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Sweet tooth (Donald meets Sammy and the twins)

Special thanks to Donald for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who loves dessert!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Artwork created by Champ

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality. But more importantly: there's permanent damage and extraordinary brutality as requested by Donald. Seriously, this is probably one of the most deranged stories I have ever written. Please stay away if you don’t enjoy this kind of stuff!

Featured in this story: Sammy and the twins (click for pictures)

“If you want to make a dessert you have to break some eggs”, Sammy said cheerfully, rubbing his hands. The handsome 18 year old was wearing nothing but a small kitchen apron that barely covered his private parts. He was a lanky young man with red hair, an impish grin on his freckled face.

Today we were shooting a rather unusual scene, and Sammy was the perfect guy for the lead role. He was funny and cute, he knew how to hurt a pair of nuts, and he was sadistic enough to go through with whatever the script required.

He was flanked by his assistants Michael and Will. They were identical twins, blond and blue-eyed, with muscular bodies and dashing good looks. Their kitchen aprons were even smaller than Sammy’s, leaving very little to the imagination.

Today’s scene was set in a kitchen, and we had managed to get an awesome shooting location: a large, fully equipped kitchen with solid wooden fronts and marble countertops. The center was a very large cooking island behind which Sammy and the twins were standing.

Lying on the island, directly in front of them, was Sammy’s co-star for this scene.

Donald was 26 years old, skinny, with dirty blond hair. He was bare naked, lying on his back on the kitchen counter, his body wrapped in plastic wrap, completely immobilized. The only parts of his body that weren’t covered were his head and his genitalia.

He had a terrified look on his face, and he had been screaming and protesting while we had wrapped him. My cameraman and my assistant had managed to overpower him easily: he wasn’t very muscular, and his resistance had been pretty laughable.

Now he was lying on the marble countertop, unable to move his arms or legs, with an apple stuffed into his mouth which turned his protest into muffled whimpers and moans.

Usually, the preparation for our shoots were a little less intrusive. But this was a custom shoot, and we took our clients’ wishes very seriously. Donald had been very clear in the email that he had sent us: He was going to put up a fight and he wanted to be forcefully subdued.

Now the camera was rolling, Donald was plastic-wrapped and apple-gagged with his balls exposed and ready for action, and Sammy smiled into the camera.

Donald was whimpering and moaning as Sammy explained to the audience what was about to happen. “Thank you for tuning in today”, he said with a TV-ready smile. “We are going to make a delicious dessert with what Mother Nature has given us today”, he quipped, winking at the camera before slapping Donald’s nuts with the palm of his hand, making the young man moan in pain. “We are going to prepare two dishes for you: Hot nut chunks with caramel frosting and salty syrup, and my specialty: Choked Rooster.” Sammy laughed. “I bet you have no idea what that is, right?” With a cheeky grin he grabbed Donald’s limp dick and pinched it, eliciting a grunt from poor Donald. “I’ll walk you through it, step by step, don’t worry…”

The twins chuckled, and I couldn’t help but grin as well. This was going to be brutal, but it was going to be very entertaining as well.

“Before we begin”, Sammy smiled, turning to the twins”, “I have a task for my assistants.”

“At your service, sir”, the two handsome gymnasts replied in unison.

Sammy reached into the pocket of his apron and produced a little blue pill. “We have to wake up the rooster”, he grinned. Then he hesitated and reached into the pocket again. He gave a handful of pills to Will and grinned. “Make sure he swallows these”, he said with a wink. “They have to be stuffed deeeeeeep inside…”

Will chuckled. “Sure, sir.”

Then he took the apple out of Donald’s mouth.

Donald’s voice was hoarse and dry. “Please, no, this is a---”

Will ignored him and placed the pills in his mouth. Then he grabbed his neck and pulled him to the edge of the kitchen island so that his head was hanging over it. It was right at crotch height, and without further ado, Will rammed his dick into his mouth, using it like a tool to stuff a turkey. “There you go”, Will said casually as he fucked Donald’s mouth, making him gag and retch in the process.

Sammy had a hard time remaining serious. He cleared his throat and nodded. “That’s it. Stuff it deep inside.” He turned to Michael. “In the meantime we are going to start preparing the Choked rooster.” He grabbed a wooden meat tenderizer and handed Michael another one. “Let’s tenderize the meat”, he said with a cheerfully smile.

Then they started hammering Donald’s nuts.

Within seconds, the spikey surface of the meat tenderizer left angry red marks on Donald’s sack as Sammy and Michael pounded his ballbag with all the force they could muster.

