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Always the Thorn in My Side: Part 4 The Rumble written by Jimmy


Always the Thorn in My Side: Part 4 The 



By Jimmy





Warning: Includes ballbusting, underage characters.  You have been warned.

Photo was created by Fatal-Happiness.

Hey bb fans,

This one also ends in a dreaded 'To Be Continued...' I did not have the time to finish. But I have good news. This Wednesday I am posting ballbusting videoes finally (also if anyone knows how to download bb videos to save to my computer, please email me at or I am not the best of that and wish to get better to deliever some good video content again. Friday Dominik has a story planned for us and I will try to finish this next part on next Monday. I hope that you all enjoy, it's full of bb action.

~ Jimmy





This was not part of Sam Hell’s plan, it’s funny he thought the same thing earlier today, and yet it was still true.


But the devilboy knows how to improvise.


Sam jerks around Gino, and with surprising speed reaches for and grabs Jayden’s phone flicking the call button off as he did so. He is unsure if the call made it through or not, and he does not have time to check. Gino is already upon him and grabbing him from behind in a bear hug.


Jayden reaches for his phone reflexively shouting at Sam, “Hey, that’s mine!” Jayden has always been protective of phones since his was broken, and this one was a gift from his boyfriend Chase the day that he finally made his choice of who to date. Jayden has never regretted that decision since.


Sam’s arms are by his sides, and being squeezed by Gino. The hold is iron clad, and Gino tries to squeeze the life from him as his cold voice growls in his ear. “You will never lay another hand on my brother again, Hell.”


Jayden’s fingers are upon the phone as Sam smiles at Jayden and gives a casual flick and the device goes flying away from him tumbling into the grass by the sidewalk and sliding inches from the stone grey cobbled curb.


“You’ve been wrong before, Gomez. And you will be again!”


Sam kicks straight back nailing Gino’s nads, while not perfectly but enough force to make the teen grunt and loosen his grip on the hold. It’s enough for Sam Hell to muscle his way free from Gino’s clutches.


Jayden gets to his phone and is delighted to see that the screen is not cracked as he holds it up. His finger moves to the call button, as a car swerves in front of him and a hand plucks the phone from him and ends the call.


It’s Bill, and he winks maliciously at him, waving one finger.


“I don’t think so, Jayden.”




The car doors open, and Jake climbs out the other side. While Doug turns off the engine and comes out from the drives side moments after.


“Yeah, it’s me.” Bill is smiling, but it’s slick and surprises him.


Jayden gulps and looks back at his brother, grabbing his groin. Sam Hell is freed and Jayden begins to understand how much trouble he and his brother now find themselves in.


“You planned this.” Jayden states before more clearly vocalizing the most important part. “What do you want?” he asks, his voice a little shaky.


Sam Hell smiles, and rubs the contracts free no longer needing the disguise and tosses them aside.


“This is revenge Jayden, plain and simple. You made it so my team did not advance to this stage. I plan on ruining your chances now of getting the glory.” Sam moves to stride to him, but Gino steps in his way again and gives the Devilboy a rough shove.


“Fuck you!”


Sam Hell growls at him and Jake makes a move to go after him, Jayden is about to intervene but Doug comes around the other side cracking his knuckles.


“Run Jayden!” Gino pleads, unable to keep the fear for his brother from his voice.


“I’m not leaving you.”


Gino curses.


And then everything seems to happen all at once.


Gino starts to go on a rampage swinging at Sam and Jake as the two try to get him in between the two of them. Jayden can’t even manage to focus on his brother as Doug tries to hit him from the side, and Bill side steps from the vehicle about to power down the phone when it glows with a text.


Bill reads the message and says, “Ummm Sam?”


“Busy!” he growls as both Sam and Jake grab one of Gino’s arms pulling him out wide and stretching his chest to the limits.


“It’s kind of important. Logan is texting Jayden.”


Jayden gets hopeful as Doug moves in grinning.


