Saturday, May 22, 2021

Video links: Fake_ditto's favorites (2)


Earlier this month, our reader Fake_ditto shared some amazing video links with us. And here he is again, with another batch of busted balls. Thank you so much, Fake_ditto! You are awesome!

Let's start with a silly commercial straight from the 90s with a ball thrown straight to the 00s.

Another commercial, another hit in the nuts. "Good morning, Timmy!" LOL

Don't you just love a good nutshot reaction? Look at the eyes of the poor guy in the next vid. Give him an Oscar already!

Working out has never looked more dangerous than in the next clip...

Don't you just love a good "Bangkok" joke? It never gets old!

Some guys don't need a clever "What's the capital of Thailand?" set-up to go low on a bro. Just go for it, buddy!

Here's a great comedy skit featuring Heroes actor James Kyson Lee. No little heroes for him, I'm afraid...

Thank you so much once again, Fake_Ditto, for sharing these awesome links with us!

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