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Always the Thorn in My Side: Part 3 The Encounter



Always the Thorn in My Side: Part 3 The 



By Jimmy

Warning: Includes ballbusting, underage characters, and traces of cum.  You have been warned.

(Sorry for the late post this was supposed to go up yetersday but...I was busy teaching. Enjoy everyone!)

This was not part of Sam Hell’s plan.


But the devilboy knows how to improvise.





Following the school bus, Sam imagines the Bartlet team celebrating and maybe still talking about the win that occurred against Midtown. Against his team.


‘No matter,’ Sam grips the steering wheel harder he will get his revenge.


“When will he get there?” Bill asks popping his bubble gum.


Sam shudders at the sound, and glances Bill’s way in the backseat. He’s grinning next Jake, one hand holding onto his seat belt the other with wide open dangling fingers out the window air whipping in-between his wide-spread hand.


Jake chuckles next to him, and messes up his mousy brown hair.


“Watch it!” Bill says with a laugh, and the hulking giant that is Jake starts wrestling in the backseat with his younger foster brother.


Sighing Sam Hell flicks an annoyed look over at his passenger seat starring at Doug. He and Doug have had a few skirmishes, especially lately and neither are trust each other. ***


*More on this in a later story.

But Doug said that he would come, and that he would ‘Help.’ Sam Hell gave him one more chance.


“Why you looking at me, Hell. I’m not the one fooling around in the backseat.”


Gritting his teeth Sam tries to focus on the road but both Sam and Doug turn back to look over their shoulders as Bill winces cradling his privates.


“Oooooh you got me good there,” Bill says with a laugh, rubbing himself. Bill grins widely, his eyes meeting Sam’s. “Pay attention!”


Sam turns back, but still hears Bill moaning, as he starts to wrestle with Jake again.


“I’m going to get you back,” he says with a laugh.


“Sure you are!” Jake says, chuckling and shoving Bill into his armpit.


“Ewww! Gross!” Bill mumbles from underneath Jake’s sweaty arm.


“Don’t make me have to go back there!” Sam Hell yells.


“Naw. I got ‘em now.” Jake says his hand roughly grabbing Bill’s little bulge that juts out.


Bill mumbles, “Oh no!”


It’s too late, Jake is already squeezing, his biceps flexing as one big hand squishes the contents of Bill’s boyhood roughly in one hand.


Doug is still watching over his shoulder, and Sam can tell from the corner of his that Doug wishes that he were back there.


“Ja…Ja…Jake!” Bill manages to croak out, grabbing his arm and gazing up at his older foster brother. “You…you…got my nuts!”


Jake smile widens, and his thumb moves between Bill’s nuts grazing the dead center between them where Bill’s nail lays dormant. A few tiny flicks and Bill’s breathe catches and he seems to stop breathing all together as his coiled pecker starts to harden and rise.


A soft moan comes from Bill as he finally exhales and he bites his bottom lip.


“Jake,” growls Sam Hell, red eyes flashing in the rearview mirror.


Pointedly ignoring him, Jake continues to rub his thumb up and down Bill’s now fully erect pencil. Jake’s grip on Bill’s nads does not loosen, if anything he flexes his arm a bit more and squeezing Bill’s nuts harder.


Sam’s attention is pulled back from the road, as the bus pulls over next to the hotel. Its pitch black out, the starless night is full of clouds blocking out the bright full moon and with only street lights to brighten the night. Sam glides past the bus but he catches a smiling Jayden Gomez exiting the bus first. A bright smile is displayed on his face as he begins to help pull the luggage free helping to pass them out to the team as the exit the bus.


The group turns the corner, and Sam finds a nearby ally to park the car.


Jake is still toying with Bill, whose face has reddened, and his cheeks have puffed out. Sam knows that look, and he gets more annoyed as he turns off the engine.


“Do you two need a minute?”


“I think, he’s almost done. Right Bill?” Jake asks.


Bill shudders, and Jake pulls down the waistband of his shorts so that his cock stands straight up. His purple engorged cockhead trembles and Jake leans down saying “I don’t want you to make a mess.”


Jake’s lips slide over Bill’s cock, easily taking him all the way in.


Covering his mouth with both hands Bill groans, and starts to thrust, his movements slightly hampered by his seatbelt.


“Mmmm,” Jake mumbles as his head bobs jerkily on Bill’s penis. In moments Bill suppresses a scream, then grabbing the back of Jake’s head as he thrusts further into Jake’s mouth.


Doug is next to Sam watching with interest as the backseat windows cloud over, and Bill gasps groaning “Uh…uh….uh.”


Jake lets go of Bill’s penis with a slight pop of his mouth and grins at him.


“Jerk,” he says punching Jake’s shoulder.




A goofy grin comes onto Jake’s face. “Gotcha.”


Bill leans forward his lips brushing his brothers as he tucks back in.


Sam pounds on the window. The two jump, breaking the kiss.


“I’m heading in…we have work to do remember?”


“We will be up in a few,” Jake says.


Sam starts to hoof it towards the hotel, Doug follows his footsteps light on the cobblestone street.


The Devilboy fumes, he thought that he squashed the brewing feeling between the two, but that little wrestling match proves otherwise. He briefly wonders how often the two have had stolen moments when he spots the hotel.


“Wait,” Sam Hell says.


Doug pause, looking back. “Now?”


“Yeah, in there.”


