Monday, February 24, 2020

Celebrity shorts: Tom Daley's low hangers (written by Lee)

This delightful little story is the ballbusting writing debut of our reader Lee. I hope you enjoy is as much as I did! :-))

Tom Daley sighed as he attempted to make himself decent. Even in the cold British weather his balls usually hung till his knees and now in the hot climes of Rio they spilled out of his speedos, resembling nothing as much as two grapefruits in a long stocking. Having no other option, he called out for Jack Laugher, who arrived within moments from the neighbouring room. "What happened mate?" Jack asked, before his eyes fell onto Tom's comically large testes. He couldn't help it and burst out laughing. "Are those real? And why are they so pink?"

"Yes, they're real. And they're pink because I might have sat on them a couple of times, not to mention when they got caught in the door yesterday. Now I really need your help. They just aren't fitting. And I need to keep the speedos to keep my Adidas revenue"

"Well it's simple, innit mate? Just wrap 'em around your body"

"Well we could try that, but be careful"...

Half an hour later Tom was practicing his diving. Then midair, he felt something give way and suddenly 12 inches of balls were falling out of his speedos. Thus distracted, he messed up his spin and ended up landing on the edge of the pool. Needless to mention, with low hangers like those, he crunched his nuts, squashing them flat against the poolside tiles. The resulting high pitched shriek brought Chris Mears hurrying.

Now Chris, having once accidentally walked in on Tom in the showers and seen his beautiful bollocks from behind, had always been jealous of him. His own balls were collectively the size of a small walnut and were so close to his body that they could only be seen upon lifting his dick. Indeed, a week ago he'd gone to give a lecture at a local school and while using the urinal had been mocked by the boys, one as young as 18, for having tiny balls. The memory still made him blush, and his balls ache (for it goes without saying that the kids had made it a point to try and crush those nuts which they had argued were already useless)

Even so, as he saw Tom in pain, he hurried forward. "What happened?"

Gingerly, his hands still cradling his eggs (which by now had been made into omelettes) Tom showed him. Despite the plan forming in his head, Chris winced out of sympathy for his fellow male, thanking the heavens for once that he had miniscule marbles rather than gigantic globes. Tom whispered in a toneless voice, "What am I going to do, mate? I can't have me goolies falling out during the competition tomorrow, partially because showing my knackers on international TV will get me disqualified, but mostly because I don't want to be bloody castrated"

"Don't worry, I have an idea. Come to my hotel toom tonight."

That night, Tom stole out of his room wearing only booty shorts and towards Chris', which was on the next floor. He got into the lift. Unfortunately, his plums escaped their precarious prison and got stuck in the doors. The lift began moving up. In panic he managed to emergency stop the lift and get out,with the unfortunate side effect that his sack was now swinging almost till his feet. Too scared to use the lift, he reluctantly decided to use the stairs, flinching every time his tender potatoes hit a step. On the way he met Jack, returning to his room clearly drunk and also very naked, his average boner hanging over what can only be described as two large, but fairly tight, apples. "No wonder his plan failed," Tom thought bitterly "he's never had any experience to tally it against."

Ten minutes later, Tom was in Chris' room and getting increasingly horrified as the plan was revealed. Having no other choice, however, he clenched his teeth and got on with it. First he took off his t-shirt, revealing a twinkish body. Then, at Chris'insistence, he took off his shorts.This only had the effect of revealing his 8 inch dick, since his balls were already swinging free. Seeing this large appendage made Chris even more jealous, for if his acorns were small, his penis (though a fair 5 inches) was as thin as a twig. He remembered when, as a lad, one of his friends had actually snapped it with just two fingers and he'd had to go to the hospital. His plan had been simple- tie the troublesome twosome in knots until they were no longer long enough to pop out at inopportune moments, and also so that they were no longer so unwieldy that they would just pop. So, with the grim determination of one committed to his sport, Tom stood precariously at the edge of the bed to allow Chris to get to work. Chris quickly started tying Tom's balls in knots, with the recipient of abuse barely being able to contain the pain. The last knot caused Tom to fall off and he grabbed whatever was close by. Unfortunately for his tormentor, that just happened to be Chris's jewels, which were so small that Tom didn't even realise what he was crushing until Chris bent over in pain. Despite his own agony, Tom laughed." Are you seriously telling me that your bollocks are that tiny? I have to send this to Jack" So saying, he quickly pulled down Chris' pants and took pictures. Intending to dm them on twitter to Mr. Laugher, he accidentally pushed the wrong button. The next day Tom's fruits stayed in their lycra pouch and nobody knew their size, though unfortunately the same couldn't be said for Chris.


Anonymous said...

Easy to read and nice and short.

Anonymous said...

Could you please do Black Panther next.

Felix said...

@Andrew thanks.
@Anonymous I'll try my best

Anonymous said...

LOVED the story it was so hot. But I wish you'd popped Tom's balls

Felix said...

Hi Anon 2. Popping isn't really to my taste but I'll try to include heavier busting in my Black Panther story.

Anonymous said...

Did you know that in a music video, Troye called his balls "right where it hurts"

Felix said...

@anon3 I'm not sure what that has to do with the story, but I did know that. You're talking about We're my OTP, right? Please come off anon and I'd love to talk. Huge TS fan here.