Monday, February 3, 2020

The B Factor: Boy vs. stud (Final elimination)

Damn, that was a close race between Chris Evans and Tom Holland! My friend Jason who created this series of stories with me has posted the results in the comments section every day and we didn't know who would win until today. First one was in the lead, then the other one took over and gradually expanded his edge - it was a wild ride!

So who won the final challenge? Who is the best ballbuster?

You'll find out at the end of today's story...

Boy vs. stud

Featured in this story: Chris Evans and Tom Holland

“I am 15 years older than you”, Chris Evans chuckled, stretching his arms. “You don’t stand a fucking chance, boy.”

The 38 year old actor was leaning against the ropes of the wrestling ring, right in the center of the convention hall. Every seat was filled, and an excited, giddy atmosphere filled the gigantic room. More than 5,000 people had come to see the fight, and most of them had paid quite a lot of money to see the spectacle.

It was money for a good cause, and both Chris Evans and Tom Holland supported it with every fiber of their body.

“You’re going down, stud”, Tom Holland replied with a cheeky grin.

The two men had worked on several movies in the Avengers universe together, and they had met several times. It had been on one of those meetings, during a long break on set, that they had come up with the event together. It had started as a stupid idea but over time they developed it into a full-on concept, and they had lot of fun coming up with the setting and the costumes and the design of the logo and stuff like that.

The new Testicle Trauma Department at the local hospital was a worthy cause, and Tom and Chris wanted to raise as much money as possible.

They had come up with the “Boy vs. stud” theme, figuring that people would want to see a fight between the two men who happened to be two of the most wholesome, well-liked people in Hollywood.

They had created their hilarious costumes themselves: Tom Holland was wearing nothing but a pair of briefs that were so skimpy that it looked like his genitalia was going to tumble out any second. Chris had suggested changing the color from red to white, and the effect was just hysterical, giving his pants an almost-see-through quality and allowing the audience to see that Tom had taken a  method acting approach to the role: Aged 23 and with youthful looks, he was perfect in the “boy” role – but the fact that he had shaved his pubes was the icing on the cake…

Chris Evans, on the other hand, had taken inspiration from the cowboy look of real studs. He was a hairy hunk, and his denim shorts, his tight white tank top and his cowboy hat looked perfect on him.

“I’ll never go down”, Chris hollered, a wide grin on his face. “You’ll never---”

Tom Holland started the fight with a very well-placed kick to his opponent’s groin. His foot crashed into Chris’ balls, slamming them into his body and eliciting a low grunt from the Hollywood hunk.

“---defeat me”, Chris whimpered in a comically high-pitched voice as the crowd went wild with laughs and cheers.

Tom and Chris had agreed to give the crowd the fight they had been waiting for, a real fight with real moves, no holds barred, no moves illegal, no dirty tactic outlawed.

They had joked about going for each other’s nuts beforehand, with Chris quipping that he’d put Holland out of the international gene pool, and Tom retorting that he would bash the spunk out of Chris’ stud spuds, and they had both proclaimed that their testicles were tough and robust.

Now it seemed like Chris was having second thoughts. As promised, Tom had not held back, and he had scored a direct hit on Chris’ most prized possessions. His face was contorted in pain and he let out a moan of pain as he sank to his knee.

“Hey, that was illegal!” the referee yelled. “Don’t do that to the poor man’s kids!”

“I’m not a fucking poor man”, Chris growled, delivering an uppercut to the ref’s crotch that made his eyes cross.

“Yeah, get the fuck out of here”, Tom chimed in, adding a kick to Chris’ punch, hitting both of the ref’s nuts dead-on and lifting his feet clean off the ground.

They had cast an actor in the role of the ref – but there was no need for acting right now. His eyes rolled back into his head and he let out a breathless gasp as he collapsed in a heap on the ground.

The crowd roared with laughter, clapping and cheering, as Tom and Chris circles each other in the ring.

Chris was cupping his groin, and he was walking a little funny.

“How are your nuts, stud?” Tom yelled with a cheeky grin.