The two turn towards the nearby gas station heading into the Men’s bathroom. The room is a single stall, and it’s a tight fit for the two of them.


Sam unzips his backpack after sliding it off his shoulders and fiddles with the contents inside before pulling out the contacts case. Getting close to the mirror, Sam opens the case carefully and sliding out each bright green lens and carefully slipping them onto his eyes. Once in place, his unmistakable red eyes appear hidden away. The dull green surprises him, making look more average.


Next he takes out the clippers…




An hour later, Sam Hell is decked out in all black, head shaved with a thin line of hair left giving him a slight Mohawk. He’s green eyes give him a very different look and the

He feels not like himself, and looking back at the mirror before departing he wonders if it’s even possible to be recognized. 






“Good luck,” Doug says.


Sam does not bother to reply as he heads over to the hotel. He is about to go in the front door when a flash of movement catches his eye. 


He can’t believe his luck. It’s Jayden. 


A sleek phone is pressed to his ear, as Jayden exits the side door and he side steps to the wall leaving against it. 


“I’m fine Mom, I promise. You don’t need to worry—hi Dad.”


Jayden nods a few times and then responds. 


“I still can’t wear a cup——and yes, I’ll protect the family assets.” Jayden’s grin widens, his cheeks coloring crimson. “I hope that you did not say that in front of——course you did.” Jayden runs a hand over his face and pulls off his shirt, tucking the fabric into his waistband. One hand briefly cupping his large pair hanging between his legs as if he is considering his fathers words.


“Yeah, I am headed on my evening run—-love you too Dad, goodnight.”


Jayden slips his phone in his pocket and turns towards Sam Hell who has been creeping his way over to him as he was distracted talking to his parents. 




“Hi.” Jayden looks like he is trying to place where he knows him from, and Sam only grins trying not to give himself away. 


“You here for the championship?” Jayden asks, unsure his left brown eyebrow rising. 


“Yes. You?”






Jayden stretch’s a bit, after running out of things to say. 


“Can I join you?”


“On my run…?” 


“I overheard. I don’t know the area. And well…I don’t want to get lost.”


Jayden seems unsure again. He clears his throat before saying “I actually like to run alone.”


“Of course,” Sam says quickly, feinting embarrassment. 




Jayden pops in his earbuds and takes off. 


Sam waits a beat, and then follows after. A slight jog, letting Jayden extend his lead. 


Taking out his phone he calls the others. 


“Follow me, Jayden left the hotel. I’ve got him in my sights.”


“Okay, this makes it easier.”


“Yes, yes it does.”


“Hey bro!” 


Gino running past Sam. Runs up to Jayden, and taps him on his shoulder. 


Startled Jayden turns to him, “Gino?”


“Don’t want you getting lost.” Gino is also shirtless, and wearing compression shorts leaving nothing to the imagination.


Jayden smiles. “You know I like running alone.”


“Yes, but you will have to live with me coming. We are in a strange place that you have never been, and you always seem to get yourself into trouble when you are alone.” Gino briefly runs a hand over his brother’s now buzzed head, one finger lingering briefly over the scar.


A slight shiver runs through Jayden, and he smiles quick and feint.


“Well…thank you, Gino.”


His brother smiles between huffed breathes. “Now lets fly!”


Jayden rolls his eyes while Sam mutters, “Well shit. That was not the plan.”


Sam Hell makes a secondary phone call “We have company, Gino joined him.”


“Two verse four. We have this.”


“I agree,” says Sam.


Jayden glances over his shoulder, and their eyes meet. Jayden turns back quickly and he knows that Jayden said something to Gino…but he is too far away to hear. 


But Gino stops running all together. Jayden starts to keep going but turns back too. Slightly breathing hard, his muddy puddle eyes showing concern. 


“Why are you following us?”


Sam stops, trying to look confused. 


“I’m… not.”


Gino’s eyes narrow to slits as he stares at him. “I know you…but I’m not sure where.”


Jayden looks puzzled and glances between the two before his eyes go wide. “I thought the same thing but I couldn’t wait…”




“Well shit, looks like the cat is out of the bag.”


Sam begins to move toward them, but before he can get to Jayden Gino steps in front of his brother, always the protector with his hands in fists looking ready to take a swing at a moment’s notice.


Jayden pulls out his phone and says “Call Logan.”


Too many things are happening all at once, and Sam’s heart beats harder in his rib cage. “Well fuck it all, then. Let’s rumble.”


To Be Continued…


Anonymous said...

Awesome setup and you left us with a real cliffhanger!
Sam's disguise didn't work out too well after all that planning haha.
I don't think we've really seen Gino and Sam slug it out before. I'm intrigued to find out if Gino can find a way past Sam's sturdier coins without getting his big eggs cracked in the process. And who else will join the fray???
Great setup, Jimmy! I'm kinda hoping Sam comes out on top this time, but we'll see how it turns out.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Hi Reg,

Thanks for writing in! Yeah, Sam tried to be sneaky. Even in his “disguise,” that did not work out too well for him. Currently I am writing 7 different stories at the same time (clearly I have a scatter brain!) I’m halfway done with the next part to this but no clear winner yet. I’m having fun with it. I think you are right in that neither Sam nor Gino have had a one-on-one match before. They have been in the same room together on a few different occasions but it’s usually always Jayden and Sam Hell fighting. The Devilboy has it in for Jayden, and that has not changed. Hope that you like how it finishes up!