Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Richard and Paul 2


Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

More than a month had passed since Richard had sent me an email with a few video clips. Richard is a rave DJ who has filmed a few of his encounters with blond, big-dicked surfer dude Paul and sent them to me. 
Paul is 6 inches taller and two years older than Richard (who is 21 years old) and they both seemed to be cocky, fun-loving guys.

The video clips that Richard had sent me showed him kicking Paul in the nuts, making fun of him in front of his friends and forcing him to suck his thick cock. Paul wasn’t happy with the situation – but apparently Richard was quite successful in making him do whatever he liked…

He had told me he would send me some more clips but after six weeks I had expected he had had second thoughts.

But yesterday I got another email from him.
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2008 10:23:41
From: "Richard ******"
To: "Alex"
Subject: Clips


here are some more clips with paul.
hes a real bitch.


I opened the first attachment. It was the second part of the blowjob video I had already seen.

Richard was sitting in a chair, his thick 6 inch cock protruding from the open fly of his baggy jeans. Paul was on his knees next to him and sucking away at Richard’s thick, hard cock.

Paul was making reluctant noises. Obviously he didn’t like to have his mouth stuffed with Richards meat. Richard on the other hand was enjoying it.

He grabbed his shirtless friend’s blond hair and forced it up and down, powerfucking his mouth and moaning with pleasure.

Suddenly Richard yelped. “Be careful with your teeth!” He slapped Paul’s face, resulting in an enraged but muffled reply from Paul who tried to get his head up. Richard slapped his head again. “Stop complaining, suck it!”

Paul moaned miserably and continued to suck Richard’s dick.

Richard’s moaning got more intense and he held Paul’s head in place as he moved his hips and continued fucking his mouth.

Paul gagged but Richard didn’t care, driving his thick cock into his friend’s mouth harder and faster. Richard moaned louder and louder and I could see he was close to cumming. Suddenly I heard a muffled but loud noise of protest coming from Paul. He forced his head up and off Richard’s cock and stared at him with disgust.

The thick, veiny dick was spurting cum.

Paul spat and tried to get up while Richard was in the middle of orgasm.

“Yeah”, Richard moaned and grabbed Paul by his neck. He got his hands on his cock and jerked it, forcing Paul’s head to touch his dick while Paul was protesting and trying to resist.

Jet after jet of thick, white spunk landed on Paul’s hair, running down his face, leaving a slimy trace on his nose before getting to his lips.

“Bastard!” Paul cried and wiped the cum off his face with his arm.

Richard was calming down. He jerked his cock a few more times and laughed with post orgasmic relief. 

Then he looked at his friend whose face and hair was messy with cum.

He looked at him and slowly said: “Next time you swallow, bitch!”

“Wha---!” Paul was speechless. “Next time?!? You don’t really think I’m gonna do this again, do you? This is ridiculous!” Paul stood up and stared at Richard who remained seated in the chair, fully dressed, with his spent cock hanging out of his jeans. “My girlfr---“

Paul’s rant was stopped short by a swift, hard punch into his nuts. Paul yowled and grabbed his groin. He sank to the floor sobbing.

“We’ll see”, Richard said. He stuffed his softening dick into his jeans, stood up and buttoned his fly. He stepped over Paul who was lying on the floor, cradling his crushed nuts, and walked towards the camera. He bent down and grinned into the lens. “That was good…” Then he switched it off.

The next clip, entitled “balls3.mpg”, showed the same room. Four guys were sitting on the bed and in some chairs and Richard walked over to them from behind the camera. They were joking and laughing when the doorbell rang.

“That’s gotta be Paul”, Richard grinned and walked out of the frame.

The remaining guys grinned and someone produced a tennis ball. They began throwing the ball around until Richard came back. Behind him Paul appeared in the door, dressed in surfer shorts and a t-shirt. He stopped when he saw the other guys.

Richard sat down on the floor and said to Paul: “What have I told you?”

Paul didn’t understand him. “What?”

“What have I told you?” Richard repeated and pointed at Paul’s shirt.

“Oh, please, no”, Paul pleaded but Richard looked at him sharply and Paul took off his t-shirt, revealing his tanned and smooth chest.

The other guys seemed to be impressed by Richard’s authority.

“Get us some drinks”, Richard said and grinned at his friends.

Paul didn’t even argue and walked out of the room.

He came back with a bottle of coke in one hand and a stack of glasses in the other. When he entered the room, one of Richard’s friends threw the tennis ball at him. It hit Paul’s naked abs and made him drop the stack of glasses that shattered on the floor.

“You missed”, one of the other guys, an attractive redhead, shouted at the thrower.

“Paul!” Richard stood up. “You aren’t even a good homemaker! Go and clean that up!”