“Sam wanted revenge against you. So naturally I came along,” Doug says. “But he needs to get in line Gomez. I get you first.” Doug barrels forward and launches a kick up and Jayden, dives to the side as Doug kicks the car his toes crunching against the metal.




Sam Hell can’t see all the action happening with Jayden, but he sees enough. Bill is distracted, and Doug as per his usual, is going to lose.


“I got Gino, go stop Jayden he’s the bigger threat.”


“Okay.” Jake says nodding about to let Gino go, as Gino sidekicks kicks him in the stomach, knocking the air right out of Jake’s belly. Jake goes slack grabbing his stomach and letting Gino’s arm go. Gino moves to attack Sam but he is already there and uppercuts him right in between the wide-splayed thighs and this time he hits accurately. Gino’s plump balls are hammered into his pelvis and Gino grunts, trying to bend forward as Sam powers him into the air so his feet leave the ground and flips him over so he lands hard on his back in the grass.


The air whooshes from Gino’s lungs, as his head hits the Earth hard. Dazed he stares up at the setting sky wondering where the bright shining star could be as everywhere hurts.


“Gino!” Jayden calls out, shoving Doug to the ground and changing directions about to go for his phone, but instead turns and heads towards his brother.


“Leave,” Gino mumbles again. His second warning going unheeded just like his first.


But Gino is on the ground, and Sam lays into him kicking him wildly with three quick bursts of his shoe into Gino’s side, stomach, and ending with a wet crunching smack as his toes nail Gino’s scrotum.


Gino’s brown eyes go wide and he curls into the fetal position, clutching at his damaged goods as Jayden finally reaches him.


Sam Hell, the Devilboy sneers hissing and spreads out his arms wide at the shirtless boy, hovering over his fallen prey like a vulture making their claim.


“Now, I get my revenge!” Sam says with a flourishing bellow, stepping over Gino and reaching for Jayden.


Jayden stands his ground and as Sam’s fingers spread out ready to grab the boy, Jayden leans backwards cartwheeling back into a handstand but not before his heel catches Sam Hell underneath his jaw, clamping it shut.


Pain envelopes Sam as he moves back to go at Jayden but the boy so limber and light is already winging his heel back and hits him right in the chest with his foot planning it solidly dead center. Sam stumbles backwards, still seeing bursts of darkness as he trips over Gino and lands on his back tripping on the prone body of Gino.


Dimly, Sam hears his name called from Jake as he stands back up only to be booted unceremoniously in the groin by Jayden. Jayden’s sneaker hits Jake so hard that Sam can see his tiny nuggets squeezed on either side of Jayden’s foot firmly planted in his crotch. Jake’s eyes twist in crisscrossing as he falls to his knees, and then his side clutching at the sore balls between his legs with his finger desperately trying to put his balls back into his underwear.


Up next is Doug, but Jayden kicks backwards inches before he can grab him. Jayden nails him in the stomach, his foot leaving a footprint of dark print of dirt on his t-shirt as Jayden’s move rips the ground apart beneath his feet. Doug folds over as Jayden spins hitting him with a round house kick that sends poor Doug flying as he clips him in the chest barreling him over.


Jayden does one quick turn in a circle seeing who is coming in to try and hit him next, seeing no one but for Bill still standing by the car mouth agape at the carnage that Jayden just unleashed stands flabbergasted and unmoving.


Bending over Jayden murmurs to his fallen big brother, “You, alright?” 


“Fuck my balls,” Gino whines rolling onto his back and grinning up at Jayden. “My hero.”


Jayden grins then, offering him a hand. “They won’t be down for long. Let’s get back to the hotel. The team will help us as soon as we get to them.”


Gino nods, as Jayden pulls him unshakably to his feet. Wobbling for a moment, he puts one arm on Jayden’s muscled bare shoulder. “No wonder why Logan picked you for the next captain, you are amazing Jayden.”


Blushing Jayden, begins to lead Gino away but Sam ready to throw up in his mouth can’t take it any longer and kicks up with his left foot, clapping Gino between his legs again and feeling Gino’s hand clutching his nuts get pressed hard against his groin.


