Sunday, October 26, 2014

Train ‘im good, Coach!

I wrote this story with a my friend Champ who created this awesome portrait. Thank you so much for your awesome ideas, Champ! I can't tell you how much I enjoyed our collaboration!

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Bang! The door to the looker room burst open and Killian limped in, cupping his crotch and swearing like a sailor. The ginger-haired stud paced the room before punching a nearby locker. He turned around and leaned against it, reaching inside his wrestling singlet and fondling his swollen balls.

Killian’s huge, meaty dick was hard as steel, straining against the thin fabric of his singlet. This season alone, he had worn out three brand-new singlets, all because of his huge, permanently hard dick.

Killian’s mammoth shaft was the stuff of legend on and off campus. He was huge, a massive monument of manhood. And he was hard and horny all the time, day and night, 24/7. His frat brothers knew how to make the best of Killian’s astounding asset: They loved devouring his throbbing meat, choking on it as it slid past their tonsils, filling every inch of their eager mouths and straining their throats. Whenever you walked into the frat house, Killian was sitting on the couch, watching TV or playing with his iPhone, while one of his frat brothers was bobbing his head up and down in his lap. At night, when Killian was asleep in his bed, it was common for his buddies to come into his room and take a ride on his big, meaty fuck stick. Just last night, their newest frat brother Matt had sneaked into Killian’s room and mounted him, pleasuring himself until Killian’s sheets were drenched in three orgasms’ worth of Matt’s jizz.

Everybody knew about Killian’s extraordinary gift, and everybody wanted to get their hands on his monster dick. But his frat brothers made sure that they kept him to themselves. Only on very rare occasions, like a recruitment party, or a charity auction, they allowed others to enjoy Killian’s fat dick.

A few weeks ago, the frat’s arch rivals, the guys from the other All Ballbusting Fraternity on campus, had tried to abduct him. But their plot was foiled, and instead of experiencing the joy of riding Killian’s mammoth meat, they spent the night getting their balls busted and drained by Killian’s frat brothers.

While everybody was aware of Killian’s legendary dick and his incredible, irrepressible stamina, only Killian’s frat brothers knew what drove his perpetually hard erection: The hot stud had never ever shot his load. Not once in his lifetime had he emptied his balls and released the pent-up semen that had been boiling in his balls for years. Even though he had made hundreds of guys cum by fucking them or letting them pleasure his extraordinary dick with their hands, feet or mouths, Killian himself had never had an orgasm.

Now, the horny wrestler was leaning against the locker, bucking his hips, his hands buried inside his singlet.

The door opened again, and the captain of Killian’s wrestling team walked in, a stern expression on his face. Like Killian, Dustin was dressed in a wrestling singlet that did very little to conceal the massive bulge in his crotch. Even in its soft state, Dustin’s dick was outlined as a long, thick tube in the flimsy fabric.

“What’s up with you, dude?!” Dustin shouted, slamming the door shut behind him. “I mean, what the fuck?!” He pushed Killian’s shoulder, slamming him against the locker.

Killian glared at him. “You know I---“

“I know you’re horny all the time, dude”, Dustin interrupted him. “But there’s a time, and there’s a place, right? You can’t just turn dudes over and dry-hump them! Not here! Not during practice! Not now! You know we have regionals to focus on right now, dude! It's important shit! So you better keep that monster dick tucked away, okay?"

Killian let out an angry grunt. “But Kyle---“

Dustin pinned Killian against the locker, his face inches from Killian’s, their noses almost touching. “Listen, dude”, Dustin said, “I know Kyle out there has been wanting you to give it to him since first quarter, okay? I know he’s a decent dude and he doesn’t just jump onto your fat, hard dick while you’re asleep and rides you till dawn. He’s a nice guy and waits for his turn. But that doesn’t mean you can just turn him over and fuck him during practice!”

Dustin backed away and took a step back, watching Killian closely. “Dude, think about Kyle! Think about what you do to him! When we got you off of him he was almost shooting his load just because he felt your dick on his ass! I had to kick his nuts and knock some sense into him or he would have creamed all over the place! Then suddenly all the other guys were beating their meat. It’s gotten out of hand! It’s like a jizz party in there! Not cool, dude, not cool.”

Killian glared at Dustin. “But I---“

“Shut the fuck up, dude!” Dustin barked. “I’m the team captain, and this is the end of this discussion!”

Killian let out a growl.

Suddenly, Killian snap-kicked Dustin’s package hard, crunching his nuts with all the force he could muster.

Dustin let out a guttural groan and doubled over.

Killian grabbed him, turned him around and pushed him against the locker, pressing his huge, fat dick between Dustin’s ass cheeks and forcibly dry-humping him through their singlets.