“Fuck!” Paul mumbled. He fondled his abs and walked out the door.

“You should have aimed for the nuts!” the redhead grinned.

The thrower, a young black-haired guy, frowned at him. “I did.”

That brought a roar of laughter from his friends.

“You’re such a girl”, the redhead teased his buddy.

“You think you are better?” The black haired boy was obviously offended.

“Yeah”, the redhead said.

“Okay, okay”, Richard intervened. “Let’s all have a try.”

Paul came back into the room with a trash can. He kneeled down and picked up the glass shards.

“Paul, when you’re finished, bring another two glasses. But don’t drop them again”, Richard grinned at him.

Paul didn’t react.

“Did you hear me?” Richard said sharply.

“Yes”, Paul muttered and walked out with the trash can. When he came back he had two glasses in his left hand and was guarding his groin with his right.

“Nice try”, Richard grinned.

When Paul returned the smile Richards grin vanished. “Fill the glasses with coke.”

Paul did as he was told.

“Good boy”, Richard said. “Now take a glass in each hand and stand over there. Spread your arms.”

Paul complied.

“Now each of us gets a throw at your nuts! And don’t you dare to spill the coke on my rug!”

Paul whimpered. “You can’t be…”

His protests were drowned by the cheers of Richard’s friends.

Richard grinned and walked over to Paul. He grabbed the waistband of Paul’s skater shorts and pulled them down to his ankles, exposing Paul’s blue underpants. Paul looked mortified. Richard grabbed Paul’s clothed crotch and squeezed, making Paul wince.

“That’s the target”, Richard said and slapped Paul’s nuts.

“Ow”, Paul moaned and struggled not to spill the beverage inside the glasses.
Richard’s friends cheered again while Richard walked back to the bed. The redhead took the tennis ball and threw it up a few times. Then he took aim and fired the ball at Paul’s crotch. Paul’s eyes widened when the ball struck his sensitive genitals. He screamed over the cheers of Richard’s friends, but the coke stayed inside the glasses.

The redhead did a little victory dance and laughed. “Boom, right in the babymakers!”

Another one of Richard’s friends, a skinny, tall blond boy, grabbed the tennis ball and said: “My turn.”

He threw the ball and scored another direct hit. The ball embedded itself into Paul’s soft package with a dull thud accompanied by a shrill scream from Paul. But he managed to hold the glasses still, again.

The skinny guy clapped his hands and smiled.

Next up was the black haired guy. He grabbed the tennis ball and looked at Paul. “Time to say goodbye to your future kids”, he grinned and fired the ball at the surfer boy’s groin. It didn’t land perfectly but it did get Paul’s left nut. And judging from Paul’s reaction that was more than enough. He gritted his teeth and breathed heavily. Sweat started to run down his face and his eyes started to fill with tears.

“Look, I made him cry”, Blacky grinned.

Richard picked up the ball and gave it to the remaining guy, a cute boy with a green t-shirt.

“Erm, I think I’ll pass”, he said reluctantly.

“Oh, come on”, Richard shook his head. “I bet he has a hard-on. He likes it!”

He walked over to Paul, grabbed his briefs and yanked them down, exposing Paul’s limp dick and his slightly reddened balls.

“Nope”, Richard said matter-of-factly. “He doesn’t.”

“He has a big one”, the redhead said, looking at Paul’s long, slender cock.

“Yeah”, Richard grinned and turned to Green Shirt. “Make sure he won’t be able to use it for a couple of days…”

Green Shirt obviously didn’t want to take part in the game. He shook his head and put the tennis ball on the floor.

Richard roughly pulled up Paul’s briefs again and turned around to face Green Shirt. He raised his eyebrows. 
“Come on, throw the ball, or your nuts will be on the line in the next round…”

The others looked at Green Shirt who sighed and grabbed the ball.

“And don’t try to miss on purpose!” Richard warned him. “I know you are a good ball player…”

Green Shirt sighed again and nodded. “Sorry”, he said to Paul whose arms starting to get tired. Paul clenched his teeth to put up the force to hold the two glasses up.

With a thunderous slap the ball found its way into Paul’s groin, smashing both of his poor balls and bringing a loud scream from his mouth and more tears into his eyes.

“Fuck!” Paul screamed.

“Attaboy. Direct hit”, Richard grinned and patted Green Shirt’s shoulder while the other boys clapped and cheered.

“Your turn”, the redhead said to Richard, picked up the tennis ball and gave to him.

But Richard didn’t take it. He walked up to Paul, yanked down Paul’s briefs and looked him in the eyes.