He stops moving.




Jayden turns back seeing his brother drop to his knees as Sam Hell climbs back to his feet, wiping the spittle from his mouth and the dirt across his cheek from Jayden’s shoe.


“You, are not, going anywhere.”


Jayden’s eyes narrow as Sam knocks Gino’s head with his knee hitting him in the temple and sending him back to the grass. Gino lays still, and unmoving. Sam thinks he managed to knock him out. ‘Good,’ he thinks as he moves slowly to Jayden.


Jayden’s hands ball into fists, ready to attack.


“You don’t know when to quit, Sam.”


“It’s one of the many reasons why I always win, Jayden.” Sam steps over Gino again, but this time he steps purposely on his face as he does so Sam loves the look on Jayden’s face as he seems squirm. A heartfelt ache appearing on Jayden’s face as he watches Sam trod on his brother’s face.


“You may be an excellent fighter, but I always come out on top Jayden. I have seen you at your worst. I remembering owning you in that house all those long months ago. I have beaten you, and I will again. I’m going to take this championship from your team by defeating you so badly you won’t even be able to put on a singlet tomorrow or out of bed.” Sam’s cool red eyes seem to intensify as he snarls out his words at Jayden his fingers itching to get to him.


Jayden breathes hard as both Jake to Jayden’s left, and Doug behind him start to stand up. “You talk too much.”


The red eyes narrow at Jayden, as the boy moves up to hit Jake, but Sam Hell maneuvers in to intervene only to find Jayden played another feint on him and comes in quick as lightening with a knee that wracks his whole body. The jarring crash of Jayden’s knee, and the subsequent glare of defiance from Jayden disarm Sam Hell for a moment as his devil coins pulse once, and quick underneath Jayden’s rigid knee bone. Jayden pulls back, and rears back-up but Sam already knows what’s coming and grits his teeth as another blast from between his legs rocks his body. The ache has already started.


Sam Hell’s teeth clatter as the pain sets in, but he does not give up and shoves Jayden off of him. “My coins are…stronger than that,” scoffs Sam Hell, feigning being unscathed.


The shove by Sam lands Jayden flat against Jake’s chest, who wraps his arms around the wrestler. Jayden’s sweaty skin slides up and down Jake’s flank as he struggles to be freed.


“Got you now, Jayden.” Jake emphasizes by tightening his hold.


 Jake lifts Jayden in the air making his feet leave the ground and boosts him skyward.


Sam Hell watches Jayden grunt, and struggle to get out of the hold. His limb are pinned to his side, his fingers flaring out searching for anything to help him escape. Jayden’s brown murky eyes never leave Hell’s, even as Doug approaches him, limping a little but determined to even the score a little with the wrestler.


“End of the line,” Doug says eyeing the bouncy bulge in Jayden’s shorts as he squirms in Jake’s secure embrace.


One hand reaches for Jayden’s pouch between his legs and Doug seems to find what he is looking for as he peers over his shoulder at Sam Hell, “Should I punch him first, should I give him a good---ugh!”


“Kick?” Jayden says filling in the gap as his instep hits Doug hard.


“My nuuuuts!” Doug yowls drooping down to half mast, as he clutches himself. “Goddammit! He got my balls!”


Jayden half grins, but then refocuses his eyes on Sam but Jake shakes him to-and-fro before pitching him side-ways to the grass. Jayden stumbles on his left leg, barely catching himself from landing on the ground. Jake rushes him, but Jayden leans left and not fully able to get out of the charging rhinoceros way but tilts to the left and swings a knee straight into the stampeding bull, striking him so hard with their combined momentum that the soprano screech of agony makes the hairs on Sam’s neck stand on end.


Jake falls to the grass below without a second thought, grabbing his nuts and looking sick. Again Jayden and Sam are the only two combatants left standing.


“You need better goons,” Jayden says.


Sam Hell narrows his eyes.


“Sam, what do you want me to do about Logan’s text?” Bill interrupts.


“Tell him that I’ve got this Bill,” Jayden interrupts Sam from answering.


