Friday, February 28, 2020

Handymen (Wilson meets Kev and Ben)

Special thanks to Wilson for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who enjoys reading about hot studs in peril!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Artwork created by Champ

The three studs looked steaming hot in their ridiculously saucy handyman costumes. One of the girls of the nearby sorority had helped with the design. She was a fashion design major, and her field of expertise were sexy clothes for women. It was quite obvious that her understanding of the male anatomy and of the sartorial consequences was rather limited…

That’s why the three studs’ denim short shorts weren’t just short. They were also extremely tight in a strategically important area, meaning that the meat and veg located in that area was smushed and crushed and crumpled, creating hilarious and super sexy outlines – and quite a bit of discomfort... In addition to that, the waistline was extremely low, meaning the studs’ pubic hair was on full display and the roots of their dicks were showing as well.

Their white t-shirts sat very tight on their muscular bodies, so tight that it looked like someone had painted their pecs and nipples on them. They were too short, far too short, and their abs and belly buttons were showing.

In fact, the only things that fit perfectly were the leather tool belts that were filled with everyday tools, and the heavy, steel-toed boots on their feet.

Fortunately, apart from the slight discomfort in their crotches, the studs didn’t mind.

They were filming a mock commercial for the next dorm party, and a bit of adult humor certainly wouldn’t hurt…

Kev was 20 years old, tall and handsome, with brown hair and brown eyes. His body was muscular and athletic, he worked out regularly, and he liked to show off his body. An enterprising, popular young man, Kev had invented several events that had made his dorm popular and notorious. He had won the Naked Nutball Championships a few times, and the winning picture of last year’s event had made the rounds on campus. Kev was blessed with a very impressive set of equipment, and the swelling made it look even more impressive, causing quite a boom in demand from the ladies on campus…

Ben was as old as Kev, a dashing stud with black hair and brown eyes. Like Kev, he took very good care of his body, lifted weights and worked out on a regular basis. Like Kev, he loved showing off his muscular body. Like Kev, he enjoyed the attention of girls and his big, meaty dick was in high demand. Unfortunately, Ben’s ego was even bigger than his dick, and it had a tendency of getting him into trouble, making him accept bets that he shouldn’t accept or causing him to put his balls on the line when he shouldn’t.

They were a good team, though, and when Kev had had the idea of shooting the mock commercial, Ben had jumped in immediately.

It became clear very soon, though, that some nuts would have to be cracked in order for the idea to work – and neither Ben nor Kev wanted to provide them.

That’s when they asked Wilson.

Wilson was 22 years old, a very attractive young man with black hair and hazel eyes. He was hot and he knew it, that’s why he didn’t second-guess Ben and Kev when they asked him to participate. He was open and fun-loving, with a great sense of humor, that’s why he was a perfect pick. And he wasn’t what you would call an overthinker, that’s why he didn’t ask why on earth two studs like Ben and Kev wanted to include him in the project.

Now Wilson was standing between Kev and Ben, wearing the same tight white shirt, the same steel-toed boots, and the same ridiculously mistailored denim short shorts – with one crucial difference: Wilson’s were crotchless.

There was a strategically placed hole that was just wide enough for Wilson to slip is sack through – and the handsome stud couldn’t help but enjoy the fact that his buddies’ gonads were crushed while his balls were swinging freely.

“Ha”, he chuckled in his soft baritone, “I bet that hurts…”

Kev and Ben shifted uncomfortably.

“I bet that hurts your nuts”, Wilson repeated with a grin before playfully swinging his hands back, hitting both Kev and Ben in the crotch simultaneously.

The two studs let out a collective grunt as Wilson’s hand connected with their most prized possessions.

Wilson roared with laughter, cockily shifting his hips, causing his nuts to smack against his thighs in a mocking clap that sounded like crude applause.

His laughter was cut short when Kev and Ben got their revenge. Their fists met right in front of Wilson’s groin – with his precious plums between them…

There was a moment of silence.

Wilson’s jaw dropped and he looked down, a curious mix of consternation, surprise, premonition and self-pity on his face. His studly testicles were crushed between his buddy’s knuckles, and Kev and Ben made sure to keep their fists in position, twisting them a little, adding insult to injury by grinding Wilson’s bare balls between them.

Wilson tried to keep his composure, to not give in to the terrible pain that was radiating from the his most prized possessions.

Kev and Ben withdrew their fists, laughing riotously, and Wilson refrained from grabbing his dangling nutsack. Instead, he put his hands on his hips in an attempt to look casual and unfazed.

“That was… tough”, he said in a toneless voice before clearing his throat. “A lesser guy might have screamed…”

Ben and Kev looked at each other.

Without saying a word, they both brought their feet up, kicking Wilson in the nuts simultaneously. It was a notable escalation of the fist attack, and it was devastatingly effective.

This time, Wilson’s big, bouncy ball bag was crushed between the two feet.

This time, Wilson screamed.

Kev and Ben roared with laughter, high-fiving and mocking their buddy as he doubled over, clutching his nuts.

“A lesser guy might have screamed”, Ben imitated Wilson, mockingly clutching his crotch.