“Fine, thanks for asking”, Chris growled. A sly smile spread on his face as he watched the ref straighten, groaning and moaning, behind Tom. “How are yours?”

Tom laughed, raising his hands. “Don’t worry about my---”

A surprise punch from behind made Tom’s voice rise an octave, mirroring the earlier incident of Chris Evans’ testicular collision with Tom’s foot.

In a hilarious twist, the force of the punch made Tom’s bulge bounce comically, and his left nut popped out of his skimpy briefs.

“---nuts”, Tom whimpered, his eyes twitching.

“Revenge of the ref”, the ref announced sternly, raising his hands in a victory pose as the audience went wild.

“Leave the fucking revenge to me”, Chris said casually. Then he grabbed the ref’s nuts  from behind and started squeezing.

The ref screamed from the top of his lungs as Chris crushed his balls with his bare hand, writhing and squirming in agony.

The crowd went wild with cheers and laughter as the poor ref got the life squeezed out of his nuts.

In an unexpected turn of events, Tom decided to seize the chance and catch Chris off guard. In a move very much like Chris’ sneak attack on the ref’s testicles, Tom reached between Chris’ thighs from behind, grabbing a good handful of the handsome actor’s manhood and clsing his fingers around it.

“Fuck!” Chris gasped as he felt his nuts get squished by Tom Holland’s bony fingers.

“My my”, Tom grinned as he increased the pressure. “Such nasty words out of Captain America’s mouth?” He clicked his tongue mockingly as he squished and squashed Chris’ nuts.

It was a hilarious sight, and the audience roared with laughter as Tom squeezed Chris’ balls, and Chris squeezed the ref’s nuts. Whenever Tom increased the pressure, Chris did as well, creating a duet of anguished wails. It was a nearly operatic performance with two talented coloratura sopranos – and it turned into an even more delightful aria when the ref managed to crawl his hand between Tom’s thighs from behind, managing to wrap his fingers tightly around Tom’s exposed left testicle.

Tom joined the duet with a high-pitched squeal, and the arena was filled by three anguished voices that came together in an improvised but very entertaining Lament for the Unborn Children.

Waves of wails in resounding fortissimo segued into tender mezzo-forte whimpers, dramatic pauses caused by sudden twists of deft fingers alternated with beautiful solo passages of particular agony and impressive tutti parts of unabashed pain, creating a beautiful fugue of testicular anguish.

The audience appreciated the delightful performance, and they clapped their hands frantically, laughing and cheering as the three men crushed each others’ nuts.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the poor ref passed out, breaking the chain and causing the painful perpetuum mobile to stop.

The ref sank to the ground, the life squeezed out of his manhood, as Tom and Chris stumbled backwards, clutching their rapidly swelling organs.

Chris was doubled over, his hands on his knees, grunting and groaning and growling, his handsome face a mask of pain.

Tom inspected his left testicle, grimacing as he touched the red orb. It was considerably swollen and bruised, and the actor didn’t look too happy at the sight. Instead of dialing the testicular violence down a notch, though, the look in his eyes said that he didn’t have any intention to quit.

“Look at what you did to my beautiful boy nuts!” he proclaimed, fully aware of the cheesy overacting. “I’m going to squash your stud spuds for this!”

Chris Evans couldn’t help but laugh, causing Tom Holland to crack up as well, and the two actors shared a moment of genuine laughter that was highly appreciated by the audience.

“I’m going to turn your boy nuts into boy nut butter”, Chris replied with a mean laugh. “I hove you have shot your boy load today because you won’t have naughty boy fun anytime soon!”

The audience roared with laughter as the two men faced each other.

“I bet your stud nuts haven’t seen any action in years!” Tom yelled with a cheeky grin. “You won’t even notice they’re gone…”

“You mean these?” Chris replied, and with a bold gesture ripped his denim shorts clean off his body, revealing his big, juicy dick and his magnificent pair of hairy, swollen balls.

The audience went wild.

Tom raised his eyebrows. “Really?” he mouthed with a chuckle.