Behind him Bill sticks out his small pink tongue, and gives Jayden the middle finger for good measure. “Take him down, Sam.”


Jayden grins, and says over his shoulder. “Why don’t you help him Bill, instead of just standing around looking at my phone? Or are you trying to get into my pictures. Are you looking for my dick pics?”


Bill reddens, and swallows hard. “I was not…”


“Sure you were.” A knowing smile is on Jayden’s face and he wiggles his eyebrows for emphasis.


Sam Hell moves tactfully forward very aware of how many ball-shots that he has taken, and how Jayden has not even taken one. For him to still win, this has to change.


While Sam walks over to Jayden he can’t help but hear the sounds of agony coming from his two friends. Jake moans low, and whimpers as he cups his gentiles ever so softly. A few feet away is Doug on his belly, his hands underneath him and his mouth slightly puckered against the dirt as he whines ”My nuuts…fuuuck…he keeps hitting my goddamn manly balls. Oh fuuuck me…”


A slight smile tugs at Jayden’s lips as Doug gets closer.


“You are about to join them, but this time Devilboy I know your weakness. No one hurts my brother and gets away with it.” The raw intensity in Jayden’s eyes informs Sam that he means business.


This does not detract Sam Hell, but he does momentarily run a hand over his package and is glad to see that he is not even close to hard. “And I know yours, Jayden.”


Instead of moving to hit Jayden, he moves instead to Gino and puts one foot on his face and gives a little push feeling Gino groan under unconsciously his foot.


The reaction is instantaneous, and expected.


“Gino!” Jayden yells, rushing forward to get to his brother. The panic on his face, and the concern in his dark eyes brings a smile to Sam Hell’s face as he pushes the sole of his shoe a little deeper into Gino’s face feeling the nose bending under his weight.


The fire within Jayden rekindles and boils, as he swoops in fist launching. Unlike before, he is no longer cool and calm. The need to rescue Gino, to prevent him from feeling more pain is all that drives Jayden as his common sense goes out the window.


Sam easily dodges Jayden’s clumsy punch and pulls his arm behind his back, yanking until the shoulder strains, the muscles pulled taut and Jayden sucks in a wheezy breath. With his other arm he grabs Jayden roughly around the neck pulling him back so that he loses his footing and Jayden is scraping the turf with his toes trying to get back on his feet.


In control now Sam lowers the two to the ground, but Jayden fights him all the way, his fingers clawing at Sam’s arm around his neck desperate now not to go with him to the ground where he will be even more vulnerable.


“Bill!” calls out Sam Hell. “Give him a good kick in the nuts. I…have almost got him!”


Hearing his name, Bill seems to snap out of it and pockets Jayden’s phone coming up to the grappling pair. ‘This is the moment of truth for Bill,’ Sam thinks as the boy considers his allegiance.


Bill sees Jayden, white faced losing oxygen and Sam behind him trying get Jayden’s legs under control to finish him off and get his revenge. Bill does not even seem to think it over but reaches forwards grabbing Jayden’s left ankle and pulling it up.


Jayden turns towards Bill reaching for his right ankle but Jayden, not out of this yet yanks the ankle that Bill is holding nice and hard pulling Bill in closer and kicks out with his right straight up, like an arrow leaving the quiver and nailing the target with a bullseye.


Bill’s eyes bulge, and he grunts comically mouth ajar gasping.


“Uggh!” Bill groans tumbling on top of Jayden and then Sam.


The weight of two on top of Sam causes him to slow down on his holds on Jayden. Jayden writhes in between the two, managing a rough knee between Bill’s thighs. He yips like a dog, and curses “Fucking hell!” and rolling off but not before Jayden spins around and slams his forehead into Sam Hell’s skull with all the force that he can muster.


Jayden goes limp for a moment dropping on top of Sam gasping, but Sam’s own head swims as the two combatants lay motionless and trying to take in air.


