Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Poll results: Favorite video of season 2


Last month I asked you to tell me your favorite video of Season 2 of our very own BallbustingBoys.org Original Videos. I know that some of you are not into our videos, and that's entirely okay, of course. I am very glad that almost 100 people took part in the poll, though! That is so awesome!

I have hidden the results when the poll was still active to avoid tactical voting. I want your unadulterated opinion. So here are the results:

Training day - ballbusting and cumkicking   19.5%
Ballbusting the sperm donor    14%
Cock crushed, balls busted   12.5%
Wheel of nut pain   10%
Let's retire your balls, bro!   9%
Toby's ballbusting world of sports   8%
Ballbusting Bros Quarantine Diary
Nutkicks - a pain experiment   7%
Toby's ballbusting self defense   6%
Ball bash - SuperBro vs The Flasher

Thank you so much to everybody who has voted in the poll! We are currently exploring future options after Toby's retirement, and I hope we'll have good news for you soon...

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