“Not cool, dude!” Dustin yelled as he felt Killian’s mammoth dick rub against his cheeks.

Killian was holding the back of his buddy’s neck down, grunting and groaning with every thrust.

“Boys!” A deep, guttural voice echoed in the locker room.

Killian and Dustin turned their heads, surprised expressions on their faces.

“Coach?” Killian croaked.

Coach was standing in the doorway, a big, muscular man in his late thirties. He was a no-nonsense kind of guy who had gotten around a lot, and the guys respected him. He had a lot of experience, and he was a fixture at the frat, training the guys and showing them everything they needed to know to defeat their opponents, brutally bust their balls and maintain the frat’s stellar reputation.

Killian let go of Dustin, and the two guys stepped away from each other. Killian’s hard dick was throbbing in his singlet, and the hot action on his ass had caused Dustin to spring a boner, too.

“What’s going on?” Coach growled. He pointed at the door. “It’s like a flop-house out there! Everything reeks of jizz! Kyle is on his knees getting gang banged! It’s a free-for-all fuck frenzy! Can’t you guys keep your dicks in your pants until practice is over?!”

Dustin blushed. He glanced at Killian and his huge monster dick. With an angry grunt, he dropped to his knees and delivered a nut-crunching uppercut to Killian’s huge, juicy balls, driving his knuckles into the soft, tender flesh of Killian’s babymakers and making him let out a guttural groan before dropping to his knees, grimacing in pain.

Killian cupped his big bulge with one hand, the other hand propping him up. His ass was pushed out and he began dry-humping the air.

Dustin glared at him, clenching his fists. “You fucking---“

“Stop it, son”, Coach hollered, kicking Dustin’s balls hard.

Coach’s foot connected with Dustin’s nuts, ramming them into his body and knocking the wind out of Dustin’s lungs.

Dustin’s eyes widened and he let out a series of dry coughs, grabbing himself and stumbling backwards against the lockers before sliding down onto his ass, his hands cupping his aching balls.

Coach put his hands on his hips and watched Killian dry-hump the air.

“I see”, he muttered after a while. “Okay, son, we’re going to help you.” He turned to Dustin. “Are you going to just sit there playing with your dick?!”

Dustin groaned and got up, adjusting his singlet. “What do you want me to do, Coach?”

“I’ve seen this before, son”, Coach said slowly, nodding in Killian’s direction. “A long time ago. A handsome boy, much like Killian here. A big boy with a huge fucking dick. Always hard, always horny. His big, fat balls always churning and full of cum.” For a brief moment, there was a dark shadow on Coach’s face. “Never shot his load.” Coach looked up at Dustin. “We’re going to get to the bottom of this, son.”

Dustin looked at him. “But how, Coach?”

“Just like it was done to the poor boy all those years ago”, Coach said. He rolled up his sleeves and pulled Killian up. He quickly got behind him and applied a full nelson.

Killian’s eyes widened as he watched Dustin stand in front of him. He struggled and writhed, but Coach didn’t let him out of his vulnerable position.

“Coach, no!” Killian groaned.

“Trust me, son”, Coach said slowly, “it’s for your own good. There’s only one way to do this. There’s only one way to curb your raging dick and your sex-lust. We gotta crush it out of you!”

“What?!” Killian gasped, his eyes wide open with fear. “No, there’s got to be another way!”

Coach shook his head slowly. “Sorry, son, I know there isn’t.”

“I promise I’ll behave!” Killian yelled.

Coach sighed. “I really want to believe you, son, but I know you can’t control yourself. The minute you’re out of this room you’ll be humping one of your team mates again.” He sighed again. “Believe me, there’s no other way.”

Killian bit his lower lip.

Dustin looked at Coach.

Coach nodded. “Just like you did to that kid a couple of weeks ago.”

Dustin raised his eyebrows. “You mean Chip?”

“Yeah”, Coach said.

“I knocked him out cold”, Dustin said with a grin as he remembered the devastating kick that won him the match.

“Killian here is in a different league, son”, Coach said. “You might have to go even harder.”

Dustin bit his lip, nodding. He brought his leg back and sent it crashing between Killian’s muscular thighs, ramming his meaty nuggets into his pelvis and making Killian let out an anguished grunt.

“Do it again, harder!” Coach shouted.

Dustin complied, kicking Killian’s big, bulging babymakers with all the force he could muster, crunching his nuts with a dull thud and eliciting another deep, guttural grunt.

“Again!” Coach barked. “Come on, bash his balls in!”

Dustin took a couple of steps back and kicked Killian’s bugling basket like a football player trying to score a field goal. His instep connected with Killian’s nutsack, brutally squashing its contents and causing Killian to let out an agonized roar.

“Use your knees, son, come on!” Coach grunted, valiantly keeping Killian’s writhing body under control.

