

“What do you think, Kev?” Colin grinned at his buddy on the floor.

Kev coughed again. “They’ll be out of order for a while”, he whispered. “Very good work, Alex.”

Ben and Colin cheered again and went over to the fridge to get a beer.

“Want one?” they asked me.

“Yeah, thanks”, I said and took a can.

We sat down at the table and looked at Kev.

“I don’t think he’s up for discussing the Olympics”, Colin chuckled.

I nodded.

We decided to let Kev cradle his sore manhood and reschedule the committee meeting.

“Let’s do it tomorrow”, Ben said.

“Thanks”, Kev whispered. “I really appreciate it. And my boys do, too…”


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Anonymous said...

You should really add pictures! It would be great to have faces to go with the names!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I thought about adding pictures of the guys a while back but I decided against it. I like the thought that Ben, Zach, Kev and the rest of the gang look a little bit different in every reader's mind... (That's why I don't cite exact numbers when I write about the size of their manhood, btw.)

But you made me think about a reader contest where everyone is invited to send photos of what the guys might look like... Hmm... We'll see...

Anonymous said...

Hi this is the other Alex by the way, still on a high from busting Ben's meaty plums!
I've been a fan of your site from the start and i think i've made some deductions about your boys' manhood least on comparative basis.
Here's my assessment biggest to smallest from your "favorite characters" list.
What do you think? :-)
Michael & Will

I'm not really sure about Leo and Simon...i guess Leo near the bottom and Simon a few places higher.

Please don't tell my hero, Ben. I would hate to wound his pride ;-)
You know if i did meet Ben again I could try to pursuade him to challenge some of those big boys ! If we can just exclude Zach from the competition he might even agree.
Big Ben would love to prove what a hung stud he is...and if you let me be a judge i'll try to make sure his ego remains intact! If only i could say the same about his know a little swelling may help his chances:-)

Alex said...

Hey Alex, thanks for your comment! I think your ranking is pretty accurate. I like your idea for another story. I'll think about it. Maybe there's another story in it - but I want to write all the other "Be our guest" stories first... :-))

Why don't you send me an e-mail to alexander.nehling (at) and we'll see if we can come up with a nice, hot plot?