While Jayden was cleared from the doctor to wrestle again a few weeks ago, he was still supposed to keep his head from taking any blows and planned on wearing a signature wrestling headgear to protect his noggin. Head-butts were certainly on the list of moves he could not perform.


All six teens are on the grass now, moaning or in Gino’s case unconscious. The first to stir is Jayden sitting up dully on Sam Hell’s stomach, but cradling his head in both hands, and starring pointedly in the distance. He tries to give his head a shake, but regrets it and lays his head back on Sam’s shoulder.


Sam feels Jayden’s hot breath in his face and he blinks rapidly a few times trying to clear his own head.




The growl in his voice is dampened by a sluggishness, but he manages to roll over taking Jayden with him so that the boy is beneath him now.


“I’ve got you now.”


Jayden turns to him, his eyes almost black and blinks up at Sam. They are so close that Sam can see the small dark brown irises around Jayden’s pupils, the soft lips moaning low and the raw intensity in his stare as Jayden lifts his knee between Sam Hell’s thighs hitting the bottom of his ballsack.


Sam Hell’s red eyes widen, “My coins are…”


Jayden knees him again, grabbing Sam’s hips as he does so.


“….stronger than…”


Another knee.




Another blast hits Sam, and it’s this last time that puts his head on Jayden’s bare shoulder, his mouth tasting the salty skin as he groans.


Jayden holds his position, keeping Sam aloft on his thigh, while one of his hands plummet into his shorts and find his penis giving it a rough tug.


“I know your weakness, Sam. Don’t make me have to use it.” Jayden clumsily starts to tug, but shortens his stride to start with a gentle grip focusing his efforts on the crowning tips as he aims the slit against his own belly rubbing it along the grooves of his abdomen. Sam Hell breathes in, and moans, his tongue inadvertently licking Jayden’s shoulder as he lifts his head his bright red fierce eyes finding Jayden’s.


“You, you wouldn’t dare.”


Jayden keeps pace, his fingers feather light and adaptable as Sam Hell, the Devilboy’s fork starts to rise from the crypt. Sam gasps unwillingly, quiet and secret like as he stares down at Jayden who unbelievably is not terrified at being this close to the darkness and is in fact touching the sacred rod itself. Stiffening to his full height takes Jayden barely any time at all, and Sam starts to leak into Jayden’s hand. The creamy hot magma provides an easy lubricant that Jayden uses to wet the stick forked and rigid rod between Sam’s legs as he pokes into Jayden’s curved abdominal hitting the dead center dip in his curved belly.


Sam moans.


“Yes, Sam. I dare.” Jayden whispers quietly so only the two of them can hear.


Jayden starts to speed up, Sam leaking all the while unable to stop himself. It’s not all pleasurable. Jayden keeps bouncing him on his inflexible thigh, his balls crunching and crashing while Jayden knees him repeatedly. On each hit, the Devilboy’s resistance starts to weaken, and the ache begins to grow outwards. His indestructible devil coins are being nullified from his weakness, his kryptonite. Jayden has figured out his secret, and looks determined to end the battle by taking from him his devil seed.


A shudder runs through Sam, as his cock betrays him. The forked scepter grows if anything harder, the firmness only capitalized by the engorged head that flails out as Jayden’s finger grope and squeeze the mushy head after each fast pump.


Sam begins to unwilling trust into Jayden’s abdomen, as he coats the boy in his pre-cum. He breathes more quickly, and growls from above “This is not over…”


“Yeah, it is.” Jayden squeezes Sam again, and he begins to pulse his cock is so hard, rigid and shinning red from his own pre-cum that Jayden uses to bathe him in the wet slick mixture. “You’re going to cum.”


“No…you can’t…uh, uh, uh, uh!” Sam grunts, his rage palpable as his loins strain, and his Devilfork strums, his balls now crushed against Jayden’s thigh betray him while he begins to get ready to release.


“Almost…there!” says Jayden.


Sam’s eyes go wide, his red horny gaze lowers to Jayden’s mouth and he sucks in one last breath.




Jayden grins knowingly, ready for Sam to burst. It’s then that Sam is ripped off of Jayden’s body and tossed to the side.