“You sound like very much like that guy”, Kev laughed.

“Yup, that’s right”, Ben laughed.

“No, wait, you don’t”, Kev raised his finger. “You sound like a girl…”

Ben and Kev roared with laughter.

I cleared my throat. “Guys, as much as I love seeing you guys have fun…” I didn’t finish my sentence. Instead, I looked at my watch. The guys had asked me to film the clip because of my experience as the managing director of a modestly successful niche porn studio that both Kev and Ben freelanced for, and I was more than happy to help – but I didn’t have all day. In addition to that it seemed like Ben and Kev were in the process of destroying the most important props of the video we were trying to shoot…

“Alright”, Kev chuckled. “Let’s do this.” He looked at me. “Camera rolling?”

“Camera rolling”, I said.

“Hey guys, welcome to a new edition of ‘Nuts and bolts’, your trusted program whenever you want to do it yourself”, Kev smiled into the camera. “I’m Kev, this is Ben…”

“Hiya”, Ben grinned.

“…and this is our guest Wilson”, Kev continued. “What’s up, Wilson? How are your bolts?”

Wilson blinked. “My--- What--- Huh?!”

Kev laughed and playfully smacked Wilson’s nutsack with the palm of his hand. “Just kidding, man, just kidding…”

Wilson let out a yelp as Kev and Ben laughed.

“Today we want to deal with a problem that everybody knows: nuts”, Kev explained with a smile, reaching into his tool belt and grabbing a rubber mallet that looked quite heavy and robust. “Nuts can make you go insane, so we’ll show you how to crack ‘em and make sure they’re not a problem for very much longer…” Kev winked into the camera. “Come on, put those pesky little things on the workbench.”

Wilson smiled weakly, an uneasy expression on his face. His fat set of plums rested on the bench, draped out like a lazy pair of lemons.

“Safety first”, Ben said cheerfully, reaching inside his tool belt to produce some zip ties. Wilson’s uneasy smile weakened some more when Ben tied his wrists behind his back, preventing him from protecting his nuts.

Then he looked down at the ball bag that was resting on the workbench.

Wilson followed his gaze, biting his lower lip.

“Shame”, Ben chuckled, playfully poking at the two tender mounds with his index finger. “They look pretty good.”

“Yeah, women look good, too”, Kev shrugged his shoulders. “But do you want them in your workshop?”

“Good point”, Ben chuckled. “Crush them!”

Kev slammed the mallet down on Wilson’s nuts, hitting both of them dead on and flattening them under the mallet.

Wilson’s mouth opened in a silent scream, his eyelids twitching as his eyes crossed.

“Ouch”, Ben chuckled. “That’s gotta---”

The mallet came down on Wilson’s nuts once again, squashing his juicy plums flat.

Ben laughed. “That’s gotta---”

Kev crushed Wilson’s nuts once more, bringing the mallet down hard.

Now, Wilson found his voice again and he screamed from the top of his lungs. He started writhing and squirming, and Ben held him in place to prevent him from pulling his junk out of harm’s way.

“Yup”, Ben dead-panned. “That’s what I was gonna say: That’s gotta hurt.”

Kev looked down at Wilson’s balls. They were slightly swollen and very red. “I don’t think they have cracked, yet”, Kev said with a deliberately unimpressed tone of voice.

“Maybe you aren’t hitting them hard enough?” Ben suggested with an innocent smile.

Wilson’s eyes widened. “Wait, no, that’s not---"

Kev shrugged his shoulders and started pounding Wilson’s balls in a steady rhythm. The whack-whack-whack of the mallet was accompanied by shrill squeals from poor Wilson until he finally managed to pull his junk off the workbench.

By now, his beautiful ball bag looked seriously swollen and had gone from slightly red to purple.

“Put your nuts back on the bench, buddy”, Kev said casually, smiling as he knocked the mallet down on the place where he wanted Wilson’s nuts.

Wilson shook his head. “You’re fucking kidding, right?”

Kev cocked his head.

“No fucking way”, Wilson mumbled, staring down at his battered balls. “Look at my fucking nuts.” He grimaced. “Or what’s left of them.”

“Put them back on the bench”, Kev said patiently.

Wilson shook his head.

Behind Wilson, Ben picked up a cordless screwdriver and a large stainless steel cable clamp.

Wilson was completely oblivious, totally focused on his swollen ball bag that swung from side to side as Wilson shook his head.

“Put them back”, Kev said. “Last warning.”

Wilson raised his eyebrow. “What are you gonna do, huh?”

“This”, Kev said casually.

He grabbed Wilson’s sack and pulled him forward, pressing his nuts onto the bench. Ben placed the cable clamp on his sack and screwed it down. He was careful not to seriously injure his buddy. He just made sure that Wilson didn’t go anywhere.

“No!” Wilson gasped, an incredulous expression on his face.

His balls were bulging at the other end of the cable clamp, swollen, purple, bruised and battered.