Unfortunately, Donald’s nuts were too small to divide them up between them, so they had to work out a rhythm. They swung their mallets down hard, alternating, and the steady SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! mixed with the retching and the gagging, filling the kitchen with the hilarious sound of a hapless young man getting destroyed.

The little blue pills started working, and while Michael and Sammy were hammering Donald’s nuts, his dick started rising until it was rock hard.

Sammy made sure to slam the meat tenderizer down on the hard dick, forcefully crushing Donald’s cock, bending it, and making his body jump. He would have screamed from the top of his lungs if it hadn’t been for Will’s big, hard boner that was lodged inside his throat.

But for every hard hit to Donald’s dick, there were a dozen hard hits to his testicles, and Donald’s little peanuts were swelling rapidly. Soon, they had doubled in size, and they had taken on a very unhealthy red color.

“Doesn’t that look like a rooster?” Sammy quipped, pointing at Donald’s crotch.

I chuckled.

Indeed, Donald’s hard dick, bent slightly out of shape, looked a little like a beak, and his nutsack looked like a pair of wattles.

“Now let’s choke the motherfucker”, Sammy said cheerfully, reaching into the drawer with the kitchen tools and producing a cutting wire.

“Wait”, Will said with a grin as he continued fucking Donald’s mouth. “How do you get the sack that red if you don’t own a meat tenderizer?”

Sammy grinned, putting the cutting wire aside for a moment. “I’m glad you asked”, he said. “You can use any other object that’s hard and wieldy.” He placed an assortment of kitchen tools on the table: spatulas and spoons, mallets and mortars, pepper mills and salt shakers.

One by one, Michael and Sammy went through the instruments, busting poor Donald’s balls with the objects and doing some serious damage to his tender testicles. His nuts turned purple, then lilac, and they were ridiculously swollen.

“Let me try this one”, Will chuckled, pointing to a manual lemon squeezer.

“Be my guest”, Sammy grinned. “Let’s see what you can do with that thing!”

Will grinned and pulled his dick out of Donald’s mouth. Drool and spit were covering Donald’s face. His eyes were glued partly shut by his own saliva and he looked ghastly.

“Good job”, Michael chuckled, high-fiving his twin brother.

Will shrugged his shoulders and grinned, his dick rock hard and dripping with Donald’s spit. “A bit of stuffing came out I’m afraid…”

They laughed as Will grabbed the lemon squeezer and whacked Donald in the nuts with it..

I expected Donald to scream and wail, but apparently Will had fucked his throat sore, because he just let out hoarse groans and grunts as Will hit his balls again and again and again, slamming the metal tool onto Donald’s grotesquely swollen testicles, making the poor plastic-wrapped young man whimper and moan in agony.

“Okay, let’s choke the rooster now”, Sammy grinned and grabbed the cutting wire. He wrapped it in a loop around Donald’s steel-like erection, just half an inch below its mushroom head. Donald’s dick twitched as Sammy slowly tightened the noose until the wire was digging into the soft flesh of his boner. “You gotta choke it good or it’ll run around with its head cut off”, Sammy quipped, pulling the wire tighter and tighter. Donald’s dick twitched violently. Maybe it was sensing the danger of losing its head, maybe it was Will’s relentless whacking of Donald’s nuts.

“Wait a second”, Will said suddenly. “Let’s see if we get some juice of him first”, he chuckled. He placed Donald’s right nut in the center of the lemon squeezer and pressed it shut, gritting his teeth as he applied the pressure.

It looked like Will was as surprised by what happened next as the rest of us: With a sickening SQUELCH, Donald’s nut was crushed beyond repair. It was instantly liquified, turned into mush.

A jolt went through Donald’s body and he let out a silent scream, his face contorted in unimaginable pain.

Will let out a baffled laugh. “Damn, that was easier than I thought.” He withdrew the squeezer and chuckled as he inspected the scrotum. “I thought we’d have some fun with this before we crush it…”

Donald’s right testicle was gone for good, turned into useless goo by Will’s strong hand. Unfortunately, it hadn’t even been able to let go of the sperm it had been holding at the time of its death: Donald’s erection was still twitching and throbbing but there was no sign of an eruption.

“Hey!” Sammy said sharply, letting go of the cutting wire in frustration, inadvertently extending the lifetime of Donald’s throbbing dick. “I said nut chunks, not nut mousse.”

Will chuckled. “The result is the same, isn’t it? Besides, there’s one nut left, so don’t get all---”

He was interrupted by a quick, hard kick to his own danglers.

“I’m the chef”, Sammy said sternly, withdrawing his foot and watching Will sink to his knees. “You do what I say, capisce?” An icy smile appeared on his lips. “Or I may just decide that I need a bigger rooster for dessert.” With that, he grabbed the cutting wire again.