Dustin rammed his knee into Killian’s crotch three times in rapid succession, brutally crunching his nuts, causing Killian to groan and grunt, grimacing in pain.

“Punch ‘em as hard as you can”, Coach yelled through his clenched teeth, sweat running down his forehead as he tried to hold Killian steady.

Dustin dropped to his knees and threw a mean, hard uppercut into Killian’s bulging basket, making Killian’s eyes bulge and his jaw drop as he let out a throaty groan.

Dustin glanced at Killian’s hard, throbbing dick as he started punching Killian’s massive balls at a steady pace, using both of his hands. Left, right, left, right, left, right.

Killian’s groans and the dull sound of Dustin’s knuckles connecting with Killian’s tightly packed ball bag filled the room.

Finally, Coach wasn’t able to hold Killian any longer, and the ginger-haired stud collapsed on the ground, cupping his groin and moaning in pain.

Coach wiped his forehead and bent down, grabbing Killian by the ankles.

“Coach, no!” Killian yelled, letting go of his aching, throbbing nuts and propping himself up with his hands.

Coach spread Killian’s legs wide and let his foot sail in between his thighs, kicking his balls with all the force he could muster.

Dustin cringed in sympathy as Coach kicked Killian’s balls hard again and again, driving his foot into Killian’s manhood, panting with effort while Killian was letting out grunts and groans and moans of agony.

After more than a dozen kicks, Coach let go of Killian’s ankles, making him drop onto the ground, nuts first.

An anguished yelp escaped Killian’s lips, but before he had the chance to curl up and nurse his battered balls, Coach stomped down onto his balls, squishing and squashing them against the hard, cold floor.

Coach twisted the ball of his foot as if he was stomping out a cigarette, flattening Killian’s gigantic balls like pancakes and making him gag and retch in pain.

In the meantime, Dustin had disappeared in Coach’s office. When he returned, he was carrying a large, golden trophy.

“Good thinking, son”, Coach muttered, turning Killian onto his back, sitting down on his chest, lifting his legs and spreading them wide apart.

Dustin knelt down and held the trophy over his head before sending it crashing down on Killian’s throbbing balls. He hard, pointy corner of the trophy’s base dug deep into the soft tissue of Killian’s meaty right nugget.

Coach couldn’t help but see the irony in the fact that the trophy which Killian had won almost single-handedly last year was wreaking havoc on his mighty manhood.

Dustin slammed the heavy monstrosity down on Killian’s balls repeatedly, making sure to give each of his nuts their fair share of attention.

Killian grunted and groaned in pain as Dustin squashed his tender testicles as hard as he could.

Both Coach and Dustin were panting heavily, their faces glistening with sweat, as they busted Killian’s balls as hard and as thoroughly as they could.

All the time, Killian’s huge, meaty dick was throbbing and twitching so violently inside his singlet that it looked as if the thin fabric would just rip apart from the sheer power of his rock-hard tool.

Dustin slammed the trophy into Killian’s meaty balls hard, making the muscular wrestler’s voice crack and causing him to yodel like a Bavarian schoolgirl at the Munich Cliché Festival.

“Sounds like we are on the right track, son”, Coach grunted. “Get the baseball bat from my office. It’s behind the desk.”

“Alright, Coach”, Dustin said and hurried into the Coach’s office again.

He returned with the big, wooden bat moments later, and didn’t waste a second before slamming it into Killian’s wide open crotch as if he was trying to score a home run.

“AWWWWW!” Killian moaned in agony as his big, meaty balls were viciously crunched by the bat.

Dustin chuckled and sent the bat crashing into Killian's nuts again.

“AWW!” Killian groaned, his eyes slowly turning inward.

Again, Dustin bashed Killian's fat babymakers with the baseball bat, hitting both of his huge orbs dead-on.

"AWWWW!" Killian moaned, cross-eyed and panting.

His balls had swollen to almost twice their size, and Dustin had no trouble hitting the target as he bashed away at Killian’s manhood, making him grunt and groan and moan and pant.

Somehow, Killian managed to break free, pushing Coach and Dustin away.

He got up and limped towards the door, but Dustin grabbed him by the shoulder before he could make it out of the room, slamming him again the lockers crotch first.

Killian cried out in pain as his huge, throbbing erection on his big, meaty, swollen balls crashed into the hard metal locker doors.

With a loud creak, one of the doors opened.

Dustin looked at Coach. They were thinking the same thing.

Dustin pinned Killian’s arm behind his back, pushing him forwards, his crotch sticking out, and Coach slammed the locker door shut on Killian’s manhood.

Killian let out a deep, anguished howl as his balls were flattened.

Coach opened the door and slammed it shut again, opened it and slammed it shut, repeatedly squashing Killian’s meaty organs until Killian’s howls had turned into hoarse groans.