Now there was no escape for his precious plums, and with his hands tied behind his back, there was nothing that Wilson could do to prevent his nuts from getting crunched – other than “enjoy” his front-row seat at the demolition party…

Kev smiled, raising the mallet. “Ahh, that’s better…”

He sent it crushing down on Wilson’s trapped nuts, eliciting an anguished wail.

Again and again, Kev brought down the mallet, causing Wilson to scream and shriek, groan and moan, bawl and howl in agony, writhing and squirming, utterly helpless.

When Kev stopped, Wilson’s nuts were ridiculously swollen and bright red. They looked ghastly, and his buddies couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Wilson’s face was a mask of pain and pity, wet with sweat, flushed and hot.

“These are some pesky little things”, Kev said, putting one hands on his hips as he wiped the sweat off his own brow with the back of his hand.

“Here”, Ben smiled, reaching into his tool belt. “Let me try something.”

He produced two pairs of water pump pliers, one in each hand. He showed them to the camera, beaming, as Wilson’s eyes widened with terror.

“No!” he said hoarsely. “Nonononono!”

“These pliers”, Ben explained, smiling into the camera, “aren’t designed for crushing nuts.” He pointed at Wilson’s junk with a grin, playfully nudging the fat, swollen balls with the business end of the pliers. “But desperate times call for desperate measures...”

“Nonononono! My nuts… No, please!” Wilson protested, shaking his head frantically. “No!”

His words didn’t seem to impress Ben at all, but with his hands tied behind his back and his nutsack bolted to the work bench, Wilson’s options to save his testicles were rather limited…

With a workmanlike attitude, Ben applied the pliers, one in each hand, positioning each of Wilson’s nuts between the jaws before clamping them shut.

Wilson yodeled in pain when the jaws dug into the tender, swollen flesh of his most sensitive organs, sinking deep into the meaty orbs, crunching them, crushing them, flattening them brutally.

Wilson’s voice grew louder and louder, rising higher and higher, until it filled the room, sounding not unlike a buzzsaw.

“That looks pretty good”, Kev yelled, trying to make himself heard.

“Yeah, right?” Ben yelled back, twisting the pliers in opposite directions and making Wilson shriek like a banshee.

“Tough bastards”, Kev yelled.

“Yeah”, Ben yelled back, crushing Wilson’s nuts with the pliers.

Wilson’s mouth was wide open and his eyes were crossed as he shrieked and squealed in pain.

“Here”, Kev yelled. “Let me help you.”

He grabbed a hammer from his tool belt and started whacking Wilson’s ridiculously swollen, bruised and battered balls while Ben was crunching them with the pliers.

This new approach elicited a whole new range of noise from poor Wilson.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, they let go.

Wilson was moaning and groaning, staring down at his trapped nuts, his face a mask of agony.

“Tough nuts to crack”, Ben quipped, grinning into the camera.

Kev laughed. “You’re fucking right about that.” He looked at his watch. “Our time’s up, guys. Tune in next week when we show you how to create some very effective protein-based sealing compound.” He grinned into the camera, winking as he grabbed his crotch. “So get your spray gun ready and don’t waste your protein. See you next week!”

Kev chuckled. “Bye!”

Ben waved into the camera, smiling cheerfully. “Bye!”

Wilson looked down at his battered ballsack. “My nuts.”

Ben and Kev laughed.

Then Kev turned to me. “Cut”, he said. “Excellent. That was really good.”  Then he turned to Ben. “Good work.”

Ben grinned. “Thanks.”

“You too, buddy”, Kev said, addressing Wilson with a smile. He playfully flicked Wilson’s balls with his index finger, chuckling as Wilson screamed in pain. “You’re a good sport.”

“Thanks”, Wilson croaked, looking down at his trapped nuts. “Can you let me out, please?”

I cleared my throat. “Guys”, I said slowly. “I think there’s something wrong with the camera.”

Ben, Kev and Wilson looked at me.

“I’m afraid we’ll have to do it again”, I mumbled, smiling weakly.

Ben and Kev looked amused.

Wilson looked ready to kill me.

I cleared my throat before adding, “Sorry.”

“No problem”, Kev shrugged his shoulders. “Let’s go.”

“I bet now you are happy that we didn’t crack them, huh?” Ben quipped, playfully whacking Wilson’s nuts with the business end of the pliers.

Wilson’s scream filled the room, and Kev and Ben burst out laughing.

“Alright”, Kev chuckled. “Let’s do this.” He looked at me. “Camera rolling?”

“Camera rolling”, I said. There was a moment of silence. “For real this time…”


Anonymous said...

Awesome story! It's just a shame Kev and Ben escaped unscathed. I reckon those two studs have the best balls for busting haha.

Andy said...

Maybe Wilson should get to prove that he's better at cracking nuts in the sequel? ;)
I love the idea of him being restrained by his balls

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments, guys! I‘m glad you enjoyed the story! :-))

Anonymous said...

Sry, didnt know where to put this idea. But I think a game of chess, where everytime u lose a piece, the other player can hit ur nuts, would be really fun! (Maybe certain pieces=certain hits) And the winner can trash the losers balls for an entire day. Would make a great 2 part

Alex said...

Thanks for your idea! I'll think about it! :-))