“I got you.”


Sam looks up, and is surprised to see Bill standing there and he quickly tucks in his dick which pulses. He is so close, he is afraid that if he touches it he will spout and release. He grabs his devil coins which ache and churn in his hands.


“Fuck…just in time.”


Jayden looks murderous as Bill grabs his ankle and yanks them apart.


“I’ve chosen my side.”


Jayden grits his teeth, and fires back “You chose wrong!”


Bill half-smiles, but it’s not real as he lifts his foot aiming right in between Jayden’s forked opening at the bulge pointing up at him.


“No Jayden that was you. You picked wrong, when you picked Chase.”


Bill stomps down with all his might aiming straight and true.


Jayden catches his foot in both hands, just before he makes contact.


“No, I did not.” Jayden emphasizes, with the lowering of his voice as he narrows his eyes.


“I wouldn’t want to be with you anyways!” Bill shouts trying to push his foot into Jayden’s bulge to feel his balls under his foot. “I’m with someone even better now, and it’s you that’s missing out!”


Jayden does not answer as he concentrates all his might in making sure Bill does not get to his boynuts. Jayden’s arms tremble, he is growing tired. He has been battling the four of them, and his adrenaline that he has been running on is starting to wane. Gino still seems out of it and even if Sam is down for a while now he starts to see both Jake and Doug perking up.


Bill notices too, and smiles meanly at him.


“Yeah, your about to get it Jayden.”


“Not from you,” Jayden says. “You never could finish the job, Bill.”


Bill’s cheeks grow hot and pink and he yells furiously as he pushes his foot down all the harder. Just as Bill makes contact Jayden pulls Bill’s foot towards him and Bill overbalanced swings his arms comically, wind milling and trying to stay up but he uselessly drops down on his butt and groans out a “Fuck.”


Jayden pulls Bill’s foot towards him and takes the other, and unlike Bill he is faster. Jayden’s foot slams sneaker first right into his nuts crunching them easily against his pubic bone in one quick swoop.


“No!” Bill shouts as Jayden crushing his nuts, and pulls on Bill’s ankles for good measure nailing his tiny acorns and squishing them flat against his own body.


Sam looks on miserably, as again Jayden seems to come out on top.


“So who is the ‘lucky guy?’ Someone I know?” Jayden asks, changing subjects but frankly curious.


Bill shakes his head, grabbing the invading foot between his thighs and trying to push it off. “Not…telling you.”


Jayden laughs. “A secret boyfriend then? How cute.”


Bill shudders, and notices Jake stirring first, and so does Jayden.


“Gotta leave you, try and stay down this time.” Jayden pushes his foot once more as deep as he can go, straightening his leg and really shoving Bill’s nads into the corner of Bill’s pubic mound where it meets his thigh and crushes them there.


“Oh god, my balls!” Bill groans falling back onto the grass.


Jayden stands up, just as Jake does watching Bill roll around in a ball moaning.


Jake’s beady eyes narrow.


Jayden wipes the sweat from his brow as he takes in Jake. This time Jake moves in more slowly not wanting to tip his hand to Jayden too early and be so easily overcome.


To disarm him, Jayden asks. “So, are you the secret boyfriend?”


Jake taken aback pauses. “What?”


“You and Bill…dating?”


Jake flushes, “No.”


Jayden grins, his smile widening. “So you don’t play hide the pickle with your small dicks then?”


Jake if anything turns several shades redder. “I am going to murder you!” No longer trying to sneak in to get Jayden, Jake charges in like before. The raging rhino lets out a roar as he rushes forward, full tilt trying to knock Jayden over.


The sheer force is impressive, but Jayden runs straight at him. Jake does not slow, and if anything runs faster. The two collide, but not chest to chest, which was Jake’s plan. Jayden rolls at the last minute and takes Jake out at the knees causing the big man to fall onto his face and roll unceremoniously down the sloping grassy hill until he reaches the bottom and lays still.


“Ughhh!” Jake cries from the bottom.