“Got it”, Will whispered in a toneless voice. “Got it, boss.”

“Okay”, Sammy said, turning to Michael. “Now let’s make some nut chunks before your brother gets any ideas and ruins the left nut as well…”

Michael chuckled. “Alright”, he said, grabbing a metal steak hammer and weighing it in his hand before slamming it down on Donald’s last nut. Again and again, he hammered poor Donald’s final testicle which proved a lot more resilient than its deceased twin.

While Michael was working on ending Donald’s last chance of ever having kids, his brother went to the stove and started preparing the frosting, heating butter and sugar until it melted and creating a bubbling, sticky caramel. Soon, the kitchen was filled with the delicious scent of sweet caramel.

In the meantime, Michael was pounding Donald’s nut, hitting it with the steak hammer again and again and again, eliciting anguished grunts and throaty moans from poor Donald as his manhood was dying a slow, excruciating death.

“The fucker just won’t break”, Michael mumbled, bashing Donald’s ball with all the force he could muster.

“Let me help you”, Sammy grinned, grabbing a steak knife and bringing it down on Donald’s nut, piercing it and making poor Donald howl in agony.

“Thanks”, Michael said cheerfully as Sammy withdrew the knife.

The next blow with the steak hammer did the trick: Donald’s last nut broke in half, eliciting jubilant cheers from the chef and his assistants, and a hoarse, anguished wail from poor Donald.

Turning Donald’s manhood into nut chunks was an easy task, now, just a few more blows with the hammer and his testicles were reduced to a dozen little pieces.

“Here comes the caramel frosting”, Will sing-songed before pouring the boiling hot, steamy, sticky sugar mass over poor Donald’s wrecked nutsack.

Donald screamed from the top of his lungs. It was a guttural, animalistic scream of someone who knew that his family line had just ended.

“Didn’t you say it was salty caramel?” Michael said, looking at Sammy.

“Oh fuck, you’re right!” Sammy laughed. He jerked Donald’s rock-hard dick a couple of times, and miraculously a spurt of semen sputtered out of his dick, landing as a blotch of white cream on Donald’s steaming, caramel-coated, ruined nutsack.

“But we don’t want the caramel to be too salty”, Sammy added quickly before grabbing the cutting wire and swiftly cutting Donald’s dick in half mid-orgasm.

The twins laughed as Donald screamed in pain.

Sammy picked up the severed head of Donald’s dick and held it up into the camera. “Looks like our Choked Rooster is a little overdone…” With that, he put it into his mouth and started chewing. “Mmmhmm”, he mumbled, his mouth full. “Delicious.”

“The nut chunks look pretty tasty as well”, Will grinned, leaning forward to suck the left side of Donald’s ruined ball bag.

Michael chuckled. “I think I’ll taste the nut mousse”, he said, joining his brother and chewing on the right side of Donald’s wrecked sack.

The three studs were munching and chewing happily, grinning and chuckling as Donald was screaming in pain.

When they were done, Sammy turned to the camera. “I hope you enjoyed our little show. Feel free to try our recipes yourselves. I’m sure you’re going to have a lot of fun.” He turned to Will and Michael whose dicks were rock-hard.

With a cheeky wink, Sammy turned Donald around, making him lie ass-up. He cut the plastic wrap, exposing his butt. Then he spread his cheeks and started fingering his hole. “Who is up for some Stuffed Turkey?”

Michael and Will cheered and laughed as Sammy sprayed some whipped cream on Donald’s hole before mounting him and inserting his dick, roughly fucking his hole.

Sammy was close to cumming when the doorbell rang.

“Cut!” I said. “One moment, guys.”

I opened the door and a young man looked back at me. He was in his mid-twenties, skinny, with dirty blond hair.

“Sorry I’m late”, he said.

I raised my eyebrows. “And you are---”

He smiled sheepishly and lowered his voice. “We emailed. I’m going to put up a fight and you’re going to ruin me”, he said, his voice quivering with excitement. “Don’t hold back. Ruin me completely.”

I blinked. “If you are…” I gulped. “Then who is…” My eyes fell on the ruined, emasculated young man on the kitchen island.



Anonymous said...

Hi! Well written as always but I didn't particularly enjoy the damage. However, the surprise ending was very funny.

Andrew said...

Brilliant, and a good twist at the end.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, guys! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! :-))

Anonymous said...

Great story, hope to see more of them.

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Thanks for your comment! :-))

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Great story! I loved everything about it, especially the ending!

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Thank you, Mathophobe! I‘m glad you enjoyed the story! :-))

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Such a great story ;) You owe me quite a dry-cleaning bill haha

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Thank you, buster! I'm glad you enjoyed the story... ;-)