“I think I’ll play another kind of ball game”, Richard grinned and took a step back. He slowly brought his naked foot up and tentatively touched Paul’s naked, low hanging balls, lifting the abused orbs up in their sac and making Paul wince.

“Don’t”, Paul whispered.

But Richard just laughed and got ready for the kick. He looked Paul in the eyes again and said calmly: “Say ‘please’, Paul!”

Paul’s arms started shaking and more drops of sweat were running down his face.
“Please”, he whispered.

“My pleasure”, Richard grinned and forcefully drove his foot into Paul’s precious balls, smashing them into 
his pelvis and grinding his foot in for good measure.

Paul shrieked and dropped the glasses. They fell down and shattered on the floor. Paul whimpered and grabbed his poor, naked testicles, slowly sinking to the ground and moaning loudly.

The boys were silent and watched Paul.

“Look what you’ve done”, Richard said and looked down at his fallen friend. “You spilled the coke on my rug! Go on and clean up that mess! We’ll talk about your punishment later…”

Paul sobbed and crawled out of the room, his shorts and briefs around his ankles. Richard slapped his tanned, naked butt and turned to his friends.

“Wow”, the redhead said.

“He’s a good boy”, Richard grinned and walked towards the camera. “You should see what I---“

The camera was switched off.

The last clip was entitled “fuck.mpg” and it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out its contents.

The camera showed the bed. Richard’s face appeared directly in front of the camera.

He grinned into the lens. “You’re gonna like that.”

Richard’s face disappeared and he walked away. He was stark naked and slapped his butt with his right hand. Then he turned around and presented his thick, hard 6 inch dick.

He lay down on the bed, his rod pointing to the ceiling.

“Paul!” he shouted.

The blond, shirtless surfer appeared in the doorframe. He looked at Richard with an expression of surprise and disgust on his face.

Richard grabbed his hard dick and stroked it. “Take off your jeans!”


“Are you deaf? Take off your jeans!” Richard repeated calmly.

Paul reluctantly took of his jeans and looked at Richard.

“And the briefs”, Richard seemed bored with the stupidity of his friend.

“Richard…” Paul started but he was immediately interrupted: “Do it!”

Paul obeyed and revealed his large, limp tool and his low hanging nuts.

Richard nodded. “Good. Now why don’t you sit down, bitch?” He wiggled his hard dick.

“No…” Paul groaned.

“You’ll like it!” Richard said. “Look at your cock. It’s starting to grow!”

He was right. Paul’s dick was starting to get hard. Paul looked down at his groin and blushed.

“Come here and sit down!” Richard repeated. “Do you need a written invitation?”

Paul sighed deeply and climbed onto the bed.

“I don’t want to see your face. Turn around and get your ass on my cock!”

Paul complied and straddled Richard’s body. He faced the camera but didn’t seem to know it was there.

“Get my cock into your asshole!” Richard said.

Paul looked mortified. He grabbed Richard’s cock and inserted it slowly into his hole.

Richard moaned with pleasure. “Wow, that’s not your first time, is it? You’re a butt slut!”

Paul rolled his eyes. His slender 8 inch cock was twitching. It was rock hard now.

“Now show me what you’ve got!” Richard moaned.

Paul moved up and down on Richard’s thick prick, bringing loud moans from Richard.

“Yeah, bitch boy, that’s it”, Richard moaned. He grabbed Paul’s hips and started to push his cock up into Paul’s hole. He fucked him faster and faster, harder and harder, and the expression on Paul’s face changed from disgust and anger to pleasure and desire. Paul grabbed his hard dick and started stroking it slowly.

“You’re a whore”, Richard moaned and reached around Paul’s body to grab his fat balls. He clamped his hands around them and squeezed them hard.

Paul yelped.

“Yeah”, Richard moaned and kneaded Paul’s juicy, plump balls between his fingers.

“Ow!” Paul moaned.

“Shut up!” Richard told him and continued squeezing Paul’s nuts and fucking his hole at a steady pace.

Paul had his eyes closed, moaning in pleasure and pain and stroking his big cock.

Richard hammered his dick into Paul and ground his balls in his hand. Both started to moan louder.

“Fuck! I’m cumming!” Paul screamed.

“Yeah”, Richard moaned and fucked him harder.

Suddenly the video stopped.

I sent an email to Richard.
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2008 12:28:12
From: "Alex"
To: "Richard ******"
Subject: Re: Clips

Hi Richard,

thanks for the clips. They are great!
I seems as if the last one is
incompletey, though.
Perhaps you can send me the rest
of it, too, so I can publish it on the


He replied immediately.
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2008 12:31:25
From: "Richard ******"
To: "Alex"
Subject: Re: Clips


wait for it
you’ll get it when i want you to

It seems Richard really gets off on power…

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