Jayden starts to stand up but is shoved back down.


Turning Jayden see’s Doug is up, but not for long as he jumps on top of him.


The sheer weight of Doug, and his jump knock the wind out of Jayden. Doug has his arms pinned above him and he sneers down at Jayden as he sits upon his stomach.


“You think you’re such a big shot. You are nothing compared to me!” Doug spits out, angry flecks of saliva fleck Jayden’s face and neck as Doug rages above him. “You hit me in my manballs, and I will make you sorry for doing so.”


Jayden’s bound wrists above his head prevent him from pushing Doug off, but Jayden kicks up with his feet and wraps his legs around Doug’s torso.


“I don’t think so!” Jayden grunts shoving Doug back to the grass. Its Jayden now sitting on his stomach and he reaches back to grab Doug’s sour balls but Doug punches him in the jaw and Jayden gets knocked back with a groan.


Jayden grabs his chin and spits out a glob of blood, feeling his teeth coated in the stuff as Doug sits up.


Out of breath, Jayden tastes copper in his mouth between his teeth as he moves to get some distance but Doug grabs his arm clutching his chin and pulls him back.


“You aren’t getting away from me!”


Jayden is in trouble, as Doug shows his raw strength and overpowers him and forces him against him. Doug uses his arms and legs to coil around Jayden’s torso so that Jayden’s back is against Doug’s chest, and Jayden is all wrapped up with Doug spreading his legs out and grabbing his wrists in one hand. Doug’s free hand punches Jayden in the stomach right beneath his ribcage.

A moan comes from him, along with a flurry of quick jabs to his abdomen as Doug starts to work him over. Jayden exhausted, finally lays prone against him trying to clench his abs and keep them tight. “You were saying, Jayden?” Doug mocks.


Jayden looks over towards his older brother. Gino is still showing no signs of getting up.


“Yeah, he’s done. And now, so are you.” Doug says, noticing who Jayden was looking at and guessing correctly what he was thinking about. Doug balls his fist back, knuckles white and punches him hard again, this time working his knuckles up and deep into Jayden’s guts.


Jayden gasps, his breath forcibly expunged from him again as he lurches up in Doug’s clutches only to fall back against Doug’s chest. Jayden gazes up, trying to take in air and Doug pats his chest.


“We are just getting started.”


Doug moves his hand down Jayden’s abs and Jayden sucks in his stomach. Doug sniggers as his lame attempt to prevent him from getting to his destination. The fingernails scrap along Jayden’s abs pushing further down inching towards Jayden’s bulge.


“Do you have any hairs on your balls? Or are you just as bald as all the rest?” Doug asks.


Jayden shakes his head, as blessed air finally clears his thoughts and gets to his brain. Only he figures out just how screwed he is.


“I’ve got hairs,” Jayden says, his voice all breathy as Doug gets closer circling past his bellybutton and down his lower taut abs.


“We will see,” Doug says.


Jayden gulps as Doug reaches down to snake his hand below the waist band of his gym shorts, which easily bends away offering no resistance. Doug pulls them down as he goes showing the dark black hair just above his dick on his pubic mound which warms now in the dying sunlight and Doug’s rough hand grasps onto his boyballs taking them both in one hand searching the outside for any signs of hair.


Jayden bites his bottom lip as Doug inspects him, and while he is doing so one of his trapped arms twist in Doug’s grasp and slips between and behind him searching for the Doug’s groin which he feels against his back.


“No…no you don’t!” Doug yells abandoning Jayden’s boyballs that hover above his underwear, as Doug regrabs Jayden’s wrist just as he touches Doug’s left nut.


Doug pulls out Jayden’s arm and lays it still, one hand on each of Jayden’s wrists. Doug is breathing hard, but Jayden chuckles.


“What’s so funny?”


Jayden continues to laugh for a moment before he finally pauses and says.


“You. You can’t bust my balls unless you let one of my hands go.”


Jayden cranes his neck to look at Doug. “Scared?”


Doug frowns and is about to speak but a shadow falls over the pair and they both turn to see who has risen from the grass this time.