Chris Evans shrugged his shoulders. “I’m all in”, he replied under his breath.

Tom let out a sigh. Then he followed Chris’s example, dropping his briefs and stripping bare naked.

The crowd couldn’t believe their luck. They had expected a hot, entertaining brawl – and they were clearly getting their money’s worth. They cheered and clapped like mad, egging the two actors on and chanting their names.

“Look at that little dicky”, Chris roared. “All hairless and cute… What a nice little thingy.”

That wasn’t fair. Tom Holland’s equipment were nothing to be laughed at. He had a very nice, meaty cock and an impressive set of balls, even if his right nut was no match for his ridiculously swollen, battered left ball.

And yet, his buddy’s remark seemed to touch a nerve.

“You fucking asshole”, Tom yelled, and it wasn’t quite clear if he was acting or not.

He brought his foot back and kicked Chris’ naked nuts with all the force he could muster.

It was a very beautiful kick, a perfect example of the devastating combination of force and precision. Tom’s instep collided with Chris’ sack right at the seam, crushing both his left and his right nut, and even his meaty dick in a very painful yet hilarious way.

Chris’ eyes bulged and crossed, and the stud sank to his knees.

There was no time for a victory dance on Tom’s part, though, because as he went down Chris delivered a nasty nut punch to Tom’s ball bag, causing it to swing wildly as Tom howled in agony.

Before Tom had a chance to double over, Chris grabbed the neck of Tom’s sack in one hand and started punching his nuts with the other hand, using it like speedbag, much to the amusement of the audience which cheered and laughed at the hilarious sight.

Tom was yodeling in pain, his cute face scrunched up and contorted, his nuts swelling rapidly.

He managed to get out of this predicament with another well-placed kick. This one wasn’t as perfect as the last one, but it was good enough, ramming Chris’ testicles into his body and making him howl in pain and loosen his grip on Tom’s testicles.

Tom sank to his knees right in front of Chris, and they bumped their heads as they doubled over, almost knocking each other out.

But the fight was far from over.

After a brief moment of grunting and head-grabbingon both sides, they went for each other again, toppling to the side, attacking each other mercilessly, groaning and moaning as they rolled back and forth in a tight hug, trying to knee each other in the nuts.

Chris landed a couple of nutcrunching hits to Tom’s ball bag, but the younger actor wasn’t bad at attacking a pair of dingleberries, either. His youthful energy and his flexibility more than made up for Chris’ determination and his strength.

The love and respect that these two actors had for each other had all but vanished in a ruthless, dirty balls-to-the-wall fight.

A few times, Tom got the upper hand, dominating the older stud and showing off his agility and his enthusiasm by positioning his opponent on his back, spreading his legs and jumping onto his nuts, bringing all of his body weight down on Captain America’s hairy globes.

Unfortunately, that youthful enthusiasm came with juvenile carelessness, and Chris managed to take control a couple of times when Tom showed off for the audience, kicking him in the balls from behind or shaking the ropes so that Tom landed on the goal post nuts first.

The older actor knew that he had a clear advantage in the size and muscle department, and he made good use of it, brutally assaulting the Spiderman actor’s bare balls with knee lifts and nut punches, stomps and nut shattering kicks.

It was a long, hard fight between two very different but equal opponents, and the audience enjoyed it tremendously, clapping and cheering and coming up with hilarious chants to celebrate their favorites.

Sometime during the fight, the ref woke up, just when Tom and Chris were struggling for control, wrestling right above him. He got a good look at the four battered, swollen testicles that were right in front of his face, and he made a run for it. Unfortunately for him, Tom and Chris interrupted their fight just long enough to double team his nut bag, making him pass out again with a few well-placed stomps and kicks.

It was an egregious mistake that heralded the beginning of the end.

A member of the audience threw a little gadget into the ring, a Spiderman figure with a piece of rope that stood in for the web shooters that Spidey had in his hands.

Chris Evans picked it up, using the opportunity to mock his opponent. “Look at that”, he chuckled, rubbing his finger over the smooth bulge in the figure’s crotch. “Looks like an exact replica…”

“Fuck you”, Tom laughed, lunging at Chris, trying to wrestle the figure away from him.