All three of them were panting heavily.

“Okay, Dustin, pin his arms behind his back”, Coach said, getting down on one knee.

Dustin did as he was told.

Coach cracked his knuckles. “This”, he said slowly, “has all just been build-up.”

Killian’s eyes widened. “Aw, fuck, Coach, for what?” he asked, unable to help his bucking hips and enormous, gargantuan erection.

“For this, son”, Coach said, grabbing both of Killian’s huge, massive balls with both of his hands and proceeding to brutally crush them in his iron grip as hard as he could.

Dustin looked down at Killian’s crotch, watching his buddy’s balls get squished by Coach’s huge hands. His big, hard dick was pressing against Killian’s thighs.

Coach squeezed as hard as he could, pressing his fingertip in the very core of Killian’s huge, cum-filled balls, kneading and compressing the two soft orbs.

Coach shifted his weight, causing his own huge erection to slip out of his gym shorts, leaking precum like a broken faucet.

Killian’s breathing quickened, his face contorting in pain, as Coach squeezed and squeezed as hard as he could, until finally, with a loud, guttural roar, Killian eyes crossed and his jaw dropped, drool running out the corners of his mouth.

Dustin and Coach looked up at Killian.

There was a brief, very brief moment of silence before Killian’s world exploded.

The young man let out an animalistic howl as he experienced the very first orgasm of his entire life.

Killian’s body bucked and his legs trembled as his dick let go of a lifetime’s worth of spunk. Spurt after spurt of thick, creamy jizz shot into his singlet, bursting through the thin fabric and covering Coach in a gooey, sticky layer of salty cream.

Dustin was barely able to hold his friend steady as his swollen, bloated, battered balls pumped what seemed like gallons of spunk out into the open.

The heavy, wet sounds of Killian's spunk splattering on the tile floor echoed in the locker room.

Finally, Dustin let go of Killian’s hands, allowing Killian to drop to one knee while his dick continued splattering jet after jet of creamy spunk onto the floor.

Coach got up and looked at Dustin.

Dustin looked back at him.

Without a word, they started jacking their huge dicks, aiming them at Killian whose dick was still shooting cum as if it was drawing it from a bottomless well.

Dustin gritted his teeth, punching his own balls while jerking his dick.

Coach had a death grip on his left nut, squeezing the life out of it, while stroking his huge, meaty erection feverishly.

With simultaneous groans, Coach and Dustin showered Killian with their spunk. Like fire hoses, their dicks let go of their thick, creamy load, coating Killian’s face and his glistening body in cum.

Killian threw his head back, gasping for breath, his face covered in jizz, while his own mind-boggling orgasm finally came to an end.

The three guys were panting heavily, trying to catch their breath.

“Okay, son”, Coach said hoarsely, slapping Dustin’s muscular ass. “Back to practice.”

Dustin nodded and leisurely stuffed his still rock-hard, dripping dick back into his singlet before sauntering out of the locker room. He opened the door to the gym, grinning when he spotted Kyle taking two of his team mates dicks in his hole like a champ.

The door slammed shut behind Dustin.

Coach reached into one of the lockers and rummaged around until he found a package of cigarettes hidden in a bag. He lit it and closed his eyes, smirking as he pulled in a drag.

Killian stared up at him. His eyes were filled with a wild mixture of pain and pleasure, pain and gratitude, pain and lust.

Coach chuckled and dropped his cigarette.

It landed on the jizz-covered floor and went out with a loud sizzle.

“Okay, son”, Coach said, making his way towards his office, his fat, wet dick smacking against his thigh. “Ready when you are.” He opened the door to his office. “For round two.”

Killian slowly got up and looked at his huge, fat, meaty boner that was still stretching the cum-drenched fabric of his singlet. He bit his lower lip and followed Coach into his office before shutting the door behind him.


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Anonymous said...

That was an incredibly hot story! Thank you for sharing it with us--will there be a round 2?

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! We don't have a sequel planned, yet. But you never know...

sfzephyr said...

That was amazingly, INSANELY hot!!! Thank you so much for posting your stories here! You are both incredibly prolific and incredibly talented.

I'm only a recent reader of your site, so I have a LOT of older stories to catch up on. I hope that my own cock and cum-bloated nuts can keep up with the workout I have planned for them! :)

Alex said...

Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed this story, and I keep my fingers crossed for your equipment... ;-))

Anonymous said...

What happened to Corsair´s artwork?

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I took it down on his request. He's a great artist and a good friend, and I respect his wishes.

Anonymous said...

SO HOT man. Would love some cock torture in there too. His meat getting accidently caught in the locker slamming ;-)

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I‘m glad you enjoyed the story! :-))