It’s Sam Hell, the Devilboy himself.


Jayden swallows hard, and looks down at his very vulnerable assets facing up towards Sam. Sam smiles, and the wicked grin shows Jayden his full intent as his red eyes gleam.


“My turn.”


Jayden’s heart begins to beat faster, and Doug laughs behind him. “Told you that we would win.”


Sam Hell cracks each knuckle along his dominant hand, as he takes in Jayden. Jayden’s bare chested, his groin fully exposed, and his wrists are bound to his side. Jayden’s legs are tangled up with Doug’s, as Doug’s thighs each pin his to the Earth. Jayden is dirt marked, and grass stained on both his knees and his elbows. The green stains covers part of his abs below the belly and his teeth are a little red from the blow to his chin. A bruise is developing there, and also along his forehead from where he head-butted Sam earlier. But its Jayden bare balls, and limp dick that get his most attention. And it’s these that he focuses on as he lowers himself to his knees before Jayden.


“How to bust him first,” Sam says thinking out loud. “Any requests?” he asks as his eyes find Jayden’s.


Jayden twists in Doug’s embrace, but the holds clamp him firmly against Doug, and he does not escape.


“No? Then it’s my choice. And I Jayden choose…”



To be continued…


Anonymous said...

Awesome story...this is up there with the very best!
You are really torturing us with the "to be continued" endings amd i can't wait for the next episode!
I really like Sam and Doug as bad guy character. They are both so full of themselves and it's awsome when they get "humbled" by a good nut crushing hit...or several in Sam's case since his coins are so much more resilient.
Jayden certainly has a knack for exploiting a guy's weakness and Sam was lucky to evade his kryptonite this time. I'm still hoping that Sam and Doug get to enjoy a but of revenge this time but whatever the result it will be a thrilling ride!

Anonymous said...

Doug used to be a good fighter…

It's funny to see him being humiliated. But in my opinion things should work out for him sometime haha.

But it's just my opinion, obviously.

I love the chapter.

Kevin said...

Hey Jimmy, it's Kevin. After I responded to your email the other day my gmail account got completely locked I can't get back in, so I've lost your email address as well. Can you give me it again so I can be in touch? Thanks.

Unknown said...

Dear Reg,

Sorry it took me so long to get in touch, school has been busy this time of year. Anyways, thank you so much for writing in Reg! Sam and Doug are easily big villains in the series and they love being bad. It's so enjoyable to them. Plus they have a ton of fun, and they finally have Jayden exactly where they want him. But as you know, you should never count Jayden out of a fight!



Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

I can see your point. Doug is a great fighter...until Jayden comes along. Against Chase, or any of the swimmers he dominates. Jayden has outclassed him in almost every encounter that they have had. Jayden is a badass. However with that said, Doug certainly has him in his clutches now! Any Jayden seems as though he is certainly going to suffer.

I am happy that you still enjoyed it! Doug will be heavily featured in the next chapter as well!



GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Kevin,

Sorry that happened to you! or are the best ways to reach me by email.

I hope that you liked this chapter, Kevin!



BBfan said...


I think that it is hard for everyone to know Jaydens full measure. He usually scales back especially against people that he likes like his brother Gino, Chase, Logans cousins...I could name more. Guys like Devilboy here and Doug he does not. Thats why it looks like he is stronger because he is not holding back. At least thats my interpretation of the character. I like Doug myself, and I hope that he and Sam really nail Jayden. His good luck streak is about to end and I am all hear for it.I want them to make Jayden cum.


GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear BBfan,

I never thought of Jayden in quite that way. Jayden does hold back a lot, the way I write him is with a heart of gold. His sense of justice or unfairness is a trigger for him, leading Jayden to always fight/battle harder when injustice occurs. Four against two, really did that for him (for a lot of this it was 4 against 1).

In the next part BBfan you may certainly get your wish! Jayden is in a bad spot, and help does not seem to be on the way.

Thanks for writing in! I hope that you enjoy the next part this coming week!