Feet met nuts, fists met nuts, hands met nuts – and when the fight ended, poor Tom was pinned against the goal post, his hands tied behind his back with the help of the Spiderman figure’s little piece of rope.

“No!” Tom yelled as Chris took a few steps back. “Please, no!”

He was sitting on the ground, his legs spread wide, entangled by the rope, his nuts swollen, bruised and battered, unprotected, helpless, destined to be smashed to pieces.

Chris flexed his muscles, a huge grin on his face. His hairy nuts were hurting like hell. They were red and swollen, and he knew that just thinking about sex would make them hurt for at least a week. It was that feeling that motivated him to deliver the hardest, meanest, most painful nutshot of the match. He wanted to break Tom Holland’s balls and make him hurt as bad as possible.

He cracked his knuckles and started running.

A split second before the impact, Tom managed to free his right foot, and he brought it up just at the right moment.

The audience let out a collective gasp as Chris jumped into Tom’s foot, landing nuts-first and ramming his bruised and battered balls into his own body with his own body weight.

There was a certain irony in the fact that his own weight – pure muscle, of course – added some very inconvenient gravity to the injury.

“Oh no”, Chris whimpered, very un-studly, as he slid to the ground, curling up in a ball and howling in agony. The handsome, hairy man was reduced to a whimpering mess, cupping his precious balls, crying in pain.

The audience knew it was over, and they started cheering and stomping their feet, regardless of their favorite.

Neither Tom nor Chris were able to enjoy the applause, though. Their nuts were hurting like hell, badly bruised and ridiculously swollen.

Before the fight they had made a pact: No matter who won, no matter how nasty the fight got, they’d meet for a jerk-off session as soon as the loser was able to jerk off again. It was going to take a while…

A stud and a boy had entered the ring, two humbled, naked, hurting men left it.

What a show!


So there you have it: Chris Evans is eliminated with 48% of the vote (238 votes were counted).

Tom Holland wins The B Factor with 52% of the vote!

Let's hear it for Tom Holland, the little twink who could!

You'll get detailed results for every poll in a seperate post later tonight.

Thanks to everybody who took part in the polls!

And special thanks to Jason who came up with the idea, who worked out the details with me, who wrote one of the stories, and who was on hand with help and advice every step of the way. You are awesome, my friend!

Of course Tom Holland will get to take a victory lap. He'll have his own winner's story. I have a few ideas for him, and I'll write the story soon. :-))


Anonymous said...

Loved this! Really hope there is lots of cum and maybe some fucking when Tom gets his final story - I do love the idea of seeing his flexibility used to the limits and have him fuck his own face while he gets taken from behind ;)

Anonymous said...

This story was so hot! Great job Alex, do you think you could write a rematch? Maybe an alternative ending where Chris wins? I would love to read more about them and their Boy Vs. Stud chemistry!

shrews12001 said...

Yay. Tom Holland is just too damn sexy to not want to read about him getting brutally worked. Yum.

BBJake said...

That was a good one! I think you missed an opportunity though to have Jake Gyllenhaal act as the ref, since he came in third but maybe that's just me, I was one of the ones voting for him :)

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments, guys! I‘m glad you enjoyed the story!

@ Anonymous (1):
I like your idea but I don‘t know if it‘ll fit the theme that I have in mind... I‘ll think about it.

@ Anonymous (2):
I fear a rematch or an alternate ending would cancel the result, do you know what I mean?

@ BBJake:
It‘s funny - I thought about Jake being the ref but I didn‘t want to redo his elimination or take the spotlight away from Tom and Chris... :-))

Anonymous said...

Hi Jake! When are you restarting your blog?

WaterSpirit said...

Tom Holland and Logan plssssssss

Alex said...

Thanks for your suggestion, WaterSpirot! I‘ll see what I can do. :-))

Anonymous said...

When are we getting the last story, Alex?

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I am working on it but it will take a little while... Thanks for your patience! :-))