Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I know what you did last year

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Birthday plans 

Featured in this story: Parker and the twins (click for pictures)

Jimmy, the twins’ older brother who I got to know during our “Soccer balls” kicking competition, has asked me to organize the birthday party for Michael and Will. He has emailed me the telephone numbers of a few of the twins’ friends so I could get into contact with them.

Yesterday I met Parker for a drink. He is a 21 year old aerial acrobat and knows Michael and Will from their time at the gymnast school. He has a decidedly indie look on him, with flaming red hair, bright green eyes and very tight jeans. I couldn’t help but notice the impressive bulge that was neatly outlined in his crotch.

We ordered our drinks and I told him about our website.

“Oh”, Parker said, “that sounds… well, to be true, it sounds a bit bizarre… But I guess it’s right up Will’s alley. I’m a bit surprised you got Michael to participate, though. He was the butt of many of his brother’s jokes at the school and his balls have taken quite some abuse from Will’s hands.”

“And they continue to do so”, I chuckled.

Parker laughed.

“I have thought a lot about the party and I want to make it special. So I thought you could help me with that”, I said.

“Sure. The twins’ birthday parties have always been… well, special…” Parker cleared his throat.

“Last year I was in charge of the party and I hired two strippers, a male and a female one. They were quite hot, both of them. And they sure got the party going. There were a few girls there who cheered for the male stripper. Most of the guys had only eyes for the female, of course. But Michael seemed to enjoy both performances… The strippers did their job – and they did a good one – and it didn’t take long before they were both in the nude. They both looked really hot, the girl with nice, natural, large tits and a great ass, and the guy’s ass wasn’t bad, either.” Parker chuckled. “And on top of that he had some really nice eggs in his basket… Anyway, at some point the female stripper left the party because she had another job that night. But the other one – I think he was called Rob, I think – put his clothes back on and stayed for a few beers. So after a while he was pretty drunk – as well as the rest of the party guests. At 2 a.m. all of the girls had left and it was just Michael and Will, the stripper and me. That’s when Will got really nasty.” Parker grinned at me.

The waiter arrived and brought our drinks.

I took a sip and grinned back at Parker.

“Well, when Will gets nasty he gets really nasty… So he challenged Rob. He told him that his dick was bigger than his”, Parker smiled. “He told Rob: ‘Let’s compare our cocks. The one with the longer schlong will get a shot at the loser’s nuts.’”

“Well, he had seen Rob’s equipment”, I said.

“Absolutely. But Rob was drunk and very sure of himself. On top of that his cock was above average. He was a stripper after all. But a slightly dumb one”, Parker chuckled. “Anyway, he agreed on the deal. So Will and Rob both stripped and the minute I saw Will’s limp dick I knew that he had won. Have you seen it?”

“Yeah”, I grinned, “it’s quite impressive…”

“You can say that again”, Parker said. “Is Michael’s as big as Will’s?”

I nodded.

“Phew, those guys are blessed”, Parker shook his head. “Anyway. Rob was irritated but he didn’t give up. He started stroking his meat and told Will to do the same so they could compare their dicks in action.” Parker laughed. “So they both beat it. It was kinda hot. And they both managed to get hard, even in the drunk state they were in. Well, long story short, Will won. His hard cock clearly was longer and even thicker than poor Rob’s big member.”

“So what did Will do?” I asked.

“First, they both had another beer”, Parker grinned. “And then Will told Rob to spread his legs. Michael tried to calm his brother down but Will clearly was in the mood for a nice, hard nutshot. So he gave it to him, neat and clean. Rob let his naked nuts dangle below his rock hard dick and Will went for it. He clenched his fist and smashed those puppies.”

“Ouch”, I smiled.

“Yeah. He hit them dead on. They swung like a punching ball. And poor Rob screamed and fell to the ground, nursing his battered balls”, Parker laughed. “He kept mumbling something about his next job and that his nuts would be black and blue. Will just laughed and threw a nice, hard kick at Rob’s groin. I swear I heard his nuts crack.” Parker laughed again. “Michael tried to stop him but Will just kicked Rob’s nuts again. It took Rob a few minutes to recover. But after that they had a good laugh and they even became friends. I think it was Rob who got Will and Michael this stripper job when they really needed some work.”

“Sounds like a nice evening”, I said.

“It was”, Parker grinned. He took a sip from his glass and said: “I hope I could help you with the plans for the party.”

“Well, it’s gonna be a tough act to follow”, I acknowledged.

Parker laughed. “I’m sure you’ll think of something…”

“I hope so”, I said.

Do you have any ideas?


Anonymous said...

First off Ive gotta say that Parker sounded really hot. I like the idea of having an indie boy. :)

And maybe a wrestling theme for their birthday? Or just a big wrestling match between all the guys and some of the guests? You could make one huge story that involved everyone you've made so far, cast members and guests alike. That would be really hot. :)

Anonymous said...

If Jimmy's gonna be at the 'bash', he REALLY, REALLY needs to take Phil with him!! :)