Friday, February 7, 2020 Original Videos: Nutkicks - a pain experiment

The Institute of Testicular Agony (= a place where men get their nuts crunched for some bogus science project) has been on my mind for years. In fact, this clip is based on the same basic idea as a story I published almost five years ago (BB Academy: Footwear study), and I can’t tell you how happy I am to see my vision brought to life by the fantastic team of Toby and Fluffy. Hooray for science!

Nutkicks – a pain experiment
Starring Toby Springs and Fluffy
Length: 19 min
Price: $18.99
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The Institute of Testicular Agony is working day and night to solve the mystery of men. Today, we get a glimpse of their important work: Toby Springs, a highly scientific researcher, has enlisted his bro Fluffy for an experiment: "What kind of footwear is best to inflict the maximum amount of pain on a pair of testicles?" Toby sets the benchmark with some barefoot kicks, and then poor Fluffy is in for dozens and dozens of painful nutkicks with all kinds of different shoes: sneakers, boots, dress shoes, sport shoes, you name it. Fluffy rates the footwear on a scale from one to ten, and Toby adds is his own rating. Needless to say, Toby enjoys himself very much while Fluffy is a little less enthusiastic… Who said science can’t be fun?

My opinion:

Some of the kicks have to be seen to be believed – they are harder than anything I have seen so far! It’s fantastic to see Toby and Fluffy have so much fun with the premise! Many other people would have balked at my idea of using twenty kicks per shoe to determine its “nutcrunching quality” – aren’t five enough? aren’t three enough? it’s a ludicrous idea to begin with! – in order to do it with minimum effort and maximum efficiency. Not Toby and Fluffy. They take the idea and run with it, with passion and skill, making it better and funnier and hotter in the process. Trust me, this clip is fantastic!


🦶 Kicks, kicks, kicks 🦶

Maybe you guessed it from the title? Yeah, this clip is all about kicks to the nuts. Hard kicks. Nut-crunching kicks. Kicks from the front and from behind. Barefoot kicks, kicks in socks and kicks in a variety of different shoes. If you like nutkicks you will LOVE this clip!

🦶 Just for fun 🦶

Naturally, this clip is all about nutkicks (see above) but Toby manages to sneak in a few very good smacks and slaps as well. I guess he’s so enthusiastic about busting balls that he just can’t help it… LOL!

🦶 Funny men 🦶

There are several bits in this clip that made me laugh out loud (and I don’t mean Fluffy’s genitalia…). Both Toby and Fluffy are at their best here, two genuinely funny guys, true entertainers. Their improvisational skills are just amazing. There are many hilarious lines (Toby's delivery of "We don't want to break the dick - just the balls..." is comedy gold!) but my favorite part comes when Toby asks Fluffy to rate the first kick on a scale from 1 to 10.
“Five”, Fluffy says.
“Be more precise! This is science!” Toby replies. “Give me a decimal number!”
“Five point zero”, Fluffy says.
Toby’s reaction to that, and Fluffy’s reaction to Toby’s reaction, and Toby’s reaction to Fluffy’s reaction – the scene is just priceless. And it involves a good, hard nutshot, too. Perfect!

🦶 Swollen goods 🦶

Toby and Fluffy are hot and funny and awesome in their roles – but the true star of this clip is Fluffy’s nutsack. Nature has blesses Fluffy with a wonderful pair of testicles that can take abuse like no other. And it looks so fucking sexy when it’s swollen!

🦶 Choked chicken 🦶

At the very start of the clip, Toby duct-tapes Fluffy’s dick to his stomach (“Right on the hair, thanks”, Fluffy deadpans) so it’s out of the way. By the end of the clip, it looks like the duct-tape is choking the cock, cutting it off just below the head. Very painful. And very hot.

🦶 Bro science 🦶

I can’t say it often enough: The chemistry between Toby and Fluffy is just awesome. We put them in different roles here (scientist/subject) but we didn’t want them to appear detached or noninvolved as you might expect them to be. Call it role play, call it bro science – it’s hot as fuck!

🦶 Authenticity 🦶

There’s a second layer of relationship in this clip (as in every piece of performance): We see Toby and Fluffy as actors in their roles, but we have them as human beings, as friends, too. There are a few “private moments” in this clip, an immediate smile from Toby when he scores a direct hit, an obviously unplayed frown from Fluffy when he learns that they aren’t done yet. It’s these moments, these authentic little instants when the actors’ real selves shine through that I like most about our clips. Well, those and the awesome nutshots…

🦶 Surpise! 🦶

There’s a kind of nutshot that I enjoy in particular: The kind that takes the recipient off-guard. Either it’s harder than expected, or it’s completely unexpected. Those hits in the gonads elicit the best responses, and we have several of those in the clip. One involving a hand in a boot is especially funny to look at…

🦶 Sexy scientist 🦶

I love Toby with glasses! He looks like a superserious scientist with them – if superserious scientists worked in their undies under their coats… I have to admit that we chose hotness over realism here, and it’s totally worth it!

Bottom line:
Long live the Institute of Testicular Agony!


Nutkicks – a pain experiment
Starring Toby Springs and Fluffy
Length: 19 min
Price: $18.99
Quality Guarantee:
Get the clip now at!

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Anonymous said...

Most clips have overacting or fake the busting, and are still exorbitant. Yours don't, and I think that most of us like them precisely because they're genuine and affordable.

Alex said...

Thank you very much for your feedback! Your words mean the world to me! :-))